Part 88

Posted by Barbanne on May 29, 2003 at 23:31:24:



I hadn't told Alex.
I suppose I was hoping it would just go back to normal and I wouldn't have to say anything. I had been asked to do a set opposite Deidre in which we were two girls battling each other in a judo match and things get out of hand and I ended up being put away for good. Gabrielle was going to play the referee. I said sure to the set not knowing how my loss of sex drive would affect anything and hoping to play it out without anyone being the wiser.
I wondered if I was getting paranoid.
The studio had been cleared and a mat had been laid down on the floor and that was all the props we were getting. Our costumes consisted of bikinis and I had picked one out that was the merest two flimsy scraps of material, a triangle to cover my pudenda for a bottom and a couple of triangles and some strings for a bra. It was the sort of thing that was guaranteed to slip and slide everywhere, exposing breasts and ass and just about everything else. Normally I would have been getting aroused as soon as I had put it on but now, nothing.
As I checked myself in the full length mirror before coming out I realised that despite my moans about being fat, now that I was OK in the head and eating properly, my small body was what you'd call compact. Nice, still shapely, well fleshed with tight breasts and a really well rounded ass. I also realised I'd have to be careful or compact would soon become corpulent. I made a mental note to excercise regularly.
Deidre came out with me and Dave started shooting and we grappled.
We'd been coached and did the single wing, the body drop, a one arm shoulder throw, a stomach throw and knee wheel, a sweeping low throw followed by a shoulder wheel and then Deidre took me down in a side four quarter hold.
Up until now the contest was about equal and both of us had had breasts pop out of our tops and wedgies in our rear ends and had had to flick and tug our bikinis back into some semblance of decency.
It was time for the bout to turn nasty and we acted out anger and spite with each other and then Deidre cocked her wrist and bunched her fist and prepared to throw a punch. I saw it and planned to roll with it and then we'd grapple on the mat. I watched it coming and then it landed flush on my chin and exploded and everything went away.

A kalaidescope of colour, twisting, turning and exploding in a rainbow of star bursts.
I rolled around, naked and unconscious but vibrantly aware of my surroundings.
I was being tossed to and fro on a giant mattress made up of erect penises, huge, hard, glistening pillars of manhood, hundreds of them jabbing my back and my tummy and my ass and my whole whole body, straining upright ready to burst and then they fired simulatneously and I was awash, drowning in fountains of jism. It filled my mouth and coated my nudity and I slid and floated on this sea of cum.
My pussy tightened and then swelled up and when it could no longer hold back it burst asunder and let the cascade of man stuff in.
My body drained of tension and I felt calm and relaxed for the first time in forever and my lust rushed back into my head and I sank into the rainbow swirls and then I slid inside a huge female pouch and down, down, down, to the utterly black and silent bottom and then I looked up and smiled and voices called to me.

