Pyrates 3

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A Picaresque Tale.


This might very well be what hades looks like.
The heavily beamed ceiling of the tavern tap room floated claustrophobically above a scene from hell. Smoke filled the room and hung miasmically in the air, some of it from the ill drawing fireplace and the rest from a multitude of pipes being puffed on by the assembled blackguards who ringed the open central space, disappearing into the stygian gloom of the far recesses of the tavern.
The polished floor boards of the open area gleamed dully in the firelight and on those stood the girls of the fleet. Many were naked, others nearly so.
I had shed my boots, their very floppiness made them a dangerous risk. My shirt, my plumed hat, and my kerchief and belts had gone as well and I stood to one side, bare legged, bare from the waist up, naked except for my ragged canvas trews and scared shitless. (yet again)
I saw Anne and Mary both oiled up and looking indestructible and I saw the mingling mass of other women, most of them as ragged and as rough as it is possible for females to be. Dirty stringy hair, gapped teeth and whip cord hard bodies were all well represented.
The men cheered, puffed their pipes and sucked down ale and rum and two girls laid into each other and then it was on for all.
Most of the girls slapped and punched at each other and hair pulling and biting were also favoured methods of attack. However there were also quite a number of girls who fought like they had done this before, looping punches, rabbit chops and kicks and knees and flying elbows and feet.
Not me!
I slapped and pulled hair and mostly spent my time covering up and terrified of getting hit or hurt or marked in the face.
Being cowardly and totally defensive didn't save me and I caught several blows to various parts of my body and felt the pain of stinging blows on my breasts and painful thumps in and around the kidney region.
I was trying to work my way to the edge of the melee hoping to ride out most of the fight in some quiet corner.
A girl had gone down, floored by a glorious uppercut and she was soon joined by another who took a dreadful blow to the temple the crack from which even I could hear from the other side of the ruck. Another girl caught a fist between the eyes and then another and another and soon we were struggling together around a fast growing heap of comatose female bodies, naked or nearly so, which lay piled across each other some face up, some face down, tits, asses legs and arms all tumbled together.
I was trying to work my way past these fallen warriors, these unconscious combatants now rendered hors de combat, my hands up protecting my face, catching the occasional blow and otherwise trying not to get involved at all, when I looked up to find myself face to face with a positive troll!
This stringy haired, blackened toothed, utterly naked dame was gazing at me from fiercely feral eyes, her breasts hanging down dug like over her belly fat rolls and her much tattooed powerful arms and legs pumping as she pounded anything in reach.
"Ere's one for ye girlie!!!!" she screeched and threw a roundhouse right that skimmed the edge of my chin rustling the tiny hairs and clipped my nose causing it to leak.
"That's close enough," I thought and decided to take a dive and get safely well away from this monster.
I played out my act pretending that the blow had hit my chin and back pedalled as though I had been well and truly slugged until I felt my heels against the pile of girls lying sprawled on the floor and then, exaggeratedly, I rotated my arms and let myself fall backward going quite limp and imitating the loose limbed rag doll look I had seen others display when they had been KO'd.
I landed on the flesh pile with a meaty whump, maybe more of a scchhluuuupppp!!, as my naked sweaty back slammed against some other naked body. Spreadeagled, my arms and legs stretched out, I came to rest among the other girls with my eyes firmly closed and just stayed there to all appearances laid out cold.
The small of my back was lying across a bare butt, I knew enough anatomy to recognise that. I also noted that, despite the fact that my nose was leaking a steady trickle of blood, my sense of smell was still acute enough to realise that most of my fellow senseless sisters smelt appallingly. Talk about BO! I think most of these gals had last bathed when they were made to do so by their mothers.
What a stink!
Another girl thumped down over me, her floppy breasts slamming into my tummy, her sloppy, open, wet mouth drooling onto my left breast.
I remained sprawled amongst my senseless sisters seemingly as much out for the count as they were, for the remainder of the bout. I had to struggle to control myself a couple of times so as not to cough in the fetid and smoky atmosphere.
Eventually the sounds of combat died away to be replaced by the cheers and applause of the male audience for the winners or at least those that remained upright after the fight was deemed over.
I stayed down and "out"!!
Gradually the pile was cleared and the girl carressing my breast was hauled off of me. My trews had slipped down and were now riding dangerously low on my hips and the curls of my pubic bush were peeking over the waist line.
"This'n's one of ours," I heard a voice say and thought I recognised Anne.
Then big powerful hands grabbed one of my biceps and my hair and in one swift, smooth movement I was hoisted up and flopped across a shoulder which was unmistakably male. My trews had slipped even further giving anyone who cared to look a fine view of the crack of my ass. My hair tumbled down a broad brown back and my arms swung loosely as I was carried off like a prize.
When we hit the outside air I reckoned it was time to "come to" and groaned and twitched and Calico Jack (for it was he had me over his shoulder) laid me down gently and Anne said, "Poor Barbanne, you really aren't a fighter are you honey?"
She dabbed at the blood around my nose and I fluttered my eyelids and moaned and said, "What hit me?"
"Carlita, Barb, Carlita the horrible. I saw ye go down but never fear it'll be hours yet before Carlita wakes up, Mary and me both donged her something cruel."
I smiled weakly and allowed myself to be coddled.
"Who won the fight?" I asked, my eyes wandering across their faces.
Anne grinned.
"Me and Mary, same like always, although," her face darkened, "Rosita and the Contessa from La Muerte were still standing too."
"They allus are," said Mary.
"We gotta take them two one day. Just you and me Mary versus Rosita and the Contessa."
A huge grin split Mary's pretty face. "Sure Barbanne couldn't take them?"
"Oh no. Barbanne is great for some things, but fighting nope!"
Jack tossed me my clothes.
"OK girlie ye've had enough rest fer one evening."
"Not OK Jack, more KO'd."
But Jack didn't laugh at my puny joke and so I dressed myself and then guess what?
Back inside they all went for more booze!
But without the girl fight this time.

