Halloween early.

Posted by Barbanne on October 27, 2000 at 17:32:31:

Might not be back for a while so here's an early Halloween thing.
Do you remember the witch?

The Return of the Witch.

I finished up about nine thirty.
By that time the last customers had gone and Alison and I had cleared away and reset the tables and helped with the last of the kitchen shut down. Alison is another student and has only two more semesters to go. She will then be a physiotherapist and we'll lose her from the restaurant. Alison is about one seventy centimetres, tall and slender and athletic. She has long, black hair and is really very pretty. I asked her to walk home with me to my flat and said she could call a cab from there and while we waited I'd make coffee. We often did this and she's the sort of girl would agree to anything to make you happy so off we went. My flat is above an old warehouse and has to be entered through this dark, cavernous space. I turned my key in the lock, squeaked the door open and we walked toward the bare bulb that lights the stairway.
My flat is quite nice, nothing flash, just a cleaned up area in what used to be an office when this building was in use as a warehouse. It has plasterboard walls dividing it into a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom and laundry combined and a kitchen. It's plain, spacious and only the bedrooms have windows, old steel framed, grimy windows that overlook the bay. There's gaps over the bedroom walls to sort of ventilate the living area and the bathroom is exhausted. It's big and private in a lonely way and it's cheap, all of which suits me down to the ground.
Downstairs however is dark, dusty with the dust of ages, and so ill lit it is like the Pharaoh's tomb. Which also suits me fine.
The way to the stairwell was dark. No two ways about it, dark, badly lit, like a black hole. I walked in front and couldn't believe my luck when Alison put her arms around me and said "God I want you Barbanne."
I turned and she embraced me, her lips touching mine.
"Not here," I said, "Upstairs."
"No here, here," she groaned, "Here where it's dark and as dirty as I feel. Oh please Barbanne, here."
Her fingers scrabbled at my clothes and she pulled my tee shirt down and fumbled with my bra. "Let me do it," I said and she stepped back and tore her own shirt open, freeing her full breasts. She had no bra on or panties I found out seconds later as she stepped out of her short skirt. I pulled my tee shirt off over my head and popped my bra and discarded it and unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my panties down around my knees. Alison was all over me, her fingers stroking my breasts, thumbing my nipples and seeking my pussy. We slid down onto the floor and she rolled on top of me. Within moments we were both covered in dusty dirt which coated us and we were streaked where perspiration from under arms and between legs was being dragged across our dust covered skin by questing fingers. She locked onto me and our lips fused in an endless kiss. Her fingers emerged from my pussy, coated in my arousal and she wiped them across my breasts. We rolled in the dirt in a frenzy of lustfulness and orgasmic delight. By now we were both moaning noisily and clutching each other everywhere. Alison's eyes rolled up and she shuddered in a rush of orgasmic release. I gripped her neck and crushed and it was over in less than a minute. Her eyeballs darted back and forth and she was unable to utter one sound.
She died silently.
I stood over her limp white corpse, streaked with dirt like a coal miner. A dead coal miner. She was beautiful and she was mine. I stooped and lifted her. Marvellously dead, her head fell backwards on her slender neck and her hair trailed in the dirt. Her arms fell to either side of her body, her spine arched. I dragged her up and flopped her over my shoulder. I climbed the stairs to my flat and, lying Alison on the floor of the living room, I opened the main cupboard and, lifting her under her armpits, pulled her inside. She slumped down in the corner, a crumpled heap of dead human flesh. I closed the cupboard and went down and retrieved my clothes and hers. As I climbed the staircase again I heard my friends the rats scrabbling in the darkness.
There was more to do.
I moved quickly and silently amongst the animal cages. The feral smell of the beasts was strong and pervaded the darkness. Snufflings and scratchings filled the silence. I came to the panther's cage and stood looking at the two yellow eyes that gleamed in the darkness, staring fixedly at me and boring through the night. My beautiful friend is coal black and at night only those translucent eyes reveal his presence in the otherwise stygian darkness. I slipped the light cotton dress down and off and laid it on the ground. I kicked my shoes off and wriggled out of the scrap of cotton panties which was all else that I wore. The bars of the cage are set to contain the beasts but not closely enough to stop a slip of a girl from sliding through them. I was inside and the smell of wildness, caged, primitive, animalistic fury, filled my nostrils and invaded my thoughts. The yellow eyes, cat's eyes, followed my every movement as I crossed quickly to a corner of the cage and knelt, facing the corner, in a pose of submission, crouching down on my knees with my backside and genitals raised invitingly towards him.
