The Reward......a story

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Oh dear Geez he was gorgeous.
A big strong, sculpted, beautiful Adonis of a man with delicious abs and pecs and a monstrous cock like a draft horse. A big, hard, stiffly erect cock, blue veined, throbbing with cum and glistening.
Oooooh Geez!!
His head was down between my thighs busy, busy, busy.
Orgasm rolled through my brain like a tidal wave and I heard myself screaming, making yee hah noises I hardly recognised. I was incoherent, twittering and his tongue was there at the very centre of my existence and I was coming, coming, com........................
I jerked awake. Sweating and gasping and tingling all over. My finger slipped into my moist cunt and finished my dream.
Lying in my bed, my excitement drying on my cooling skin I thought about what a sad case I was. I had to do something about my loneliness. But that was going to be hard.
I was the lone occupant of my Aunt and Uncle's saloon, the Clear Horizon Inn, perched high on McAllister's Pass at the peak of the Rockies. It was deep winter, the place was deserted and I was caretaking it while my Aunt and Uncle visited with their folks in San Francisco. I was little more than a kid, I was lonely, bored and afflicted with raging hormones and randy as hell.
I was depressed.
I suppose.
Later the next day, my chores done and swathed in four layers of clothing I leaned on the empty bar, idly polishing the well worn wood and watching the snow flake downwards.
I was sort of dreaming, Adonis was sneaking back.
Then the door flew open and three people and a flurry of snow came in.
I near on shit myself.
They were muffled to the eyebrows but as they approached I could see they were women.
"Kin I help you?" I said in a weak little voice.
"Yeah," said the first, "you can show us where to stable our horses and then you can bed us down."
"And feed us," said the second.
My skin was crawling and cold sweat was trickling down my back.
I had recognised my guests.
The first was Sherri, Sherri the shootist she was called and she was one mean lady. She wasn't very tall, dark haired, curvy, pretty and deadly with a six gun. The second, a red head, was called Kate. Killer Kate and she was a very pretty, freckle faced babe with a body to challenge them Saloon Hall dancers in San Francisco and she was a killer. Really I mean, she had killed people. The third a skinny, plain, brown haired gal was Stella the strangler and she looked mean and that was because she was. Mean that is.
Together they were the Hole in One gang. Bank robbers and murderers all.
Sherri was looking at me.
"So you recognises us girl?"
"Uh no, who are you all?"
"Don't bullshit me babe, just be right friendly and we'll soon be on our way." She turned to the others and they all laughed.
Killer Kate grinned a shark like grin and said, "Yeah, in your dreams girl." That made them all laugh again.
I smiled a sickly smile and my tummy flip flopped.
I helped them stable their horses and then I started cooking a meal while they settled into three of my upstairs rooms.
Whilst I brought a stew and beans to readiness they helped themselves to drinks in the bar. A bottle of our best rotgut disappeared quickly and another got started on. I served up the dinner and they sat down to it and got going like it was the first hot meal they'd had in a year. (Maybe it was)
"Join us girl," said Sherri looking awful hard at me.
"Uh no thanks."
Her hand flashed and a huge six shooter was pointed straight at the bridge of my nose.
"I said join us."
I served myself a little dollop and sat down. I fiddled with it totally unhungry.
Sherri had finished and was picking her teeth and looking at me and filling up with rotgut.
"Ya know we're going to have to kill ya girlie?"
"Sheriff will be along come spring and you'll tell him we was here."
"No way."
"Ha, no way eh? Whaddaya think girls? Can we trust little Miss Cook here?"
"See girl we're going to have to kill ya."
I started crying and Killer Kate looked at me disgusted like. "Ah strewth it'll be a pleasure to waste the little shit."
"Not yet though," said Sherri, "she's a good enough cook and we need breakfast."
"Let's go," said Stella burping loudly.
"Yeah play time," said Kate and they stood noisily and grabbed another full bottle of rotgut and headed upstairs.
I cleaned up and cried a lot.
