Part 87

Posted by Barbanne on May 29, 2003 at 00:41:45:



Having been the sad drowned prostitute in Alex's socially aware set I was up for doing something more on a fun theme.
This one, to be shot in jerky black and white like an old keystone cops movie, was all fun.
I was a harping babe crapping on in the kitchen of my shared flat while my patient flatmate, Loreen, stood by listening for the hundredth time to my whinging and whining about this or that. For some reason (artistic no doubt) I was naked except for a tiny vinyl apron. Loreen was similarly bare. At last she had had it up to and beyond "here." She said, "Barb," and, as I turned, motor mouth going full bore, she whacked me right smack between the eyes with a cast iron skillet.
My eyes crossed right over and I dropped my ladle and teetered on my toes and then toppled over backwards, stiff as a board and pivotting on my heels and FLOOOOMP!!!! landed splayed out on my back on the kitchen floor tiles.
She dragged me upright by the hair, all jerky movements and old flicker type stuff. She sat me sprawled backward in a chair, chin up, eyes crossed, out cold and stretched my legs apart and lifted my apron and giggled at the camera.
"Well that shut the stupid cow up," she tittered.
Next scene and it was me, nude, and BOB my lover. That's Battery Operated Boyfriend to you.
I was sitting on the lounge legs wide open and BOB beavering away, a stupid look of dumbed up ecstasy on my face.
Then surprise, curiosity, fear, horror.
BOB's speed control had stuck wide open and he's going like the clappers.
Jerky film.
"Aaagh," Barbanne is frightened, "Aaaah, ooooooh, oooooooooooooooooooohhhh, aaaaah," ecstasy, "oooh, aaaaah, ooooh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh...............................," eyes pop open, still ecstatic and yet wide and terrified, "aaaaaaagghhhhh!"
Jerky movements, arms beating a tattoo, legs straight up, scissoring in stop go motion.
"Aaaagh, aaaagh."
My eyes skittered around, BOB grinding on and on. I spoke breathlessly into the camera, "'s curtains for me...........tell ma I died happpy......................"
Huge final jerking twitches.
Barbanne is dead. BOB presses on regardless. Huuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........................

I had a problem.
A horrible, ghastly, frightening problem and I couldn't discuss it with anyone.
My libido had drained away like water from a leaking bucket. Alex had smooched up to me and I had found that nothing happened. I let him enter me and tried to act enthusiastically, grinding and pumping my hips. I moaned and groaned and whimpered and performed magnificently but I felt nothing. My sex drive was gone.
I hid my horrible secret.
I laughed and joked with the girls and tossed in my share of bawdy jokes, but I was an ice maiden. I sneaked away to an appointment with the doctor and told all. He told me it was not unheard of and that it happened more often than was generally admitted and that in time it should return.
For the first time in years I knew pure terror.
I'd even lost my fantasy life. Thoughts of being the desirable corpse of the week did nothing for me. My emotions were like cardboard. Stiff, unfeeling, wooden and without heat. Oh please let it pass.
Maybe what I needed was a really good shagging. Maybe if I had it so hard that I squeaked it would break through. Maybe I needed to get well and truly fucked!!!! Trouble was I felt nothing. No urge. Nothing!
Oh jeez this was bad.
I scheduled myself out of any direct involvement in modelling and went back to being the full time receptionist.
We had a special coming up.
A plague special inspired by my reading a history of various plagues that had decimated populations since the beginning of time. Like the smallpox that reduced the population of Mexico from twenty million to one point eight million in the fifteen hundreds and the smallpox that came with the first fleet and decimated the aboriginal population around Sydney. Like the black death and the bubonic plagues which have destroyed populations time and again throughout the world. Not a nice thought, but for us it was an excuse to have heaps of dead guys, a sort of body pile of men.
We had borrowed guys from Girls, Girls, Girls, again and had called in Larry and two of his friends and had twelve lithe male bodies available. Roxie and Jade and Loreen had all leapt at the suggestion of their playing nurse types together with face masks and ultra short nurse uniforms and they were in charge of stacking and arranging the stiffs. (hee hee) The guys as befits all good dead guys were nude. Dave was behind the camera and I was watching, hoping for a cure as the three girls moved in on the twelve naked, "dead," male bodies where they lay stacked in a heap.
Oooooooow I should be enjoying this.
Male limbs, powerful arms, long athletic legs, tight asses, flat, stretched tummies, abs, pecs, triceps, biceps, gluteal maxima. What more could a girl want for?
Roxie, Jade and Loreen were in amongst the poor victims combining to lift and separate the body pile, touching pumped thighs, carressing taut bellies, stroking and handling. I saw evidence of excitement amongst the boys. Larry particularly. God that bastard had a big cock. And I should know.
I'm something of a cock expert after all this time.
And I was totally unmoved. My body was dead.
This was apalling.
I watched, willing myself to become aroused but nothing happened.
I noticed Jade was teasing outrageously and I was sure she had scored some jism from one or other of her victims.
Go for it Jade.
I only wished I could be her. I let my imagination run riot. I fantasised being naked on top of all those guys and rolling around grabbing and tugging and sucking and ending up sprawled inert and exhausted and covered in cum.
Didn't do anything for me.
This was bad.
Finally I could watch no longer and turned back to my screen.
I was going to have to tell Alex. To let him go on believing nothing had happened was no good.
I had to confess.
Tell him.
Let him know the awful truth, that his girlfriend was frigid.

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