Part 94

Posted by Barbanne on June 07, 2003 at 23:30:15:



Our next set was something new, at least for us.
A war epic with heaps of girls shooting down heaps of other girls.
There were the Goodguys and the Badguys. TheGoodguys were me, Abigail, Sherilee and Deidre. The badguys were Jas, Roxie, Sandi, Gabrielle, Jade, Irene and Loreen.
Our costumes consisted of camo pants, khaki singlets, combat gear and anything like that that anyone had. Plenty of girls went topless and camo pants, or camo shirt and panties, or in my case singlet and camo shorts and no bra so my tits were sagging into my singlet which gaped whenever I moved.
As it happened, Abigail's family name was Ryan so she was the Ryan who's privates we were going to save because she had been captured by the Badguys. What us Goodguys didn't know was that in the opening scenes the captured Abigail was paraded in front of the Badguys and forced to strip and then beaten up and knocked around and then Loreen popped her with a bullet in the brain and, wearing a stick on bullet hole crater, she was hung from a ceiling beam by a rope under her armpits and over her breasts.
(Very uncomfortable and Abigail needed frequent breaks while Dave was shooting.)
Not knowing our companion hung dead in the enemy fort we Goodguys mounted an attack and blazed away with our guns (some sort of automatic thing that never runs out of bullets) and from then on it was just a matter of who died when. As we blasted away at each other we gradually shot away each others' clothing eventually leading to a lot of nude girls squealing and blazing away with shooters.
A prolonged burst of auto fire from Sherilee and me and Jade and Sandi caught a gutful of bullets each and shrieked and died sprawled out and displaying wet and willing pussy opened up for all to see.
Rat, tat, tat, tat, tat, tat.....................
Us Goodguys peppered the Badguys and they blasted back.
I lined up Irene and a stream of hot lead spat from my gun and caught her in the chest and down she went, arms and legs windmilling and there she was, carked out and bleeding hugely.
(Lots of fake blood for this one, but applied neatly so that vics had a few sexy little streams here and there and a drool of crimson staining their teeth)
We had burst inside now and found the remaining Badguys defending furiously and Abigail's corpse twirling on her rope and all limped out and defunct.
Now we were pissed and the shooting stepped up a notch.
Stuff like that.
Roxie and Jas had their knickers shot off and went down shooting and Jas got lucky and a burst from her hot barrel took out Deidre and she went down dead. Roxie and Jas had paid the price for shooting a Goodguy and lay twitching and bleeding on the floor and I zapped their jerking bodies turning them into stiffs. It was me and Sherilee versus Gabrielle and Loreen and we stood up and blazed away at each other. By now I had had everything but my camo shorts blasted away and I was lucky because the other three were starkers. Abigail was hanging and turning and straining and her tongue was dangling.
Bangy de bang bang!
The bullets flew everywhere.
Gabrielle caught one in the forehead and was bowled over in a heap and then Loreen got caught in twin streams of hot death spewing from mine and Sherilee's guns. Loreen danced and twirled and did the ballet ofdeath and bled and then, when we stopped shooting she flopped to the floor deado!
Sherilee and I remained alive.
On the floor lay eight naked female corpses with a ninth slowly rotating from the ceiling.
Sherilee and I dragged the seven Badguy girls over and dumped them in a heap. We laid our pal Deidre out and covered her with the Goodguy flag (a striped cotton towel) and then Sherilee went over to cut poor Abigail down so that we could at least save her corpse even if we hadn't been able to save her privates.
Tee hee.
Next thing I knew there was such a fuss going on.
Abigail refused to be cut down by Sherilee and insisted that I do it and Sherilee was telling her to just shut up and play her part and Dave looked over at me and I said to Sherilee, "Let's not create a fuss. I'll do it if she wants. What difference does it make?"
Abigail went back to being dead and I untied her and as soon as I did she slumped into my arms and her head lolled against my bare breasts and I felt her wet tongue flickering across my flesh seeking my nipples.
"Don't be silly," I hissed, "and why did you create a fuss?"
"You know we love each other Barb," she said, "it has to be you. When I'm playing dead and I'm naked I only want you to touch me."
"Abigail I've got a partner I love and that's Alex. We just act together here. What happened before was in the heat of the moment and shouldn't have occurred. Now be sensible and just play dead."
"Whatever you say darling. God I love it when you are bossy."
"I'm not being bossy."
"Oh yes you are gorgeous and I love it."
"Oh for pete's sake, oh what the hell!!"
I carried Abigail over and laid her out. The girl is a magnificent death actress I'll give her that and then Sherilee and I stooped over the body and ran our hands up and down her "dead" flesh. She lay there lolling under our touch and very definitely "dead."
Showering afterwards I had to fight her off and it was only by submitting to a long and slowly lingering kiss and feel session that I got rid of her. A couple of the other girls noticed and Roxie and Jade looked at me with lifted eyebrows as if "What's going on Barb?" and all I could do was shrug. I mean girls touch each other at times and I think some of our crew have maybe mucked about a bit but the way Abigail was behaving was really over the top.
Later as he reviewed the set Alex said, "Is there a problem with the new girl Barb? Anything I should know?"
"Nah, not really," I lied.