Part 73

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A period of change was rolling over Playdead.
The first I knew was when I came up from the front office one morning to find Sibyl in with Alex.
"Barb," said Alex, "come in. Sibyl is leaving us."
"Oh bugger," said I.
Sibyl smiled that madonna-ish smile and said, "I'm leaving the city to head up an ashram up on the north coast."
"An ashram?"
"For those who desire the contemplative life Barb."
"Not a coven eh?"
She laughed.
"I'm hoping that when I'm established you'll come up young lady, I think a week under my tutelage would do you the world of good."
"You're brave Sibyl," said Alex.
"Oh Alex," she turned to him, "you have a wierd but precious little imp here and you want to treasure her."
"I do."
By now I was in tears and I grabbed them and hugged them both.
Sarah announced that she and Watson were engaged and were going north to seek fame and fortune. I reckoned they'd actually find stinking heat, crushing humidity and red necks. We wished them well.
Then Sara told us that she had found a new partner and as a single mum she wanted to give this new relationship every chance and Playdead wasn't in the plan.
I was starting to feel deserted.
Then a few days later in a tearful farewell Alexis told Alex and me that she had developed something nasty, that I still don't want to think about, and was going back to the small town where her mother and father, both well into their seventies, still lived. I knew she was going to die and I was amazed how uncertain and frightened she had become. I suppose I had always thought of her as a tough chick and one who had been around the traps and her parting really shook me up and made me very blue for a while.
Alex loved me through it and as we were a bit short of models now, I started advertising again.
The response was good as times were a bit tough and the flat economy meant that heaps of young girls had few if any prospects and were keen to supplement their meagre incomes by whatever means they could.
I lined up four new "deadie" babes.
Deidre was a plump and pretty brunette with the whitest most unblemished skin I had ever seen. She was short, about my height and had a super figure but just a tad well fleshed.
Jade was a fag smoking redhead (somewhat false and bottle assisted) with a skinny body and a sharpish face and a relevantly foul mouth who, despite her young age, had been dragged through the hoops backward and was up for doing absolutely anything.
Gabrielle and Irene were two girls of Italian descent who came in together. They were enough alike to pass for sisters, both tanned, brown skinned, brown eyed, black haired babes and both were great personalities. Irene was small, my height again, with a cute face dominated by a big nose and a neat figure and a killer smile and Gabrielle was a head taller and willowy and smashingly good looking.
Ten out of ten babe.
When I met Irene and was signing her up my mind went click and the lights went on and I thought "Goodnight Irene."
I had her first picture set running through my imagination like a movie and asked her would she and Gabrielle like to do something in the next day or two and she said, "Yeah," and I explained the very simple plot of "Goodnight Irene,' and they both giggled fit to bust and said they were up for it as soon as I wanted.
So here we were two days later in our studio with Dave on camera and me as script girl and Loreen doing make up and props.
We'd hired costumes and Gabrielle and Irene were outfitted in gym boots, satin shorts and boxing gloves and bare breasts, Gabrielle was predominantly blue and Irene sported basic red and they were ready to rumble.
The studio looked like a boxing ring and the girls were into round one.
Loreen in a g-string did a walk on as a round card girl.
Gabrielle and Irene whaled away at each other and soon overcame their initial stiffness and had the time of their lives.
In round three Gabrielle unleashed a sizzler of an uppercut and Irene took it on the chin and went down hard and starfished and out for the full count.
Which Loreen administered.
Dave must have shot a hundred pictures of Irene in dreamland, stopping only when her giggles were making her tummy quiver in a most un knocked out like fashion.
Loreen and Gabrielle and I carried Irene's limped out bod into the change rooms (our studio with a towel over the table) and Loreen, still in her g-string only, stripped Irene nude and she and Gabrielle, who had shed her gloves, worked over Irene who stayed completely "unconscious" throughout, with lots of baby oil.
Vereeeeeeeeeeee sexy!
I was really rapt with the first performance of Gabrielle and Irene, especially Irene. They were both so good at this and together they were a fabulous double act.
