The Churchill principle.

Posted by Barbanne on December 11, 2001 at 22:23:35:

Churchill said, "Go when they are asking you to stay, don't stay until they ask you to go."
So on that advice here ends ye Pyrates.


A Picaresque Tale.


Unbeknownst to us freebooters, HMS Pearl and HMS Lyme, under the command of Lieutenant Maynard had been sent by Governor Spotswood of Virginia to surprise and capture Blackbeard of whom the Governor had had a gutful.
The raid was short, bloody and totally successful for the crown.
Blackbeard was decapitated and his head was mounted on a pike at the prow of the Queen Anne's Revenge as it was led back to Plymouth by the naval vessels.
We, his crew were clapped into prison cells.
Calico Jack had been killed in the first broadside fired by HMS Pearl. Mary Read had been wounded and after two days in a cold rotting prison cell she succumbed to her wounds and died. Anne escaped and was never seen again. Presumably she abandoned the pyrate life and became some innocuous housewife in some obscure part of the colony.
I along with my remaining fellows was sentenced to die.
On a cold foggy morning we were led from our cells, our hands were bound behind us and we were marched down to the docks where a British warship waited at anchor. My stomach fell as I saw the line of nooses hanging from her yardarms.
Soon I stood in a line of other pyrates facing one of those nooses.
It was placed around my neck.
I looked down through tear filled eyes and saw David standing so proudly in his uniform amongst his fellows, looking up at me. His face was filled with misery.
I tried to smile but it came out as a sob.
The winches turned and I was dragged off of my feet as the noose snapped tight around my neck. My legs kicked wildly and my brain filled with redness, my eyes stared at David, my tongue swelled up and poked from my lips, through my teeth, trailing out, saliva drooling and dripping.
Bound and dangling I kicked and kicked and my body twisted and thrashed at the air............................
Kicking, kicking, kicking...............................

Limp,dangling from the yardarm at the end of a rope. My head tilted forward at an awful, unnatural angle, my hair tumbling down hiding my face, my swollen, discoloured, strangled face................

The darkness of death.
Darkness eternal.


My eyelids sprang open and I jerked upright banging my head on a stainless steel bar.
Tubes and needles pulled where they were taped into my arms and tummy.
I gazed around wild eyed and confused.
A hand pushed me down into the bed.
"There there dear. Calm down, calm down. Good to have you back by the way,"
I looked at the kindly red haired face in the nurses uniform hovering over me, "Anne???", I said.
"No dear, Millie."
I screwed up my eyes and looked puzzled.
"Did you think my name was Anne dear?"
"I.....,you reminded me of someone. I'm confused."
"I thought I heard you cry out. A scream. Rather frightening actually."
"A bad dream. I was having a really bad dream, I'm confused. Where is this place, why am I here?"
"Fell and hit your head on the heritage privateer Barbanne. Knocked yourself out and suffered bruising and swelling to the brain. The doctors have kept you in a coma while you healed, but I must say we're all glad to see you back."
I looked up at the man who had spoken, "David? Davi..................??"
"That's right honey," said Millie, "Dave your nurse and constant companion for the last week. Without Dave you'd have been neglected, this boy's been spending lots of time here with you, even his own time."
I smiled a weedy, wimpy little smile. I was awfully screwed up.
"Thanks," I whispered.
"This guy has done everything for you since you arrived, a regular guardian angel for you Barb, wheeling you around, caring for you, rubbing your back to stop bed sores, massaging your arms and legs so they wouldn't weaken, why Dave has even been washing you."
"Thanks," so soft even I could hardly hear myself. I went brilliant red with embarrassment.
"Oh Honey," Millie plumped my pillows and straightened my sheets and smoothed my hair, "no need to get red faced, he washed your back while I did your front bits."
I went even a deeper hue of crimson.
Dave said, "Happy to be of service."
Mary Read stuck her head in my door, "Millie can you give me a hand in one oh one. Oh Hello Barbanne good to see you conscious dear."
"Coming Marge."
Millie and Marge went leaving me with my David. A nurse, and a lovely caring one too, but not a dashing naval officer. But then I wasn't a wild pyrate lass either, it was all coming back, I was a dag and a nobody.
"Could you pass me my specs please David?"
"Call me Dave. Sure, and they all really mean it, we are delighted to have you back."
"Glad to be here. Was I a pain to have to look after?"
"No way. I think you're rather cute actually."
I blushed crimson again.
"Are you allowed to get fresh with the patients?"
"Only when they are gorgeous like you."
Redder and redder.
"Dave, come here."
He did.
"Lean down."
He did and I pecked him on the cheek. Then I touched his face as he stayed bending over me and kissed him on the mouth and then he held my shoulders and I wrapped my arms around his back and the kiss went on and on. His kisses were the sweetest wine. He WAS my David!
We parted and I noticed my breasts were heaving as I panted somewhat with excitement.
"I must make you comfortable and then tell doctor you're awake."
"Yes Barbanne?"
"Hurry back."
"Where's he hurrying too?"
I looked up. Blackbeard was steaming into the room followed by Anne and Mary, oops, Millie and Marge.
"Hello, hello, hello, young Barbanne, decide to rejoin the world I see."
"This is Doctor Edward Drummon, your neurologist, Barbanne," said Millie.
"Hello Doctor," I said suitably mouse like again.
He asked me to count fingers and peered in my eyes and tapped my skull (which was bandaged like a mummy and shaved quite bald) and asked me questions about seemingly unrelated things and then said to the three nurses, "Keep her quiet and let her rest for a few days and she'll be good as new."
He wrote out some scrips and steamed off to visit someone else.

I sat around being looked after and the day following my visit from Blackbe......, Doctor Drummon, I was allowed up and Dave wheeled me to the recreation room and at times when the weather was nice, out into the garden.
I saw Calico Jack (an intern) Sykes, (a surgeon) Sykes girls, (two psych patients) and the black guard girls. (nurses)
Mega wierd.
Kellie and Jodie came and we had a good old giggle fest. They especially liked my stubbly crew cut.
Mostly though I monopolised Dave whenever I could and we had time together. Quality time. Cuddling time (behind the shrubbery in the garden) kissing time (whenever and wherever) and short bouts of pashing time.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it was good.

So now I am well again and Dave and I are going steady and talking about moving in together permanently, even marriage.
I'm sitting here writing this dressed in those blue shorts with the stripes and nothing else.
My hair's like three centimetres long all over now.
Dave is asleep.
Last night we made love over and over and I fear I wore the poor boy out. So now I am going to make him a man sized breakfast.
But first........
I'm going to go and fuck his brains out one more time.
Don't want him to lose interest, do I??