Part 76

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"Oh Jade," I said, "this is terrible. Struth I thought my life sucked but this is really dreadful."
She sort of smiled almost more of a sneer than a smile and she said, "It gets worse."
"I'll make more tea."
"Can I have a coffee?"
I made tea and coffee and we settled down again. Jade sipped her coffee and I could see in her eyes that she was back there, back where she had been so hurt and brutalised when she was far too young to handle it. I knew what she felt. I too had suffered. But, I thought, my story was one of neglect, her's was a true nightmare.

Jade was out for hours.
Her faint turned into a small coma and then progressed to exhausted sleep.
When she finally awoke she found herself lying on a couch covered with a blanket. She peered around and realised with a shock that she was back in the little cottage where she had been almost drowned. Two women came in and she recognised them as two of those whom she had run into sitting around the fire.
"Ah, you're awake," said one of them, "good, Damian will be pleased."
Jade pulled the blanket around her and watched in fear as the rest of the robed types slowly entered the hut. The tall guy was last and as she looked at him the truth clicked.
"You tried to kill me," she shouted.
"Sshhh girl, Damian does only good."
"Fuckin' bullshit. He held me underwater until he thought I was dead and then he fucked me."
The women looked pained.
"Dear girl, Damian does only good. He recognised you as a lost soul and baptised you to our beliefs. We of the circle of the stones are the true inheritors of the earth and you have been chosen to be saved from yourself."
"Fuckin' crap. That man held me underwater until he thought I was dead and then he fucked me thinking he was fuckin' my dead body. He's one of them necrothings, you know, a necro.....ah shit he fucked me thinking I was dead."
"Dear girl," said the woman, "Damian exchanged his seed with you as he has with all of us and we are the better for it."
"He's a fuckin' murderer."
"No he is not," the woman was angry now, "you are or were a wretched slut and he has started you on the path to redemption."
"What is your name girl?" said the man she now knew to be Damian.
"Lot you fuckin' care."
The woman struck Jade rattling her teeth.
"Answer Damian girl."
Jade stared around at them sullenly.
"Jade," she said.
"Well Jade you are now one of Damian's acolytes."
For six months Jade remained with the circle of the stones cultists. In all that time she was virtually a prisoner. During the days she was made to carry out basic chores around the cottage and the rest of the encampment where the group dwelt. By night she was locked up in the basement below the cottage and she then became the sex slave of anyone and everyone. Mostly it was Damian whose desires were many and varied, but often it was the others both men and women. She would be held down while any one of them had their way with her. On plenty of occasions more than one at a time would use her. It was rape pure and simple and Jade was raped repeatedly.
Despised by everyone, made to feel totally subservient, forced to live in squalor and used as meat by her captors Jade's self confidence evaporated, her self esteem withered and she became their slave in all ways.
The man Damian used her abominably and her one constant was her hatred of him. His sexual appetites were cruel and bestial in the extreme and he used her in every way that it is possible for a brutal man to use a helpless woman. On numerous occasions he took her to the brink of death before his climaxes were achieved. He debased her and thoroughly abused her and she sank into a torpor of despair.
Her chance to escape came one night after she had been subjected to a particularly bad session with Damian and two of his female acolytes. When they left they were as exhausted as she was degraded. Her foggy brain registered that as they left she did not hear the usual loud click that told her they had locked the trapdoor leading to the basement which was really more of a stone cellar than a room in the normal sense. Jade lay for a long time, beaten, worn out and defeated and it was only when she thought that if they hadn't locked her in she might escape that she forced herself to sit up and dress and then, standing on the ladder stair, try the cellar trapdoor. It was unlocked and as she pushed it up.
It moved.
She peered out.
It opened into the main room and the others were sleeping. Damian slept in the bedroom, the others, unless any of the women were required by their master, slept on the floor of this main room. Jade cracked the trap door and everyone seemed to be asleep. She pushed the trap higher grimacing as the hinges squeaked loudly or so it seemed to her. She clambered out as quietly as she could. They all slept on. She crossed to the front door trying to make as little noise as possible and thought she had made it when suddenly one of the women sat up, moaned and looked straight at her. Jade froze. But then the woman opened her mouth to cry out and Jade was moved to action. No way was she staying here. No way. She stepped forward and with all of her pent up frustration and loathing behind it she hit the woman right between the eyes. The woman slumped back like a pole axed ox and for a moment Jade was sure she had killed her. Then she saw the woman's breasts rising and falling very slowly and knew she was just out. Well not just out, gone for the night actually and going to wake up with a horrible headache.
Jade slipped out the door and didn't stop running until she was back in town and there she took to doing whatever she could until she finally ended up here with us at Playdead.