In the following days we did sets with all of our new girls. Deidre despite being the whitest skinned girl I had ever seen, (it was like she had never been out in the sun), had a sort of circulation problem and although it was nothing serious it meant that when the studio was really cold, and it was a lot of the time, Deidre would go blue in the hands and feet and around her extremities. With a little added make up this meant that she was the most perfect corpse of all the girls I had worked with. I shot a set of her as a mortuary customer with Loreen doing the mortician. Scene opened with Deidre on our slab covered with a white sheet. Loreen rolled this down to reveal this nude girl ever so slightly blue and looking well gone. Loreen then worked on the corpse and Deidre was also very good at allowing herself to be manipulated and not showing the slightest signs of independent movement. Her corpse on a slab set was nigh perfect, in fact when I ran it through for Alex and Dave at the end of the day, Alex said, "If I didn't know better I'd think that girl was well and truly really dead. Then he turned to Loreen and said, "She wasn't actually dead was she Loreen? After all you were handling her and so you'd know. She was play acting wasn't she?"
He looked at me.
"That Barbanne didn't talk you into killing the poor girl to make it look better did she? Or maybe knocking her out cold with some drug, there have been instances in the past when........."
"No, of course not," laughed Loreen, "Deidre came in, stripped off, laid down and played dead and then she got up and got dressed and had tea with Barb and I."
"You're sure eh?"
"Oh Alex."
"I won't go down and find her dead in the fridge now will I?"
I was looking outraged and Loreen started laughing and then giggling wildly and she said between hiccups, "Well, maybe we should check just in case."
Alex was grinning.
While in mortuary mood we got Jade to play a corpse in a repeat of Deidre's performance. We fitted her up with a bullet hole in the skull. When Loreen, still playing the mortician, uncovered Jade I knew we had another winner. Jade looked so wasted that, although she wasn't as good as Deidre at the corpsed out bit, she certainly looked the part with her skinny angular frame and hawkish face and she had bags under her eyes that a fifty year old would have been proud of and when I saw her laid out I also noticed that her pussy had none of the virginal qualities that most girls her age would have had and that indeed despite her relative youth she had the looseness that bespoke an extremely active sex life. What a little slag! One after my own heart. I decided then that I'd have to spend time getting to know her and finding out her story and maybe swapping experiences.
Gabrielle and Irene came back in and did a two girls get done in at the same time type set.
Irene was a bar maid and Gabrielle was a drunken customer and Larry, yeah Larry was still around, was a dude who watched a small disagreement between barmaid and customer become a scratchy scratch girl fight and when it got vicious he tossed a knife into the mix and the girls ended up stabbing each other with the same blade. Of course in the meantime they'd ripped each other's clothes off and finished the set naked and bloody and lying in a little pile of two on the bar room floor.
Sounds ghastly doesn't it but it actually was achieved with quite a deal of difficulty as both girls giggled madly and shots had to be done over and over because one or other girl when being stabbed or slashed would be grinning all over her face.
I don't know, I know its lots of fun doing this most times but you have to wonder occasionally whether the amount of film we waste would be considered efficient somewheres else.
Alex and Dave and Loreen and I edited all of this stuff ready for posting and then decided to go out and feed ourselves at the local Chinese joint.
While the boys were waiting and Loreen and I were piling on the war paint and having last and then very last nervous wees, I said to her, "Reeny how's it going with Dave?"
"Fantastic Barb. I think there's maybe something happening for both of us, I certainly know there is for me."
I applied lippy and rolled my lips together and said, "How's the sex?"
"Not that its any business of yours but its terrific."
It was on the tip of my tongue to say, he's good isn't he, but I sensibly bit it back. Best not tell my best friend I had shagged her boyfriend even though it was before she came on the scene.
"OK, you'll tell me if you're going to do something dumb like get married and piss me off."
"I may move in with him Barb, but marriage is a no no and I've no plans to leave Playdead as long as you can afford to keep me on."
"Yeah well who knows. We can always go back to waitressing."
"There's always openings."
"I think we're doing alright, I never ask actually, leave that all to Alex."
"Well," she said smoothing a tight skirt over a nice bum, "better go and rescue them."
"Yep," I took a last look in the mirror, "Suppose so."
We walked outside.
"Da da," I pirouetted.
"About bloody time."
"Jeez Alex darling you say the nicest things."
I grabbed his arm and said, "Well was it worth the wait."
He looked at me and said, "I'm hungry."
With a hugely theatrical sigh I said to Loreen, "Isn't Alex romantic Reeny, hope Dave can come up with something better."
"I'm pretty hungry too," said Dave grinning.
Loreen mock punched his arm and we went.
Life at Playdead was good.