Part 75

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Her father only stayed for two weeks after she was conceived.
When her teenaged mother finally gave birth Jade was fortunate that her mother's combined alchohol and substance abuse during her pregnancy had not caused any long lasting damage. As it turned out after six months beating an addiction to crack the little girl grew into a bright and inquisitive child with a huge desire to help herself.
She woke one morning at age three to find her mother dead in the bed alongside her from a final fatal combination of drugs and booze.
Jade was placed in care.
She found herself growing up in surroundings totally lacking in love and she grew to be known as a problem child. She was relocated again and again. Devout christian foster parents loaded her with the sins of her mother and tried their best to destroy the little girl's self esteem. She rebelled and was institutionalised.
By now she was eight years old and her schooling was patchy at best.
She was ten when she was first abused.
By her carers.
It developed into a pattern that continued throughout her teenage years. She became listless and defeated and her self confidence died and she lost all interest in learning and what was worse she lost interest in herself. She wondered constantly why she was so wicked and why she deserved such punishment.
At fifteen she fled the constant abuse and fell in with Dwayne. Ten years older than her he took her into his trailer hovel and, telling her he loved her, continued the abuse. Jade's self esteem sank ever lower and her personal habits suffered and she became totally down trodden and beaten in spirit. She knew Dwayne was using drugs and she hated that. Her mother's death had left her with an utter hatred of drugs and drinking and no matter how bad her circumstances became she determined that she would never succumb to these twin evils. Constantly miseable she knew she must leave Dwayne and find herself another life. No matter what, nothing could be much worse than what she was enduring, or so she thought.
Then one winter's day she returned from her job at the roadhouse cafe a bag of groceries in her hands. She used her butt to bump the door open and turned to put the shopping bag on the little kitchen work top.
It dropped from her hands as she took in the scene inside the trailer. Dwayne was propped back on the lounge and his checked work shirt was drenched in blood. Blood spattered on the dirty cream vinyl lounge and dripped onto the floor. Jade screamed as the big man standing over Dwayne lurched towards her. She spun around and clawed for the door handle. His hands grasped her hair and jerked her back. She felt herself pulled into his big soft gut and she lashed out with her fists trying to pound him with backward blows.
"Now li'l gal that aint friendly," he said.
"What have you done? What have you done?"
"Now don't struggle girlie I've saved you a heap of trouble, done you a favour actually."
"I gotta help Dwayne."
His hand smacked against her head and she reeled from the blow.
"Don't you worry none about Dwayne."
"You've killed him, you've fuckin' killed him."
Jade was seeing stars and she half sobbed, "whattaya want?"
"Want you to shut up baby."
"Fuckin' murderer!" Her voice rose with every syllable.
"Shut up girlie!"
The man still held Jade's hair in his huge paw and he slammed her head first into the aluminium stripped bulkhead of the trailer.
Her head spun and then he hauled her back and smashed her into it again. She went down like a sack of wheat.
When she started coming back she could taste blood in her mouth and her head was fuzzy and her brain throbbed and she could hear voices and noises. She sat up with a jerk. She had been lying face down on the floor of the trailer and her hair was soaked in her own blood and a small pool of it stained the linoleum. As her eyes focussed Jade could see that Dwayne was dead. His upper body was covered in blood and flies were buzzing around his torn chest. His lower jaw hung down and blood spilled out from between his crooked yellow teeth. His eyes were dull and lifeless and fixed on some place way past her. Two packets of white powder lay on the coffee table in front of him. He had pissed his pants. Jade struggled to get up. She had been lying in a mess of broken eggs and spilled sugar and flattened bread and other detritus from her dropped shopping bag. She gained her feet swaying and shaking, her head bashing at the confines of her skull.
Then she saw it!
The serrated edged knife that had been used to kill Dwayne lay beside where she had lain, its blade covered in blood and she just knew that her fingerprints were all over it. She stumbled over and peered out of the grimy window and there amongst the weeds and overgrown grass were two cop cars and officers grouped around them.
Jade panicked.
She grabbed up the knife and darted over to where the rumpled bed was and forced the small horizontal window above it open. She scrambled up and thanked the lord she was small and skinny as she squeezed herself out. Her boobs scraped painfully against the metal siding of the trailer and just for an instant her bum was caught in the too small opening. Pushed by desperation she rammed herself through and dropped to the ground below.
