Part 77

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"So is this a harem you're building here Barb?" said Alex as he surveyed me and Loreen and Jade making up a bed for Jade. Jade had tried to hide her bruised neck with a high collared top and make up but I knew both he and Loreen had seen it.
"If it is its your harem you lucky boy."
Loreen grinned and Jade smiled.
"Its just that I like to help my lady friends when they have a spot of bother.
"Oh I know," he said and walked upstairs.
"Hey hang on," I said.
"Something on your mind Barb?"
"I want to talk to you."
"Its going to take a little while."
"Can it wait until later. Sherilee's coming in to do that set of yours and Dave's already here."
"Damn! Can't someone else do it."
"I don't think so. I imagine Jade's not up to much right now and the set as you wrote it will require both you and Loreen."
I knew he was right. "OK, but can I come and see you the minute we're finished?"
"I'll be here all day."
The set he was talking about was one that grew in my mind out of my two recent cowgirl ideas. This time Sherilee was to be a bandit queen who gets gunned down in a shootout with one of her gang members and then because she has the secret map to the gang's hideout and to their stash of loot tattooed on her bum they have to hang on to her body to avoid the law getting hold of it. Sherilee arrived and we stuck a tat onto her left buttock, actually it was a little green tree frog but we hoped that as long as the camera picked up a tat that would suffice.
I was to be the other gang member involved in the shootout and Loreen made up our team of banditti.
We all got costumed up in low rise hippy jeans and loose shirts that were left hanging open so that seductive glimpses of bare breasts would be offered and to finish off, high heeled boots and gunbelts and hats. Loreen was tall enough she didn't need heels and so wore flats and she and Sherilee had the sleeves torn out of their shirts while mine had short sleeves as part of it.
Sherilee was arguing with us girl gangers and the argument became a fist fight and then the fight became a gunfight and Sherilee spun away and went for her shooter and I skipped backwards and went for mine. For just about the first time ever in one of these sets I was faster. (must have been why I wrote it) and my gun cleared its holster and came up shooting. (Spitting hot lead maybe!!) Sherilee still hadn't gotten hers right up and my bullet got her right between the eyes.
Down she went hard and fast, like kerploppo!!!! and it was all over.
Hamming it up I blew smoke from my gun barrel and walked over and kicked her to make sure she was dead.
Sure enough she was.
Dead as meat!
I stooped down and untied her gun belt and tossed it. Then I hauled off her boots, stripped off her shirt, (her hat was lying in the dust aways off) and finally tugged her jeans down and off. Poor Sherilee was not only dead, she was nekkid too!
"Let's dump her in the ravine," I said to Loreen.
"Hey Barb ain't you forgetting something?"
"The map."
"The map???"
"Tattooed on her ass."
"Oh shit yeah."
I squatted down beside Sherilee. She was lying on her back doing dead magnificently. I found I was perving a bit. I've told you Sherilee has a well fed maturity about her body and it was her curvy flesh, her soft breasts, her well defined mons and her wide and pneumatic ass that my eyes lingered on.
Damn it Barb I told myself, get over it we're just playing, posing for the camera.
But god she was lovely. Sexy in a grown up way. Very sexy.
"Give me a hand then," I said to Loreen, "we'll take her with us."
Loreen got hold of Sherilee's ankles and I got behind her and slipped my arms under her shoulders and we lifted her up. Being as how she had to be dead throughout Sherilee had, after talking it over before we started, decided to play it with her eyes shut and her mouth open. Easier then trying to stay starey eyed as that can get very tiring after a whole morning or whatever.
We carried her over and dumped her onto her horse, face down, ass up drooping and dangling and with her hair trailing.
(Didn't actually have horses this time as it was a studio shoot but we had rigged up a pretty good prop and with tight camera angles it was made to look convincing.)
Me and Loreen rode off with Sherilee bouncing along behind. When we stopped to give the horses a blow we took her down and flopped her down on the big, round, smooth rocks of bonking butte. Sherilee could do a great gaping mouth, her lower jaw just hung open ever so loosely and she looked quite credibly done for. I noticed that she had had heaps of dental work done to her back teeth and they were as much amalgam as tooth. We got Sherilee back on her ride and continued on. When we stopped that night Loreen and I laid Sherilee out by the campfire while we ate our baked beans and then took her to bed with us, her bare, stiffish body tucked in between Loreen and me.
So we continued on our western saga. Two live bandit girls and a third one who was sort of dead as a post.
We used Sherilee for all sorts of stuff. As an extra pillow, as a foot rest, as a cuddly bed warmer and as a very willing partner, helplessly so actually.
At last Dave, who was directing as well as photographing, announced that he had all he wanted and had milked the set for all it was worth and we got changed while he finished up and I headed upstairs to talk to Alex. Jade had sat quietly watching us shoot the bandit girl set and now I towed her along behind me to see Alex. Loreen was helping Dave clean up and put stuff away ready for the next time and I told her to join us when she was free.
I knocked on Alex's door and he said, "Come in Barb."
I pushed the door open and Jade and I went in.
"Hmmm, this looks official."
"No, its not a delegation from the models union or anything," I said, "its something I want to talk to you about."
He looked at me with that inscrutable expression he sometimes gets. "OK."
I looked at Jade.
"We're going to do something about Damian and his gang otherwise you will never feel safe."
She nodded.
"Alex," I said, "Jade's got a big problem and we have to help her."
He inclined his head to say go on.
"She did something foolish that she greatly regrets," here I saw him gazing at her horribly panty hose bruised neck, "and when you hear her story you'll understand why she felt she had to do that and why we have to help her close off a bad chapter in her life and also probably save others from similar problems happening in the future."
"Go on," he said.
"Jade tell him what you told me."
Jade told her story and I saw Alex narrow his eyes at certain of the more harrowing passages.
"This is a job for the police," he said when she had finished.
"Not without evidence."
"And how will you get that? And anyway isn't Jade's story enough?"
I took a deep breath.
"Alex, I was going to do this off my own bat but decided to come to you."
"Well I'm glad you did. Going off half cocked is so you and this sounds dangerous."
"I'm going to get the evidence we need."
"As I said, I think this is a job for the police. Anyhow what do you think you can do?"
"I'll pose as an acolyte. Get into the sect and get whatever I can. Then we go to the cops."
"On your own?"
"Yes on my own. Any more than one might be suspicious."
"And what do we do?"
"I want you close at hand. When I get what I want I need to be able to get out quick."
"So," I said, "Tomorrow I join the circle of the stones."
Alex looked dubious. "I still think we should involve the police."
"Sure. As soon as I have enough evidence to put these guys away."