Pyrates 4

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A Picaresque Tale.


His name was David and he was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
The other two men were his shipmates. They had been seconded to the French vessel as liaisons with the French colonies to the north and south.
Being navy was enough to make them enemies of the pyrates and so they had been clapped into this little hold and manacled to horrible rings embedded in the beams of the ship.
I crossed to where he sat, looking all hollow eyed and unshaven and restrained and vulnerable and GORGEOUS!
I took his face in my hands and kissed him.
"Sir! Do you mind! Taking advantage of my condition!!"
"Sir??" I said.
"Sir?????" he peered at me.
I popped a couple of buttons and showed him my fun bags.
"Why you're a girl!" He said with exclamation marks.
I took one manacled hand and placed it over my breast. My nipple pebbled up and thrust into his palm. I took his other hand and guided it down inside my trews and pantaloons and led it to my hot leaking slit.
"Girl that's me," I whispered.
"Indeed," he said.
The other two looked elsewhere.

We got along like magic.
I was absolutely smitten, completely and totally and helplessly in love.
I couldn't get enough of him.
I kept making excuses to go below, take food, take water, check on their manacles, stuff like that. At every excuse I grappled with David and cuddled and kissed him, smothering him with my kissing. I was a gone goose and he seemed quite fond of me too. The other two guys grinned a lot and said, "Lieutenant, that woman is after you sir."
"We think she's a hankering for you sir."
"She's mighty persistent and all."
"She's a loving wench."
"She's pretty hot stuff too sir if we might be permitted to say so."
My love affair lasted a whole day and then I heard the crew talking, saying Blackbeard was going to toss my lover and his companions overboard the next day.

Around midnight I snuck down to the hold with the keys.
"You guys have got to escape. The pyrates plan to toss you overboard.
"Escape how?" asked David.
"We're in the James River, the shore is only a hundred metres away. I'll unlock you and then you have to run for it, its that easy. Swim for it I should have said."
"And what about you?"
"David, darling," I said, "I'll be alright. It'll just look like you took my keys and escaped."
"What'll happen to you.
"Depends how we play it. I've got a plan."
"Oh, what plan, tell us your plan Barbanne."
"Well, it goes like this.
"We're waiting."
"Right," I said, "now we gotta make this look convincing."
"We do??," they chorused.
I took off my glasses and handed them to the youngest guy.
"Here hold my specs for me."
"These, specs, hold them for me will you."
"Oh, you mean your eyeglasses."
"If you wish, eyeglasses, specs, whatever, just hold them for me."
He grinned and nodded.
"OK David," I said, "hit me!"
"Hit you???"
"Hit me, punch me, knock me out."
"Knock you out................., whatever for?"
"Its got to look as though you overpowered me and took the key. Its got to look good, now slug me."
"No way."
"Do it."
"You're a lady, (debatable) I love you, I'm not going to hurt you."
"Look slug me right here," I lifted and stuck out my elfin chin and pointed at it, "just punch me out, send me bye byes."
"No. Can't you just pretend?"
"No way. I'm not a good enough actress to fool these guys, besides they know someone who has been hurt and someone who is foxing. There is no other way for it you're just going to have to whack me, clobber me mate, send me to sleep."
"I can't and I won't."
"You're sweet David and I love you heaps but just this once come down off your gentleman's pedestal and do what I ask. Big strong guy like you shouldn't have any trouble kayoing a little dollie like me."
"That may be so, however we'll never know as I refuse to strike you."
"Ah geez David."
I was frustrated. My whole plan depended on this. Where to now?
"Excuse me lieutenant." It was the second guy.
"Truly sorry for this miss."
He had a wooden club and he rapped it awfully hard against my temple. I don't know whether it was a marlin spike or a belaying pin but whatever it was it did the job a treat. I felt a thumping crack and pin wheels of light went off behind my eyes and I dissolved, sliding down into complete, utter, total blackness.

I dreamt that David lifted my limp body in his arms. My head lolled on my neck and I was the consistency of jelly. He kissed my temple where a bruised lump was rising and then kissed my closed eyelids and the tops of my breasts and then his mouth found my parted lips and he kissed long and hard.
Then he laid me down gently and he and his companions stole away.
Leastways I think it was a dream.