I put my arms around Jade and hugged her.
"Jade I want you to let me help you. I've been through some shit myself and there is a better future possible."
"Do you think so Barb?"
"I don't know."
"Hey girl, be positive."
"I'll try."
"That's the way."
"Barb I have to go. I haven't told that story to anyone before and I didn't know how much it would hurt."
"Jade it will go away."
"Will it?"
She stood up and the look on her face broke my heart. This girl was hurting, she was injured and it was going to be hard to fix. We hugged again and she went. At the door she turned to me and said, "Barb, you're a good friend and I'm sorry."
"Don't be," I said and then she was gone.
I sat there thinking. Wow that was bad. Then I thought again of the look of utter hopelessness on her face as she turned to me when she left..........Jade it will go away.....................will it.....................................
Panic washed over me like an icy douche.
"Jade!" I said out loud.
I ran out to our front desk and grabbed the book and looked up the address Jade had given us. It was a room in a boarding house not a half kilometre away. I shouted to Alex that I was going out and took off at a run. I arrived at Jade's address breathless and knackered. I ran into the lobby and checked her number. Second floor rear. I took the stairs two at a time. At the top I looked around wildly, orienting myself and then ran down the corridor. "Hey make a noise why don't you?" someone shouted. I found Jade's door, 211, I banged on it. No answer. I tried the handle and it was open.
Shouting "Jade are you there?" I pushed inside.
She had tied two pair of panty hose together and tied them to the fan in the ceiling and she was hanging half off the floor, twisting and writhing and quite blue in the face. For some reason she had stripped down to a pair of blue panties and nothing else.
Shouting something, "you stupid bitch,' I think I flew across the room and grabbed her under her armpits and lifted her up until the panty hose went slack. She was frothing at the mouth and her lips were blue and her face was mottled and her eyes were rolled back and I held her in one arm while I used my free hand to rip the pantyhose noose from her neck. I laid her on the floor and covered her mouth with mine and blew into her lungs. I stopped and pounded her chest. Then I blew again. She looked even darker in the face to me if that was possible. I pounded her chest again bashing between her boobs.
Suddenly she coughed and spat out heaps of spittle and then her body wracked with a convulsion and she threw up coffee and tea all over both of us.
I slapped her face and then blew into her mouth again. She started coughing again and then she slumped into my arms and started crying.
"You fucking stupid little bitch," I shouted. "You won't beat anything by taking the easy way out you stupid stupid........." I realised I was shouting at her in relief and stopped and said, "Please Jade, this is never the answer."
Then we both cried.
When we had our emotions under control Jade looked a hell of a lot better colour but she had a monumental bruise mark around her neck and her eye sockets and lips were puffy and bluish black and she was horribly contrite.
"Oh Barb, why did I do that? It just seemed I couldn't go on.............."
"Oh Barb, jeez how embarrasing. God why did I do that? I wish you'd let me die."
"Don't be totally fucking stupid."
"Oh what did you think? What do you think? Coming in and finding me twisting around like that."
"I thought I will not let this girl die. And I won't. And I will never tell what happened here today and neither will you."
She snivelled.
"Jade," I said, touching her, "are these the blue panties you had when..............?"
She nodded miserably.
I took her shoulders.
"You get dressed and then you are coming back to live with me."
She nodded without looking up.
"And Jade we are going to find Damian and we are going to close that chapter."