I waited.
I heard the snuffling which became a coughing noise and then the faint click of claws on concrete as he padded towards me. At the last moment he stopped and then I heard the low coughing growl again and he was upon me. His glorious soft fur covered my back and its silky smoothness was like a lover's caress and I groaned aloud. I spread myself and the pillar of his maleness entered my cleft and thrust deep inside me.
I moaned in ecstasy.
He rose on his haunches and his feet scrabbled the floor as his powerful back legs pistoned his cock inside me. His forepaws gripped my upper arms and his claws ripped into my flesh. Blood coursed down my arms as he pounded me in the swift, brutal act of beastly sex. He was noble, feline, graceful as he took his pleasure, had his way. His cock expanded and I thought it would rend my slit apart. Almost delirious I thought, "Big pussy in little pussy" and giggled stupidly as his semen splattered inside me.
With another coughing grunt he was gone.
I crossed back to the bars, trailing bright red splotches of blood. I climbed through and pulled on my panties and dropped my dress over my head. I shoved my feet in my shoes and staggered down the path towards the streetlights. My arms were ripped in long gashes that had exposed muscle. Blood dripped steadily and my dress was soaked crimson. I staggered weakly and collapsed under a clump of trees by the verge of the road.
How long I lay there unconscious I have no idea.
I came to to see a tramp watching me with eyes that betrayed greed and want. He was waiting for me to die. I staggered out onto the road and ran, stumbling and shambling away from my cruel and beastly lover. People of the night looked at me in horror as this blood drenched young woman ran by them. Finally I reached the warehouse and got inside and fell into a stupour inside on the icy cold concrete floor.
Already I was recovering and my gouged arms were healing over and my fever was abating. After an hour I regained enough strength to make it to my flat. I shed my bloody clothes and binned them and felt the strength of the panther's semen coursing through my body.
I was reborn.
I went to the cupboard, opened it and dragged Alison's corpse into the kitchen and hauled her up and flopped her onto the table. She was naked and she was dead and I was naked and I was alive!
I set to work with the kitchen knives and opened her tummy, slicing through her soft female flesh, pushing her floppy breasts aside to get at her liver, her kidneys, her heart. I filleted these choice morsels and gently sauteed them, using her own body fat, together with a collection of herbs and the potions I had had for millenia. The concoction prepared I ate hungrily and felt the life force of Alison joining the panther's maleness to make me invincible.
I was ready.
It was all hallows' eve.
HALLOWEEN!.........................MY NIGHT!
I was hungry.
I phoned for a pizza, double cheese, the works, and when it came I turfed it into the bin and ate the delivery boy.
I met him at the street door, nude, and when I opened the door he saw me dimly outlined in the poor light from the feeble bulb by the stairs and he gulped and said, "Double cheese, the works?"
"Yes............??" I whispered.
"That'll be twelve fifty."
"Come in, I haven't got my purse." That was bloody obvious.
We walked toward the light. At the base of the stairs I took the pizza box and put it to one side. I bent over and presented him with a close up of my ass and pussy. He leaned forward. The poor boy was rampantly erect, straining inside his trousers. I swept around, gripped his shoulders and ripped his throat out. Then I stripped him naked and feasted on his blood.
The pizza I junked.
His name tag said he was Randy and he had been, the horny little scroat. No longer though, he was just a pale, drained corpse. I carried Randy out and put him into the back of his van. Then I smashed up his radio and brought down Alison and introduced her to Randy. They looked a sweet couple, both naked, both bloody and both very dead. Alison I let lie on top. A small triumph for feminism. I drove the van around the back and parked it out of sight in the loading bay. I closed the door and locked it.
All of this I had done naked. Now I went upstairs, cleaned up the blood and muck of Alison's demise and then showered the dirt and blood from my body before dressing in a tarty little number I kept for night work.
Who was next?
His name turned out to be Frank.
I met him in a singles bar.
He was young, upwardly mobile, full of himself and of course equipped with all the bullshit of his type. The mobile phone, the day old shadow, the impeccable suit and the roll neck skivvy. Probably a fucking stockbroker. Maybe a merchant banker, no probably a stockbroker. I came on to him like the slut I was. Like the shallow bastard he was, he loved it, and soon he was telling me all about himself (he was a fucking stock exchange whizz kid, or so he claimed) and trying to ply me with drink. I ignored the lineup of pretty glasses and told him what a king stud I thought he was and he had his hand on my thigh where it was out of sight under the table and had found his way under my ridiculously short skirt and was fingering my fishy cunt!
