Part 95

Posted by Barbanne on June 12, 2003 at 00:28:28:



Roxie and Jade, two of Playdead's youngest models are also two of our skinniest.
I mean stripped these girls are almost titless and their ribs and collar bones and shoulder blades are visible and they have really flat tummies and their hip bones stretch their flesh and their groins sink right in so that their venus mounds are pronounced and highly suggestive.
A couple of skinny minnies.
I had this idea for a set where two thin, wiry babes, looking like they had been bred to fight, staged this marathon gladiatorial contest which encompassed heaps of fighting and stuff and culminated in the death of one of them.
That's where Roxie and Jade came in.
They were my two combatants.
The fight was going to be staged in our studio looking like nothing very special and the girls were going to wear ordinary clothes, again nothing special, like a battle between two everyday babes.
So Dave was ready and I was ready and Loreen was going to do makeup.
Roxie and Jade were ready, oh and when I said they were going to wear ordinary clothes I sort of meant they weren't going to wear ordinary clothes, well, they both had cotton bikini pants on and that was it.
OK, let the battle begin.
Roxie and Jade grappled.
Being both young, thin and lithe, as they gripped each others' hands and strained for an advantage, their bodies tensed and muscles tightened and they looked the part that they were playing, two superbly fit warrior women.
Roxie hooked a foot around Jade's ankle and brought her down. Jade was up immediately and grasped Roxie's hands again and they thrust and strained against each other. Jade forced Roxie backward and her feet scrabbled to gain purchase and she pressed and strained against her opponent. Both girls had started to perspire and they were sheened in a light coating of moisture. They pressed against each other and their small breasts crushed each against the other's seductively, squeezing the soft flesh outward and rubbing their aroused nipples together. They were close enough to kiss, dripping on each other and then Roxie pushed hard and they were apart.
As Jade slipped out from under and did some fancy footwork to regain her balance and launch an attack, Roxie hit her with a clenched fist. Jade reeled away and came right back, slamming her own fisted hand into Roxie's face. They traded blows and each time one would land a hard punch on the other we added the wet slapping sound of hand on flesh. Loreen slipped in and out giving them light bruising and small cuts and other signs of a somewhat sexily dishevelled appearance.
Roxie and Jade traded blows and neither flinched, but both winced and staggered and gave off small grunts and moans.
Jade took a particularly nasty blow to the face and staggered badly and then came in under Roxie's swinging arms and gripped her around the waist. She hung on grimly and wrestled Roxie to the ground.
Lying together, now sweaty and puffing, they punched and pummelled and scratched and clawed at each other.
Jade stunned Roxie with a stinging right hand.
Roxie pushed her young opponent away and came quickly to her feet. As Jade rushed in Roxie snapped her head back with a hard straight fist to the forehead. Slightly dazed Jade slipped away and came back swinging.
They traded blows again.
Again they grappled and this time they went to the floor together, squealing and squawking, locked together in a clinch. They wrestled, cotton clad bums appearing and disappearing, arms and legs waving, clawing, scratching and slapping.
Both girls were now well and truly drenched in their own sweat and slipped and slid across the floor and across each other. Roxie got Jade in a bear hug and squeezed, pulling her inward and bowing her back. Jade grunted and squeaked and beat at Roxie with her fists, flailing helplessly in the crushing hold.
Roxie only squeezed harder.
Jade was going red in the face and breathing hard, puffing even but Roxie held faster and faster. Their small breasts were jammed tightly chest to chest and squashed out into small pancakes of sexy seductiveness. Their noses were almost touching and they snarled at each other, then Roxie squeezed and tugged and Jade's eyes rolled back.
In desperation Jade lashed out with her foot and they tumbled back onto the floor.
They tussled, striving and contesting, each trying to get the upper hand.
Around and around they went, bottoms, tummies, breasts and limbs flashing and two pretty faces grimacing with effort.
They threw each other apart and lay there gasping and blowing and eyeing their opponent warily.
Then Jade sprang to her feet and rushed Roxie and Roxie jumped up and waited.
Loreen had used eye shadow on both girls so that they wore dark circles and puffily bruised faces and swollen lips and looked "bashed up" sexy.
Jade swung a right hand.
Roxie staggered and then threw her own punch.
Jade reeled away and then came back swinging.
Slamming, swatting, slapping, punching.
WHACK, WHACK, SWAT, SWAT....................
Toe to toe they slugged it out.
Roxie walloped Jade, snapping her head sideways and sending sweat and spittle flying.
Jade went to her knees but managed her own roundhouse left.
Roxie buckled and sank to her knees too.
She slapped Jade hard, a head ringing blow.
Jade swung her own punch but it was feeble.
Roxie started swinging both hands, slap, slap, slap, slap!
Jade's head jerked back and forth, back and forth, snapping to and fro in a one eighty degree arc. Her resistance was over and her arms now hung limply from her shoulders, knuckles scraping the floor as Roxie smashed her into unconsciousness.
Jade was out, staying upright only by the momentum of Roxie's blows.
Roxie swung one last super vicious whacko and Jade's neck cracked, KERRRAKKKK!! and Roxie rocked back and Jade teetered on her knees and then slid sideways and flopped onto the floor.
Jade was dead! Her thin and boney body stretched out, little tits flattened against her rib cage and prominent hip bones rising either side of her sunken tummy and swelling mons. Her cotton panties were saturated and clingy and her arms and legs were spread, her hands palm upward and fingers curled. Her toes had curled up and her eyes were mere slits of sightless whiteness and her mouth gaped pinkly and wetly open. Her tongue lolled, bulging against her teeth.
Roxie planted her foot on Jade's breast and assumed a victor's stance.
The deadly duel was over.
Afterwards I was sitting in the change room while Jade, pink and glowing from her shower, sat beside me, unselfconciously nude as she was drying her toes. Roxie was under the shower singing bad pop.
"You know Barb, I think I'm becoming like you."
"Gawd forbid."
"No, what I mean is I've become a necrobabe."
"Dear at Playdead we all are."
"No, I mean I like it."
"Yeah I've found it turns me on being dead and victimised."
"Welcome to Barb's club."
"Yeah good thing I had all that sweaty wet applied to my panties because I think I might have leaked some naughties."
I laughed.
"It's a good feeling isn't it?" I said.
"Mmmmmm," she grinned.
"We must compare notes. You know I think our early life experiences sort of predisposes us to this."
"OK what are you two grinning about." Steaming and shiny Roxie was towelling herself dry.
"Oh nothing much," I said smiling.
"I feel I'm being left out here."
"Nah. Hey good job today you were both great."
I left them to get dressed and went back to the desk.