Part 68

Posted by Barbanne on March 20, 2003 at 13:46:45:



Kikki came by with a CD for me containing out takes from my gunfight photo shoot at "Girls, Girls, Girls."
We had become quite good friends following our model swap and saw each other a couple of times a month for coffee and an exchange of gossip. She told me that I was still being talked about over there as the queen of corpses.
I had a good chin wag with her and later that day when everything else was wrapped up I ran the CD through my computer and watched my unpublished efforts.
In the finished set Muriel had led the horse along by the reins with me draped over his back after dumping me over him and had swung herself up to drag my naked body down when she reached town. Apart from some monumental fuck ups and giggling turns most of the out takes consisted of an alternate shooting of this particular scene in which Muriel had hung me face down over the saddle and then had mounted up and ridden over to the town with me as a "dead" passenger in front of her. I don't know why the guys opted for the other because when I saw this I rather liked the way it played out although Muriel had fondled my pussy a lot during the ride and while this appealed to my humiliation fantasies heaps perhaps it was a bit too much even for the "Girls, Girls, Girls," guys.
I watched the CD to the end and then clicked out of my entertainment programme and went up to join Alex.
We spent the evening like some old married couple and went to bed for a quick snog and a cuddle before rolling over and sacking out. As sleep snuck up on me my mind was working overtime on a new photo set idea.

High heeled boots, jeans and a little sleeveless denim vest, a leather holster and a black hat and absolutely scads of thick alluring make up and no underwear at all.
I was Black Barbanne the bad babe bank robber.
I backed out of the Upper West Pecos Savings Bank door, trading lead slugs with the security guards.
Across the street sherrif Alex chambered a round into his Winchester.
He shouldered the rifle and took a careful bead on the bad guy bank robber.
Deep breath, squeeze the trigger.
The rifle bucked and its cargo of death spun and sped across the street.
Right under the left shoulder blade of Black Barbanne and through her black little heart.
I staggered backward, already dead but not accepting it. My gun dropped from nerveless fingers. I half turned from the waist up and then tottered back clattering on high heels until my thighs caught against the hitching rail and I tumbled over backwards. My shoulders thumped KERTHOOOOMP! into the dust of the street and my heels remained hooked onto the rail. My mouth gaped open and my eyelids fluttered down and closed, gunked with mascara.
Alex walked over, little puffs of dust rising from his boots. He grabbed a bunch of my hair and yanked me back into the dusty street. My heels clattered off of the hitching rail.
He stripped off my vest and boots and gun belt and tossed them aside into a pile with my hat.
He unbuttoned my jeans and opened the fly fully revealing a tight curly pubic bush and a warmly swollen and wetly glistening cunt nestling beyween my thighs like the lips of an unopened flower bud.
He dragged me by the bare heels into the middle of the street and pulled my jeans all the way down and off and, leaving me stretched out nude and shot dead, he walked over and added my pants to the pile of other stuff.
He walked back leading his horse, a big handsome bay stallion. He stopped and the horse stood quietly as he looked down at my body laid out in the dust of the street.
"Well Black Barbanne, shouldn't rob banks my girl it can get you shot and dead just like this."
He dragged me up by my hair and then got me under the arms and hauled me up and onto his shoulder.
He pulled the big horse over by the bridle and slid my limp body down and into the cradle of his arms and then up and over the saddle, bum up, head and arms dangling one side, legs sticking out the other.
I totally loved the feel of his strong fingers on my ribcage, on my smooth flesh. I loved being his prize. I loved the feeling that he had absolutely and totally conquered me!
The bank manager had recovered the bag full of his cash that I had dropped when Alex's bullet finished it all for me. He walked over and looked at my nude body draped across the big horse. Taking a handful of my hair he tugged my head up and stooping down peered into my closed eyed, slack jawed, gaping mouthed face.
"Well she won't be causing any of us any more trouble."
"Yup," said Alex.
The bank manager walked around to the other side where my bum pointed heavenward and my legs hung out, feet turned inward and toes curled up.
"Where you taking her?"
"Over to Pecos town and collect the reward from the marshals."
"What's that amount to?"
"A hunnert dollars, all she's worth now."
The bank manager reached out and slid his hand over my smooth buttock and down to the little crease at the very top of my thigh and across to where my tightly packed, bloated labia were budding from between my thighs. He ran his index finger down and through my slit and took it away, passing it under his nose.
"Yeah nuthin' more useless than a dead cunt they say."
"So long then."
"Yep. Giddyap boy."
The horse walked off with Alex tall in the saddle and me doubled over his back. He trotted toward the end of the street and then broke into a canter, my body flopping up and down in sync with his motions. I was sort of jammed in between the pommel and Alex's groin and if my dead body wasn't mistaken I could feel another pistol growing hard inside them there trousers. Outside the town the big smelly stallion settled into a steady canter and my corpse bounced along, arms and legs flopping and wobbling and hair swinging and ass upward and the sun warming my "dead" back and Alex's hands occasionally stroking my sweaty skin.
"Wal now Black Barbanne," he said, "mebbe that bank feller don't know everything. Mebbe you're not quite finished with yet."
He turned off the road at Bonking Butte and stopped where the big smooth round rocks are. He dismounted and then gripped my shoulder and pulled me back and off of the saddle and into his arms. Oh how I loved the touch of his strong fingers rippling against my ribcage and gripping my buttocks and cradling my shoulders.
He laid me out on my back stretched out over one of those big smooth, water worn, sun warmed rocks and spread my legs as far apart as he possibly could.
He unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers and then crawled up on the rock and his erection was huge!!!
Like a great forest giant!
Hard, throbbing veins, shiny with health, skin stretched taut and a little drop of semen at the eye anxious to get free.
He slid it past my swollen lips and over my clitoris and past my introitus and then it was packed into my vagina filling it to bursting. He pumped and rode and I lay there dead and willing and accepting.
He climaxed and exploded semen inside me and then he was ready again.
He came inside me again and then he was ready yet again.
He fucked me until my cunt was whitewashed with his cum and then he started on my gaping wet mouth..................

