Peter the Great

Posted by Barbanne on April 16, 2004 at 00:32:21:


I looked down and licked my lips and then looked over at Sheryl.
"Something else eh?" I said.
"Sure is." Sheryl was sweating slightly and little watery beads covered her forehead.
"I mean, talk about a necro girl's dream toy."
"Shouldn't that be toy boy," she said without looking up.
The object of our interest, our desires and our lust lay sprawled out on the floor in front of us.
Peter! A dead guy. Dead and completely nude and a real buffed hunk, shaved and oiled with long brown hair in a pony tail and a body to make Adonis weep with envy. Sculpted ab's and pec's and bi's and tri's and fantastic gluteus maxima and a rippling washboard tummy and, and,....................and, an incredibly enormous cock.
"Whew," I fanned myself as a hot wind flushed through me.
He was pretty too. In a dead sort of way. Brown eyes open and staring and mouth gaping, displaying perfect white teeth and a juicy pink tongue which filled his mouth and just slipped out.
"And you say......................," said Sheryl.
"..........that his cock is alive, yep that's right," I said smiling.
"Wow, this I gotta see," she bobbed down, crouching over him and ran her tongue over the supine member.
"Sheryl, look out!," I shrieked.
Too late.
Peter's cock sprang to attention, thickening and growing and erecting in one swift blur of movement that took only a micro second. His tumescent pillar came flying up and out and the main part of it slammed under Sheryl's jaw in a perfect uppercut.
She sighed and went over backwards knocked out cold.
"Sheryl, Sheryl, you gotta be careful," I said bending over her.
No good, poor Sheryl was out for the long count. I rolled her off of Peter's body and away and laid her out on her back.
She was nude and unconscious, Peter was nude and dead and I was just nude.
I killed him you see. Poisoned him with the green tea I had made for him. He had come to talk me into doing some nude porno stuff for his on-line production company and I killed him, just killed him.
With poison.
Wasn't in a very good mood that morning you see. Feeling a bit slow and bloaty and PMS.
Then when I got him naked I found I couldn't lift him on my own and called in Sheryl and then, well, we found out about his amazing dead cock.
Of course we girls got naked too. After all it WAS party time.
Heaps of time afterwards to carry him down to the car for his one way trip to eternity.
I shook Sheryl but she was still totally insensible, I mean really out like a light. I smiled a sneaky little smile when I noticed that her nipples were stretched tight and straining upright.
My turn I figured and so I bobbed down next to Peter and stroked his penis, carefully, very carefully of course so that I didn't suffer Sheryl's fate and end up laid out alongside her. Not me, no way. Peter's cock obliged and pronged upward, stiffening to attention and stroking my clit with my middle finger I licked my lips and then swallowed the big boy. Oh my god, my mouth was forced wide and the huge thing utterly filled me and as I sucked and hummed I felt it growing and growing. My finger was rubbing furiously and waves of erotica were surging over me and then I realised I couldn't breathe and the cock of delight was becoming the dick of death and my brain reeled and my heart fluttered and my tummy roiled and my pussy cooked and a kalaidescope of rainbow orgasms eddied and flowed through me and I thought, "what a way to go," and then I felt Sheryl pulling my shoulders and shouting, "Barb, Barb," and then ultimate pleasure tingled every part of me and my mouth filled with cum and I went icy and then I went right out.
I came back to my senses with Sheryl stroking my brow with a wet cloth and saying, "Barb, Barb wake up, wake up."
"Eeeewaahhh," I moaned.
"Good eh?"
"My go."
"Careful Sheryl, it near on killed me."
"No worries Barb, I'm going to ride it."
"Ride it, oh sheesh."
"Bring it upright Barb you're good at that......and you don't get knocked out."
I grinned and stroked Peter's cock to a throbbing erection. Sheryl squatted over him and then lowered herself onto it, sliding down like a greased velvet glove enclosing Peter's erection completely. Immediately the cock extended and thickened and Sheryl started squealing with pleasure.
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh."
Sweat beaded her brow and her eyes rolled around in her head like two crazy marbles and she came to the fastest orgasm I had ever witnessed.
"Ooooooooooooooooooooowww Barb," she groaned and then her eyes rolled back and out of sight and she went instantly limp in my arms. I dragged her clear with a loud, sucking, popping noise. Worried that this time she had gone too far I bent over her and slapped her face, saying, "Sheryl, Sheryl, talk to me. Her eyeballs slowly rolled down and her pupils reappeared and she mumbled, "Oh Barb, that was, was, er, oooh................the best. Yeah just the best." Her eyes stayed focussed way past my face and she just lay there sighing and shivering.
When she recovered I decided I had to try this.
I brought Peter's magic cock back to a quivering erection and said, "Now Sheryl make sure you get me off if I get in trouble but don't whatever you do, get me off too soon."
She laughed and I lowered myself onto the massive member. Immediately it started expanding until I thought I would be split asunder and then it started jerking back and forth stimulating my clit to a frenzy. I felt my orgasm coming rushing at me like a runaway freight train and it was like nothing I had ever dreamt of and then I remember screaming out, "YESSSSSSSSSSSS," and then my wildy leaking pussy was flooded with cum and I reached the heights of Nirvana and then I went out cold, dead, dead, cold.
I came to to find Sheryl stroking me and kissing me and saying, "Never ever do that to me again Barb."
"What happened?"
"Well you had your super orgasm and then you went whiter than snow and colder than ice and I thought you were dead."
"I was Sheryl, yes I think I was. La petit mort, eh?"
She looked over at where Peter's corpse lay.
"Lets get rid of him, of it!"
"Yeah I think maybe that's a good idea."
So we did.
Carted him down to his own car and dumped him in the boot with all his stuff and drove him out to Slimey's Swamp and deep sixed the lot.
We drove home.
Poor Peter.
Tee Hee.
But he was great.