Part 92

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I was back at the front desk.
After the torrid session with Abigail I had decided I'd hold back from the modelling a little. I didn't really want to get in a position where I would seem to be encouraging her. I loved Alex. He was what I wanted. I had made my decision and I wanted to be straight and live with my man and let him be my world. He afforded me all the satisfaction I needed or wanted. But I knew there was something with Abigail. I couldn't deny it. I lusted for her and I knew she wanted me.
Why does it always have to be so fucking hard?
Why did she have to come into my life?
I wanted her but didn't want the problems her being there brought.
I pulled Raine's book out of the drawer.
Maybe she had the answers and if she didn't she'd still be a good read. I turned to my book mark and started reading.

With the banditas destroyed Red Wing and I wandered the Santa Fe trail looking for adventure. That's how we came to be in Lobos and that's how I came to be facing down Kalamity Kate.
Kalamity Kate was a big buxom blonde girl and she was the fastest gun in the west, or so they said, and I had managed to piss her off over something I said in the saloon and now we were going to shoot it out in the dusty main street of Lobos. I should have been shitting myself. Kalamity Kate had crossed bandoliers (is that the word?) of bullets across her chest and two colt six shooters, one on either hip. I had my pistol taken from one of the dead banditas. She was going to slaughter me, well that's what she thought. Me, I was nervous but I consoled myself with the knowledge that Red Wing was in back where no-one could see her and she had a rifle and she's pretty good with a rifle.
The town sheriff was like the adjudicator and he was watching us from the sidewalk.
"OK ladies, when I says go, you go for it."
We nodded without taking our eyes off each other.
"OK ladies............GO!"
Kalmity Kate's twin six shooters were coming up even as I was getting mine out, but as soon as I cleared my holster so as I wouldn't shoot the shit out of it, I fired and Red Wing fired simultaneously and just as Kalamity Kate was getting to be thinking of drawing a bead on me Red Wing's bullet ripped through her back and out her front spraying blood and bits of her mean heart all over the place.
Shit I saw it coming towards me. Surely they did too?
But if anyone noticed that I had supposedly shot Kalamity Kate from behind they said nothing.
She did though, she said, "Fuck," and then she tottered a bit and went down FLOOOMPO! into the dust, her guns skidding away.
I walked over and kicked her onto her back and put my boot on her ample and sagging chest.
"That'll teach ya lady," I said.
(Wished I could think what it was I was teaching her)
The sheriff walked on over.
"Wal, Katy's plumb dead and so I reckons you is now the fastest gun in the west Ma'am. I'd be mighty obliged if you could remove this here carcass before it starts to stinking our main street up."
"No problemo Sheriff," I said and Red Wing joined me and the sheriff looked at her smoking rifle and sort of twisted his mouth and then walked off.
Red Wing and I each got a hold of one of Kate's arms and we dragged her through the dust. Her boot heels scored the street and the town folks came over to peer at her.
Katy didn't mind the attention she just bled some.
We dragged her into a barn and, together, hauled her ass up onto a big old wooden bench.
"What say we strip her off and clean her up for burying?" I asked Red Wing.
"Hmmffff," she sort of laughed.
We stripped off Kalamity Kate's boots and shirt and pants and undie things and there she lay, a big blonde woman with huge tits bulging sideways off her chest. And as fine a quim as you could hope to see.
Red Wing and I got KK wrapped in a sort of sheet which wasn't quite long enough, so that her hair and her bare feet poked out either end and then we carted her outside between us and got her over a horse for her last ride to boot hill.
So much for the fastest gun in the west eh Red Wing?" I quipped.
"Shoulda been the fastest pussy eh Raine?"
"Nah that's me."
I heard this whistling crack and a bullet smashed into the barn door.
Another one, this time almost parting my hair.
"Shit!!!!" Red Wing and me hit the dust.
I looked up. About a hundred metres away a black haired, dark skinned woman was holding a rifle from the muzzle of which smoke lazily curled out and up. Red Wing's black eyes were boring into the woman.
"Usted mato a mi hermena," the black haired woman called out.
"Eh," I said.
"You keeled mi seester."
"Queen of the banditas," hissed Red Wing, "this must be her sister."
"En su cuerpo muerto," she called.
"I think she's swearing on her sister's dead body," said Red Wing, "Probably to kill us.
Then the queen's sister started in shooting at us in earnest. Red Wing and I opted for a cowardly retreat and, abandoning poor dead Kalamity, we skedaddled out the back.
We had to sort this out. We're a sneaky pair Red Wing and I and so we asked around and found out that the bandit lady came to Lobos every Friday and Saturday for fun and relaxation and always too room one oh one, upstairs in the saloon.
The next week we waited until everyone had settled in to roistering and stuff and snuck into the saloon and made our way upstairs. We tippy toed along to where the wing with one oh one in it opened off of the main passage.
We peered around the corner into the corridor containg rooms one zero zero to one ten.
Sounds of vigorous excercise were coming from room one oh one and a mean and surly faced young brunette was lounging outside the door with a rifle cradled in her arms.
Red Wing whispered to me her plan as to how we would resolve this and we split up and went our ways.
I went down a floor and then snuck up the stairs and popped out just behind the ill tempered guard.
She didn't hear me because just then Red Wing appeared and that took all of the surly girl's attention.
