Pursuit...............a story

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That was what I called her, A. I call them letters although I know their names, but somehow referring to them as A or S doesn't make them seem quite so human and given what I do to them that comforts me.
Like the others A had been stripped nude except for socks and sneakers and her only peculiarity was that she wore specs as well. A was around thirty, probably on the sunny side and was small and slim with a fairly heroic nose and had long dark hair and was pretty cute all in all.
She was also running.
She'd had her five minutes and I was now officially coming after her.
I looked over at Vince and grinned. Like me he was clad all in black and like me he was ready for the pursuit. I held up the stubby, vicious looking neuron lash and as the light glinted off its grey metal casing he grinned back at me like a feral wolf. Poor A, the lash would put her down when I hit her with it, and I would hit her with it of that there was no doubt, not actually dead but so nerve scambled she'd be dead to all intents and purposes, a breathing corpse.
"Let's go," I said.
We set off moving slowly and stealthily, wasting no energy and scanning everything as we went. As we moved into the open forest we easily saw where A had blundered through the undergrowth. Like all the others A was panicking and running scared making no effort to hide her tracks and leaving us a trail as easily followed as a painted sign. It quickly became apparent to us that she was, again like all those who had gone before, moving in circles, not putting any real ground between herself and Vince and I. I pointed out the signs and Vince grinned at me with that feral grin that made me truly thankful I was with him not against him. Silently I indicated a blind in amongst the bushes where we could wait fully concealed and he nodded and we settled down to await A's inevitable appearance when one of her terrified revolutions brought her within range.
Soon enough I heard a body blundering through the forest away to my right and I quietly primed the neuron lash.
A jogged into view, sweating, red faced, obviously worried.
"Peek a boo," I called softly.
She stopped as though shot and stood there eyes darting to and fro, utter terror frozen into her features.
I pointed the neuron lash at her and fired, gently squeezing the trigger so as not to spoil my aim.
The quick flash of light whipped out striking her above her right eye. She jerked to attention, stiffened upright, her back arched and her mouth agape in a silent scream. Her hair haloed around her face and her pubic hair stood straight out as though waxed. Her nipples were hard and elongated and her eyes had saucered.
The crack of the neuron lash faded and, as I watched, A went from stiff to completely limp and slid to the forest floor where she lay twitching feebly, only her nipples still remaining stiff and thrusting outward.
"She's all yours Vince," I said.
Vince walked over to her still twitching nakedness and grabbing an arm hauled her up and tossed her over his shoulder in one swift smooth movement.
We left the forest.
S was next.
S was a few years older than A and a trifle more solid. No, not really solid, more full figured, sort of what they used to call voluptuous. She certainly had a curvy and plenty sexy body. She was pretty and had long, straight, black hair and was one of those girls who was really girly. You know like when she ran she ran with her hands out, fingers spread and she didn't run very fast and she giggled a lot whatever she was doing. She had big tits and even bigger nipples and a splendidly round bum. Yep a real woman.
After stashing A Vince and I set off again and I gotta tell you S was even easier to track than A had been. And she ran around in even smaller circles, this was going to be too easy. We settled down to wait.
Sure enough along came S, puffing slightly and giggling nervously and this time I stood right up out in the open and said, "Hi beautiful."
She stopped and looked at me and tears ran down her cheeks and she said, "Oh shit!"
I shot her right smack plumb between those big bouncy tits.
She stiffened and bowed backward so much I heard her spine crackle and her hair stood straight up with the electricity and her pubes stood out and her nipples poked right out and up. Her mouth was wide open and screaming wordlessly and her eyeballs rolled way back and her tongue lolled and then she collapsed totally limp and went down in a boneless heap. Vince dragged her up and flipped her over his shoulder and we set off again hauling S's "dead" ass.
The next one was G, actually she was another S but you can't have two of any one letter so I had taken another of her names and she was G. G was tall and thin almost painfully so and she was athletic and she was going to lead us a much more merry chase than either A or S had.
In these times when the demand for necro sex had become, not just the norm, but the prevailing fashion I had chosen to become a provider of girls to the market, well aware that by doing so I was insulating myself from becoming one of the shadow corpses myself.
Vince and I were good, we never failed to get our victims and once we had bagged them I did all the prep work on their bodies myself.
People liked what I did.
Important people.
I liked it too.
That's what had earned Vince and my reputation as quality providers of prime shadow stiffs and the title of class A1 pursuers.
But now it was time to go git G.
She had a bit of a break and those long skinny legs could eat up the ground. It quickly became apparent that unlike A and S she wasn't circling but was making a bee line through the forest heading for the cliffs.
We had to really hustle and even then I wasn't sure we were gaining any.
By the time we cleared the forest it was pretty obvious we weren't going to catch up to G and we would have to winkle her out of the cliffs, probably somewhwere in the crevices that pocked the whole sheer face. Once we reached the tree line we stopped and I scanned the area ahead of us for any sign of our prey while I tried to work out the best plan of attack. The cliffs rose fairly well straight up from the bank of a small fast flowing river that ran between the edge of the forest and the cliff face.
