Part 90

Posted by Barbanne on May 31, 2003 at 23:32:42:



"Alex, how would you feel about a bit of the rough?"
"Mmmmmm," muffled from the bathroom.
"I said how would you feel about a bit of the rough? You know rough stuff in this here bed, knocking me around and all."
His head appeared around the door.
"You heard me."
"Are you asking me to hurt you Barbanne because I never will, not ever."
I sighed.
"Not really hurt me darling, but knock me about a bit."
"I want it. A girl likes a bit on the wild side occasionally."
"Sort of, but a bit real."
"Jeeezus.................," muffled again from the bathroom.
He emerged ready for bed. I was nude and perfumed up and waiting."
Knock you around?" he said.
"Yep, beat me up some, I'm a slaggy slut and I deserve it, and........................"
"Yes, and................?"
"And I want it, struth how I want it."
I ws naked on top of the sheets. It was the night of the burglar set and I felt like a good fucking and I wanted it to be rough. OK so I'm wierd.
"Well," he sighed, "I suppose I could try."
He looked at me with that look that I fear, the look that sees right through me and deep into my hidden secrets.
"Barb have you been having trouble with sex?"
"Me never."
"Don't lie so glibly. Be honest for once and tell me."
"Well, I was a bit below par but I'm alright now. Truly," I said looking him right in the eyes, "I am alright."
"Lost your drive didn't you?"
"Arghhh," I was tongue tied.
"Oh I knew. I loved you for trying so hard but I knew it wasn't right."
(Shit he knows everything I ever feel, everything I bloody well think even)
"Ooooooh," I sighed, "it was awful but its gone now."
"So, now that you've analysed me are you going to give me what I want?"
"What was that again?"
"Some rough stuff, knock me about a bit."
"Barb I respect you too much to ever hurt you."
"Shit! Don't be such a gentleman. Hey aren't I enough of a pain in the ass that you would feel the need to belt me. Jeez I must have been enough of a little shit to deserve a beating."
"I'm not a beating girls sort of man."
"Jeez I'll bet Larry wouldn't turn down an invite like this."
"That does it. That does it, now I'm angry."
He grabbed me, struth he's strong when he wants to be and I knew I was helpless in his hands.
But what was this? He wasn't roughing me up he was..........oh no! He dragged me over and turned me across his lap and started whacking that round globular pimply ass of mine with a huge flat hand. Whack! Whack! WHACKKKK!!
"Ow, Ow, Ow."
"Thought you liked it tough?"
"I wanted a bit of a wrestle and stuff not smacking like a little kid."
"Oh my darling if we act like a little kid we get smacked like a little kid."
"Alex, I'm warning you."
Warning me what beloved?"
Whack, Whack, Whack, WHACK, WHACK, etc.
"Ow, Ow, Ow, etc"
My bum was red hot and burning and I was crying and laughing and he (vicious brute that he was) was having the time of his life.
Then we screwed.
My bum was sore as hell but it got no rest as we fucked furiously and very, very energetically. The smacking had highly aroused me and I was making up for lost time anyway. I pumped like a piston and couldn't get enough of him. It cured me of a lot of problems.
Maybe I might try Larry one day, I mean there was a guy I reckoned would know how to knock a girl around a bit..........and enjoy it. Lord I don't know what's wrong with me at times I am such a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!