Part 93

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Enter Jas in a full length fur (fake) coat and high heels and with her hair combed into an upswept style and wearing killer makeup.
She strides purposefully down the street and into the park and her heels clip clop along the paved path.
She looks around once, quickly and furtively and then ducks into a stand of bushes.
The camera waits.
A high thin scream cut off abruptly.
The camera moves into the bushes and along the grassy sward. It picks up Jas's high heeled feet and then moves up her body which is lying on its back. The fur coat is open and spread. Underneath she is wearing a black lace see through bra and panties and elasticised stockings. The bra squeezes her bountiful breasts into twin mounds of perfumed flesh and her panties are down around her thighs. Her eyes stare sightlessly at the tree tops and her vermillion lips pout open. A blackening bruise creases her temple and blood leaks from her nose and left ear. Her hands are upward her arms above her head thrust up in a defensive gesture. Her tongue hangs out of the corner of her mouth and semen oozes from her pussy.
Enter a woman jogging.
She is Gabrielle and she rounds a corner and notices something in the bushes and runs over and shrieks.
She has found Jas.
Alex and Roxie and Irene all playing detectives stand around Jas's disheveled body.
Looking down, discussing her death.
Measuring, photographing, swabbing, taking temperature and checking the scene.
Jas's body lies on its back on our stainless steel multi purpose table. This is the morgue and she is its VIP customer today and so she lies, nude and bloodied, under the harsh glare of the medical lights.
The gowned pathologist (me) moves around her examining her. Alex, Roxie and Irene stand off to one side observing. Four fully clothed people and one naked and playing at being dead. I am red hot jealous of Jas and wish I had offered to do this myself.
No matter.
I know Jas so well and we have been friends for so long that she will permit me to take liberties with her body and invade her intimacies in a way she would let few others.
I position the neck block under her and tilt her head back. I study the bruised injury across her forehead. My fingers touch lightly on where blood that has leaked from her ears and nose has dried and hardened.
My fingers pry up her eyelids and I record the condition of her eyeballs.
The detectives watch every move I make.
I open her mouth and force my fingers inside and make comments about the state of her membranes.
I look up at the detectives, "Haemorrhage," I say, "blow to the head with a hard object. Death would have been instanteous."
I move down to her vagina. Dried cum smears the area around the opening. My fingers slip into the slit between her labia and open it up. I bend down and peer and I can smell Jas's sex very powerfully. "Strange," I mutter to myself, "I'll have to check but I don't think there is any semen inside the vaginal passage it all seems to be outside."
While doing this I slip a plastic gloved index finger inside and whisper to Jas, "Want a thrill girlfriend?"
Her tummy quivers with suppressed giggles.
I give her a thrill anyway and her tummy just quivers.
"We can't find her dress," says Alex, "can't find it at all."
"I'll have to check under the microscope but lack of skin flakes makes me think she wasn't wearing one."
"Isn't that rather odd and risky," said Alex.
"Bloody cold too," says Roxie.
"Heavy coat," I say. "No, I'd say she came out in her sexy underwear only, hidden under her coat and I'd reckon she was looking to seduce someone."
The detectives watch as I drape the white mortuary sheet over Jas.
A flashback.
Jas walked purposefully into the park almost naked under her fur coat heading for a rendezvous with her lover.
The lover's often jilted wife, Deidre waited in the bushes.
Her hands were behind her back gripping the tyre lever from her nearby car.
As Jas approached Deidre stepped out.
Jas looked up and stared straight into the tightly controlled face of Deidre. "Shit," she said.
"Expecting him were you slut!"
"I don't know what you're talking about."
"Oh yes you do, you've been fucking Simon since you two first met. You despicable whore!"
"Now wait on Deidre I don't know what you're implying."
"Don't give me that mealy mouthed shit you slag, you came here hoping to meet him and fuck him!!"
"Rubbish is it? Show me what you're wearing under that fur coat."
"Don't be insane."
"Insane am I? Well maybe I am but show me anyway."
"Never. Just go away you sad pathetic excuse for a woman, he never loved you anyway."
"Bitch!," screamed Deidre.
"Why do you think he comes to me eh? Because I'm a woman and I'm a good lover and if you must know what I have on under the coat its this! He likes this." Jas opened her fur coat and revealed her pale body and sexy black underwear and her upthrust bulging breasts and her tight flat tummy and wide hips.
Deidre shrieked in frustrated anger and the tyre lever came swinging out from behind her back and around in a wide arc.
"Yeek!" Jas squealed and then the solid steel bar completed its swing and KATHUNK! with a sickening bone and brain crushing noise it slammed into Jas's forehead. She did a little shuffle on her feet and then fell backwards dead before she hit the grass, her coat flapped open and her sexy near nudity was exposed for all to see.
Deidre leaned over Jas's sprawled corpse. Hooking a finger in the waistband of Jas's lace panties she tugged them down until they snagged around her thighs. She pulled out the syringe in which she had carefully stored her errant husband's sperm which she had trapped in a condom and retrieved when he snored off after sex the night before. She slid the nozzle into the dead woman's pussy and depressed the plunger. Unfortunately for her, and it would eventually convict her, Jas's dead cunt had no muscle power to draw the semen inside her vaginal passage and it spilled out onto her labia and upper thighs where the police later found it.
Deidre stood breathing heavily over Jas's corpse.
"Dirty bitch," she said, "now who will he love?"
Her mad laughter rang out and the picture blended back to a shot of her being arrested by Alex and then another blend with a shot of Jas's nude corpse lying in my mortuary.
End of the fur coat murder.
Another Playdead winner.
At least we all hoped it would be, even poor "dead" Jas and Deidre her killer. After all it pays our bills.