Part 79

Posted by Barbanne on April 30, 2003 at 23:50:47:



I decided to wipe out the horrors of Damian and his circle of the stones sect with a really nice dinner party.
And being as it was me what better sort of dinner than a "murder" mystery dinner.
I invited all of the girls and Larry and then set about cooking a really nice three course meal. My famous potato and leek soup to start, my apricot chicken supreme for mains and for dessert, my cherry mousse with ice cream.
That tied me up in the kitchen and although I prepared everything in advance as much as I could, I was going to be pretty fully engaged.
Loreen I co-opted as a serving wench.
Alex I cast as my policeman, DCI Al and Sandi and Roxie and Jade got the parts of corpses.
We all sat down to soup and DCI Al told us that he had been having problems with a serial killer known as the three courses killer and he regaled us with discussions of how ghastly this horror food murderer was.
We all had a jolly laugh and tucked into our soup and half way through that Jade suddenly said, "Ow I don't feel so good," rolled up her eyes and fell face down into her first course.
DCI Al jumped up and felt for a pulse and announced that she was dead! Poisoned!
The three course killer was amongst us.
Jade's body was carried off to the bedroom.
We moved onto the mains while DCI Al questioned people trying to determine the killer.
The lights went out and when they came back on Sandi was lying back in her chair, cross eyed and with her tongue hanging out and with her neck broken by someone of awesome strength.
DCI Al felt for signs of life but of course there were none and she joined Jade.
Nobody died in dessert and the DCI surmised that the killer had left.
Well fed, including Jade and Sandi who had been allowed to come back from the dead for long enough to finish their meals, and with coffee or a drink in hand we all trooped into the bedroom where Jade and Sandi were back in their roles as corpses lying side by side in panties only on the bed.
We all sat down to study them. (except I was in and out getting the meal cleaned up and the washing up done)
"Did anyone see anything unusual?" Alex asked.
They all racked their brains and said no.
Then he questioned them one at a time.
Sherilee, Jas, Roxie, Dave, Loreen, Deidre, Gabrielle, Irene and Larry.
Suddenly he looked around and said, "Where's Roxie?"
Nobody had noticed she was missing.
"In the can?" asked Larry.
"Nope," said Sherilee.
"Having a joint outside?" opined Gabrielle.
"We're not all like you love," said Irene.
Try the wardrobe," said Alex, DCI Al.
"Why the wardrobe?" I said between topping up coffees.
"Its always the wardrobe," and Alex opened it with a flourish and out fell Roxie in her panties, all purple faced and strangled and pokey tongued and starey eyed.
She was laid on the bed.
Alex, thoroughly enjoying his role, questioned everybody and they all got into the fun and everyone in turn examined the obliging corpses and gave their forensic opinions except Larry felt up both Sandi and Roxie and got ticked off and we all drank tea or coffee or something stronger (I was finished in the kitchen by now) and gave our verdicts.
Then we voted for the murderer and Larry got four votes and I got one and Sherilee got a couple and Alex even got one.
"OK," I said, "tell us who did it."
"Larry," said Alex.
"Why Larry?" I asked.
"Its always Larry," said the three dead bodies in unison.
Poor old Larry went red and we all had a good laugh and everyone agreed that this had been fun.
I packed them off and then Alex and Jade and Loreen and Dave and me had a late night last drink (tea for me) and tossed around the idea of doing this again but with a btter script and more dedicated characters.
Then I farewelled them all and dragged my darling to bed.
"You know what was missing tonight Barb?"
"What, tell me."
"You dead in your panties."
"Alex! You NEVER say things like that!"
"Well I did now."
"Hmmm, how about me dead without panties?"
"Not for them."
"No, just for you."
"Show me."
So I did.