Part 86

Posted by Barbanne on May 22, 2003 at 23:36:41:



"Hey Barb."
"Yes Alex."
I was sitting at my desk beavering away. I had put Raine Calhoun's book aside for some other time when I had the time to see what else she and Red Wing got up to. Amazing girl. Amazing times.
"Don't you think its about time you started modelling again?"
"Yes oh Lord and master as long as there is something worth doing. Actually darling I am missing the fun of posing and stuff and would like to get back into it."
"Right well I've got a script that I reckon will suit you and after finding out about your secret life as an actress I reckon you could do this one proud."
"Hah, actress, hah, corpse girl you mean."
"Well you know all the other girls think you're famous."
I sort of snorted.
"Anyway I'd like to shoot and direct this one myself and I'd like you to star."
"Oh you're a sweetie," I smiled seductively, "you know flattery will get you everywhere, including like into a girl's pants."
He laughed and then said, "It's a date then? This coming Thursday?"
"Fantastic. Oh and Barb................"
"You're getting fat you know."
But he was gone.
I rushed into the bedroom and clothes scattered everywhere. I looked in the mirror. Were my upper arms flabby? Oh yes! My tummy was potting and, swivelling and twisting to bring it into view, my ass was enormous. My thighs, not quite thunder thighs yet, but definitely bigger. My poor tits were still two pathetic cones but I was getting stockier. I was a FATSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Nice ass."
Alex was grinning broadly at the door.
"Mmmmm the things I have to do to get you naked."
"Bastard!" I snarled, "but you're right I am getting fat. I'm a lard ass!!"
"Oh Barb can't you take a joke."
But was it a joke?
"I'm fat, fat, fat, fat, FAT, FAT!!!!!!" I shrieked.
"Oh for gawds sake," he disappeared again. I scrutinised my body. Flab, fat, my looks fading and an old shiela maturity appearing. I was finished, ruined!!
I've got that story idea here," Alex had reappeared holding a sheaf of paper.
"God I love those two little dimples at the bottom of your back just above that perfect ass."
"I'm fat," I wailed, "you're right."
His arms were around my nudity, hands cupping my breasts.
"You'll do."
"I'll do! Yeah that's right, not beautiful, not gorgeous, not a babe, just I'll do."
"Bloody women," he said.
"Alex?" I turned to face him, took his face in my hands, "do you love me?"
"Do you have to ask?"
"Tell me though."
"I love you Barbanne."
"Mmmmmmm," I purred like a kitten, "let's screw."
"Don't you want to read this?"
"OK fatty."
"You bastard," I shoved him onto the bed and fell on him.
"How do you like having a naked girl attacking you?"
"I like it a lot."
Later he looked up at me and said, "Now can I show you the script?"
I read it and then skimmed through it again.
"This is brutal," I said, "sure you want to do this and have me play this part?"
"Yes Barb, you have the experience to empathise with this girl and yes I want to do it. It's a death play and yes it is horrible but its based on a true life incident and to me its more ghastly than just having girls covered in blood and stuff. I mean this is the real horror of casual murder and will prick the social consciences of our customers while still titillating their fantasies.?
"Yeah I can see that," I said, "OK I'll do it."