Sorry to use rude words but this was rude sex. Nothing subtle, this was an encounter of tight balls and slippery cunt!
He asked would I like to see his share portfolio and, gagging back puke, I asked him if he'd like to come back to my place for coffee and sex.
Yeah, he was up for that and we walked out together him clutching my ass and got a cab. He gave me all this self righteous crap about how he wouldn't drive when he was drinking and made himself out a great citizen when all the time I knew all he wanted to do was use me to fuck his brains out. I was happy there wouldn't be a car to be disposed of.
We got home and I took him straight to the bedroom, got naked, helped him get naked and then pushed him onto the bed where I played with his cock for a while (it was huge when it emerged) and he failed to hold back and came all over me excited beyond control.
Some lover.
Just what a girl dreams of.
Then he started saying shit like how beautiful I was and how he had felt something special when he saw me and how much he loved me and he started kissing and pawing me and I started sucking his cock and then I bit it off and while he screamed and bled, I ripped his throat out.
I carried Frank's corpse down and dumped him in the van with Randy and Alison.
I went back upstairs and cleaned up and took off again looking for some real fun.
The nightclub was in the area of town where signs flashed endlessly, advertising "All Nude Girls," "Twenty Four Hour Nude Live Entertainment," "Sex, Sex, Sex." that sort of thing. Nothing distinguished this one from any of the others but I felt drawn to it. I pushed through the dingy door and paid my entry fee and went down the stairs into a garish red and blue, smoke haze filled, pit of a room. I attracted plenty of glances as a single woman from the mostly male audience and found a table to the side and sat down. A bored and tired waitress, overly made up and wearing a short frilled skirt and torn fishnets came over and asked me what I wanted to drink.
"You pick it," I said and tossed money on the table. She took it and brought me back a coloured cocktail of some sort and some change. I left the drink, I had no intention of drinking it, and watched the stage.
It was small to the point of minute and lit by a kalaidescopic light show. A tinny recorded drum roll sounded, the kalaidescope faded and a bright spot light hit the stage.
A man danced out. He was young and he was Byronically beautiful. Long straight nose, full lips, wide brown eyes, and soft lashes. His brown hair was wavy and long and he had the build of an athlete. He was nude except for a flesh coloured pouch. He sashayed across the stage and did a few sinuous moves. A heightening of the tinny music and a girl burst out from the wings and threw herself onto him. She was utterly nude except for a tiny cache-sexe and she was shaved hairless all over, no eyebrows, no hair no underarm hair, no pubics, nothing. She was painted with tiger like stripes of body paint. She snarled and curled herself around him and clawed at him and wrapped her legs, her body, her whole self around him in a stunning display of serpentine grace. What followed was a dance that was as old as time and sex itself. A battle of the sexes. A fight to the death. The girl writhed all over the man and he twisted and turned, artfully and beautifully, in a display of gorgeous bodily grace.
Finally he closed his fingers around the girl's neck and drew her to him and into a long and lingering kiss as his fingers tensed tighter and tighter. I could see the girl's nipples stiffen and elongate and then her whole body stiffened and then relaxed and she slid to the floor, everything limp, and lay on her back as her head rolled to one side and then she was still. He grasped her wrist and in a single fluid motion pulled her up and over his shoulder. Her acting was exceptional and her body flowed as though it were truly dead. He walked to the front of the stage and stood there, magnificent, triumphant, the girl's long legs and shapely ass draped down the front of him.
Desultory applause.
I licked my lips.
He carried the girl, still to all intents dead, off the stage to the left.
I got up, leaving my untouched drink, and went down the side passage towards the toilets. I accessed the back of the stage and found the single, tiny dressing room. I opened the door and there they were, still nude, still in makeup and sitting exhausted from their efforts. The man sipped from a glass of water. The girl's head hung down. They looked up at my entry, surprised.
My eyes bored into first the girl's and then the man's.
Moments later, with only a coat thrown over their nakedness, they followed me outside through the rear stage door.
We returned to my flat, all three together. The girl's name was Ludmilla, the guy was Rothko. I took Ludmilla into the main bedroom and from behind, with a vagus nerve clutch, put her out on my bed. I returned to Rothko. He was sitting in the living room still spellbound and I took his coat from him and tossed it over a chair. Then I came to him and he stood and I placed one hand behind his head and kissed him while my other hand slipped inside his pouch and found his erect manhood and caressed it slowly. He groaned. I wondered who his entrapped, bewitched mind thought he was embracing. From the look of ecstasy on his face it was obviously his female ideal. I closed my fingers on his neck and they twined around his sinews and I crushed. All blood was cut off from his brain and I watched his eyes as he spiralled upward into ecstasy and then down and down until the light faded and he was dead. I let his nude body, that magnificent athletic body, slide bonelessly onto the carpet.
