Part 84

Posted by Barbanne on May 15, 2003 at 23:36:07:



I was sitting at my desk being the receptionist again.
Dave stuck his head around the corner.
"Hey Barb."
"Dave, haven't you got Roxie stretched out on the floor and drooling blood and Jade sniggering triumphantly over her? Maybe you'd better get back before Rox freezes her nipples off, her being starkers and all."
"Bugger them, they can wait. Roxie's dead after all and Jade needs the self confidence boost from being a winner."
"What is it then?"
"Barb I totally love westerns."
"Western shootout plots with bare tits going down all over the place."
"So do half of our customers, we do it all the time."
"Yeah Dave."
"I've seen that one you did over at Girls, Girls, Girls, where you got bested in a gunfight with Muriel and I have to tell you its the sexiest thing I've ever seen."
"You think so?"
"Oh Barb when you were grovelling but she shot you dead anyway, struth it was too bloody good."
"Glad you liked it."
"If I wasn't with Loreen and you two being such good friends and all, I find myself so turned on by Gunfight that, with your permission of course, I'd like to just screw you senseless."
Behave Dave,.............hey that rhymes."
"Anyway I just wanted to give you this western tale I found in a second hand bookstore. I loved it and would love to get your opinion."
He handed me a dog eared book.
"I'll read it when I can Dave, now hadn't you better get back to your fast stiffening corpse girl."
"OK, but read it and let me know what you think."
He disappeared back into the studio and I turned back to my desk. Nothing was happening (still) so I opened the book.
I glanced at the opening lines and started to read.
"My Life Amongst the Savages," was the title of the book and it had been written about a hundred and fifty years ago by a girl called Raine. The copy I held had been printed yonks ago and was old and dog eared and moth eaten but still in quite good condition. (except for a few water stains that was. I think they were water, strange brown stains.)
I checked the first chapter.
It was titled Red Wing.
I could hear activity inside and put the book in one of my drawers while I scooted my chair back to check out what they were up to now.
Jade and Roxie were both tooled up and were chasing each other around the Playdead building, shooting at each other and generally creating mayhem and their gunplay had driven Alex from his office so that he stood looking bemused and maybe a tad pissed and generally dispossessed. I smiled up at my beloved and he grimaced back.
Dave and his camera chased the two gun girls around and Loreen was on hand to provide help, make up and blood.
Jade was wearing the shortest mini dress I had ever seen. Red and yellow swirled and so brief that if she did anything but stand still her ass was on show. And she had no panties on and her pussy was shaved and her labial lips looked to me like they had been pumped up with collagen. She had white eye shadow edged in bluish grey and had plucked and lined her eyebrows with black pencil and had black mascara trowelled onto her lashes and bright red lipstick. Her hair was down and free and she tottered on white, strappy high heeled "fuck me" shoes. She looked like a feral panda.
Roxie had a blue mini dress, almost as short as Jade's but at least she had on black bikini panties and she had layered on the blue black eye gunk and black lippy and looked like nothing more than the wicked witch of the west.
Bang, bang, pow, pow.
They shot their way around the studio and beyond, using the stairs and the upper floor and everything.
Jade dashed across the landing and Roxie got in a few good shots and Jade dived for cover and her dress caught on a round baluster ornament and riiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppo!!!!, it tore in half.
Loreen got into the act here and Jade's mini, split into a rag fluttered to the floor. Nude except for shoes she spun around and POP! a bullet hole crater blossomed on her small breast. POP! again and a second crater appeared alongside the first and Jade sank to her knees and fired off a couple of useless rounds and clutched the bannisters and went all wild eyed and unfocussed and then Loreen gave her a spill of blood over her bottom teeth and she toppled into a forward twist and landed on her back on the landing with her shoulders and head and arms sprawled down the top three steps. Roxie walked up and looked suitably merciless. Jade snivelled and pleaded and grovelled (a feature of our sets nowadays) but all futile.
POP! A third hole in the tits and Jade flopped back, wide eyed, open mouthed and trickling blood and she was dead.
Roxie tucked her shooter into her panties and taking Jade's wrists towed her down the stairs.
Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! went her high heels.
Her ass drooped and dragged.
That swollen, smooth cleft had to be collagen!!
I turned back to my desk and retrieved the book from the drawer and started to read.