I was still out cold, dead to the world when the pyrates found me the next morning.
Blackbeard was really crazy this time.
I was dragged onto the deck with my wrists tied behind me, still stunned and half out of it. I had been whacked too many times in the head lately and I was semi concussed.
He couldn't decide whether to hang me right there or make me walk the plank.
Anne came and took me by the arm and said, "So they're gone Blackbeard. Good riddance. And more fool you for putting an inexperienced girl like this in charge of them. Now I'm taking her below."
"But, but.................." Our captain was livid. Beside himself.
"Shit woman!!!!!!," he exploded.
Anne led me below and that was an end to it.

I had an impressive black and blue duck's egg on my forehead and still felt sort of woozy the next morning.
The Queen Anne's Revenge had moored in Portsmouth harbour alongside a low, rakish, black and gold painted vessel which if ships were animals would have looked like the wolf of the pack.
"La Muerte," Mary informed me, "Spanish privateer."
I was impressed.
Blackbeard's newly acquired ship needed provisioning so us girls were free to wander around the town. We set out together and were wandering around the dock area sort of bull shitting each other and becoming rapacious, man eating viragos if our talk was to be believed. I was giving as good as I got although grey eyes and a handsome face and the taste of a man's lips on mine filled my thoughts to the exclusion of anything else. Who was I kidding? He was navy and I was a pyrate slut. My chances of even seeing him again were next to zero and if I did he would arrest me anyway.
Thinking thoughts like this I was walking in a near dream when suddenly my hair was yanked and a fist smashed into my tummy and, winded, I fell to my knees on the sidewalk gasping for breath.
"Who's yer slutty little friend then Anne?"
I looked up through bleary, tear filled eyes.
A big woman, blonde, powerful, extraordinarily attractive in a bullish sort of way, stood astride the sidewalk. Beside her was a tall, thin, black haired girl with sharp, vulpine features. Mary had dropped to my side and said, "You alright Barbanne?"
"Aaaeerrggghhh....................," it was all I could manage without air in my tummy, but it passed for yes.
"Contessa," said Anne, "and the super bitch Rosita. I don't know why you scum find it amusing to bash a virtually defenceless girl but you do don't you? I think its time we settled things once and for all, hmmmmmnn."
"We're ready," said the blonde.
"Let's do it then," said Anne, "Milligan's warehouse."
I stumbled along behind them while we all set off for Milligan's warehouse which proved to be a big drafty, rat infested and deserted building at one end of the docks.
Inside the gloomy cathedral like space the others began stripping off their clothes. Light came down from the many openings in the roof in dusty shafts lighting the place with an eerie soft glow.
Anne and Mary were down to mere breech clouts made from winding and tucking their bloomers around their waists. The Contessa was nude and Rosita had stripped to canvas trews only.
"Barbanne," said Anne, "you're the witness here. Watch and see so that you can tell it true if anyone ever asks."
I sat enthralled, realising to my disgust that I was sucking my thumb.
Rosita and the Contessa circled slowly. Anne and Mary turned inside them, back to back, waiting.
Then like snakes striking they engaged and grappled.
Anne and the Contessa locked hands and waltzed around. Rosita went for a bear hug on Mary and Mary slipped her grasp.
Anne and the Contessa were locked in a test of strength. The Contessa was powerful, her muscles cording like ropes, but Anne was surprisingly strong. Mary and Rosita were sparring. The Contessa tried to trip Anne but Anne avoided her out thrust foot. They moved closer and their sweating bodies locked in a crushing embrace. Anne put huge effort into her hugging but even I could tell the Contessa was the stronger. Anne slid down and away and came up behind the Contessa as the bigger woman tried to recover her balance. She locked one arm around the Contessa's throat and got her other hand to interlock with her wrist to force a choking hold. Rosita lunged to the Contessa's aid but Mary hammered her with two quick piston like blows to her tummy and Rosita went to the floor.
Anne's grip was tightening, squeezing the air from the Contessa's throat and suddenly both girls went to the wooden floor of the warehouse, Anne maintaining her grip with dogged determination. I was looking straight at them. The Contessa's long legs were extended toward me and her face, wearing a look of total desperation and going blue was staring unseeingly at me. Her arms flapped around and her breasts heaved.
On hands and knees Rosita was scrabbling to help the Contessa but Mary yanked her back by her hair and chopped one hardened hand, axe like, to Rosita's neck. She made a ghastly chokey sound and Mary punched her hard in the face with her closed fist.
Rosita went down.
I was glued to the drama in front of me.
The Contessa, still firmly held in Anne's strangle hold had slid down until she lay almost prone on her back. Her legs were scissoring and I found myself looking straight up between them. I was looking at the soles of her long feet, her calves foreshortened and shapely, her thighs bulging and heavy. Her woman's slit was full and soft, nestling in her venus mound and as she struggled for her very life it opened and closed like some deep sea bivalve.
I heard Anne grunt as she gave one enormous wrench to her hold.
I heard the Contessa grunt and her arms waved around, feeble, weak, surrendering.
I heard Anne grunt again and the Contessa's legs bent, scrabbled, her feet beating a tattoo on the wooden boards and then straightened out in a violent spasm.
White cum dribbled from her vaginal opening and trickled down her innermost thighs.
Anne grunted and heaved again.
The Contessa's face was empurpled. Her tongue lolled out and her eyeballs were protruding and rolled right back, her pupils gone from sight. Her great body flopped once and then thrashed violently so that only Anne's hugely strong grip kept her locked in place.
The Contessa went limp, her whitish discharge blubbing freely from her pussy.
For her it was all over.
I heard a snapping crack and looked over to where Mary was dropping the lifeless body of Rosita, her neck broken like a twig.
I helped Mary and Anne dress.
My warrior ladies.
My heroes.
I smothered them both with kisses.
The Contessa's leonine blonde body and Rosita's long, dark corpse lay where they had fallen. Evidence of the Contessa's last orgasm clear to see.
The rats started in on both of them.

