Part 78

Posted by Barbanne on April 24, 2003 at 23:34:06:



I stood in the cottage Jade had described.
The guy called Damian stared at me and I could almost see his mind working "Is she or isn't she? Its almost too good to be true." A babe walks into their lives and wants to become an acolyte.
He should have remembered the old saying, "if it seems too good to be true, that's because it is."
But he fell for it.
"Alright Barbanne, welcome to the circle of the stones. We promise to make your life fuller and more meaningful. Go with Aurora and she will show you our ways. Tonight I will induct you."
"Fuck me more likely," I thought.

I had finally convinced Alex and Loreen to let me try this.
Jade had led us to the woods where the cottage lay. It had involved a trip out into the boonies and after we had scoped the place out they went off to find somewhere back on the highway where they could stay, establish a base and get food and a rest before coming back after dark. I felt sure I would be fairly safe during the day here and told them I would see what I could find in the way of evidence and we arranged to meet about nine o'clock.
Then I had walked right into the lion's den.

Aurora was a flake and she gushed about how great it was being in the circle as she called it and she showed me to a sort of bunk house out the back where the acolytes, they were all girls, bedded down. Unless of course they were with the big boss at the time and then they were in the cottage. Everyone wore a sort of robe thing and that was all, no undies nothing, just buck naked under this robe thing. I wondered how many of us acolytes suffered from cystitis. Aurora produced a robe which was about a ten and suited me and stood there admiring what she saw as I stripped naked and slipped on my robe. I could see as to how the girls amused themselves when not required by the master and wondered how someone like me hadn't run across this before, given I was a bit that way myself.
My chores were to be in the kitchen and Aurora asked if I could cook and when I said I could she seemed pleased and showed me the sort of stuff they ate. Most of it was veggie and that was what I was into so I told her truthfully that I could whip that up no problems.
She got me started on lunch.
There was about a dozen acolytes at any one time and so sort of innocent like I asked Aurora, "Do like any of the girls leave you know. Like after a while do they move on."
"Very rarely Barbanne. We all realise this is the way of the truth and that there is nothing more for us outside."
"Yeah but do any leave. Some must leave."
"Why do you ask?"
She was getting wary and sort of suspicious.
"Oh no reason," I said, "just I was in a club or something and I'm sure one of the girls there talked about having been here."
"Are you sure it was here?"
"Well, maybe it was somewhere else."
I reckoned I better not pursue this it was getting her sus and I didn't want to give them a reason to look at me too closely.
I did lunch along with two other girls and when someone said "Who will take Damian's food into the cottage?" I smiled all bright and breezy and anxious to please and said, "I'll do it."
I carried his stuff across. Heaps of it. The best too. It even had some nicely char grilled steak and nobody else got that I can assure you.
Damian was lounging around with a blonde babe, big busted and big hipped and stark naked. Neither of them batted an eyelid when I walked in and there was Damain robed and blondie in the buff.
"Thank you Barbanne, put it over there."
He pointed to a table and I set down the food.
"Do you want me to serve it?"
The blonde giggled."You want meat Damie?" she cupped a generous breast.
"Don't be disgusting Kaylene."
She pouted and I checked out the room. There were a heap of shelves and cupboards and some filing drawers and I dearly wanted to look in those.
I smiled and left and as I walked away I heard Kaylene making high pitched giggly noises and then grunty snorts.
Oh wow I looked forward to that.
Lunch over the place went a little quiet and some of the girls rested and some fucked (although this was discreet) and Aurora took me for a sort of Cook's tour of the property.
"So what do you guys do?" I asked.
"We commune."
"With earth, fire, air and water and with the spirits of the earth."
"Wow the spirits!"
"Of those gone before."
"Like those girls that left?"
She looked at me the way you look at a fresh dog turd.
"Those from the past who have moved to the astral plane."
"Ooooooooh......" Dumb as that dog turd that was me.
"Who are all these other girls Aurora?" I asked.
"Souls seeking redemption and enlightenment."
When we came back Aurora flicked off. She had been eyeing a red head who looked about fourteen although I'm sure she was older and I guessed I maybe had a moment or two to myself.
I sneaked over to the cottage. There was no sign of Damian and Kaylene was corpsed out on the bed in the bedroom snoring fit to bust. I figured that as well as love's sweet fruits she might have popped some stimulants. I tried the door, it was open. I slipped inside and went to the drawers that looked like a file. There were three drawers and none of them were locked. I peeked inside. Files. I flicked through them. Girls names, girls details, heaps of them, far more than the dozen or so I had seen.
One file was tagged "Defunct" I grabbed it out. As I flicked through I saw more sheets with girls names and details and then photos. I fingered through the photos and my blood went cold. Kaylene snorted and I froze, but she was just rolling over. This file looked like what I had come for. I took the contents out and replaced them with stuff taken at random from other files and then I closed the drawer.
Someone was coming.
I didn't know what to do with my booty.
I looked around.
No where.Not even a pair of panties to shove them in.
I bundled them together and shoved them into the space under the drawers.
Damian and another girl walked in.
"What are you doing here?"
"Sorry. Didn't mean to intrude. I was at a loose end and decided to explore and the door was open and then there was no-one here and I'm just going."
"Get out!"
I scuttled out.
I went back to the bunk house thinking how bloody smart I was and as I came out of the loo three girls I didn't know grabbed me and as I struggled one grasped a bunch of my hair and pulled my face back and another one punched me hard and I collapsed limply into their grip, knocked out cold.