My name is Raine Calhoun and I used to live on our little spread on the edge of the badlands with my Mama and my sister Nadia and my childhood friend Red Wing, a full blooded Cherokee warrior woman.
Until that awful night.
That awful night when the Banditas, a gang of bad girls, mixed bloods, criminals, generally villainous females came to our home looking for loot. We got nothing but they killed my Mama and Nadia and burnt the place down and shot me up good too.
Red Wing nursed me and saved my life and now we have formed a posse of two and I am seeking vengeance.After criss crossing the badlands for months we found out that the Banditas were holed up in a cave in a blind canyon called Snake's Ass Gully.
Red Wing and I got ourselves hunkered down at the head of the canyon and sussed out the scene.
Two washed out blonde Banditas girls were guarding the entry to the canyon. Red Wing pulled me down and we checked them out. Stupid slack girls they obviously didn't dream that they were in any danger and they were chatting away quite loudly and sitting with their backs to us and totally oblivious to any danger. Red Wing smiled at me and motioned me to stay where I was. I crouched down and tried to watch but couldn't see much at all. I could see the blonde mops of the two chatting Banditas and kept my eyes on those while trying to see Red Wing as she crept up on them. I saw nothing. I knew she was good but if she was out there she was as one with the landscape.
Then suddenly one Bandita girl's head disappeared and then the other started to stand and then she too vanished and Red Wing stood up and waved me over.
I hurried across to the rock pile where the Banditas had set up their watching post.
Both washy blondes lay stretched out, measuring their lengths on the sandy ground. Both had been neatly knifed beneath the rib cage and had died almost bloodlessly. Red Wing and I set about stripping the fringed buckskin pants and jackets from the dead girls. A small cut and a tiny red stain was all that marred their clothing. When stripped the girls, who had been wearing nothing underneath, proved to each have a small neat cut under the left breast where Red Wing's knife had slipped into their black hearts and both had a rim of blood around their lips.
Mine was really pretty in a vacuous sort of way and even dead, her pale blue eyes bulging sightlessly from their sockets, she looked desirable. I stroked her slack breasts and ran my finger into her wet pussy and then stooped and kissed her goodbye.
"Silly little bitch you should have taken a job with a draper," I whispered.
Red Wing had found the Bandita girls' horses and together we lifted the two naked corpses and slung them across the saddles. I tied both girls wrists and ankles and trussed them to the girth straps and checked that each was well secured and not likely to fall off by grabbing their butts and tugging hard. Nope, they were there for the duration. Red Wing and I then chased the horses away and they cantered out of the canyon away from the hideout of their companions, their nude, lifeless cargoes bouncing with every stride.
We donned the dead girls clothes and bundled our own for when we would need them again.
We continued into the canyon.
A little further along, no more than a half kilometre we saw another four girls. Renegade Injuns riding with the Bandidas.
Four tall, slender, beautiful, honey skinned, black haired girls clad only in brief loin cloths and beads and armed with rifles. They were loosely clustered together and appeared to be foraging. Red Wing slipped off to one side and I decided to approach them openly hoping our disguises would hold.
I walked up to them with my arm up and a smile on my face.
"Howdy," I said.
"Why you not at your post?" asked one of the girls.
"Came to warn you."
"Warn us what?"
"About that," I said.
Red Wing was amongst them war club in hand. Four smashing blows and it was over. Four nicely brained Injun gals lay sprawled in the dust, their big breasts flopped and their limbs contorted in the agonies of violent death.
We dragged them off to where we could hide their corpses amongst the rocks.
As I grasped the first girl's thighs and slipped my hands down to her ankles I felt the goosey bumps on her skin and excitement sliced through my lower tummy. I wrapped my hands around her slender and well formed ankles and my eyes admired her lovely knees and shapely legs. At Red Wing's command we lifted her and as her head fell back and her arms flumped, her knees spread and her loincloth slipped aside and I was amazed at the profusion of dark wiry hair that filled her groin below her tummy framing the wet, pinkness of her slit.
I was in a state of high arousal as we carried all four girls to where we piled their limp bodies in between the rocks and as Red Wing went back to clean away any signs of the fight in which they had died I stooped down and sniffed and licked the drying sweat from their intimacies, my own pussy swelling and burning with desire. I kissed one Injun maiden's cold lips and told her, "Its not to be but we could have been lovers," then I smiled and said, "even though you are quite dead my darling."
Red Wing summoned me and I joined her.
We continued on armed with our own weapons and those we had taken from the slain Banditas and Injun warriors. I had a Winchester rapid fire lever action and a Springfield single shot.
(Whatever they are)
When we came in sight of the cave where the Banditas were holed up I could see there were maybe twenty of them lounging around there. I was all for pulling out and pissing off then and there. Red Wing told me I was a wimp and we huddled behind some rocks and laid out our ammunition and our guns and then at Red Wing's signal we set in to shooting the bad girls.
It was a slaughter.
Even I hit some and as each new girl became a twitching corpse I thought of my slain Mama and my sister Nadia.
I still had to stop and puke up vile vomit as my tummy rebelled against the horror of the deaths.
The Bandita girls were piled three deep and I was pausing to throw up again when suddenly a big breasted, flowing haired brunette rushed out of the shadows of the cave and right at us. A hail of lead splattered the rocks and Red Wing dived for cover. I screamed and ducked down and held up my gun and aimed wildly and pulled the trigger.
The shooting stopped.
I risked a look.
The Bandita queen, for that's who the big breasted girl was, was down with a bullet, mine I supposed, in her right breast which was bleeding freely. Her gun had fallen and she was writhing in pain and bleating awfully. Red Wing ran down and the Bandita girl looked up at her with hatred. As she scrabbled for her gun Red Wing wrapped a leather thong around her neck and tightened it inexorably. The Bandita queen twisted, writhed and swore and then became silent, her tongue waggling out and her eyeballs bulging and her face going blue. She bucked and thrashed and peed her pants and drooled heaps of whitish gunk and died.

Alex was calling me from above. I put the book down.
Later that night as I snuggled up to my darling and waited for sleep I wondered whether I would have liked to be Raine Calhoun or maybe Red Wing. Hell, who was I kidding, I wanted to be all twenty dead Banditas and the slain Injuns and even the two stripped guards, dead and riding into the sunset astride their horses.