Part 82

Posted by Barbanne on May 08, 2003 at 20:33:06:



I sat in the dark watching the latest Playdead set being shot.
Dave was behind the camera and the action was taking place in the old ablutions block which, if you remember, we had tarted up to be our bathroom setting.
I was on my break from the front desk and had scoffed my sandwiches and was now sucking on a diet coke.
Loreen was absolutely buck naked and sheened in fine droplets of water from the shower. She was lying on her back wedged up against the tiled bath surround. Her left leg was straight out and her right leg was flopped over and bent at the knee dragging her thighs apart and opening her pussy up as widely as anything, so that its folded, layered lips stretched apart around the pinkly glistening opening to her vagina. Her right arm was bent back over her head and her left arm stood straight upward, held in place by the side of the bath and ending in curled rigored fingers. Her face looked straight at the ceiling, mouth gaping open and eyes wide and staring sightessly at the fluorescent fixture above her. Her toes were curled backward and a bullet hole decorated her face between her right eye and her ear. A slippery trickle of blood slid down the side of her head.
Needless to say she was dead!
Her killers, Sandi and Roxie, stood over her body.
"Well she ain't going anywhere," said Roxie.
"Its the weight of all that lead in her skull," said Sandi.
They laughed.
I sucked coke and thought how wonderful Loreen was at playing a "wet look" corpse.
"Bitch shouldn't cheat the mob," said Sandi.
"Only one result for them that do," said Roxie.
"Get their dead ass spread out in the bathroom."
They laughed again.
"Well let's clean up then," said Roxie.
They each took one of Loreen's ankles and dragged her wetly across the tiles. Her arms flopped and trailed and her hair spread out.
I crunched my coke can and went back to work.
Later I had once more positioned myself to watch the front door as well as the studio action. The mailman had been and the chance of anyone else coming was remote. Sherilee and Roxie were naked and wrapped around each other and Roxie had her tongue so far down Sherilee's throat she was just about choking her except she was doing that with Sherilee's bra which was twisted into a little garrotte. They writhed together in this pas de deux of death. Two gorgeous female bodies entwined and straining and one was controlling and the other was in the final extremis of approaching death. Both girls were sweating. Rivulets running down naked skin. It looked real. And then Sherilee was bucking, spasming and then she did a fantastic eye roll and tongue poke and grunted and went as limp as a wet rag.
It was over.
I found I was a little excited.
I scooted over to my screen and tried to concentrate on coming attractions. My list of sets and personnel to shoot and model them. I scratched my thigh. Bit my lower lip and tried to forget Sherilee and Loreen dying. I didn't want to do that.
Like hell I didn't.
But I was in self imposed purdah and had to stay focussed on my reception duties.
The phone rang.
"Barb, it's Alex. Can you come up for a minute please?"
I put my "back in five minutes" sign up and trotted upstairs.
Alex and Loreen were in his den and a movie was playing on the video recorder. I took a quick peek and thought, "Oh, oh."
"Do you know this film Barb?"
"Its Italian and its a horror in more ways than one and its called Blood Woman and Loreen and I were watching it to get ideas for a new set when we saw something very interesting and unless both Loreen and I are wrong that girl lying in the woods," he froze the image, "is you."
"Couldn't be."
I went real close and peered through my specs at the grainy image on the screen.
"We're not stupid Barb."
"Well maybe it could be me."
"Would you like to tell us?"
"You'll never give up until I do, will you?"
"We sure won't mate," said Loreen.
"Alright then, but let me close up the office, it is nearly five anyway and then I'll spill the beans as they say."