Finally I dragged myself up to my bedroom and got myself into my nightie and was splishing my face when I heard a huge ruckus coming from Sherri's room. I snuck along the passage and going down on my knees peered through the keyhole. All three of my guests were naked, well Stella had her boots on and Sherri was wearing a leather belt and they was going at it doing female love stuff to each other and I got the impression of a tangle of bare asses, breasts, arms, legs and glistening cunts.
I crept back to bed.
I was lying there, sleep eluding me when I heard angry voices and shouting and then a flurry of gunshots and then silence.
I scrambled out of bed and crept along the passage. I stood outside the door and listened.
Deathly silence.
I tapped on the door.
"Youse ladies alright?" I said.
More silence and then a groan.
I cracked the door open a fraction and ducked back.
Nothing happened and I pushed it right open. Gunsmoke drifted in the room. The rotgut had obviously worked on the ladies and an argument had resulted in a bad time for them and hope for me. Stella was on her back on the carpet with a ragged Mister Colt third eye above her own right eye. She was plainly dead meat. Kate was flung backwards across the bed with a bullet hole in the valley between her breasts. She was gazing sightlessly at the chandelier and looked mighty dead too. Sherri was slumped against the dresser with a bullet in her tummy and it was her doing the groaning. I crossed to where she was.
"Help me girl."
"Gimme a hand up."
"Sure," I pushed her over onto her back.
"Whaddaya doing girl."
"Helping you bitch," I said, and with that I hoicked up my nightie and sat on her face. I don't wear panties much. I used my feet to hold her down, planting them on her thighs. My ass covered up her nose and mouth. She said, "mmmmmph," and "gerrrkkk," and wriggled around but I sat firm. After some wiggling and shuddering her heels started beating bongo rhythms on the floor and then it was over. I got up and checked her pulse. Sherri the shootist was stone dead.
"Yeah, helping you to hell bitch," I said.
I stood looking at the nude bodies of these dead dames and then it hit me. I had one huge reward lying in my bedroom and all I had to do was get them down to the Sheriff.
I went back to bed and slept real well.
I got up before dawn, piddled and washed and set about my task. The ladies of the Hole in One gang were still all dead and I knew that if I could cart them down the mountains to Cactusbrush I'd be in for one big payday. They were still fairly pliable, I found that out by groping around amongst three pairs of breasts. (Hey that Sherri had lopsided tits, one smaller than the other by a smidgen and droopier, strange that) I reckon the warmth of the fire burning downstairs kept them from stiffening up too much.
My first problem before ever thinking about going down the mountain was getting them downstairs. Hmmmm, I went down and fed the horses while I thought about it.
When I came back I stood studying the dead gals.
Stella looked the lightest and so I bent down and got my hands under her shoulders and knees. I straightened up and staggered across to the door with Stella the strangler's body drooped in my hands. Shit she was heavy and not helping at all, totally a dead weight the useless fuck. I got through the door and Stella started slipping and I had to let her go and she thumped onto the landing.
Maybe I could drag her.
I got my arms under her armpits and crossed them over and sort of got a grip on her tits although they were sorta flat and didn't help much. I hoicked her up and leaning backward started dragging her. This was easier and fortunately she was still wearing her boots and these slid easily over the timber floor. Down the stairs we went with Stella's feet following along.
Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!
Her heels banged down over every step and she was getting heavy and her body was getting slippy from my sweaty hands. I had to lay her down and take two spells but finally I got her to the bottom and dragged her over to the front door and laid her out on her back. Stella had a sharp pointy nose and a smallish face and her lips were curled back and she had sharp prominent incisors and all in all she looked like a rat. A startled dead rat. That was on account of her half open eyes with mostly white showing and what I could see of her pupils they was sort of crossed and peeking at the bridge of her nose or maybe that bullet hole in her skull.
Yeah I guess you'd call her plain.
I went back upstairs and tried to lift Sherri.
Near broke my back so I went over and hauled Kate off of the bed. That was a fiasco too as I had to bust my pooper getting her moving and ended up falling to the floor with Kate's naked dead body clutching and cuddling onto me. I disentangled myself from her and decided to think things through.