Blackbeard was adamant that another attempt be made on the catholic gold.
So I found myself together with the others crouching in the shadows of Sykes plantation, working out a strategy to penetrate the main house.
Yes, I was there even though Blackbeard was convinced I was a fuckwit. (his exact words) The reason for my being there was that he didn't know anything about it. He had commanded both Anne and Jack not to take that "fuckwit anywhere near the place", but they decided I needed another chance.
We were puzzling over why we could see no signs of the naked black guards who normally parolled the grounds. I was trying to steel myself for another bout of dragging and stacking dead girls, maybe naked dead boys. My spirits rose a notch.
Then we became aware of strange noises coming from one of the barn like buildings. En masse we snuck on over there and took up positions peeking through cracks in the walls at what proved to be one of the wierdest things I had ever seen!
Inside by the light of torches mounted along the walls was a really strange assembly.
All of the polished ebony guards, both boys and girls were assembled in a group. Huddled before them were a collection of slave girls stripped stark naked. Some were black and some were white. (a lot of the slaves of these planters were indentured kids from the slums of England, Scotland and Ireland, many of them sold into slavery by their own families.)
Seated on and beside a throne like chair were the two Sykes girls. They were very beautiful black haired teens their mixed Celtic and Cherokee blood having combined to make them startlingly lovely. Both were naked except for strange headdresses made of intertwined feathers and flowers. One girl sat on the throne, the other was curled at her feet, her head in her sister's lap her face buried in her sister's groin.
That was wierd.
But this was even wierder still!
The girl in the chair was draped with curling, slithering, hissing snakes and Anne told me in a whisper that they were highly poisonous, water mocassins, adders, rattlers, heaps of lethal killing reptiles.
Not one of them showed any indication of wanting to bite their unholy mistress though. They just curled around her their hooded eyes gazing with cold basilisk stares at the room around them.
Until one of the slave girls was fed to them that was!
As we watched, the guards grabbed a skinny freckled girl and dragged her forward. She screamed as they pushed her head forward.
The snakes struck as one and, bitten in a dozen places around her face, neck and breasts the girl reeled back screaming, fell limply to the floor, shuddered and thrashed and then thick, creamy froth bubbled from her mouth and her thin, white, freckly body stiffened and then relaxed in death.
As she did I realised that where she had fallen there were already five or six other girls, black and white lying in poses of death, stiffened, sprawled, heaped together poisoned and quite dead.
The guards grasped a black slave girl and dragged her toward the snake draped child on the throne and I saw the light of madness in her eyes as the girl's head was thrust forward and the vipers struck.
Anne tapped my shoulder and as I turned she beckoned me away.
"Come on Barb, there's enough insanity here without us adding to it."
I understood what she meant and nodding agreement I followed her and the others back to the ship.

Blackbeard seemed strangely disinterested in our second failure to secure the gold and gave orders to leave Syke's Plantation and the Queen Anne's Revenge made a short trip down the James river to Ocracoke Inlet where we dropped anchor for the night.
I went to bed thoroughly exhausted after the strange events I had witnessed.
Despite being absolutely buggered and overtired I lay awake in my bunk, seeing grey eyes and feeling strong arms surrounding my body.
I was in that half world between wakefulness and sleep when suddenly the wall opposite me exploded inward.

To be continued.