Part 71

Posted by Barbanne on April 02, 2003 at 22:39:44:



I really don't know what happened.
I only knew that at last I was free.
Free in a way I had never realised I needed to be. Free of the awful shadow that had hung over my consciousness for a long time. Free of the lurking doubt and fear that had crippled my psyche for years. Free of the weakness of my own self doubts and my own failures.
Whether anything really happened when Candice drugged and then hypnotised me, whether Sibyl took me into some real other world to confront and free myself of some malignant influence, I don't know. I don't much believe in the supernatural and so I reckon it was all the product of my own over heated imagination but whatever the world of the darkness and the cold and the black monastery and the alchemist sure seemed to have been real, but I know it must have all been happening inside my head. None of the others experienced anything that I had. All they knew was that I had twisted and writhed and screamed out and sweated so much that I lost another kilogram and a half. Loreen told me she had been scared as shit because she saw the utter agony of my possession written across my face. It had been liberating but it had been an emotional pummelling and afterwards I was shattered and totally exhausted both physically and mentally.
But I WAS finally free.Now my life could start over.
What I had to decide was where it was going to go and what I was going to become.
While I was mulling that over in the days following that day when my friends made me confront my demons, Kikki contacted me and asked me would I do another set for "Girls, Girls, Girls." She was willing to swap herself for me again but when she told me what was planned I told her to forget any idea of swapping. If I did her set there was no way I wanted Alex finding out, no way at all. There had to be two of us and the only girl I could go to was Loreen. I sprang it on her that night after dinner as we sat together downstairs while Alex toiled in his room and she just sat there and looked at me out of wide opened eyes.
"Well?" I said.
"Barb, that's disgusting. You mean you and me will....?, and then we..........?"
"That's the idea."
"Oh honey when do we start!"
So there we were. We had fibbed to Alex about taking a day off together to go shopping and do girl stuff and he agreed that that was a good thing and I loved him to bursting and then Loreen and me shot through and rocked over to "Girls, Girls, Girls." Kikki was our gofer girl for the day and she had set up to use another girl behind the camera and she had kept the whole thing quiet. I was panicked that Alex would catch us on their web site but Kikki had explained that this was a CD for distribution to their Purple Toga club members, very exclusive and very expensive.
Loreen and I got naked and then we spent time oiling each other up using heaps of baby oil.
Then we climbed onto a huge bed (with a fine waterproof sheet cover) and got down to it.
I told you I am quite a bit shorter than Loreen so I got sort of on top.
We gazed into each other's eyes and I knew something seminal was about to happen.
"Oh Reeny what have I got us into?"
"Barb if you could only have known how I've dreamed about this happening, well maybe not with the camera," a nervous little laugh, "but this, between us oh may god forgive me for my wickedness."
"Reeny, I love Alex and that will never change, but for today lets just go beyond play acting, beyond simple posing and modelling. You're not the only one has wondered about this. Between us. You and me."
"Mmm, hmmm," she nodded and licked her lips.
I slid my oily body along hers and our faces hovered millimetres apart and then I leaned in and our lips met and our mouths opened and they joined in a sloppy wetness and I felt her breath flowing into me and mine into her and our tongues found each other and pushed against each other and we started exchanging fluids. We stayed locked together like that for what seemed an eternity, an eternity of bliss and then Kikki said, "Ermm girls."
And the camera girl said, "Don't worry Kikki, don't push it, this is real, you can't pay enough for this stuff."
Our mouths parted and I kissed Loreen's closed eyelids and then her forehead and her cheeks and then under her chin and I nuzzled into the hollow where her neck met her shoulders.
She moaned and her fingers caressed my buttocks and slid into my crack and I kissed my way down over her collar bones and then down onto her chest. I just touched her moles with my tongue and then I slid my mouth over her breasts one after the other. Little splayed bags of mammary and I took each in turn into my mouth and slowly withdrew, nipping her nipples as I went. Her hands were clutching at my bum and her fingers were seeking out the heat between my legs.
