Part 85

Posted by Barbanne on May 21, 2003 at 23:24:55:



I was back at my desk the next morning.
I raced through my stuff and checked to see if anyone else wanted me to do something I didn't know about.
Nope nothing much doing today.
Jade and Loreen came out, flashed up and credit cards at the ready, primed for a days shopping.
"Want to join us Barb?" said Loreen.
"Can't Reeny got to stay here and answer the phones and all."
"Jeez Barb there's nothing Alex couldn't do. Come with us."
"Nah, not today girls."
"Suit yourself." She was a bit peeved. Rightly so, normally I was first in line for any shopping raid.
"Have fun girls."
"We will."
They set off and then Jade came back and leaned over the desk and, grabbing my face, kissed me hard on the lips, "Thanks for everything Barbanne."
"Thanks for giving me a life," she whispered.
I sat there a bit stunned and they went out chattering. I shook my head and got Raine Calhoun's book back out of the drawer.

Red Wing and I started stripping the dead Banditas and then lugging their nude corpses inside the cave. We were looking for anything that could be used as proof of their identity. There was a reasonable reward to be had and we sort of knew that taking their corpses back would only result in us arriving on the other side of the badlands with a pile of smelly rotten flesh. Letters, identifying brooches, tags, anything like that we tossed into a pile. When that was unavailable we took items of clothing. Red Wing went out and returned with the Injun gals' scalps. I tossed my cookies again.
While Red Wing was working over the dead Banditas I hauled one slim, brunette into where her sisters waited in an ever growing pile. Suddenly the seemingly dead girl reared up with a horrible grunting noise and lunged at me. I scooted backwards on my bum but she came at me. I tried to hold her back but my puny girl muscles couldn't resist her and she landed on top of me. I struck out at her and then, as suddenly as she had reared up her whole body stiffened, every fibre stretching taut and then relaxing as she fell on top of me our faces only millimetres apart. As I stared in horror into her wide open eyes the last spark of life went out of them and her body relaxed and flopped heavily over mine. Sweating, fearful and shaking with barely relieved terror I shoved her aside and scrambled to my feet as her naked corpse jerked and spasmed in the finality of her brief existence.
I dumped her with the others and rejoined Red Wing.
"What was that noise Raine and did you cry out?"
"Yes Red Wing I am sorry but one of these ladies was not quite ready to become a corpse but now I'm glad to say she is."
We carried on stripping and carting the dead bodies of these Banditas until only the queen and one other remained.
I was working over the queen's superbly muscled body, my fingers touching and tingling in the many crevices of her delights when a voice rang out.
"Raine Calhoun you hope to claim the reward for these dead bitches?"
I looked up.
I knew the man who stood there his rifle cradled easily in his hands.
"So Kid," I called, "I win again."
He laughed, no, more cackled, "Like hell Raine."
Red Wing looked up. Like me she knew the Texican Kid for what he was. A brutal ruthless bounty hunter and a man who enjoyed the humiliation he could bring to his many, mostly female, captures before killing them and lugging their cadavers in for money. I had no doubt he would happily kill both Red Wing and I for the bounty on the Banditas.
My eyes slid over to Red Wing. She gave me an almost imperceptible nod.
I looked back at the Kid.
"Want to share?"
He laughed. As well as being a total shit and psycho he was built like a brick shithouse with a strong, stocky body that I always felt would give a girl a fuck to remember. That's after he had killed her probably.
"What do you want then Kid?" I walked toward him knowing he had never met Red Wing before and hoping he would totally underestimate her.
He did.
His rifle came up and the barrel was lined up on my breasts as his finger stroked the trigger.
"Goodbye Raine Calhou............................."
Red Wing's pistol had appeared in her hand like magic and flipped up and fired in one smooth, seamless motion.
Scarlet blossomed on the Kid's forehead and Red Wing's bullet punched into his brain and ended his beastly career. He bounced backward and slammed onto his back. His rifle fired and the bullet ripped chips off of the rocks.
Red Wing and I gathered above his corpse.
"Fuck you Kid," I said, "go to hell."
Silently Red Wing dropped to her knees alongside the Kid and motioned me to join her and we stripped him naked. The man was built of that there was no doubt. We gazed in awe at his solid, muscled body now relaxed in death and, open mouthed, I pointed at the coiled looseness of the most gigantic slack cock I had ever laid eyes on and I've laid eyes on my share I can assure you.
"I will show you something Raine," said Red Wing and she trotted over to where a big cactus stood on the up slope of the cave entrance. She cut into the flesh and cupped her hand to receive the juice that flowed out. Then she rubbed herself to get her own juices flowing and mixed them together.
"Now give me yours Raine."
I slipped my hand between my legs and made myself leak the oil of pleasure into my cupped hand and offered it to her.
She combined it and rubbed it into the flaccid cock of the Kid's. Magically it straightened and stiffened and strained out and up until it stood proudly glistening and fully tumescent emerging like a pillar from the middle of his body which was bowed backward over the round rock on which he had died.
"Wow!" I said, "how long does this last?"
"Forever Raine."
"Until he rots."
"Try him, let him give pleasure."
"You first, after all it's your trick."
Red Wing shucked her dress and mounted the Kid's naked musculature and slid herself onto his scimitar. She grunted and moaned a lot before becoming so slippery that she could no longer ride him.
My turn.
I climbed aboard and grunted and moaned and twittered until I jerked violently in the most amazing release of my sex that I had ever felt with any man, living or dead.
We used the Kid heaps.
(Reading this I was sheened in sweat and found my fingers inside my panties as I provided myself an illustrated version of the text, but back to Raine...........)
I was surprised to note that both the dead Kid and the Banditas also, looked almost sleepily dead. Their faces riven into a rictus as they died had relaxed into such expressions of peace that they looked almost as though they slept soon to waken. Except they wouldn't, they was well and truly dead. I stayed with the Kid for hours, fondling his gorgeously chunky body and tracing his muscles with my fingers and kissing and licking and sucking until my arousal drove me wild and then I would skewer myself upon his marbled pillar and shag myself silly. Red Wing got plenty too. Eventually I was fucked completely and staggered off and used the cold dead Bandita babes as a mattress for the night.
We stayed there two whole days and nights and by then both the Kid and his gal pals were growing whiffy and so Red Wing and I took our booty and set off for town and the reward money.

I put the book down.
I just knew why Dave had given me this to read. He wanted us to do this set and he wanted to play the part of the Texican Kid. I was sure of it.
"Dave," I called out, "love your book."
"Hey Barb, do you really, hey if we did that maybe I could play the Texican Kid."
I started giggling and just couldn't stop.