I returned to where Ludmilla lay stretched out, unconscious on my bed. I snapped her awake. Still under my spell, she rose gracefully, shed her coat, pulled the tiny cache-sexe from her loins and walked into the bathroom. She washed all of the body paint away and towelled herself vigorously and returned to me, pinkly glowing and magnificently naked. She had a true dancer's body. Taut, evenly muscled, soft, the essence of femininity and a delight to behold. Shaven as she was of all body hair she was fantastic. I helped her lie on my bed, on the black, satin sheets. Her white untanned body, pink from the hot water and the energetic towelling, looked amazing against the shiny blackness. I kissed her lips. Her eyes were unfocussed and dazed. I took the Penis of Seth from the drawer and removed its velvet covering. This device I had had made by a manufacturer of female sex aids to my own specifications. My own unworldly knowledge. Its outer casing was a wondrously soft and pliable plastic and its innards were a marvel of micro electronic engineering. I laid it to one side. Ludmilla's blank eyes followed my movement. I coated my fingers with gel and slid them inside Ludmilla's tight, warm, feminine slit. I rubbed the gel around and then pushed the Penis of Seth into her. It awoke and started working immediately. Firstly the plastic shape moulded itself to perfectly fit the contours of her vagina, then it started pulsing in rhythm with the beat of her heart, the beat of her body. It delivered stimulating oscillations directly to her clitoris, part thrilling throb, part painful shock, the ultimate pleasure stimulus. The Penis of Seth was now part of Ludmilla, perfectly attuned to her body cycles and to her brain waves. It quivered inside her more expertly than any human lover and its motions bore her to ecstasy.
I fondled her nipples which were straining outward, stiffened to splitting. I kissed her mouth and allowed my tongue to roam inside. Seth did his work below. Named after the Egyptian god of darkness my device was any woman's dream. I knew. I had used it on myself, many times.
Ludmilla was sweating and moaning and her eyes had rolled upward so that only a sliver of pupil showed. She began to shake, to jitter and her hips thrust and ground and rotated and she came in a climactic orgasm. The Penis of Seth continued its work. She came again. It afforded her no respite and she came and came again and again until she was coming continuously and screaming in a torment of pleasurable agony.
I kissed her and looked deep inside her eyes.
They fixed on mine, hot fires burned deep inside her soul, the light showing through in the startling redness of her pupils.
I knew as she knew that she would never again need a man. Like me she might choose to have one now and then, but she had met her true friend, her sublime lover. She was free of the dominance of men! My ancient wisdom was inside her >

Transfer interrupted!

rdinary constraints of life, just as she was now forever dependent on me. It was as if a marriage had taken place. She and I were joined forever.
She was mine!
Only one further act was required.
I released her from the device.
Hand in hand we walked into the living room. She looked down to where Rothko's naked body lay crumpled on the carpet. Without a word she took his shoulders and I took his ankles and we lifted him up and carried him into the kitchen. His lean, flat, washboard tummy folded in on itself in erotic ripples of muscular flesh. His arms dangled and his head hung limply to one side. His penis was semi-erect from its last encounter with my hand and emerged from the thick, curly mat of hair at his groin before drooping lifelessly over his thigh.
We laid him on his back on the table and Ludmilla looked at him with eyes gleaming like red hot coals.
"Bastard," she spat.
"Come," I said.
I lifted his slack penis and slashed it with the knife I had used to gut Alison. I passed the severed portion to Ludmilla. She hungrily stuffed it into her mouth and her strong white teeth chewed and munched on flesh and gristle. Saliva, tinged with blood ran down her cheeks and I helped myself to some of Rothko's manhood. We sat across his corpse, chewing busily and then swallowing noisily. When that was gone we helped ourselves to more. Ludmilla bit into his neck, tearing out chunks and devouring them with gusto. I fed upon his tummy flesh, experience has taught me this is ever so tasty.
When we were done, poor Rothko looked nibbled on, as if the rats had been at him. Talk about love bites. Ludmilla and I were both greasy and bloody from our meal of raw flesh.
Now we were as one.
She helped me carry his corpse to the van downstairs and we dumped him inside with Alison, the pizza boy and Frank.
