Part 80

Posted by Barbanne on May 01, 2003 at 23:51:26:



This was that big all girl shoot out I promised you.
Actually it was from an idea of Dave's. He and Loreen were quite an item now and I reckon she had her grubby little fingers all over this plot although Dave said it was his originally.
The plot went something like this.
The brave company of babes is surrounded by the hordes of savages and despite their incredibly brave defence they finally all go down and the savages get to "have" them.
The babe defenders were me of course and Loreen and Jade and Irene and Gabrielle and Deidre and Roxie and Jas and Sherilee and Sandi. In other words every model working for Playdead at that time. The savages were to be played by all of the above girls except me and included Larry and special guest appearances by Dave and Alex. Us doomed dames were to wear low rise jeans, of which every girl had at least one pair, and gun belts and guns. Nothing else. Bare feet, no tops, no hats and definitely no underwear. The savages were like naked savages and so all they were allowed was a g-string and some war paint and bows and arrows and the occasional knife. Oh and a gun or two. The girls thought this was grand and loved the idea of being their own slayers but, apart from Larry, the other two guest blokes were definitely iffy about how much nudity they'd show.
They got a right bollocking from us I can tell you.
We decided to shoot this set at the old mine site where we had done the bushrangers thing, remember that? The location had paved areas and a lot of grassed sandy stuff and if we were going to race around in bare feet we had to have some degree of comfort wouldn't you agree.
So off we all went and we spent a half day setting up which meant we would have to come back tomorrow but that was alright, I had budgeted for that. We also had to shoot, as in film, the defenders and then the attackers separately as lots of the players were the same people.
When Dave was all set up he and Alex decided to shoot the scenes with the attackers first as those would be easier and all the naked savages had to do was whoop and holler and dance around and let off volleys of arrows. We spent another hour while the girls got naked and got painted up. That was my department and that was why I wasn't participating in any of this. When I was finally happy with my fearsome warriors, they leaped and danced around and loosed off heaps of arrows and a couple of them, Sandi and Gabrielle got hit by the defenders' fire and went down spectacularly, ass over tits, and with only a g-string and paint as a costume that was revealing and they also made nice fleshy corpses. Loreen and Irene were like the medics for the savages and they dashed over when the girls went down and dragged them out by their heels in the case of Sandi and their arms in the case of Gabrielle. Their nude bodies were dumped behind the battle.
By this time the evening was drawing in and we went home determined to make an early start the next day.
By nine am the following morning we were all set up and we spent the day filming the fight and massacre and the victors taking the spoils of battle.
When the two days were put together it all went something like this.
Us girls were hanging around the fort (the old building) with our britches down around our buttocks and a parade of bare breasts on show and six, as in six shooters, guns to fight off the savages.
They surrounded the fort with their bows and arrows and also Larry, who was seen a lot and Alex and Dave, who weren't, had rifles.
The battle commenced.
A lot of banging off of weapons and smoke and cries and hustling and then Deidre took an arrow in the valley of her breasts and went down bleeding and whimpering.
I dashed over.
"Here Deidre let me get you into cover."
"Oh Barb, Oh Barb, it hurts and I'm hit bad."
I had her under the armpits and hauled her over to the cabin and laid her down and pulled out the arrow.
"Deidre hang on, I'll get something to bandage that."
"Oh Barb, too late. Tell mother I died brave," and with that she slumped back and her head flopped and blood trickled out of her mouth and she was dead. I stretched her out, somehow her jeans had slid right down exposing her puss when I hauled her off of the field of battle.
I ran back firing like bang bang!
"Aaagh," Jade took one in the head and went face down thoomp.
"Jade, Jade," I shouted but when I turned her over her eyes were staring into some far distant place.
"Loreen, help me."
Loreen came trotting over and we carried Jade over and laid her out beside Deidre.
As we stood to return to the battle a well thrown knife sliced into Loreen's back and she went down.
"Loreen, I'll get it out."
She reached behind her and pulled the bloody blade out.
"Too late Barb, it has done its work," and she spewed blood and went down in a heap.