Then I got lucky.
I could see water still drying on boulders across the river where G must have exited after wading across and no doubt she had sought refuge somewhere near by.
And there it was.
Above and to the left of the tell tale water marks was a deep fissure in the rocks which provided excellent cover. I pointed it out to Vince and he nodded silently. We devised a plan to bring her out and Vince set off in a wide circling movement which would allow him to come at the fissure from slightly above and to the right and I made my way down to the river bed, making no effort to conceal myself and feigning complete ignorance of where I thought G was, pretending instead to be searching along the river bank and in amongst the trees. When I saw Vince was nearly in position I moved to my left and ducked down in amongst the low shrubs scattered amongst the river boulders.
Vince made plenty of noise as though abseiling into the crevice and I saw G dart out of her hiding place and scrabble down to the river.
I waited until she was right at the edge and then, rising, I shot her with the neuron lash, the charge hitting her just behind the left ear. She pitched forward and landed face down in the water floating, circling in the slow eddies of the backwater where she had landed. Not wanting her to drown I ran over and dragged her sodden body out onto the rocks.
We took turns carrying her back to where the other two waited.
When it was my turn I staggered under the dead weight of her body draped over my shoulder. She smelled sweaty and dirty and womanly. Always and above everything else there was that woman's scent. I knew that far down inside her limp body her heart still beat slowly the rhythm of life and that she breathed and that her brain still worked on some deeply sub conscious level.
But to all intents and purposes she appeared dead.
Dead but not decomposing.
Dead for the pleasure of those who desired it.
Dead forever......??
I had three bodies to prepare.
A, S and G.
Work to be done.
I dumped G into the back of the transporter and tied her into place alongside A and S.
Vince drove us back to the Mortuarius and together we carried the three limp ladies inside and laid them out on marble slabs. Vince and I had our customary post hunt fuck on a fourth vacant slab, the pursuit turned us both on enormously, turned me into a slathering feral fuckbabe actually, and then he went back to the barracks and I turned my attention to the three shadow corpses.
First I bathed them to remove the dirt and grime of the hunt. One after the other I used a cloth soaked in soapy water to wash over their bodies taking my time to run my slippery hands over firm, warm, "dead" flesh. Lean flanks, long legs, prominent rib cages, small breasts, larger breasts, hard nipples, soft voluptuous flesh and plenty of it. I particularly enjoyed running my soapy fingers over mounds and into hidden crevices, moist, warm, secret crevices and mystery places. When they were all clean I washed their hair and towelled it dry. I got a lot of very fine perfumed oil and oiled each body until it glowed, gleaming skin shining dully under the dim mortuarius lights. Finally I cleaned up the slabs and laid out the bodies, dampened and then blow dried and combed and teased their hair and applied make up so that my three shadow corpses were beautiful.
Very beautiful.
Extremely desirable to their necro lovers.
Lucky lucky men.
I covered them with black silk drapes and wished it were me who could be their lover. Wistful thought.......no dick unfortunately.
Hell what did that matter and getting myself naked I mounted S's gorgeously womanly body and after exploring her secrets with my mouth and tongue, used my nimble fingers to fuck both of us.
Oh my goddesses it was good! So good it left me slightly faint.
I showered, changed and bashed myself into sort of a respectable look and waited for Vince. He was coming back to take me to dinner and then on to a death wrestling match. For a real turn on I ached to watch two nude males fight to the finish. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, and then Vince would finish me off too.
The wrestling was fantastic.
I mean it shouldn't really turn me on but it does. Presses all my right buttons. I must be weird. Both guys were buffed and sculpted and naked! They put up a great fight, a super contest and all that perspiration and heat and testosterone and sheer fantastic nude male strength had me hot and wet!!! And when it finished and one guy put the other guy down for keeps, oh my goddesses, that made me tingle.
When we got back I was electric with supressed desire and I insisted that Vince wrestle me nude. And when he did I screamed at him, "Hurt me, hurt me, put me down."
And he did.
Used the claw hold on my vagus nerve and put me out, only letting me come to partially before fucking my semi-senseless body mercilessly. Being half away with the fairies doesn't stop me having an atomic orgasm.
Ah he knows what I want.
Next morning we were back at the hunting ground.
Today's quarry were D a well built, blonde, thirty something and K an older, much taller and stringily thin, suicide blonde.
[dyed by her own hand :)]
D wasn't much of a challenge but K ran well and showed some bush craft skills, but withing three hours both had been knocked down by my neuron lash and carried to the transporter and loaded up for the mortuarius.
I sometimes wondered if I envied these girls sort of being dead but alive and being necro fucked day after day but what stopped me was the thought whether did they know what was going on?, were they getting orgasms?, or were they just lying there brain scrambled and out of it?
Hmmmn something to think about.
Prepping K was fun. Well prepping both was fun but K was special.