She ran.
She had made maybe a hundred metres when she heard the cops crash into the trailer. She dashed into a line of trees and fled in pure panicked terror. When she could run no more she paused and sucked in air and took in her surroundings. She was in the woods at the back of town and she ran into the stream that fed the mill and sloshed along in the water. As she passed a deep water hole she tossed the knife.
Jade walked on wondering what she looked like. Dishevelled, blood caked hair, food stained clothes and she didn't doubt that her face would be showing the horrors of the past hour. She had no money, she couldn't go back to the trailer where her few pitiful possessions were and she couldn't go back to her job at the roadhouse. She was on her own.
She saw the cottage, more of a hut really, in amongst the trees and made her way there. It looked deserted. Maybe she could clean up in there, make herself less conspicuous and try to get a handle on what she was going to do next. She approached it cautiously but it looked deserted. Finally she plucked up courage and approached the front door. Nobody hailed her nor did she see any signs of life. She stood on the front porch and knocked tentatively on the door, ready to run for it if anything untoward happened.
She tried the door and found it unlocked.
She pushed it open and went inside. The cottage had a living room with a stone fireplace and a bedroom off of that and a tiny bathroom at the back. The kitchen was a bench with a sink and a cooker all located in the living room and the laundry was obviously in the bath or maybe outside. She looked around and saw no-one. She stripped out of her wet and dirty clothes and hung them on the porch. Dressed only in panties she started cleaning herself up in the bathroom and noticing a tiny bath tub she decided on impulse to fill it and wash properly. She set the taps to running to fill the bath. While that was doing she scouted out the cottage. It was mighty spartan and she decided it was maybe just a weekender or perhaps some lonely bachelor dude lived there. She found the makings of a cup of tea and had that while the tub filled. She turned off the taps and not wanting to abuse the absent owner's hospitality she washed up her cup and some other dishes she found on the sink.
She went back to the little bathroom and stooped over the tub to test the temperature of the water.
Suddenly she had an impression of a tall dark figure looming over her and before she could turn fully or do anythingto protect herself, hands pushed on her back and gripped her hair and her face was forced under the surface of the water.
"What the fuck," she thought.
Then she tried to say "Let me go," but only swallowed a gut full of water.
She struggled, fought, and twisted every which way but the hands gripping her hair and forcing her head down were powerful strong. Then as she started to fight for breath it dawned on her that whoever it was was determined to kill her. She kicked and bucked one last time but it was no good. He, or she, was way to strong for Jade. She knew she was going and in desperation decided to play possum. Letting a gust of bubbles go she suddenly went limp and slack and flopped over the side of the tub her head still under water. The hand holding her hair dragged her backward and she peeked from between squinted eyelashes at her tormentor. A thin bearded guy dressed in rough dark clothes and in his eyes, which peered from a bearded and unkempt face, she saw the gleaming light of madness. She stayed limped right out. Her panties were saturated and would, she knew, be quite transparent. The guy stuck her head back under the water and held it there but she had managed to suck in some air and held this, letting only tiny amounts trickle into her lungs. At last he pulled her out and dumped her on the floor. He dragged her panties off and as he fumbled with his zipper she knew he was going to rape what he believed to be her corpse.
She blanked her mind and let him do it and his huge cock rasped inside her before he eventually shot his load into her dry and unwilling cunt. He grasped her hair and in excruciating agony hauled her body into the living room, her panties down around her ankles.
He dumped her heavily and disappeared.
She listened and heard him go outside.
She pulled her panties back up and cursing that she had hung her clothes outside ran back into the bedroom and climbed out through the window, her second of the day, and ran as fast as she could back into the trees.
Staggering along a dirt track, filthy and battered and dressed only in saturated pale blue panties she stumbled around a corner and almost fell into a group of men and women sitting around an open fire.
She registered that they wore wierd robe type clothes and then a tall guy stood up and said, "Well, what have we here."
That seemed really dumb to Jade and she started to smile and then she went grey and then black and slumped forward.
She saw two women from the group reach out to her and then she hit the ground and it was all over for her.