Part 66

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Remember I told you Sherilee was a bit older than some of us other girls, Around thirtyish?
And that she had this beautiful, rounded, mature woman's body, nice little tummy, full hips and shapely limbs and smallish breasts.
Remember that?
And that she had long brown hair and gorgeous soft brown eyes and a sort of large nose which gave her a lop sided look.
Well, being about my height she was almost a head shorter than Loreen and when you looked at them together they sort of looked somewhat alike, almost like half sisters or something and that was what decided me for this really bloody murder story I had worked out.
In it they would be sisters.
Sherilee the older, smaller and sweeter sister.
Loreen the taller, younger and nasty sister.
What a laugh.
They were both in reality lovely, soft sweet girls but then weren't we all?
(Don't ask Alex about me though)
Jealousy that was to be it. The motive.
Everything was set up. Our studio was done out to look like a domestic setting and the sisters were busy preparing a meal in the kitchen area. There was a sub text here, an ongoing tale of sibling rivalry, downright jealousy and the right to inherit a considerable amount of money left in trust by the girls' parents killed some years ago in a car accident.
"Oh for god's sake Sherry you never do what I ask you."
"I'm looking after this sauce I thought you were going to get the meat."
"I am but whenever I want to get something you get in my way."
"Sorry be buggered. You're always getting in the way always! Deliberately I sometimes think."
"I am sorry, here, I'll get out of your way."
"Damn it you're always sticking your big bum into me, making it impossible to do any damn thing."
"I'm just trying to help."
"Help, you're about as much help as the fucking flu."
"Please Loreen, don't speak to me like that."
"Please Loreen, please Loreen, always please fucking Loreen, fuck I hate you, fucking hate you!!!!"
"Please Loreen don't say that."
"Ah fuck,............fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!"
"Oh Loreen stop it."
"Ah fuck you Sherry you fucking bitch!!!!"
Loreen grabbed a long, thin horribly sharp kitchen knife and stabbed viciously at Sherilee. The knife ripped through her shirt and sliced her arm. Blood spurted.
"Oh god Loreen. What in hell........................."
"Aaaaagh," Loreen slashed downward again. The knife cut through Sherilee's shoulder and more blood appeared."
"Stop it! Stop it! have you gone mad!!!"
"Fucking bitch!"
"Loreen please....."
"Fuck you sister!"
"Jeeezus!!" Sherilee screamed and spun away. Loreen grabbed her and spun her back. Sherilee's eyes bugged open and she was screaming in terror and gut wrenching fear.
"Enough, enough, I hate you! HATE YOU!"
"Oh god no Loreen...."
Sherilee's shriek of terror was cut off abruptly as Loreen plunged the knife into her left breast, burying it to the hilt in her soft rounded flesh.
Sherilee looked at her sister and her wide, staring eyes showed shock and hurt surprise. Awful, painful betrayal and then they rolled upward and inward and then slid back under her eyelids. Blood gushed from her mouth, bubbling over her lips and blood pumped from her transfixed breast. Loreen pulled the knife free and Sherilee tottered and swayed. Blood saturated her clothes and her blind white eyeballs glared accusingly at Loreen and then she uttered one last horrendous gasping cry.
Her body slumped and collapsed onto the floor smearing blood everywhere.
Loreen stood over her fallen sister breathing heavily and staring in disbelief.
"Oh my god what have I done?"
She stirred Sherilee with her toe. Sherilee rocked helplessly but showed no slightest sign of life.
"I've killed her. Oh my god killed her."
She stooped and her fingers felt the side of Sherilee's neck but of course no slightest pulse of life remained. She rolled Sherilee's head to get a better feel and a last gloob of thick, red blood burped forth from between the dead girl's lips.
"I've killed her! Fucking killed her! Fucking excellent, excellent. Fuck you sister," she kicked Sherilee hard, rocking her dead flesh again.
Loreen was splashed in blood and Sherilee was covered in it. It lay thick and viscous and accusing on the floor.
