Here starts Ye Pyrates.

Posted by Barbanne on December 05, 2001 at 17:03:08:

Establishing plus sex this week, death next week.


A Picaresque tale.


I think I have told you I am not, and I mean not, an outdoorsy girl.
Like sunshine gives me the creeps.
And dries out my skin, after burning it to peel and making me itch.
So this particular day I was being real nice and doing my two pals Jodie and Kellie a real favour by accompanying them to the bay for a tourist type day out.
We ate junk food and went for a swim (though not in that order) and sat around eyeing off boys and walked along the boardwalk and looked in all the shops on the broadway and generally did stuff the way people do stuff down by the seaside.
After lunch they decided we all had to take the guided tour of the replica privateer moored down by the quayside at the south end of the bay. I dragged along. It was hot and it was sunny and I was wearing shorts (pale blue, very short with a white stripe up each side) and a loose lemon yellow chiffon shirt that was tied at the waist and had my pink bikini on underneath. I had flip flops on my feet and was wearing an enormous raffia sun hat and carrying a big blue cotton beach bag with a yellow flower pattern and cane handles. This was my idea of seaside sexy and chic. I had forgotten how much I hated the sun and it hated my pale, freckled skin and so when I felt the first stinging ouches of sun burning and pinking my white bod I took to walking in the shade wherever possible, crossing back and forth to avoid the open areas and generally pissing off, but amusing, Jodie and Kellie who were both cinnamon brown and clad in next to nothing.
We paid our five bucks each and joined a group of people for the tour of the pirate ship.
The guy giving the tour was something of a hunk and his nicely muscled body looked great in all white, shorts, tee shirt and long socks and shoes. I could see his pecs and abs flexing under the thin cotton material and started enjoying the tour.
He was interesting too as he told us all about the history of the early colonists and the raids by the many pirates who plagued the Indies and the coastal settlements. I was getting sucked in.
While us tourists wandered around gawping, volunteer workers dressed authentically like eighteenth century sea dogs were doing boaty stuff partly as maintenance and partly as an added fillip to the whole experience.
After a while, we stood in the middle of the deck, the waist of the ship he called it, as Mister Handsome explained some aspect of seamanship to us and I ogled his legs and his tightly packaged butt.
I had moved away from the main group once again seeking the shade and was quite wrapt up in my own rather naughty thoughts when suddenly someone shouted, "Lookout below!"
I jerked up to see a long rope with one of those wooden pulley things on it coming whinging down from above.
I said, "Oh."
The guide guy said, "Careful Miss," and lurched forward and gave me a shove.
I started to topple sideways and the wooden thing crashed into my shoulder, breaking something I'm sure and causing me huge stabs of agony and everything went into slow motion.
I heard Jodie screaming like "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh."
And the guy saying, "Damn..........she's..........been..........hit."
And I was tumbling over backwards, skiny white arms and legs windmilling and my round wire framed specs had slipped sideways and through blurry astigmatic eyes I saw the sky and the masts of the boat rotating although I was sure they were still and I was completely airborne and thrashing around and then, "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuummpphh!" I landed on my back across a coil of rope and all the wind was driven from my body and I was thinking "If I don't breathe in I'll die," when I felt my body, still moving, bending backward over the coiled rope and my backbone popped and then, "KRAAAAAAAAAKKKK!" the back of my head smashed into the wooden planking of the deck and I thought, "Damn!" and my vision shrank like a reversing kalaidescopic spiral and I thought nothing more.