I came back, cold and shaking, my legs spasming and my hands tattooing against the mat.
Deidre was bending over me. Dave, Gabrielle and Loreen peered over her shoulder.
"Oh Barbanne, oh thank god you're alright, oh Barb forgive me. I threw a punch just like in the script, it wasn't hard, it was all for show and I connected with you and you went down and oh Barb you were really knocked out cold, you didn't even twitch, for a horrible moment I thought you were dead. Oh Barb forgive me I didn't mean it, oh girl I'm so, so sorry."
"You WERE out cold Barb," said Dave.
"Sure were," chorused the other two.
"Hell what's going on here?"
It was Alex, all business and pretending he wasn't concerned.
"It's nothing," I said, "I think I fainted."
"Are you alright?"
"Let's call it a day," said Dave.
"No let's finish," I said.
"You sure," said Alex as Deidre, Loreen and Gabrielle looked concerned.
"Sure I'm sure," I sat up. My cunt was on fire. My tummy slashed with heat. Oh I was alright okay, my sex drive was back and in overdrive and I wanted to play dead!!!!
"Are you quite sure you're up to this Barb?" asked Dave and the girls looked concerned. Evidently I had gone right out when Deidre put me down and it must have been worrying but I knew I was fixed now.
"There'll be no problems Dave," I assured him.
We got going again.
Our Judo match had degenerated into a cat fight and we went at each other spitting and snarling and clawing and scratching. By this time I had lost my bra top and my bikini pants were only just hanging in there. Gabrielle tried to intervene but all to no effect. Then Deidre put me down flat on my back. Quick as lightning she whipped her right leg around me, wrapping the vee at her knee under my chin and hooking her right foot behind her extended left leg. Flexing her thighs she put on the pressure, big, big pressure. I thrashed and twisted and writhed and turned and went awesomely red in the face. Gabrielle tapped Deidre on the shoulder repeatedly asking her to break the hold. Deidre was having none of it. Her leg muscles were fully tightened, taut, constricted, applying deadly pressure and I was running short of air.
No, I was out of air.
My body arched and bucked and my arms waved around feebly.
Gabrielle reckoned it was a winning hold and started banging out the count with the flat of her hand.
My arms waggled feebly and my body limped back onto the mat, then my arms flopped down inertly, fingers curling into claws.
Gabrielle grasped my wrist and lifted my arm and let it go.
It fell hard and flat.
She did it again.
Again my arms when she released them fell lifelessly to the mat.
She made sweeping motions with both hands scything them over the mat to indicate that the bout was over.
Deidre released her hold and disentangled her legs.
I lay there unmoving, not even a ripple in my tummy.
Inside I was alight.
Burning!!! Raging!!! A hundred and fifty percent aroused and horny as hell. My libido was BACK!
I was aware that I was hot, swollen and wet down there and I reckoned my labia must be pulsing scarlet. I hoped against hope that I hadn't leaked through the thin material of my pants. I lay still and silent, my tongue rolled into the space between my parted lips and saliva dribbling over my teeth and down my chin.
I was a goner.
Victim of Deidre, victim of the judo kill!
"Oh my god you've killed her," said Gabrielle.
"Ooooops," said Deidre.
"We've got to get her out of here," said Gabrielle.
"Guess so," said Deidre.
Hooking one each of my arms over their shoulders they hoicked me up. My panties wedged tightly into the crack of my ass leaving both buttocks exposed and, if I say it myself, drooping very seductively, like two little globes. My feet tangled on the floor and, between them, they dragged me out and laid me out on the rub down table. By now I was cooking with excitement and close to orgasm and I just knew my panties were stained with my guilty emissions. Deidre swept them off with a swift hand motion obviously to save my embarrassment in front of Dave and Alex.
Both Gabrielle and Deidre worked on me, mouth to mouth (mostly kissing) and chest pounding and stuff.
No good.
Gabrielle cracked my eyelid but my eyeball was fixed and dilated.
I was dead! A victim of the stronger woman.
Dave shot my limped out corpse on the table and when he finally announced he was finished I ran into the bedroom and used my fingers to relieve the sexual tension that had hardened my clit and built to a dam burst within me. And that's what happened. A dam burst and my frustrations and difficulties washed away in a river of love oils.
I dressed and came back.
I had to get Alex into bed.
Now that I've put on a bit of condition, compacted up, I've got a very shaggable body and I intended that it was going to get shagged. No, make that SHAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!
I lay with Alex and whispered in his ear.
"Darling, I don't ask for much as you treat me so wonderfully but tonight I'm asking a favour."
"Yes my sweet."
"Go down on me."
"Down, you mean down there. Mmmmm, maybe, but Barb I have to tell you you taste erm, awful."
"Mmmm, hmmm, yes I'd say that describes it."
"Go down on me and afterwards I'll give you a blow job to beat all blow jobs."
He laughed but he slid his lips down my tummy and along my thighs, my innermost, ultra sensitive thighs and then his tongue found its way over my shaved mound and inside and my clit soared in anticipation.
I came as I have never come before.
Afterwards, although I was exhausted and felt utterly rinsed out I gave him the blow job to end all etc and then let him recover from that for a bit before insisting on being penetrated and shagged as I had promised myself.
Alex was magnificent.
And when we had both climaxed I insisted he stay inside me, leave it in there and we would go to sleep like that, him skewering me and when we woke we could go again immediately.
Poor boy it just faded away and so I wrapped myself around him like a boa constrictor and slept like that.
Whatever my problem had been it was gone.
Thanks goodness.