Outside on the landing there was a stout wooden banister railing and over the bar there were some heavy timber beams. I went down and got a long rope Uncle used to hogtie cows and carted that back upstairs. I formed a noose in it just like I was going to hang someone and then flicked it out and over one of the beams and tied it off on the banister railing. I leaned out, nearly fell to my doom and managed to snag the noose and pulled it over and laid it on the landing floor. I went into the bedroom and stripped a sheet off of the bed and rolled Kate's corpse onto that. Dragging that and her with it I got her out onto the landing. She had a light sprinkling of ginger pubes above her slit and she was freckled everywhere. I mean everywhere! I untied the rope from the railing and wrapped it back around several times so that the friction would keep it in place. I put the noose around Kate's ankles and pulled it tight. Then I muscled (hah hah) her body up and into a draped over the rail position and grabbing hold of the rope where it was wrapped around the railing with one hand used my other to get a good grip of Kate's bum crack and heaved her over. Down she tumbled and then whang! she pulled up short. I used the frictional drag of the rope around the rail to lower her slowly and upside down onto the bar room floor getting a good eyeful of her ass and pussy on the way down. I let her slowly slither down until she was lying curled up on the floor and then ran down and released her ankles and rolled her onto her back.
I went back upstairs and reorganised my rope and took my sheet back into the bedroom to collect Sherri.
She was waiting patiently where I had left her, well you would too, when you're dead, wouldn't you? I tried to lift her, gawd she was heavy. Not fat mind you just solidly female as a girl tends to become as she matures. Most guys would have considered Sherri nicely padded and would have appreciated her having something to get hold of, but for me she represented a problem, namely I wasn't strong enough to lift her. I rolled her onto her side and then onto the sheet and, straining mightily, managed to haul her ass out onto the landing. There I repeated my process that I had used with Kate, getting Sherri lashed up by the ankles and then, with a hell of a lot of puffing and panting, I got her draped over the railing and then used both hands to grab the globes of her ass and heaved her over. She went nose diving and then whanged to a halt and my rope started slipping and I had to lunge to grab it and then slowly eased her down until she kissed the floor and I was able to let her flop down, her ass pointing skywards and her dead eyes studying the dust bunnies in front of her.
I went down and untied Sherri and then rolled up my rope and came back and dragged both Kate and Sherri over and laid them out on their backs side by side with Stella like three beached whales.
Hey that was rude wasn't it?
These gals were no whales just three sexy lady corpses.
That Kate! not only was she covered with freckles but she was a bit funny in that she really filled her skin, sort of looking like a sausage although that's not fair, she wasn't fat or anything, just sort of smooth all over.
Geez I'm wierd.
I spread the dead girls legs a bit.
So as I could study their pussies. Told you I was wierd.
Stella's was sort of real slitty like a place you'd post a letter and a thin one at that. Mean like her. Her two labia, inner and outer were lined up like four parallel lines. Both labial flaps stuck out the same amount and lined up like I just said and she was not at all what a guy would consider a generous fuck.
Sherri's pussy was big and sort of loose and very dark coloured. I mean she was pretty white all over and yet her pussy was this big brown hide away down between her legs. I reckoned she'd had a root or two over the years. Sherri had a real thick curly pubic bush as compared to the whispy black hair that fringed Stella's cunt. Kate's cunnie was like an extension of her venus mound just a nice rounded little hill with a smooth inviting slit dividing it.
I spread my own legs and compared mine with theirs. Not anyway near used enough. (sigh)
Amazing how many different versions you can get of the one thing.
Time to get serious.
First though I decided to get something to eat. I banked the fire so that it would go out and sat down to eat. Whilst I munched my cereals I studied the soles of six splayed feet and three slippery pussies. Funny how these tough dames didn't look much laid out like that.
When I'd finished I cleaned up, got my warmest clothes on and went out and brought my horse and the three other horses around to the door. I then really struggled to get those gals out and flopped over their saddles and tied on. Stella wasn't too bad and Kate was a battle but the less said about Sherri the better.
