Part 99

Posted by Barbanne on June 16, 2003 at 00:31:17:



I guess I've never really liked Larry much. I mean he's OK as a model and in stuff we've done he's had to handle me at times and while I could bear it I really didn't like it. Maybe its because he has a heap too much testosterone for my liking and maybe its because he's somewhat of a sleaze, but mostly I think its because he's stupid. I know this will sound snobby and rather precious coming from a shop girl who strips for money but I don't like stupid people. And another thing he drinks a lot and takes banned substances and I totally hate that. It's never much affected what we do but this time, a Saturday shoot, he arrived much the worse for it and Dave and I talked over whether to go on or not. Larry was obnoxious but he was capable and it had been set up and others were involved so we decided to go ahead.
We were doing a caveman set and Larry was the caveman and Roxie and Jade in fur bikinis and me in a sort of wide, fur belt or mini, mini skirt (and I mean MINI!) were his cavewomen and the idea was that he'd chase us around some with his club and then catch and bop each one of us over the skull and drag our insensible bodies into his lair and have his cave guy way with us.
The camera rolled and Roxie, Jade and I scampered about in our almost non existant costumes and giggled and frolicked. (Don't you love frolicking? or maybe you'd rather watch three nearly nude girls frolick eh?)
Larry the caveman guy arrived in his cave outfit a sort of jock strap with an attached shoulder strap and he was carrying a huge club! (papier mache I'm glad to say)
Jade frolicked past and Larry lurched at her and ripped her bra off. This wasn't in the script and Jade, who is still pretty sensitive to uninvited advances, swore a blue storm at him. Larry looked surly and frankly drunk or very doped up. Jade calmed down enough that she allowed him to conk her over the head with his club and she subsided gracefully to the floor and was dragged by the hair to his "cave."
Roxie was next and she too was surprised while frolicking and conked out cold.
Fistful of hair and drunken Larry dragged her over and dumped her on Jade.
Now it was my turn and unaware of the fate of my cave girl sisters I came skipping along in my minute skirt and Larry lurked and pounced and boppo! I got a silly smile on my face and my eyeballs crossed up into the top corners of my eyes on opposite sides of my nose and I sank to the floor and laid myself out unconscious.
Larry grabbed my hair and dragged me off to where the other two sensless beauties lay.
"I'm gunna fuck you first and hardest Barbanne," said Larry.
I feigned being out.
"I've always wanted to fuck you."
"Larry behave and be sensible," I hissed out of the corner of my mouth.
"You're a fuckin' tease and you deserve to be fucked. I don't know how come someone hasn't raped you already."
"Larry shut up, you're being gross."
"Huh gross. You should talk bitch."
"Larry get on with it and just shut your mouth. I'll tell Alex if you keep this up."
"Tell, tell, tell, tattle tale fucker."
"God you're disgusting."
"Fuck you bitch."
He had by now dragged me over to where the others were and sprawled me across their bodies. The script called for him to have his way with the kayoed girls and he started in on me. Idiot that I was, my tiny skirt had ridden up when I was bent back over Roxie and Jade and my pussy was clearly visible. Larry's hand grabbed me there and his thick fingers invaded my privacy. I bore it as long as I could and then when he covered me to simulate sex I felt him biting my neck and pulling at my labia and trying to force his cock against me.
"Enough, fucking enough," I said and sat up.
Larry was still trying to get all over me.
Roxie and Jade sat up too.
"Stop it Larry, god you're a creep," said Jade.
"What's going on?" said Dave.
"It's Larry, he's pissed and he's being disgusting," I said.
"What's happening?" Alex was there.
"Larry's either drunk or he's high and I object to being pawed over by him."
"Clear out Larry."
"Wasn't me, its that fucking bitch Barbanne, she set me up. She's always leading me on, giving me signals and then knocking me back, fucking bitch is a prick tease."
"Get out!" Alex's voice was like ice.
He went and Jade and Roxie and I resumed our little pile of kayoed cave girls so that Dave could finish off.
When Dave had wrapped it up I slipped into my short denim shift and wandered over to the ablution area where I was going to set up for the afternoon shoot which was going to be a 'girls in the shower, maniac with a gun', story line with nude Roxie, Jade and Barbanne all ending up on the tiles wet and bleeding and of course dead.
I was moving lights and a reflector and heaps of electrical cords around when I heard Larry say, "There y'are bitch!"
I looked up and he was standing inside the ablutions with me, weaving on his feet and peering stupidly at me from pin pricked eyes.
"Piss off Larry, you're a pest," I said and went on with my work.
"Take no notice of her she wants you Larry."
I jerked up and there was Abigail standing behind Larry and whispering to him.
"Abigail what the hell are you doing here?"
"I've brought your lover to you Barbanne."
"What is this crap?"
"You didn't want me, well, Larry wants you."
"Bullshit! Larry's a creep and what I want is I want you and him to just fuck off right now."
"She says that Larry but she's hot for you, always has been and she likes it rough."
"I know Ab. I've always known Barb wants me and she wants me to take her crude. I'm the caveman babe and you'll love it."
"Pig's ass Larry, now just get out of here, both of you."
Take her Larry.......rape her!"
Abigail's eyes were wide and such hatred poured out of them. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Larry's eyes were spinning, I don't know what he had taken or what Abigail had given him but he was far gone.
"Larry just go now and we'll forget this," I tried to sound forceful and in control but to tell the truth I was scared.
"Aaagh," he lunged forward and I back pedalled but his hand caught the shoulder of my dress and he dragged me forward.
"Do it Larry," said Abigail and then she was gone.
Larry pushed me against the wall with such force that my back felt as though my spine had been cracked.
"Stop it Larry, stop it........." I could hear the rising panic in my own voice.
Then he hit me.
A round armed swing that snapped my head sideways and bounced it off the tiled wall.
"Stop it! Stop it!"
I was screaming now.
He hit me again and I thought my cheek bone had broken and then he forced me back against the wall and pulled the skirt of my dress up around my hips.
"Don't do this Larry, don't do this," I whimpered.
He wasn't hearing me.
He was tearing at my panties and I bought my knee up and he grunted and then he took my head in both hands and bashed it against the wall.
I was almost unconscious and sagged in his grip, but my mind said don't fight it and I knew I was going to be raped and I couldn't do anything about it and so I just went still and cold and let it happen.
He yanked my dress up and ripped my panties down around my knees and then fumbled his huge cock out and shoved it into me and I'd never felt anything that big and he was thrusting, thrusting and it was tearing at me inside and he grunted and I could smell the liquor and the sweat and feel the rasping friction and the pain and something tore inside my vagina and then he grunted and it came and it was horrible and then it was over and he was gone and I fell to the floor and the sobbing began.
I couldn't control my crying and when I touched myself my hand came away bloody and I fell onto my face and cried and cried.
My ego, my self confidence, all of my slowly built self respect was shattered like a fine glass thrown against a wall and all of the old horrors were back.