Part 72

Posted by Barbanne on April 03, 2003 at 22:42:44:



I was catching up on stuff. You know the sort of stuff you don't really want to do but finally a day comes when you have to do it. Loreen was helping me. After our steamy sex scenes at "Girls, Girls, Girls," we had both drawn back a bit, not actually embarrassed or anything, but surprised I think at the level of lust we had felt for each other when we had lowered our inhibitions. I mean I still loved Alex to distraction and Loreen and Dave were dating regularly, but we had discovered some form of sapphic love that just couldn't be denied. Not that we were doing anything about it. It just sat there between us like an unspoken thought.
"Hey Reeny," I said, "ever thought about how it would be to leave a message with your victim?"
"What," she said, "are you talking about Barb?"
"Well, you know how we do death fantasies? How about the killer uses the victim as a sort of bulletin board for his or her thoughts?"
"Well I was reading about the face painting competition for littlies this weekend in the park and that got me thinking."
"Explain it to me Barb."
Just then Dave came in.
I told him and Loreen my great idea and they looked at each other like, "Who's got a screw loose then?" but I was not to be put off and so told Dave to get his camera while Loreen got the "blood" and I got stripped.
So here I was the victim.
Good victim pose.
Nude of course and sprawled across the bed, arms straight out to the sides as though crucified and legs straight out and widely parted.
Pots of fake blood available and already I had been decorated with a nice bullet hole between my eyes and an ooze of blood from out of my mouth (which was gaping) and down over my chin to pool on my neck.
Loreen was using "my" blood to write on my bare tummy.
I AM DEAD, she wrote first.
(And I was..................,playing dead anyway)
Dave filmed me from all around.
Then she added a word to read HI! I AM DEAD.
Dave shot that too.
Then she cleaned that off and wrote, SLAIN SLUT on my tum. Dave shot that. Then followed;
DEAD CUNT. (My favourite.)
By this time Dave had heaps of pictures of me advertising my deadness. Then for some added variety Loreen stripped off and posed beside me spread out on the bed and my tummy read, I AM DEAD, and hers read, ME TOO!
What a laugh.
That evening I watched the results of my photo session. The best thing about this fake blood we had used is that it doesn't dry out all sticky and yicky like real blood so all of my messages looked shiny and glisteny and, well, sexy.
I became aware that Alex was standing there looking at the screen.
"Oh Barb," he said, "I thought you were over all that self hate stuff?"
"I am."
"You are? Isn't that DEAD BITCH I'm reading?"
"And for god's sake, DEAD CUNT, that's dreadful."
"Darling I will always find self humiliation a big turn on and an essential part of my fantasies, but believe me that's all it is now, the self loathing that drove me once is truly gone."
"Oh well, if you say so. I should know enough to trust you I guess."
"And love me."
"God help me I do that."
"Then what's your problem?"
"Nothing I suppose but Barb......................"
Yes my lord and master."
I mean to say............., DEAD CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"You know," I said, "this has given me an idea."
"Gawd preserve us."
And that's why we were here the following weekend, all seven of us laid out over the bed, side by side like so many skinned rabbits or dead ducks, feet dangling over one side of the bed, arms dangling over the other and all wearing forehead bullet holes and displaying this sign written in "blood" on seven bare tummies.
WE, on Sherilee, ARE, on Jas, ALL, on Sara, D, on Roxie, E, on Sarah, A, on Sandi, D, on me.
The magnificently lifeless seven!

Later that day I did a set with Alexis.
In it I was a jealous lover of hers and when I found out she had had an affair with a man!!! (yekkk!) I talked her into a steamy session of erotic asphyxia or breathless sex. When we were deeply into that, me doing the strangling and her accepting both my restricting her airway and stimulating her pussy, I took my revenge and finished her off by strangling her for real and to the death.
Have I ever told you how much I admire an older woman who has kept herself in shape. Its something I hope I can manage to do as time catches up with me. Most of our girls are fairly young, on the sunny side of thirty and have the gorgeous bodies of young people with none of the work that is required later on. But Alexis whom I knew was over forty had kept herself in such good nick that she had retained her womanliness and yet to it was added the voluptuousness of maturity. She had small rolls and creases where her limbs made contact and fine lines around the eyes and mouth and looked lived in but very beautiful. End result she was amazingly sexy in a way that only an older woman can be.
So pretend strangling her, being up close and personal, our bodies pressed against each other, was bloody arousing or would have been if I had let it. As it was I was trying to repress those feelings and so our wrestling was more of a matter of my admiring her glorious female body rather than our having a pash session. Still and all when she lay still and unmoving and playing dead very realistically in my arms I felt the little sunbursts of heat that signalled pre-orgasmic arousal.
After it was over I was a little wet and because we had both been nude throughout the shoot I found Alexis looking at me and her mouth twitched with the slightest smile and she said, "Like your work then Barbanne?"
"Sometimes better than others," I grinned broadly.
And she touched my shoulder and said, "Never be frightened to follow your feelings and never miss an opportunity to enjoy pleasure."

Alex and Loreen and I sat together after one of my Madras curries and went through the shoots done that day.
Alex was peering at the closeups of the seven dead ladies.
"I don't know Barb," he said and then he sat looking at the screen.
"What? What?" I said.
"Well, you come up with these wierd things and somehow most of them come off."
"Glad you like them."
"Well, there's the occasional bomb but yeah a big percentage are winners."
"We do our best don't we Reeny?"
She grinned and said, "Aim to please."
"Yes you're a couple of good time girls when it comes to the customers."
"Aren't we just."
"Yeah even customers of the Purple Toga club."
I stopped what I was doing and froze, listening to what he said. Suddenly the only sound I could hear was his voice. I sneaked a quick look and saw Loreen had gone bright red in the face.
"Never think my darlings that you are fooling me."
"And.............?" I said.
"And it's not my thing but I think the two of you looked good and the Purple Toga Club guys will doubtless love it."
"Jeezus," I said, "How did you? How did you.............................??"
He smirked most annoyingly.
"Never be frightened to tell me something girls, you might be surprised but I am fairly accepting especially of what I can't change and I'll never change Barb. As for you Loreen my advice is be careful of what this girl gets you into."
Loreen's blush had covered everything down to and including her breasts and she said, "I know I should be cautious but I can't resist her."
"Neither can I," said Alex.
"Hey," I said, "lets blame Barbanne for everything eh!"
Loreen giggled half hysterically and Alex laughed and I couldn't help myself and soon we were all giggling fit to bust.