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oooooooooooooh, Aaaaagh!"
I woke suddenly, bathed in sweat, my tee shirt stuck to my body and my hair bedraggled and my hand guiltily down under the hem of my shirt. I had been bucking in the bed. I had had a major wet dream.
Alex was propped on one elbow looking at me in the soft moonlight that flooded through the skylight into our top floor bedroom.
"Nightmare Barb?"
"Not exactly," I managed a tiny squeak.
"Want to tell me?"
"No. Yes. In the morning, I'll tell you in the morning."
"OK darling."
We rolled onto our sides and my guilt made me blush so much I feared my red face must glow in the dark.

I put Alex's bowl of cereal infront of him and poured two orange juices and sat down to spoon my own into my gob.
Alex was looking at me and from beneath lowered eyebrows I could see a range of emotions roaming across his face.
"Barb? Last night."
"Yes darling." Not looking up.
"Were you um, were you um................"
"Was I what dear?"
"Were you pleasuring yourself?"
I laughed, "You mean was I masturbating in bed, no I wasn't."
"Well what.............?"
"What was I doing? I was dreaming and I have to tell you somewhat embarrassedly I was having a wet dream....haven't done that for years."
"It wasn't deliberate?"
"Alex love I was fast asleep."
"Your body certainly wasn't."
"Well I'm sorry but it happens."
"Why didn't you wake me and you wouldn't have had to dream."
"If I had of been awake I would certainly have included you."
He sort of smiled ruefully.
"So what was this dream about?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"I surely do."
"Well it involved guns and a very big horse and you and me and you ravaged me over and over and over....."
"Now I'm really pissed that I wasn't included."
"Well if you're a very good boy and be nice to me all day I'll show you what you were doing tonight, all you have to do is get to me before I snork out."
"You're a funny bugger Barb."
"I am, but as I have told you before you best make the most of it because you're stuck with me and I'm not letting you go."
"Suits me."
"Darling when I was having this dream last night, or rather when I woke up, I thought, you know how the members love shoot out girl bites the dust stuff well maybe we should do an epic Gunfight set and have all of our girls end up on their backs with their clothes and their dignity shot away. What do you reckon?"
"We've done it before Barb."
"I know but they do love it and this would be the shootout to end all shootouts."
"Well I'll think about it but in the meantime I'd like you to talk to Sandi, she has an idea for a girls sports show where it all gets very aggressive and competitive and half of you end up down and out and overwhelmed by the other half."
"Sounds good, I'll talk to her today."
I leaned over the table and kissed him.
"I do love you enormously Alex."
"I know Barbanne, I know."
I got up and stood there with my bowl in my hand.
"Well what darling?"
"Do you love me too?"
"Hmmmm, I'll consider it. Depends how well you can remember that dream tonight."
"Oooow you......................"