Last Requests

Posted by Barbanne on June 26, 2002 at 23:58:05:


I looked at the other three guys.
I could read it in their eyes.
The nervousness, the fear.
The room was close and claustrophobic.
Three million in old notes was packed in the old sports bag on the floor between us. We had hoisted a fortune.
The sound of sirens was loud in the hot night air outside the drawn drapes in the little stifling room.
They were getting closer with every passing minute.
Louie was sweating freely. Buzz chewed gum ferociously. Sam looked at me.
"We were sold out Barb."
"I know."
The others nodded.
"Rebecca," he said.
I nodded agreement.
Sam got up and went to the sink in the little kitchen. He pushed the syringe into the bottle and drew up a full load of death.
He came back and handed it to me.
"Here Barb, take care of it."
I took the syringe and walked into the bedroom with it behind my back. Rebecca was sitting on the bed puffing a fag, wearing the same ridiculous short dress. She looked worried. As I came in she looked up at me, eyes darting back and forth.
"Barb, is it time to go? I'm ready when you guys are."
I sat beside her.
"Sure, it's time to go Rebecca."
She ground out her butt in the ashtray on the bedside table.
"Ok I'm ready."
"Goodbye Rebecca."
She looked at me with puzzlement and then the realisation.
I stabbed the needle into her thigh and depressed the plunger.
Her eyes rolled back and white frothy muck spittled out of her mouth. She fell backward. I rolled her onto her side and shimmied her out of the dress. As I popped her bra catch and slipped it off she frothed more whitish bubbles and her eyeballs stared at me and then the light went out for good. I rolled her onto her back and pulled her panties down and off. I laid her arms by her sides and pulled her legs apart and sinking my fingers into her pussy reamed them around loosening it up. I got up and walked back outside.
Sam looked at me.
"Time we weren't here."
"OK Sam," I looked at the guys, "Rebecca's taking last requests boys."
They walked into the bedroom.