Part 96

Posted by Barbanne on June 12, 2003 at 23:57:51:



You could say I had Abigail where I wanted her.
Stretched out flat on the stainless steel slab in the studio.
She looked pretty in a ruined sort of way. Her eyes gazed at the ceiling from heavily shadowed and darkened surrounds. Blue black pouches under her eyes told of the mystery something that had killed her, leaving her completely unmarked but totally defunct. Maybe gassed, maybe an overdose, maybe even some exotic poison, that was why she was here in my morgue so that cause of death could be established. Her red lips were parted and her tongue just protruded over her bottom teeth. She was dressed simply, hippy jeans and a crop top, a sleeveless vest, socks and flat heeled shoes and cheap cotton underwear. Her long dark hair fanned out around her face.
I was dressed in my green mortuary assistant's smock and she was my number one customer for today and it was my job to prepare her for the pathologists.
I snapped on my second skin clear plastic gloves. Turning away I pulled another wheeled table over to where I could easily reach it.
I unlaced her shoes and eased them off of her feet. I placed them in a plastic bag and wrote her name and the date and "shoes" on it. I rolled her socks down, ankle length, navy blue and some combination of cotton and nylon. I bagged and tagged these too. I undid her wide leather belt and took that off and bagged it. I unzipped her jeans and worked them over her hips and ass and pulled them down and off. A big bag this time. I moved to the head of the table and got an arm under her shoulders and lifted her up, head lolling and hair trailing. I worked her vest off and rolled her crop top up until it was bunched above her bra. I laid her back down. She was very limp and she was surprisingly heavy. I rolled her crop top the rest of the way and with a hand under her neck lifted her head while I eased it off over her hair. I bagged and tagged her vest and her crop top.
I stood for a moment looking down at her dead face. She wore a rather shocked, surprised appearance as if whatever killed her came completely out of the blue.
Taking her shoulder I rolled her sideways, enough so that I could unsnap her bra hook and slide that up and off. It's sheened material had been stretched taut across the twin mounds of her breasts and it collapsed into a wrinkled garment as I pulled it off altogether. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and dragged them down her longish legs and off. I bagged and tagged these intimates. Her bra had a hint of some floral perfume and her panties smelt of her.
I went and got a toe tag and wrote what I knew of her on that.
Name: Abigail
Date: 4th June 2003
Time: 9.15am
Cause: Unknown

I slipped the rubber band attached to the toe tag over her right foot, big toe.
She now lay on her back on my slab, nude but decorated with ear studs and a gold neck chain and three rings on the fingers of her left hand and two toe rings. She also wore a watch, a nice one, a Tag Hauer, looked like a man's watch actually, and a tennis bracelet, both on the left wrist.
I stripped her of the watch and all of her jewellery.
I bagged it and tagged it. The temptation to steal the tennis bracelet was strong, it had what looked like real diamonds, but I stayed honest.
Now quite naked and unadorned Abigail lay before me. I noticed that the veins in the backs of her hands were quite prominent and I also noticed that small blue traceries lay beneath the creamy skin of her thighs. Her bush was thick and curly and her pussy was soft and crepe like and pink. I remembered the taste of her cunt and started getting a little hot.
I leant over her and closed her eyelids down over her staring eyes and pushed her jaw open enough to allow me to tuck her tongue back inside her mouth.
I walked over and got a clean white sheet and covered her over.
Little ridges and edges told the tale of nose, conical breasts, venus mound, knees and feet.
It was later.
We had moved the stainless steel table to the ablution area and Abigail had been returned to me by the pathologists. Her cause of death had been easily determined (a fistful of pills and a half bottle of booze) and she had been returned unmarked by their probing.
(It was a fantasy after all!)
She lay face down on the table and nude, beautifully, gloriously nude!
She was flat out squishing her tits and pressing her pussy into the cold steel. Squashed flat with her arms hanging down either side. You know how when you empty a jelly out onto a plate it sort of flooomps and glooopos, well Abigail's naked body was like that.
She had a couple of zits on her butt too I was pleased to note.
I was gloved again and had soapy warm water to hand and I was going to wash her.
This I did with great enjoyment.
My hands slid over her soft skin, wetting it and coating it in a slippery sheen of sudsy lather. I washed her back, down her spine and did each arm and then each leg in turn and lifted and rubbed her arms getting well into her armpits and then slipped down either side of her thighs and along her slit.
We were both enjoying this. With my gloved hands well soaped I slipped a finger into her poop chute and wiggled it and she squirmed. Finished soaping her I rinsed her off with a slow trickle of warm water from a hose and then struggled her body over and on to its back. I changed my gloves and then started on her front. My slippery, soapy hands worked over her ribs and tummy and loitered for a long time on her breasts, tweaking her nipples until they strained upward like twin peaks. I did the other side of her arms and the fronts of her legs and then I worked on her pussy. I bent her knees and pushed her feet up and spread her thighs to give myself full access to her secret place. I touched the outer lips and parted them and stroked her inner lips and her clitoral hood.
Once again my slippery little digit fond its way inside and this time I found her nubbly clit and as I gently stimulated that with the kindest of frictions she gripped me with her vaginal muscles and I felt her quivering and then the involuntary jerking and then her release.
I washed all of her make up off, leaving her scrubbed clean and looking fresh and youthful and prettily natural.
As I worked on her, rubbing my finger around inside her mouth and across her teeth she whispered, (with difficulty) "I told you you loved me Barbanne. You couldn't do that without feeling something, its so, so, intimate."
"Play acting Abigail and a bit of lust."
"Why do you deny me Barbanne, you know we need each other."
"No honey, its nothing and I was wrong to do it. I told you Alex is my lover."
"This is more than just acting Barbanne."
"Quiet you're dead."
I finished off washing Abigail's nudity and Dave moved in for all sorts of close ups.
When he was satisfied and Abigail on the slab was done I followed her into the showers. As soon as I had stripped and turned on the water she grabbed me. She was still scrubbed from the set and her eyes blazed from her face, devoid of any make up whatsoever.
"Oh Barbanne, I love you you must know that?"
"Abigail please."
"Don't be stupid Barbanne, don't deny me, deny us."
"Abigail, I shouldn't have done it. It was stupid of me, OK I feel lust when I see you but that's all it is. Find yourself a lover like I've found Alex. You're a pretty girl and you're nice I'm sure, you'll have no trouble meeting someone."
"I don't want to meet someone Barbanne, I've met someone, I've met you and I love you."
Her hand cupped my pudenda and she was stroking and fingering me.
"Stop it Abigail."
"Don't be stupid Barbanne. You say you love Alex but you can't. You're not bisexual like you say, you're like me and only a woman will staisfy you, only a woman can be your true love."
"Damn it, stop it girl. I love Alex and that's it."
"No you don't."
"Yes I bloody well do. I mucked around with you and that was wrong, but what I feel for Alex is something I've never felt for anyone else man or woman, so leave me alone. I was wrong to encourage you and I apologise and that's that."
I pushed away and got under the shower.
"You love me Barbanne."
"No I don't now fuck off."
"Stupid bitch, you do love me Alex is nothing you'll see."
I turned off the water and dried myself and slipped on my clothes. Abigail had gone.
As I came out into the darkened space she grabbed me again and said, "If I can't have you no-one will."
"Oh don't be so stupidly melodramatic Abigail."
"You'll see, mark my words."
I flounced away not wanting to prolong this bullshit but I felt uneasy, very uneasy. I'd have to talk to Alex about this. But then I thought its not his problem poor bugger, its mine and of my own making. I'd avoid Abigail and as soon as I could I'd get rid of her.