She had such a nice body you see.
Thin but buffed, polished, tuned if you know what I mean.
I spent the usual time washing and cleaning her, but it was when I was oiling her body that I genuinely got turned on. Sliding my slippery hands across her sculpted flesh, caressing her small breasts and hard nipples and her concave belly and sharp hips and her sinewy arms and legs and then sliding my fingers inside her velvety, smooth, moist, warm cunt and finding and playing with her clit and thrilling when I felt it respond and then I couldn't stand it any longer I was too aroused and I tore my clothes off and rubbed my naked body along her oily nudity and used my fingers frenetically until I came with an explosive rush of wetness.
Somewhat embarrassed by my lack of control I hastily dressed and finished up prepping K.
So it went on for a few days. Pursuit, hunt, capture, preparation. And then the death wrestling and then sex.
I finished off M, T and P on the following Friday and returned to my room. As I opened the door my arms were pinned from behind and a voice I knew said, "Your turn Barb," and I turned to look and saw only a raised hand and a sap and then crunch and my vision shattered like a breaking mirror and I knew nothing more.
When I came back around with a wrenching headache I was naked, my wrists and ankles bound with my own bra and panties. I was also outside somewhere and my hands were tied behind me and above my head so that I hung half suspended against a tree trunk. I was cold and hurt and my head throbbed mercilessly. I prised my eyelids apart.
"Ah the sleeping beauty wakens."
I could only see blurs but my vision was clearing quickly and they floated into view.
My heart skipped a beat.
A and S and a guy I had seen at the death wrestling matches but didn't know his name.
"But you're............."
"Shadow dead? Barb you should know that the effects of the neuron lash can be reversed."
"But nobody ever..........I never heard of anyone who.............."
"Well it can happen and Lothar brought us back and now we have you."
"Aaaaahhhhh," I screamed and scrabbled to stand and thrashed around and A and S looked at Lothar and he shook his handsome head and punched me short and sharp on the chin and I slumped down, iced, out cold again.
Really out this time.
I don't know how long I hung there senseless but when I did finally awaken again it was dark and to me it seemed like it had been an eternity. My head felt as though it would, no had, exploded.
They were sitting a little way away talking quietly.
I groaned and S got up and came over.
"Now are you going to be sensible or is Lothar going to keep bopping you?"
"What are you going to do with me?"
"Oh I don't know we could neuron lash you and keep you as our personal sex toy."
I licked my lips.
"But you'd like that wouldn't you? You know you are aware of every attack on your body when you're neuron lashed........."
I moaned half pain, half pleasure.
"..........but you don't get good orgasms."
I moaned, all pain this time.
"And than again we could just kill you."
"That would be a waste wouldn't it?"
"Plenty more where you came from Barb."
"Shit, thanks a bunch."
"We're not going to waste you so don't panic, actually both A and I rather fancy you if you must know. Now I'll get you untied and find you some clothes." She turned and called to Lothar, "Come over here honey while I free Barb and if she shows any fight or flight reactions put her back in dreamland."
"My pleasure," said Lothar walking over.
"I'll behave," I said a bit sulky.
Dressed, I followed S back to where Lothar and A were waiting.
"So what's this all about?" I said, "you won't get away with this sort of thing you know. Maybe nobody gives a rats that I have been snatched, although I'm hoping Vince cares, but escaping from shadow death that's a no no."
"Barb you know as well as we do that shadow death shouldn't be."
"Let me ask you this, why do you hunt?"
"Well I'm er.....I'm, you know........."
"I'll tell you why you hunt, you hunt because you know there's a heap of guys especially at the top who fantasise about having you naked and shadow dead where they can use you as often as they like. You hunt for self preservation."
"No maybe about it."
"Well we're going to turn the hunters into the hunted. Let the fat bastards who abuse us become the prey, let them feel what its like to be chased and terrified."
I sort of screwed up my mouth.
"And another thing, death wrestling is out, there's plenty of guys like Lothar who are ready to rebel."
"Yeah well, so why me?"
"Barb everyone knows you and Vince are a top hunt team. We want you to hunt for us."
"Hmmmmmmmmm," I said.
"Or maybe die."
"I can sort of see how that could be a convincing reason."
"Do you think you can swing Vince?"
"There you go. So are you with us?"
"S'pose so."
"Don't sound so enthusiastic."
That tickled me and I laughed.
A came over. "I told them you were OK Barb and that you would come across."
"Well, I'm still getting my head around it."
"Barb you know when you'd knocked me down?"
"And then you got me in the mortuarius and cleaned me up and washed me?"
"Yeah it's part of my job description."
"Well........I felt everything and.........I loved it."
"You liked it too didn't you?"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe."
"I knew it, S loved it too, in fact I think she's in love with you. Who knows, we might have to fight over you."
I giggled.
She leant forward and taking my face in her hands kissed me. I kissed back and it lingered.
For better or worse I was in with them.

To be continued, maybe.