I pressed myself against her, our oiled up bodies squelching together like slllpp, slllpp, slllpp, like that. My breasts crushed against Loreen's and I pulled back with small sucking noises and our nipples rubbed lightly against each other. Fire tingled through mine and warmed my breasts and shivered my nipples and my tummy slashed with fluttery heat and it scorched its way down into my pussy and set that to throbbing and swelling. I rubbed my breasts against Loreen's and she moaned loud and long, a sound of such longing and yearning and thorough going lust that I groaned in sympathetic anticipation. Her hands were scrabbling at my ass her fingers seeking my folds and finding my engorged slit. I moved down kissing her torso and her belly, my hair cascading curtain like over her flesh.
She moaned again, a sound like the wind before a storm, a storm of physicality, a storm of lust that we two were creating and unleashing.
My face was in her groin and my skin felt the slight stubble of her shaven mons and then my fingers were circling it and my face was blowing hot, hard, gusts of breath onto and into her. My thumbs parted her labia and I ran my nose through the valley inhaling her scents deep into my mind and then my mouth was there and my tongue flickered out and dipped inside her. I licked the soft crepey flesh inside her cunt and then the taste buds at the tip of my tongue found her clit and I rubbed back and forth, feeling it grow beneath me. She was shrieking and thrashing but I wasn't going to give up. I tongued her to climax and tasted the salty, female gourmet of her release. She was whimpering and her body was shuddering and we were glued together joined along the length of our sweaty, oily skin.
We rolled on the bed grappling and kissing and then I spread my legs and pushed her face down into my own spread, swollen, achingly ready cunt and she gobbled me off.
We lay for a while holding each other and touching and kissing and Kikki said, "Sheeewww," and the camera girl said, "Oh my god," and I noticed she was touching herself, her fingers out of sight.
I was ready again.
Remember the double ended vibrator I told you I had?
Facing Loreen we each took our ends deep inside and then set it to max and cuddled and caressed while that little devil fucked us both to a sunbursting climax that left me limp and washed out and had Loreen swaying like a punch drunk boxer.
If that wasn't enough I then agreed to do another set where I lay naked, unmarked and playing dead stretched out on a table and Kikki and Loreen combined to lift me and turn me and roll me while the girl with the camera, now fitted with a macro lens, got right in between my legs as Loreen bent them back over my head and Kikki spread my pussy lips and the girl photographed the sort of stuff only gynaecologists usually see. Then Kikki held my mouth open while she explored that in super close up and finally I was turned onto my face and tucked up into a crouching position while the macro lens discovered my poop chute. I don't quite understand this but it seems your true porno afficianadoes love to see explicit body openings.
Finished, the girl with the camera gave me the thumbs up, and I got dressed and Loreen and Kikki and I went out to grab a coffee at the bistro down the street.
"You do this sort of thing all the time?" I asked Kikki.
"Yeah, although mostly I do faked orgasms."
"I know them," I said.
"Been in porno Barb?"
"On line in Thailand for a while."
"The fake fuck eh?"
You got it."
"How's your grunting and moaning?"
"Grunt and moan with the best of them."
"Just like a real fuck eh?"
"Nah, when its real I twitter like a bird and make little mewling noises, along with grunting and moaning of course."
That broke Kikki up and Loreen looked at us both and said, "I'm feeling kind of left out."
"Don't girlfriend," I said.
"Think yourself lucky," said Kikki.
We parted on a promise to meet again and Loreen and I returned to Playdead to plan our next move. As we came in the door I said to her, "If you tell Alex about this I'll do something awful to you."
"Kill me Barb?"
"Nah, more like tie your knickers in tiny knots or put wee wee in your perfume."
"Ooooh scary stuff."
"You better believe it."
"Don't worry Barb, I don't exactly want Alex knowing about me either."