I came back to consciousness and found myself stripped naked and spreadeagled against a wall, tied wrist and ankle to restraints. Damian was looking at me. The other girls were there. In the bedroom Kaylene was still naked and still on the bed only now she was dead.
Really dead!
There was blood everywhere.
"Now Barbanne, why are you here?"
"To join you. What the fuck is this. You punch me out, tie me up and now what and what's wrong with that girl over there?" I indicated Kaylene, "what have you done to her?"
"Defunct dear Barbanne. Surplus to requirements. As you will shortly be. Just how shortly depends on how helpful you are. Now who sent you?"
"No one."
"Why are you here?"
"To join your group."
He hit me and I tossed my cookies and then he hit me again and then the door flew open and Alex and about a zillion cops filled the room and the girls screamed and Loreen appeared and then Jade and Damian was down on the floor cuffed and it was all too much and I subsided into a faint.
When I came too a minute or two later I was free of my bonds and in Alex's arms and the cops were in my face and I retrieved my files from under the drawers and watched as the cops leafed through them and saw what I had seen, the photos of girls all dead. I know playing dead and so I know real dead.
Alex and Loreen and Jade took me home.
I was truly sore from where I got hit but on the way back I had to know what happened.
"Jade got us going," said Alex, "she said she felt you were in trouble and so we decided to come earlier than planned and I," he looked pleased, "finally had my way and involved the cops.
I was sort of in a state of shock but the next day I went and made a full statement to the police. They had the stuff I had found and all of their missing persons files out and most damning they had Kaylene. It turned out she wasn't dead just messed up a lot and singing like a bird. (hell that's corny) A lot of girls like Jade were dead though and Damian and his circle of stones crew were going away for quite a while.
Like life, not that that necessarily means all of life here.
As for me, I was finished with heroics for ever. Back to work with Playdead I reckoned.
Strangely the girls who had become victims of Damian's didn't seem real to me and the whole thing seemed surrealistic and the horrors I had seen in the files were just like pictures in a police magazine or something.
I didn't really connect any of it to the fantasy stuff we did and my own fantasies stayed as strong as ever, in fact my beating at Damian's hands perversely appealed to my submission desires.
I am one wierd chick!!!!!
But then I've told you that before.
Time to move on. Or back. Back to what I know I can do.
God knows how Supergirl or Lara does it.