Loreen removed her blood stained clothes until she knelt naked beside Sherilee. Then she stripped her sister's corpse until it too was totally naked. Without spreading the gore around any more than necessary, she carefully took two green plastic garbage liner bags and an old plastic apron from the kitchen drawers. She donned the apron and then spread the two bag liners out on the floor being careful to keep them out of the blood. She wrestled Sherilee's body onto the bags and wrapped them around her, covering her completely. Then she struggled to lift the limp corpse of her sister and carry her into the bathroom. She deposited Sherilee in the shower cubicle and unwrapped the plastic bags and then half in and half out of the shower she grabbed Sherilee and pulled her into a slumped, half sitting position against the tiled wall and under the shower. Loreen turned the shower on full blast and stood there watching as the water saturated Sherilee washing away the blood and gurgling the pink tinged water down into the plug hole. She pulled the shower curtain across and left the water to do its work.
She returned to the kitchen and started to clean up.
First she dumped her own and Sherilee's blood ruined clothes along with the two bags which had wrapped Sherilee into a third, new, clean garbage bag. Then she scrubbed the blood from the floor and cupboards and anywhere else it had splashed.
Finally she added the ruined apron to the garbage bag and then returned to the shower and got in together with Sherilee's slumped and very dead body, letting the hot water wash away all signs of guilt.
Loreen turned off the water, got out of the shower and, taking a towel, proceeded to dry herself.
Sherilee lay slumped against the tiles. The water had washed away all of the blood that had coated her body. Totally dead, her heart stopped, she was no longer bleeding and the three wounds had turned into small puckered slits in her flesh.
I had done all of the make up, adding blood as required and now fixing the stick on cuts which were quite realistic and had little ridges of ruined flesh either side of an ugly looking rent.
Alex, Dave and I now stood outside the wet shower recess looking in toward where Sherilee lay propped against the tiles and slack in death, her head rolled back, mouth open and eyes rolled back. Her saturated hair was plastered to her head and partially covered one side of her face.
"Looks pretty good honey," I said, leaning in and moving one knee, "just let your legs fall apart here and open yourself up a bit."
"Good lord Barbanne another porn shot."
"Now dear," I turned to look at Alex, "us corpses just sort of flop, flop a bit Shell, and then us girls are unable to maintain our modesty and our bits show."
"But asking the girl to display her ummmmm, vagina, that's you know, not professional."
"It's realistic dear and it reinforces the helplessness of the victim."
"Well I don't like it."
"Hey," said the corpse, "I don't mind Alex, after all half the world has probably seen my cunt by now."
"Mine too Shell," I agreed.
Alex sighed and said to Dave, "Get some shots of her will you."
"Sure. Hey Sherilee sort of let your fingers relax and all and do as Barb says and just flop, you look just a tad tight, sort of stiff."
"I am a stiff," muttered the corpse but she relaxed and looked very convincing.
Loreen had finished drying herself and now dragged Sherilee out of the shower and laid her out on the tiled floor and turned on the heat to dry her out, then she left to get dressed.
Sherilee was going nowhere.
"OK big sister," said Loreen coming back into the bathroom, "time for you to go."
She lifted Sherilee up in her arms, it was easy as Sherilee was relatively small, and carried her out, arms and legs dangling and wet hair swinging like a used mop.
The front door bell rang.
Loreen looked around and kicked the hall closet door open.
"Sorry sis but you gotta hide a while," she slipped Sherilee in and crumpled her onto one of the shelves. Shutting the closet Loreen went to answer the front door. It was someone selling the joys of religion and she quickly got shot of them. She went out and brought her car around to the front door and popped the lid to the boot.
She went back and collected Sherilee's naked body.
She came to the door and, holding Sherilee out of sight, peered out to make sure the coast was clear.
It was.
Loreen hurried out and dumped Sherilee into the car and slammed the boot shut.
As she drove along she chatted to her dead sister.
"You know Sherry I never really liked you. Hey babe hear what I say? You were always so fucking smart. Well, how smart is it now to be lying dead in the boot of a car and on your way to an unmarked grave in an unknown forest?"
She whistled.
"Not too fucking smart I am sure."
Last scene, Sherilee's white and pathetically naked body crumpled on the leaf littered ground while Loreen attacks it with a spade.
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