The story was about a girl, a stripper and part time prostitute who was supplied to four policemen as a reward for their compliance with a crime boss and who was being groped and used in a spa party when alchohol and lust got out of hand and the four policemen joined together and cooperate in her murder by drowning. Then they had to dispose of the embarrassing dead body. I was to portray the unfortunate girl and Larry, Dave and two casual guys from "Girls, Girls, Girls," whom we occasionally used, were to play the cops. We had rented a room in a big hotel with a spa suite and a monstrous bed and Alex and Loreen would be shooting there.
On the next Thursday we all assembled in the room at ten o'clock.
I came with Alex, Loreen and Dave and we carried the cameras and umbrellas and reflectors in with us. Larry and the other guys arrived ten minutes later.
I was standing around naked under a robe waiting for the action to begin.
"Loreen," I said, biting my lower lip.
"Yes Barb, oh by the way good to see you back doing some modelling. Not that you aren't the world's best receptionist but you're good at this too. Sorry now what was it."
"Come here," I said and led her into the lobby and whipped my robe open and displayed myself.
"Struth Barb, I don't reckon we've got time."
"Don't be a dill, tell me, am I getting fat?"
"Not that I can see girlfriend."
"Be honest, I'm getting flabby and my ass is huge."
She pushed my robe flaps back and turned me to study my rear. "No more than ever before mate."
"Crap! I know I'm getting fat. Why won't anyone be honest with me, I can cop it."
"Ever hear about paranoia Barb?"
"Barbanne are you there, we're about ready," It was Alex.
I wrapped my robe around me and walked back inside.
"What were you two doing out there?" asked Alex.
"She thinks she's getting fat," said Loreen in a huge stage whisper.
Alex did a big eye roll, "Bloody women," he muttered.
I got naked and got on the bed with each of the guys in turn. We had to act like they were having sex with me. I tried for and evidently got that look on my face that showed weary disgust. The sadness of a woman doing something which repels her and from which she has no escape. I know I must have been reaonably successful because afterwards, one time, when Jade was looking at the finished set with me she turned to me and hugged me and said, "You understand Barb."
That over I donned a pair of brief pink panties and was sitting on the side of the spa drinking with the cops. Larry and one of the other guys were in the spa and Dave and the other guy were sitting close by. Larry grabbed me and pulled me into the frothy water.
"Whattaya say we all fuck her again in here?"
I squealed in protest and they all laughed and Dave and the other guy got in and Larry was straddling me, my panties pushed down at the crotch to give him entry and the others were holding me down and Larry was riding me now and one of the others pushed my head under to stop my squealing and held it there and the others sat on or held my arms and legs and my body was bucking and thrashing and Larry was screwing me relentlessly and then he was finished and it was over and they let me go but I didn't come up out of the water.
As they held me down I had gulped water into my lungs again and again until finally they were waterlogged and my body had been sufficiently overweighted to the point where it sank of its own accord. I had struggled for about four minutes and had tried to come up twice only to ingest ever more water until I finally went 'down for the third time' dead.
Then they were out of the bath and I had rolled face down and was floating limply, my saturated pink panties stuck into the crack of my ass and quite transparent. Larry grabbed a bunch of my hair and pulled my head up and water poured out of my gaping mouth and nostrils and my eyes were half shut and only the whites of my eyeballs showed and he said, "Shit!" and dropped me and Dave said, "Fuck it," and the other guys said, "Fuckin' bitch's dead," and Jeezus!"
Then they had me out of the water and on my back on the tiles, all wet and soggy and saturated panties and Dave was feeling for a pulse while onother guy pumped at my chest. The fine froth around the rim of my mouth and nostrils was the classic sign of a drowning victim although these guys didn't know that.
Their efforts were in vain. Futile.
Dave studied my face for any sign of life, felt for a pulse however faint.
The four guys stood around my sprawled body looking down at it.
I jerked upward and my legs kicked and my heels skidded on the tiles, my hips thrust up, my thighs spread and my pubic thatch pressed blackly against the transparent wetness of the pantie material and then I flopped back wetly, meatily, my thoroughly drenched panties slapping against the tiles. It was finished. No sign of any vestige of life merely a cadaveric spasm from a body in which life was extinct.
They stood around looking.
Finally Larry said, "Fuck!"
"Lets get her out of here," said Dave.
"She's dead. We don't need the shit of having this bitch's dead body to explain."
Dave looked down at me.
Larry turned to one of the other guys, "Grab a sheet and we'll bundle her up and get her out somehow."
"If we take a sheet it'll only draw attention and we don't need that," said Dave. "I know, get her into her clothes and we'll pretend she's pissed."
He stooped down and pulled my soggy panties off, "Don't want her wetting her clothes and anyway I'll keep these for a souvenir."
The two GGG guys carried my now nude body outside, flopping and totally, bonelessly limp.
"We gunna put her bra on?" one guy asked.
"Nah, just get the dress on," said Dave.
One of the guys produced my spangly green mini dress and struggled it over my head and shoulders and sort of on.
"Back to front," said Dave, "its obvious you don't spend much time stripping babes.
He stripped me again and then redressed me correctly. "Now put her shoes on," he told the other guy, "and get them on the right feet."
The guy did, pulling on my strappy, open toed, fuck me heels.
"She looks like shit!"
They all contemplated my smeared makeup, eye shadow and mascara bleeding out in all directions and my wet, stringy hair.
"She'll do," said Dave. (All I ever do is "do")
They gathered up my stuff and hung my shoulder bag from my neck where it wouldn't fall off and then, two either side, they hustled my corpse down the corridor and into the lift answering the curious stares of other guests with, "She's so plastered, boy is she going to be crook when she wakes up tomorrow."
They hurried me across the lobby my shoes scraping and clattering over the marble tiles. Outside Dave and Larry held me while the others retrieved their car. I was dumped in the back seat and taken for a "ride."
My last.
Afterwards, watching it with Loreen I said, "See there, see there."
"Yeah Barb its horrible, its an awful story."
"No not the story, the cellulite, oh look at it, oh god, how can I live like this????"
"Ready for another?" said Alex poking his head around the corner.
"Oh Alex, not with me. Oh god I look so, so, so middle aged!!!!!!"
"Bloody drama queen," he muttered.