Part 98

Posted by Barbanne on June 14, 2003 at 23:38:02:



Picture this!
Me in a bobbed blonde wig and a skin tight, short, (very short) sheath dress displaying bare shoulders and arms and playing a horny German fraulein in 1943.
A proper little Nazi slut slapper, hot as hell and frantic to fuck.
I walk into a room in Castle Klaustein in Bavaria looking for a hero of the reich to fill my desires (they're located down between my thighs in case you hadn't guessed) but sadly (as it will turn out) for me the US Airborne (or whatever) is currently raiding our nazi eyrie.
Rustle of my pink taffeta sheath as I lick my pale pink lipsticked lips and flutter my heavily mascaraed eyelashes in my glossy pink eye shadow encircled, panda like eyes. My horrid little nazi brain is thinking good third reich thoughts like what pow's skin will I use for my next lamp shade and how I wish I could help der Fuehrer get his limp cock up.
"Wolfgang?" I whisper loudly.
The yanks, Alex and Dave, (Jade is shooting this one with Dave's help) huddle behind the curtains.
"Wolfgang, sind Sie dort?"
(Wolfgang, are you there?)
I fiddle with my swastika earrings.
"Wolfgang I möchten heißes Geschlecht mit Ihnen haben."
(Wolfgang I want to have hot sex with you.)
Dave waves Alex away and he slips around behind me moving with deadly stealth and precision.
"Wolfgang I wünschen Sie meine Gehirne heraus bumsen."
(Wolfgang I want you to fuck my brains out.)
Dave emerges from behind the curtains, right in front of my eyes.
"Wer in der Hölle sind Sie??"
(Who in hell are you??)
Alex creeps up behind me and clamps his hand over my mouth stopping any further outcries.
Dave steps forward and rams his commando knife up and in, sliding the razor sharp, cold steel blade into the fold under my breast, slipping it between two ribs and slicing through my black and evil, nasty nazi little heart stilling it instantly.
("Mmmmmmff......urmmmmmm......umumumumumum.....mmmmeeerrrggghhhhh....." actually no translation needed)
I roll my eyeballs back in their sockets seemingly looking up into my head and my jaw drops open and blood creeps out over my shiny, pale pink lips. Wagnerian music fills my brain and then the strains of 'Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles' plays in the distance and I think bravely of Der Fuerher's cock one last time and die.
Slumped limply against Dave's chest.
Alex grabs my wobbling, crossed ankles and lifts my feet and, hanging between them, tummy sagging downward I am carried to the bed and as I sag lifelessly against Dave's chest and restraining arms, Alex unzips my frock all the way down and lets it drop to the floor and then strips down my minute, swastika patterned panties and shucks off my heels and he and Dave lie my body on the double bed, face down and three quarter turned so that my tightly compact (fat??) and pimply bum is the first thing anyone coming into the room would see with the second thing being my juicy cunt squeezed enticingly between my thighs.
Then they go off to kill nazis.
Jade shoots heaps of pics of dead Barb. Especially her scrunched up pussy.
Back come the guys running into the room in a fierce fire fight with the nazis.
They dive behind the bed where I am sprawled, face to the camera, eyes rolled up, mouth agape and blood from my fatal knife wound staining the sheets and also drooling from my mouth.
Pow, pow, they get off a few shots at the attacking Germans.
Tattattattattatta, tat, tat, tat, the germans machine guns spew lead.
Thwok, thwok, thwok, thwok, the bullets splat into my corpse. Of course I am well dead by this stage and so no blood leaks out, just little craters appear on my skin, my tummy, my bum and thighs and everywhere else. However every hit causes my limp body to jerk or wobble or even, in the case of a full burst, to flop up and down.
The guys shoot it out with the nazis and finally triumph and heaps of rounds thwokk into Barbanne and Jade has to stick practically every fake bullet hole we have on me. I look like the surface of the moon, a landscape of lunar craters.
Little Miss Swiss Cheese!
Jade shoots a zillion pictures of my body and then gets me to jerk violently in a huge cadaveric spasm and then ever so slowly to roll onto my back and end up draping myself over the edge of the bed, arms dangling, so that she can shoot perforated tits and pussy as well.
Later I am in bed with Alex, the nazi bitch killed off and edited, processed and packaged and we have just had fantastic sex and are now lying wrapped together naked and drowsy.
I shiver.
"Darling," I murmur, "do you believe in premonitions?"
"Not much Barb why?"
"I just had this cold goosey feeling, like something awful crossed my path."
"Walked on your grave Barb?"
"God I hope not."