Part 89

Posted by Barbanne on May 30, 2003 at 23:47:03:



I was back. I mean I'd never really gone away, but as a girl who wanted to play at being knocked silly or dead as a doornail, I was back! My fantasy life was fully functional and I wanted to play! I was seeking out any and every opportunity when someone was needed to decorate a set as a corpse and I was putting up my hand to be it. I'll do it was my new slogan. I was also thinking furiously at all times to come up with any new ideas for something we hadn't quite done before.
That was how I came up with the burglar.
A set concerning a burgling babe who decides to rob a big house only to find she has come up against a very determined householder and, I'm sad to relate, the burglar comes off second best and it all ends very badly for her.
I was the burglar and Loreen was the householder.
I was ready to play.
Dave was shooting as always and Irene was helping. Alex was supervising.
"Hey Barb, you're looking good these days," said Irene.
"Thanks Irene."
"Very healthy, glowing with health."
"Fat you mean," I couldn't resist putting myself down.
"Nah, just looking good. You were way too thin. Now you're..............mmm, feminine."
"Cuddly," said Alex.
"Lard ass," I said, "chunky monkey is that what you mean ?"
"Something to get hold of," said Alex, "small but womanly."
"Pocket battleship," I said. "Well, watch out this pocket battleship may sink your ass."
They all laughed and Alex swept me to him and hugged and kissed me and squeezed my bum. I couldn't believe it. Alex! My Alex, mister no show emotions in public.
"Wow," said Irene.
"Show her who's boss," said Dave.
"Alex knows just what Barb needs," said Loreen.
"Oh," said I.
"That I do," said Alex grinning.
"Promises promises," I sang and we all giggled fit to bust.
Time to work.
The burglar photo set was to be shot in the home of a friend of Loreen's. We needed a garden and a swimming pool and this place had them and the owners were happy for us to shoot there. The lady of the house was at home and Loreen had told her basically what we did and throughout she watched everything from a distance, quizzical and amused.
Here came the burglar, (me) dressed in low slung, black, stretch denim jeans and comfortable joggers with about ten centimetres of skin showing above the waistband and then a short sleeved, black, tight fitting, scoop necked top. On my face I wore a mask (just like the Lone Ranger, came from a novelty shop) and for your interest I had no bra and a tiny, pink, panty thong.
Unbeknownst to me Loreen was watching my approach.
Shot of Loreen in foreground and then, through the window, Barbanne, in ridiculous mask, sneaking closer.
I reached the window, slid it up silently and then poked my head and shoulders through.
Loreen slammed a cut crystal flower vase against the back of my head.
I collapsed across the window sill, out for the count!
The vase was so heavy it didn't even break.
My bum, straining the stretch denim seat of my jeans, poked up, my legs dangled outside and my head and arms slumped inside. Loreen dragged me all the way in. Clunkety clunk, my shoes bumped over the sill. Loreen dropped me inside, flat on my face. Grabbing my arms she tugged me forward, heave ho! She gripped a bunch of my hair and hoicked my head up off the floor and pulled off my silly little mask. Then she took hold of the hem of my top and pulled the whole thing off in one smooth motion. Next came the shoes and then the stretch jeans, yank, tug, off of my ass, down my thighs and calves and then over my feet and off, and there I was stretched out on the floor in pink panty thong only.
Loreen was beside me, "Hey Barb you've got pimples on your ass," she whispered.
"And a rash where I shaved my pussy, but hey you can't talk to me I'm unconscious."
For the camera she said, "OK burglar babe, now what punishment do you deserve?"
She rolled me onto my back and then hooked her arms under mine and lifted me up so that we were face to face, except my face was looking upward as my head lolled back on my neck. My arms hung loose by my sides and my bum sagged and because Loreen was a head taller than me and our breasts were squashed together, my heels were off the floor and my toes scraped along, my feet tangled crosswise.
She backed up dragging me with her.
"I'll just put you over here dear," she said, "where I can keep an eye on you."
I said nothing as the vase had kayoed me for the full count.
Loreen turned me and flopped me into a lounge chair. I slumped bonelessly, utterly senseless.
"Now you little scoundrel, came here to rob me eh? Well I think that must be discouraged." She checked I was still in dreamland by lifting my eyelid and looking at my unfocussed and pin pricked pupil. Leaving me in the chair she gathered up my clothes and stuffed them in a plastic shopping bag. She hid that in the laundry and came back again.