Two days later the Adventure was cruising off the mouth of Chesapeake Bay when a sail was sighted and after their short lay off on Tangier Island and the therapeutic benefits of the all girl stoush, the crew jumped to their stations and we closed on our prey, a French vessel. After a short but bloody engagement the Frenchman struck his colours and the pyrates poured aboard their capture.
I was one of the last to swing over onto the Frenchie's deck. Partly because I always tried to be in the rear when action occurred, especially action of the fighting kind and also in part because swinging on ropes from one tossing boat to another scared me (as did many other things) shitless.
I landed on the deck of the captured vessel which was a goodly sized French ship with a mixture of cargoes, some slaves, some merchandise and several passengers.
Anne grabbed my shoulder as I landed clumsily, sliding about trying to keep my footing.
Ships and the sea are among my least favourite things and when forced to go sailing I am almost always squeamish if not downright sick and tossing boat decks are not among my favourite places. To add to my mal de mer, here the deck was littered with a few semi naked corpses all of whom seemed to have died by losing every drop of their blood onto the deck.
Anne shouted in my ear.
"In the bedroom of the great cabin Barbanne. There are four French ladies there and Blackbeard wants you to search them and take everything of value that they have upon them. And be careful these Frenchies are sneaky and hide stuff well."
I made my way into the great stern cabin of the ship and found a partly opened door leading to a bedroom. Polishing what French I knew in the back of my mind I opened the door and said, "Bonjour Madames et Mademoiselles...............aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagghhh!"
All four French ladies lay in a tumble of voluminous clothing on the floor and all four were dead. I leaned over and peeked. Sword thrusts seemed to have finished them off.
Anne stuck her head in the door and said, "Good girl Barbanne. Remember they're tricky."
"They're dead," I shrieked.
"Mmmm but tricky, remember get everything of value. Put it in this." She tossed me a canvas bag.
She was gone.
I tip toed over to where the ladies lay.
One was very old. At least forty years I'd say and her bodice was awash with blood where she had been stabbed through the breast. Two of the others were in their mid to late twenties and one had been skewered through the gizzards and the other through the throat. The last girl looked like a teenager, late teens maybe early twenties and she had been killed by a thrust into her heart. She had bled least of all.
I felt queasy and rushing to the big lantern window puked my breakfast all over the side of the boat.
When that had all gone I set about my grisly task.
First I took everything I could see. Jewellery, rings, necklaces, bracelets, ear rings even the mother of pearl hair combs. When I was fairly sure they had nothing more that I could easily remove I stripped off their outer dresses. Each was really bulky and substantial. They seemed to be lovely dresses although somewhat blood stained. I hung them from a rack I found within the cabin. The ladies also wore a heap of other stuff and I peeled it away layer by layer. Petticoats, whale bone corsets, chemises and bloomers and finally white hosiery and buckled shoes. The buckles were silver and so I cut these free and tossed them into my bag too.
All four ladies now lay side by side on their backs quite naked and staring in surprise and indignity at the roof of the cabin whilst this wretched pyrate girl robbed and pillaged their corpses.
I went through their clothing searching for hidden stuff and found pearls sewn into the lining of two of the chemises. I also found rubies secreted in a small pocket in the bloomers of the older lady.
"Remember they're tricky," Anne had said.
I turned my attention to each of them in turn.
I combed my fingers through their hair, prised open their mouths and searched over every square centimetre of their pale white bodies, running my hands over their cold lifeless flesh. That done, I looked down at their dead faces.
"Tricky," I heard yet again.
Taking a deep breath I used the fingers of my right hand to explore the pussies and ass holes of each of the ladies. Had they been alive this could very well have been the highlight of my day. As they were cold, dead and stiffening it was a bit erky.
But Anne was right. Three of the four ladies had diamonds inside their womanhood.
I added them to my bag.
Finished I returned to the deck and handed my haul to Anne.
She peered inside and pulled out one of the diamonds and sniffed it and said, "Well done Barbanne. Told you they were tricky."
I smiled a sickly grin.

The Adventure was a wormy, leaky tub and so Blackbeard renamed the Frechman Queen Anne's Revenge and after transferring everything to his new ship, sank the old Adventure by opening her sea cocks. Those Frenchmen or slaves who wouldn't join us pyrates were tossed overboard and I saw two burly sailors carrying my naked dead French ladies on deck where they promptly heaved them over to feed the waiting sharks. The youngest girl sort of jack knifed as she went in and her butt stayed poking out of the water, her holes winking at us until the snouts of two great grey sharks ripped her apart.
I felt sick again.
Blackbeard was fond of plaiting his long greasy hair and beard into pigtails and when we went into battle he would embroider these with slow burning matches and set them alight to smoulder slowly and smoke fiercely as he terrified his opponents. I was half glad to see that he had singed his nose and wore a nasty red wound there. He was not my most favourite person. He had recently wed a very young girl barely into her teens, his fourteenth wife I was informed and stinking of gunpowder and burning hair he retired below to enjoy his wife.
I was told by Calico Jack to go forrard and tend to the prisoners.
"We have prisoners??" I asked in amazement, remembering the shark feast.
"Just a few," said Jack.
I made my way forrard to the tiny prison hold and peered in.
Three men sat dejectedly in chains.
I sniffed and one of them looked at me and my blue eyes met his grey eyes and electricity flashed between us and I fell instantly and hopelessly in love.

To be continued