Totally fagged I roped the three horses together and gave myself a trailing end to lead them by.
The Hole in One gang were still all nude and it was freezing cold but heck they weren't going to complain. They looked kinda cute, hair hanging down one side, arms dangling and little brown assholes pointing saucily the other side over shapely thighs and calves.
I locked up tight and then, Yee hah, we were off.
The trail down the mountain had sort of gotten snowed under. I could just make out the remnants of the tracks where the Hole in One gals had come up to the Clear Horizon Inn, of course they'd come up sitting upright and they were now going back prone. Not altogether because of me but I had had a hand in it. It was freezing cold and I was sure glad I wasn't travelling nude like my pardners back there. I had to stop for a pee, my darned chinese bladder couldn't cope with this level of cold and when I did I stood looking at my string of horses and three decent sized babes' bums presented toward me with their little brown assholes kinda winking at me and I grinned and said, "Well ladies how you all enjoying our little ride? You mebbe a bit chilly? Well I'd say you aren't all that sensibly attired, but then again you are all stone cold dead eh."
Then I giggled again.
That night I got the horses into a sheltered spot in the lee of a heap of boulders but found I couldn't unload my travelling companions and so, with apologies to the horses, I had to leave them saddled and burdened. I slept fitfully and rose early and discovered that while the horses were not all that happy, snuffling and blowing, their passengers were frozen stiff as boards and had icicles in their hair and forming on their toesies and fingers. I fed the horses and set off again. It took me five more hours until I finally reached the valley and made my way downstream into Cactusbrush. It was warmer down here but when I whoaed my little pack train to a stop outside the Sheriff's office my girlfriends were still froze solid.
The Sheriff and half the town came out to gawp and when he had peered at the dead faces drooping across the horses and identified the girlies of the Hole in One gang I was sort of a hero for the day and everyone gave me three cheers and all and I blushed bright red and asked how about the reward? That, the sheriff told me would be coming from the state capital and did I really shoot all three of these famously fast babes?
Well I was a bit vague about that.
The sheriff took me aside, "Ah one thing Barbanne that has me intrigued?"
"Why is they all nekkid?"
"Ya wouldn't believe me if I told ya."
We laughed some.
The deputies got Sherri, Kate and Stella down but they was frozen into horseshoe shapes and so we all waited while they thawed out in the sun before laying them out side by side like three peas in a pod, mebbe more like three beans and then I got my picture taken standing astride the three dead outlaws and holding a gun in one hand and with my other clenched fist raised in triumph.
The photographer from the Cactusbrush Herald opined that he'd be able to get these pictures into lots of other papers maybe even some east coast coverage and so he wanted plenty of shots. He got the sheriff's guys to pile the dead babes atop each other and made me pose with my foot on the pyramid of flesh and then quite bizarrely he got them to prop the corpses against the sheriff's wall and I posed as though I was shooting them down dead.
When he'd finished he came over and said, "Hey Barbanne you sure are brave and after this you're gonna be famous, but tell me, why is they all naked?"
"That's for me to know and you all to wonder about," I sniggered.
Well the dead gals got dragged off to the morgue and I came back up the mountain and when Auntie and Uncle returned I had the reward money in a bank account and told them I was off to Noo Yawk to become famous.
See I had this idea for a stage presentation.
Me in cowboy fringes.
Three naked showgirls.
Me shooting them down dead every night for the gratification of certain discriminating gentlemen.
Good eh?
Maybe some nights I'll use naked men. Maybe sometimes I'll let one of the other girls be me and I'll get nude and get dead??
Yeah I think I'd like that?
I mean all the time while I was carting them girls down to Cactusbrush and collecting the money and being feted for being a hero and all, all that time I really was jealous of Sherri, Kate and Stella and really wanted to be one of them.
Especially if when I was draped dead over a horse Dave would bite my bare bum.
Yeah I'd really like that, love having my bum bitten. (not hurty mind you)
Told you I was wierd.