"OK Miss burglar now I think you have to pay for your wickedness."
She checked I was still out and went away returning a moment later dressed in a swimsuit. She stooped over where I sat witless and insensible, slumped in my lounge chair.
"Time to go sweetie."
Loreen hauled me up and got me over her shoulder in a fireman's (firewoman's???) lift and carried me outside to the pool, arms and legs dangling, hair swinging and pimply bum, (with a sliver of pink jammed into the crack) up. She slid my inert body into the water and jumped in beside me.
Splutter, splutter, splutter, I came to, spitting water and flailing my arms smacking the surface with the flat of my hands.
"Gloob, gloob, what...what.....what the hell........glurp!"
My head swivelled eyes crossed.
"Now, now, time for your bath," Loreen pushed me under.
I thrashed and twisted and flailed at the water.
"Naughty, naughty, burglar girl has to take a bath, wash away her naughtiness, her wicked sins."
She pushed me down again and then hooked a leg around my body and sat astride me holding me under the surface.
I writhed and flailed my arms but the water slowed my motions to a sort of semi frozen ballet, a pas de deux of death.
I was really struggling but Loreen had me overpowered and kept me just below the surface with its life giving air.
I struggled.
Air bubbles blurped upwards.
My struggles slowed and then became more violent. Much more violent.
The water had made my pink panty thong quite transparent and the saturated material clove to my shaven pussy, outlining it clearly. My legs kicked ever more feebly and my arms merely waved. Loreen kept up her relentless downward pressure and my body was only spasming now.
A gust of bubbles expelled the last of my air and the water rushed into my lungs and clogged them.
Loreen held me down.
My body was still and only the water moved my slackened limbs.
Loreen took hold of a fistful of wet hair and dragged my head up and out of the water.
Pin pricked eyeballs gazed sightlessly at the house.
She smiled and let me go.
My body flopped back into the pool and then as the water stilled around me I lazily rolled face down and came up to the surface in a dead man's (woman's??) float, my pimply butt exposed like a rain washed little island of two hills. My sodden corpse descried small, slow turning circles on the rippling surface of the chlorinated blue water.
Loreen climbed out of the pool and went inside.
She came back five minutes later dressed in a sunfrock and carrying a mobile phone.
"Hello??.........yes police.......yes it is an emergency. There's a strange woman dead in my pool in only her underpants. Yes I'll wait with the body until they arrive. Thank you."
She snapped the phone closed and grinned a grin that turned to a snear. She waggled her finger at where my seemingly bare body floated face down, arms and legs spread and hair billowing out. (pimply bum, was it really pimply, I would have to check, pointing up)
"Bad burglar girl. Naughty, naughty, naughty."
Alex stood beside the pool. He was being a cop. Irene, also a cop, had hold of my arms and was pulling my soggy corpse out of the pool. My pink panty thong rolled down my buttocks as my groin was dragged over the tiled scum gutter. She hauled me out and flopped me onto the pool surround. Loreen and Alex watched.
"And ma'am you came home to find this woman floating in your pool just like this?"
"Yes officer."
"No idea how she came to be here?"
"No officer."
"No clothes or other possessions?"
"No officer."
"Well we certain haven't been able to find anything."
Loreen was not the only lady of the house watching my sprawled corpse, the true lady of the house had moved to very close and was watching from the adjacent sun room, lips parted and tongue circling nervously. Her hands were out of sight down somewhere near her waistband.
"Well its a mystery," said Alex.
Loreen smiled sweetly. "I'm sure a big, strong, clever man like you will find out what happened."
He looked uncomfortable.
"OK constable," he said to Irene, "better call the socos and get the meat wagon here too. This poor slapper won't be going anywhere from now on except to the morgue and that will be on her back."
"Sure sir."
Dave moved in for lots of shots of my prone near nakedness and the set was over. My appearance on a stainless steel slab would have to wait for another day.
I stumbled up and ran inside to dry myself and change back into my clothes. The lady of the house followed me with her eyes, glazed eyes in a very red face. I thought to myself, "I've won another heart, or maybe fired up some lust." Struth who was I to be critical, my own libido was raging.
Ah well, time for Alex to perform.
Tonight that would have to be.
Ah well, turn it down to simmer.