Desperately I tried for a pulse but it was all over for Loreen. I dumped her over Jade. The crack of her ass was showing like down nearly to her thighs where her low rider jeans had really ridden low.
Roxie was being beseiged by two of the savages. Her gun had been shot away and she was pleading, "Mercy, mercy, please guys mercy." Larry shot her in the chest and she bucked upward her tummy pushing up as her spine bowed and then she flopped.
"Oh no Roxie not you too," I squealed and dropped beside her.
"Sorry Barb, I let you down."
And then she went lax and was dead. I towed her corpse over to the other three. I stood and saw Gabrielle the savage running away and let fly with my six gun Kapow! and down she went shot dead.
Irene and Jas were blazing away and I joined them.
"Keep firing into the middle of them."
"OK Barb."
"Jas cover Irene."
"Sure Ba....aaaaaaagh," Jas took an arrow right through the throat and, falling to the ground, started writhing. "Aaagh, aaagh, aaagh," shudder, writhe, writhe, twist, bend, spasm, more spasm and then "aaaaaaaaaaaaaghgh," and she was still. I pulled the arrow out and blood cascaded down her chest, pooling in her umbilicus.
"Give me a hand Irene."
Together we dragged Jas over and added her to the dead bodies of our doomed gang.
Five dead now.
As we ran back Irene took a slug from Larry right in the middle of her tummy and doubled over and said, "Unh."
I grabbed her shoulder but she shook me off and whispered "Save yourself Barb they're too strong for us."
"No way Irene, here let me help."
Schluuuuuup, another bullet ripped into Irene's tum and she squeaked and fell down and shuddered and died, rolling onto her back and clawing at the grass and then literally curling her toes up and expiring. I carried her warm and bloody body back to where so many brave girls now lay.
Sherilee, Sandi, Gabrielle and I fell back to make our last stand where the others' fast stiffening corpses lay heaped haphazardly. Before we even made it Gabrielle took a slug in between her shoulder blades and went down coughing bloody stuff.
Gabrielle, don't die, please don't die," I wailed but her eyes were already glazed over and her heart was stilled.
Sherilee fired off her pistol and the savage Sandi from the day before fell mortally wounded.
Our Sandi took an arrow in her shoulder and I stooped to pull it out.
"Hold tight Sandi this is going to hurt you more than it does me."
I yanked it out and Sandi said, "Oh Barb," in a tiny voice and another arrow and then another slammed into her chest. She just slumped back peacefully as though going to sleep but she had entered the sleep from which Playdead girls never waken.
Me and Sherilee and eight dead girls. most of them more out of their pants than in them and all sexily bloodied up.
Then we were surrounded, Sherilee and me, surrounded by Larry and Alex.
"Throw down your guns," said Alex.
"Never!" shouted Sherilee and whipped hers up and bang!!!!!, before she got to pull the trigger, Larry shot her right between the eyes. Sherilee fell back, eyes opened wide and mouth gaping and blood flowing and her hair spread across the nakedness of Jade and Irene and her arms flung out covering Jas and Roxie.
All dead.
All dead except me.
I cupped my breasts and offered them to the slayers.
"Kill me then, kill me I am ready to die!"
"Sure," said Larry cocking his rifle.
"Let her be," said Alex. Larry looked at him.
"Your women fought well Barbanne."
"They were brave ladies and now they are all dead," I looked at them.
"Brave indeed, true warriors and deserving of a warrior's fate."
"And what is that?" I asked.
"To be used for sex by their conquerors is the proud fate of such splendid women."
"You bastards," I spat, "Leave them be."
"I'll kill her now," said Larry.
"No," said Alex, "this one shall have sex with me."
"Over my dead body," I shouted.
"Exactly," said Alex and bang! his bullet ripped into my midriff.
I toppled backward and landed with a thuuump on the other girls, feeling my naked back resting on naked tummies and a naked thigh and soft pliable breasts. I looked up at Alex, his rifle slung loosely in his big strong hand. I writhed, twisting my body in agony and wriggling slowly against the bodies of the already dead. The look on Alex's face said no mercy and I shuddered again, my fingers scrabbling against my bloody tummy.
