Part 91

Posted by Barbanne on June 04, 2003 at 23:56:16:



I was sitting in the studio at Girls, Girls,Girls.
A big windowless space with darkrooms, offices and filing all in one. The main action was taking place at one end in a curtained alcove set up with multiple backdrops and posing pedestals and other stuff. A young girl was perched on a stool, she would have been eighteen, all their girls were legal, but she looked about fourteen and she was nude except for a feather boa and clear plastic high heels. A muscly guy, bulging from a black tee shirt and black jeans, was standing in front of her directing the action. He had a tripod mounted Hassleblad pointed at the girl and a complex arrangement of studio flash and slaved umbrellas and down lights, all lighting the stool on which she sat. Kikki and Muriel whom I had come to take to lunch were running around adjusting stuff and Kikki had a light meter in her hands.
The guy peered through the viewfinder of the Hassleblad and said, "Muriel I'm getting a shadow behind her, move that right umbrella in about half a metre. OK give me a reading."
The lights flashed while Kikki held the meter in front of the girl's face. She called out shutter speed and aperture opening to the guy.
"Yeah not bad. Put that small studio flash down here and aim it up right into her cunt, yeah that's it."
Kikki put the appropriate flash in position and angled it in its frame support to point between the girl's legs.
"Now gimme another reading."
Kikki moved in front of the girl and held the meter pointed at the camera. Lights popped and she called out the figures.
"Good. OK Liz give me action, come on babe fuck this camera."
The girl started posing, thrusting herself at the camera and lights popped and the camera fired and the guy worked at furious speed and he was good.
"Come on Liz spread your legs and stick your finger into your cunt, not deep, just about one fingernail.
She did.
He photographed furiously and by now I could see that both he and Liz were drenched in sweat.
He paused.
"Shit Liz stop dripping."
"I'm fuckin' hot," she whined.
"Muriel," he called and Muriel stepped in front of the girl and blasted iced water from a spray bottle onto the girl's vagina and tits.
"Jeeezus that's freezin'" shrieked Liz.
The guy turned to me and said, "Brings out her nipples and tightens the membranes of her hot spot, makes her look like a virgin."
"I know about the nipples and Liz I sympathise," I called the last to the girl.
"Bastard will do anything for the right shots."
The guy was photographing again working like a dervish, calling instructions to the girl and occasionally moving in to pose this or that, "Great Liz, great now really fuck my lens, come on, yeah, that's it, I mean FUCK!"
I turned and there was a girl, maybe twenty one, twenty two, fairly young, dark haired, about my height or a centimetre or two taller and very pretty. She was wearing the overjacket that procaimed her a checkout clerk at the local supermarket.
"Hi, yourself."
"Your Barbanne from Playdead aren't you? I'm Abigail."
"Hi Abigail and you're North American,I can tell from that accent."
"You got it. Wisconsin. I come from a place called West Bend, a bit north of Milwaukee."
"Milwaukee," I said, "I've heard of Milwaukee, beer or something?"
She laughed.
"You work here Abigail?"
"At times. Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Can you use someone at Playdead?"
"Yeah me."
"You know what we do."
"Dead stuff and all, yeah."
"You OK with that?"
"Come and see me then, we'll fit you in no problem."
"Before work after work, suit yourself."
"Tomorrow eight o'clock?"
"See you then."
She smiled and walked away.
The photo session was over and Kikki and Muriel joined me.
"Chris we're going to lunch."
He was packing up his stuff.
"OK, see you this afternoon."
Kikki took my arm.
"I see you met Abigail Barb."
"Yeah she wants to do some stuff with us, is she good?"
"She's OK. Be a bit careful Barb."
"Abigail is sort of strange and she's a raging lesbo."
"Struth, half the world is strange, what about me."
"Just be careful Barb."

Abigail came along the next morning. Dave shot some photos to see how she went and she could certainly play dead that was for sure. I don't think anyone of the other girls, except maybe me, did that sprawled out, totally limped, utterly dead look with the same conviction that Abigail managed. Abigail said she had the whole day free and after a quick chat we decided to do a couple of sets then and there. Alex came down to meet her and seemed charmed by her drawly accent and her obvious prettiness and she took him aside and then they jointly announced that Abigail would do a set on her own and then she and I would do one where we were flat mates who commit a double suicide by drinking poison and die together.
Well that sounded OK.
Abigail stripped down to panties and then she got herself set up with an old pair of pantyhose wrapped around her neck and tied to an overhead hook and she was a girl giving herself an auto erotic thrill and of course it goes wrong. She writhed at first in pleasure and during this phase her panties got slid down her shapely legs and her fingers disappeared inside her pussy and she moaned and groaned and did erotic arousal fabulously. Most of us girls fake this but with Abigail it was very apparent that she was working on her clit and her arousal was very, very real.
I heard Alex mumble, "I should have known, Girls, Girls, Girls, the girl is a damned porn star."
But he let it go anyway.
Then Abigail's hold on the situation slipped and she fell against the panty hose and started strangling herself for real. She did this fantastically too and when she both orgasmed and died, I'll swear the orgasm was real, I've seen one or two of them in my time, and I was almost convinced her death was real too.
But no, once Dave had photographed her swinging from the panty hose, she popped up ready for whatever came next.
That was us, her and me, both nude and playing two girlfriends who had decided on double suicide as life sucked too much for us and so we both kissed and then swallowed a glass of something awful deadly.
I squirmed, twisted, writhed and quivered and fell back on the lounge with my legs apart and sticking out and then I spasmed and spasmed again, giving great kicks and then I slumped back, mouth gaping and eyelids fluttering closed, and I was dead.
Abigail doubled over and shuddered and moaned loudly and then fell to her knees and crawled across the carpet, wracked by great dry heaves until she staggered up and poised over my dead body and then fell on it and, (to my amazement) in her extremis, she kissed my open mouth and gave me heaps of tongue and then she kissed behind my ears where I'm super sensitive and then repeated it in the hollows of my throat (another e-zone) and all the while writhing in her death throes she kissed and sucked my breasts, tugging my nipples with her teeth and causing them to drill upwards and then she continued on down, kissing my tummy until finally she died with her head between my spread thighs and her hair masked the fact that she was working furiously on my clitoris with her almost prehensile tongue.
I did my level best to stay limp and "dead" while waves of orgasm rolled down me and kept burning through my body and out into my cunt while the little bugger relentlessly kept at me.
Damn I thought all of this was behind me.
I loved Alex.
I didn't want a lesbian affair.
But oh shit I wanted this girl to keep going down on me again and again.
At last it was over and Dave freed us to get cleaned up.
I trotted into the showers and stood under the cascading water and then Abigail was in there with me kissing and hissing, "My turn now Barb, my turn now."
The water cascaded down and I went on my knees and, with my hands on her buttocks, I buried my face in her groin and tasted the sweet, sour, salty musk of her cunt. I still remembered how to please a girlfriend and Abigail was gurgling little strangled screams when Alex called out, "You two going to be in there all day?"
"Coming now Alex," called Abigail and she did. Wow! she sure did.