"Wake up girlie, wake up."
I blinked and peered into the startling blue eyes of a ravishing redhead in man's clothing."Who? geez," I felt sick.
She lifted me into a half sitting position.
My specs were back where they belonged but the rest of me was dressed in a dress that looked like something my Granny threw out.
I looked down at myself.
Where had my smart sexy clothes gone?
I was dressed in a daggy looking long dress with little lace bits at the cuffs of the sleeves and around the hem and also trimming the neckline which was awful low and my bikini top was gone and my pathetic tits were squished up and looked ready to pop right out of these lacy surrounds on their own. I had lace up high heel boots on and shit! What was going on?
I looked at the redhead.
"Where am I?"
Even to myself I sounded weak, whimpy and whiny.
"Bashed yer head girlie. Did it knock yer brains loopy?"
I shrugged and looked like, "must have, you tell me."
"Wal girlie this deck yer asitting on belongs to the good ship Adventure and I'm a gal like yerself," here she flipped open her shirt and I saw two magnificent globes of breast surmounted by rose pink nipples, "that over there," she waved an arm, "is the coast of the Carolina's and my name is Anne Bonney and this is my very good friend," here she pointed at a handsome blue eyed chap standing near by, "Mary Reid."
Mary flipped her shirt and I saw another female bust I could only envy.
"Now," said Anne, "ye kin take yer chances with Mary and me or ye can toss in with yonder lot and they'll be happy to have ye too."
She moved aside and I found myself looking at a crowd of men in rough clothing, all open chested cotton shirts and canvas cut off breeks and and eye patches and gappy black teeth and scars and leers and, I noticed, occasional erections straining at those cut offs.
I spoke in a tiny squeak, "I think I'll stay with you girls."
Anne lifted me to my feet.
"I'm a bit confused," I said.
"Aye and ye would be after banging yer head like that."
A huge monster with flowing black hair and beard appeared in front of me and I shrank back against Anne.
"I'll be havin' her when yer finished Anne," he rasped.
"Aye ye'll be waitin' a while Cap'n." To me she said, "This be Cap'n Blackbeard Teach girlie he owns the Adventure."
I felt my blood draining away.
"And over there," Anne indicated where a lean saturnine man lounged by the railing, "that be Calico Jack and he be'n mine and if I catch yer foolin' with him lass I'll cut yer tits off myself."
My vision clouded and swam.
Blackbeard lunged forward and jammed his hand between my legs and through the dress I felt stubby fingers groping at my pussy. I squealed and jumped on the spot.
In a gust of foul breath he said, "Hurry and finish with her Annie I'm anxious to invade that sweet spot right there."
I essayed a crooked grin and Mary said, "After me Blackbeard ye scum."
Calico Jack said, "My its going to be crowded in their girlie."
My eyeballs rolled up of their own accord and I felt Anne and Mary catch me as I fainted clean away.

I came back to my senses lying on my back on a narrow wooden bunk bed and realised that my dress was gone.
I ran an exploratory hand over my nakedness and when my fingers combed through my pubic hair I knew I was totally nude.
Anne and Mary were sitting on either side of the bed and both were naked to the waist.
"Ah sleeping beauty awakes."
I tried to smile.
"Do ye always faint like that girlie when anything different happens?"
I nodded agreement.
"Wal get ready now sweetie cause me and Mary reckons this'll be good for a swoon."
She ran her hand up my thigh and then like an eagle swooping she dived down and I saw the crown of her magnificent red locks descend and felt her mouth on my inner thigh and then moving upward. Mary who had freed her own long blonde locks bent down and kissed me long and hard and sweetly on the mouth and her fingers played lightly over my nipples while her sweet breath filled my senses.
I felt light headed and realised I was loving the feel of Mary's kisses. Anne's flickering tongue had reached my slit and I felt her fingers spreading my legs and opening my womanness and then sweeeeeeeeeet ecstasy as she tongued my innermost secrets.
I didn't faint.
But I writhed and squirmed and wriggled and moaned long and loud at the utter delight afforded by these two skilled female lovers.
My nipples were as hard as two little pebbles and my pussy was hot and swollen with blood and lust and love essence was slipping down and out and I heard Anne licking and Mary had moved her mouth to my breasts and was kissing and sucking and I felt my arousal pass the point of no return and then I was bucking and discharging and I heard a long, long moan and knew it had come from me.
My eyelids were fluttering like two butterflies.
"She's agoing to pass out again Mary."
"No I'm not," I sighed.
Now the girls made me work on them and I did. Oh how I did. I had lost all sense of control and gave myself over to total hedonism.
We must have gone on for hours. Or so it seemed. I lifted my head from Anne's groin, my face smeared with her and as she groaned in purest pleasure I heard a man's voice say, "Now isn't this cosy."
I looked up and it was Calico Jack.
"With yer permission Annie?"
She gazed at him from langorous heavily lidded eyes.
"Just this once Jack and I mean just once!"
Jack pulled me back, his hand on my bare shoulder and then he lifted me under the arms and slid my hot velvet love pocket over his tumescent cock. I spread my legs and let it happen. There up against the wall of the cabin he fucked me as I had not been fucked before and I had my legs wrapped around his ass, feet waggling and bit down hard on his shoulder as he rammed us both to fulfilment.
Letting me drop to the floor he dabbed at where my teeth had drawn blood and smiled, "Little minx. Ye've sharp teeth, like a wee stoat."
I smiled up sleepily.
I heard Anne say, "Now for the main event Jack."
I curled up naked and slipped into sleep to the sounds of Anne's quiet squeals and Jack's grunting and Mary's enthusiastic urging.