"You are mine Barbanne, mine to kill, mine to use."
"Please," I grimaced, "let me live and I shall serve you." Whining, pleading, grovelling.
"I need no servant."
"Please," I begged. Really grovelling now, shameless and cowardly, snivelling lamentations.
"Do I need a servant wench Larry? I think not."
"Please let me live, please brave savage sir."
The sneer across his face sent no message of clemency and I knew I was finished, "Oh please don't hurt me, don't shoot me again." He laughed loudly, raucously and without humour.
"Hah hah hah!"
"Oh please."
The second bullet tore into my belly. More blood (fake) spilled between my clutched fingers and blood filled my gaping mouth and spilled in a thin trickle over my bottom lip and down my chin. I twisted and spasmed my nudity atop the stacked bodies of my poor companions and fellow models and my face distorted into the grimacing rictus of mortal pain. I could smell the familiar and well loved scents of persiring female skin and the tangy whiff of the faked stage blood which slicked all of our naked bodies and overlaying it all in subtle waves the unmistakeable smell of female sexuality, the smell of hot cunts! My own was tight and wet and, I realised with no sense of shame, very aroused.
"Oooo...oooh, Gods above, don't kill me." I whispered in my best whiny voice.
"Mine Barbanne mine." His voice, strong and clear and without pity, without compassion, penetrated the fog of my dying.
It was the last sound I heard.
I dropped backwards, my legs and arms shuddered and my legs twitched outward, spreading and stiffening and my arms dropped lifelessly to my sides, my body shuddered as though gripped by a dreadful ague and then my fingers clenched and unclenched and then curled into stifness, my head fell back and my mouth dropped open and my eyeballs rolled away and I spasmed with one last stiffening of every fibre before relaxing into the bonelessly limp finality of my demise, dead, dead as mutton.
Alex looked down at where I lay the last of the women to die. "Wretched snivelling wench," he said, "you dishonour your brave companions," and then he bent down and tore off my jeans, exposing my dribbly pussy nestled amid my soft white thighs and then grabbing a handful of my hair and one of my floppy arms he hauled my limped and bloody body up and threw me over his shoulder.
"Mine Barbanne, now you are mine."
Draped over his broad shoulder, ass in the air, pussy displayed, an arm encircling my thighs and my feet pointing down, toes curling up, arms swinging, fingers relaxed, hair bobbing, I was in my own heaven of playing dead. And I was also almost painfully randy. I wanted nothing more than for him to throw me up against a wall or down onto the ground and drive his big cock repetedly into my willing cunt.
Ah but no! All he did was carry me off and then set me down.
"God I want sex," I said, "I want sex and I want it with you and I want it now. I want you to fuck me and fuck me, over and over!"
"Behave Barb," he said.
Reluctantly I scrubbed the blood off of my hands so I wouldn't get it on the camera and then I photographed Dave and Alex and Larry as painted savages viciously stripping and then dragging the rest of the girls away for their wicked purposes.
When it was all over Alex came up to me, he looked kind of cute in his jocks masquerading as a loincloth and he said, "I hated my bit in that young lady. I was coming over as some sort of bestial brute."
"Oh and slaughtering and then slaying a heap of girls is polite behaviour?"
"You know what I mean and anyway, your character was a miserable, snotty, arrant coward."
"That's me lover."
"No it isn't. Who wrote this dreadful stuff?"
"It was Dave's idea with some help from Reeny."
"But who WROTE it?"
"I thought so."
I stayed horny all the way back and couldn't wait to get everything tidied up and dinner over and Loreen packed off to Dave's and Jade tucked in so that I could join Alex in bed.
"Now boy, I'm still horny as hell and I still want to be fucked."
"Barb, such language!"
"Well, is this better, I want you to put that dick of yours inside me and leave it there all night."
He sighed and I started working on him and up it rose and I used every trick I know to get him aroused and I know a few and soon his big glistening member was chocked inside me driving me absolutely wild with ecstasy.
True to my word I didn't let him have much sleep that night.