Back inside, we washed up and I got naked and Ludmilla and I went to bed in the black satin sheets. We made slow love and my hands wandered all over her bald body before we found each other's clitori and brought ourselves to orgasmic release in unison.
Then she slept, cradled in my arms and I felt so protective, so tender, so in love.
After about fifteen minutes I got up again, left Ludmilla sleeping and set off.
Hey it was Halloween!
I found Jason and Kylie as they were leaving the nightclub.
Both of them were drunk and flying on some other shit and she was all over him like a rash and if I had thought I acted like some sort of loose woman, I had nothing on this little slut.
They were giggling uncontrollably and practically fucking right there in the street and they both agreed it would be a great idea to go home with Barb, especially when I hinted that there were some special pills waiting to be popped.
They got up the stairs with difficulty, hanging onto each other and stumbling a lot, and if it had been another five minutes away I think I can safely say that Kylie would have corpsed out from her nightly cocktail of shooters, E, dope and fuck knows what else.
I opened the door and pushed the teenage lovers inside.
I hadn't cleaned up after Rothko or Frank and when Kylie and Jason saw the room awash in stinking, sticky, drying blood, they sort of sobered up.
"Christ!" he said.
"Eeeeeeaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she said and puked.
They both turned, still wobbly from their chemical feast and when they saw my red eyes and my bared teeth they screamed in unison.
Loud, piercing, penetrating, horrible and ultimately pathetic.
I grabbed Kylie's hair and bent her head back until her neck snapped and then I ripped a chunk of throat from beneath her chin.
Jason tried to run past me and I grabbed him and ripping his cargo pants down, bit off his pathetic, drug shrivelled cock in one bite. He fell down bleeding and screaming. I turned to the very dead Kylie and chewed both of her breasts off. Then I clamped my teeth over Jason's face and chewed most of it off.
That shut him up.
I carted the two ragged corpses downstairs and loaded them in the van.
Back upstairs I realised my time in my flat was finished. It looked like a badly maintained slaughter house. Blood pooled on the carpets, stained the walls and dripped from the ceiling. The cops would love it.
I woke Ludmilla.
She was still naked and still entranced by my power.
Nude and totally unaware of the coldness of the night, she followed me downstairs and we got into the pizza kid's van and I drove it around to the cathedral church of Saint Bartholomew. Ludmilla helped me carry Alison, Randy, Frank, Rothko, Jason and Kylie inside. I heaped their bloody corpses on top of each other on the main altar.
I don't know whether Ludmilla knew she was next or whether it was just the enchantment but, when I beckoned her over, she came willingly as though she welcomed what was to happen.
I clasped my hands around her throat and crushed.
Her long dancer's legs kicked out and she tried to rip my hands away. Poor girl, she never stood a chance. I crushed, feeling my fingers close over sinew and bone, feeling her windpipe close off. Her eyes opened wide and swivelled toward me and I increased the pressure. Snotty stuff bubbled in her nostrils and her mouth gaped wide and her tongue, pink and textured, waggled from between her lips. Her perfect white teeth bit down drawing blood from her tongue. Dribbly drool and streaks of blood ran down her tongue and over her lips and dripped onto her straining breasts. Her nipples were hard and thrusting and the slimy juices oozed over them. Ludmilla's hips pistoned as though she were orgasming and my fingers met through her mangled neck. Her eyeballs whitened as the pupils rolled out of sight and then stains of pink spread as tiny blood vessels burst.
I crushed one last time and then heaved Ludmilla's white nude body onto the top of the pile.
The stench of smoke and the smell of brimstone filled the church and he was there.
The ancient one.
The ultimate evil.
I heard the click of his feet as he walked toward me.
He surveyed the mound of dead human flesh.
The voice as deep as the deepest depth, sonorous, rolling, commanding.
"You have done very well, my daughter."
I smiled and he smashed his hand into my face and pounded his fist into my tummy. I reeled back and he fell on me, ripping my clothes to shreds and then he was upon my naked body. His gloriously erect, curving scimitar rent me apart and I shrieked in satanic pleasure as he fucked me senseless. I climaxed in the orgasm that only he may give.
"Come my faithful witch," he said, "follow me to the mists of the past where we both belong."
I took his hand and gazed adoringly into his eyes and as the first pinking of dawn lightened the sky outside, a huge crack resounded inside the church and dust fell from above as the pillars swayed and then the altar stone, solid marble, split apart and opened up the way to hell.
The bodies of my victims fell inside and I held out my hand to the ancient evil and he drew me down with him, back into the mists of time........................