Red Wing had stripped down to loincloth and topless chest and came walking down the corridor looking very much like a "red skin squaw." The girl watched her from mean eyes. Red Wing gave me the merest nod and I stepped forward and grabbed the girl's shirt collar and yanked it down to her elbows, trapping her arms. She yelped and Red Wing ran up and tapped her on the chin with a short, sharp, vicious jab and she went down. I caught her and Red Wing hissed, "Kill her Raine."
"Huh!!" I don't do cold blooded killing for preference.
"Kill her Raine," Red Wing said furiously.
"I can't."
She uttered an irritated grunt and cupping the unconscious girl's chin in one hand and grabbing her pony tail in the other she went jerk, twist, sickening crunchy crack and it was all over for little Miss Surly.
I laid her out beside the wall and Red Wing opened the door to one oh one as silently as if she were a wraith. As the door swung open we saw the bandita queen's sister lying naked except for boots on the bed with two young men in attendance. Both were young and both were nude and both were hugely erect. The queen's sister was not a really big woman but she was muscley and had big soft breasts and big round hips and a well padded body. One of the young men was deep inside her and beavering away and the other was leaning over up at her head and she was swallowing his cock holus bolus. Red wing swung her war club and clunk, clunk, both young fellas were knocked out cold, the one being sucked off falling to the floor and the other slid slowly out of the warm pussy he had been filling and slithered down onto the carpet. Both were laid out and both were still rampantly erect.
Red Wing saw me licking my lips and said, "Later Raine, later."
The woman, deprived of her lovers, sat up blinking and said, "YOU!" and then Red Wing slugged her hard and fast and she flopped back into the sheets.
Red Wing dragged her onto the floor and stretched her arms out above her head and made me hold them down. Then she straddled the groggy bandit lady, pinning her legs to the floor, and, leaning forward, gripped her throat in two strong sinewy hands and started strangling.
The bandita queen's sister came awake and started struggling.
It was all I could do to hold her arms down.
"Arrk, arrrrk, arrrrrrk," went the woman and her eyes lasered hatred.
Red Wing, astride the bucking bandit, tightened her grip around the other's throat, her back muscles stringy and powerful and her arms corded into pure strength and her fingers like bands of steel. I saw something akin to panic in the bandit woman's eyes and then she redoubled her efforts and thrashed and writhed and bucked and twisted and flexed every part of her powerful body. But it was doing her no good. Red Wing was inexorable and I was doing my part. The bandit woman started croaking, "Uk, uk, uk, urrrrrrrrrrrrrkkk," and her tongue unravelled and whitish frothy drool spilled from her mouth.
Sheer stone cold hatred gleamed from her dark eyes.
Red Wing increased her efforts.
"Eeeeeyeeerrrroooollluuuukkkk..................," went the woman.
Sssssssssstrangle went Red Wing.
The bandit woman's face had gone red and then purple and now her lips and ears and the tip of her nose were going blue and blood flecked the froth coming from her mouth and running down her tongue and it was now also coming from her nostrils.
"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrkkkkkkkk.............," she sounded like a dying crow.
"UGH!" Red Wing put everything into it.
The bandita queen's sister's eyes rolled back in her head and her tongue waggled and her whole body started shuddering of its own volition and then it was over and with a huge spasm and a great gusty sigh she subsided limply into death.
Red Wing kept up the pressure for minutes but we both knew it was over.
I helped Red Wing drag the dead woman over by the door. My indian friend rose and stretched, loosening her muscles and then she crossed to where the woman's toy boys still lay sleeping and with a knife thrust in under the chin despatched both, quite bloodlessly, leaving them dead but still erect, pillars of glistening cock ramming upright out of thick curly pubic hair.
While I dragged the dead guard inside she got one boy up onto the bed, laid out on his back.
I stripped the dead surly girl and together we got her up and forced her mouth to enclose his cock. We had her up on her knees so that she was crouching over him swallowing him and then we got the other guy up and slid his cock into her pussy doggy style and stepped back to admire our handiwork. Looked like a randy threesome except they sorta looked dead!
However it might fool someone who just opened the door and glanced in.
Red Wing and I carried the dead bandit woman downstairs and all the way down I was looking at her pubic stubble and wide open cunt. We dumped her over her horse and I tied her on and covered her with a blanket.
We saddled up and rode away with our prize.
That evening we camped and the bandita queen's sister lay on her back, still wearing boots only and with her head propped against a saddle roll and eyes rolled way back and tongue hanging loose and slobbery and all floppy with her tummy bulging and her pussy winking in the firelight.
Red Wing mixed up a concoction of herbs and plant extracts and stuff and then she bled the bandit lady white and mixed her blood with this concoction and then with my help she replaced this mixture into the dead woman's veins. Within seconds she started to look fresher and sort of livelier.
"So what was that?" I asked.
"Magic Raine. Injun magic."
"She alive again?"
"No she's still very much dead but she'll stay like this for as long as we want Raine. We got ourselves a love toy girlfriend."

I put the book away.
Sheesh that Red Wing. What a babe! That there Raine was one lucky cowgirl. I sighed and dreams of being the forever dead and useable bandita queen's sister filled my head. I touched myself and thought just how nice that might be.
Gawd this book of Dave's made me randy!