The next morning I woke amazingly freshened up by my encounter with Anne and Mary and also, I suspect, Jack.
I was splishing water into my face from a bedside bowl and considering that dress I seemed to have inherited when the door opened and Anne popped her head inside.
"Ready for the day?"
I smiled, "Yes."
"What's yer name girlie bye the bye."
"Barbanne, that's nice, real sweet that is. It suits yer girlie."
"Can I ask you something Anne?"
"Yer kin try."
"How did I get here?"
"What d'ye mean HOW did yer get here?"
"Well, how come I'm on this boat?"
"Ship Barbanne, ship, never call it a boat or the Cap'n 'll have yer gizzards."
"Well ship then."
"Yer must have scrambled yer brains then. Don't yer remember ye came aboard from the shore to plead fer the lives of yer fellers in the settlement and then yer got all impassioned with hisself and then a line came free and ye fell all awkward like and bashed yer wee brains silly on the deck."
"Oh did I?"
"Surely did and then hisself decided to spare yer fellers but he'll only do so on account of he's keeping yerself."
Tears sprang unbidden into my eyes. Try as I might I couldn't remember my fellows ashore and strange visions of other girls and colourful clothes and other stuff kept flickering in my head. I realised I must have suffered a memory loss but whatever the truth of it I knew I felt great sadness at losing whatever it was I had lost. The tears ran down my cheeks unchecked.
Anne saw them and brushed them away with her fingers.
"Come Barbanne, we're not such a bad lot as ye'll find and anyhows ye've no time for tears as I've a decision fer ye to make."
"Will ye be wearing this shite house dress or will ye be wearing pyrate stuff like meself and Mary."
"Pyrate stuff???"
"Here get it on."
She went to a chest and looking at me with a measuring eye she tossed stuff onto the bed. Then she sat in a chair and watched me.
I went through what she had given me.
"Looking fer something Barbanne?"
"A bra."
"A bra, what the fucks a bra?"
"Nothing, well just something I once had."
"Bra, indeed, bra," she muttered.
I found a pair of passion killing bloomers and stripping off my night shift, pulled them on. Anne grinned broadly. "Aye ye've a cute ass Barbanne that's fer sure."
The reminder of my new outfit consisted of a pair of cut off canvas trews which ended in a ragged hem just above my knees, a loose cotton shirt that seemed about six sizes too large but at least had the advantage of concealing my loosely bouncing breasts and leather boots that came to my knees with floppy tops. As well there was a broad leather belt that went around my waist and another narrower belt that went over my shoulder and across my upper chest and a kerchief that I knotted around my neck. A plumed felt hat finished off my ensemble and when Anne tossed me a wicked looking cutlass I looked at it askance and said, "Must I have this?"
"That ye must missy."
I looked around for somewhere to put it and Anne clucked and taking it from me shoved it into my waist belt.
I noticed Anne was dressed much as I was except she wore long loose trews and so did Mary whom we met as we made our way onto the deck.
"Oh my, will ye look at little Miss Pyrate," said Mary.
"Barbanne, her name's Barbanne," said Anne.
"Barbanne, yer good looking enough to eat miss."
They both laughed and I blushed furiously feeling the blood of embarrassment tingling my freely swinging nipples.
As we emerged onto the upper deck I felt waves of lust come at me from the men crowded in the waist of the ship. (How did I know it was called that?)
"Yer a popular crew member Barbanne," said Anne.
"They love something new," said Mary, "new meat is always in demand.
Both girls laughed again and I blushed once more.
"See that over there?" Anne pointed at low houses alongside a sandy beach. "That be Portsmouth Virginia Barbanne and there on the rise is Sykes' plantation and this be where you start earning yer keep my girl!"

To be continued