Part 65

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I put down the phone.
"Damn and bugger it," I muttered.
"What's up Barb?" said Loreen who was setting up a lighting arrangement I wanted to try out.
"Oh, I wanted to do a photo set this Friday and I can't find anyone to do it for me."
"Who are you after?"
"Nobody in particular, but most of the girls are doing something else and with exams coming up all of my usual younger girls like Sandi and Sarah and Roxie and them are studying their little butts off or else have started doing tests already."
"What's the deal?"
"Oh its a set which for want of a better name I've called the Mad Mortician and I was going to play the title part of the MM but I can't do it without someone to play a corpse for me."
Who would be best for that?"
"Well it doesn't matter, all she has to do is lie there naked and stiffed out on the slab and I do all the doing that is necessary."
"Who would you like to use?"
"It really doesn't matter just one of the girls who is comfortable letting me do stuff to her."
"How about me?"
"Darling if you were doing picture sets you'd be my ideal but the trouble is you're the gofer girl."
"I want to do it Barb."
I want to do it, I want to be your corpse."
"Are you sure?"
"I sure am sure Barb, I've been getting more and more involved and now I want to be one of your models."
"You're truly sure, you're not just saying that?"
"I'm truly sure Barb. I want to do it."
"OK, so what's involved?"
"Well, I'm this mad mortician and you will be the poor corpsed out babe on my slab, of course you have to be bollocky and then I uncover you and there you are nude and stretched out and then I," I outlined the plot I had in mind for Loreen.
" and then well, you can guess what happens then."
By this stage we were both giggling and sniggering and really breaking up.
Friday Dave came in and Alex was using my script to direct us and the studio was done up to look like a mortuary with our stainless steel table centre stage and I had on a green mortician like gown and surgical gloves and Loreen was stretched out on her back on the cold steel surface absolutely and utterly naked, not even an earring adorning her body and she was covered over with a thin white sheet.
Loreen and I had worked on my hair with a teasing comb and it was all around my face like a nutter's halo and with heaps of eye gunk I looked your typical looney sheila. I had made Loreen up with lashings of eye stuff, you know mascara and shadow and that, so that she looked all hollow eyed and fashionably dead and then I had spent forever with the sheet getting it to drape seductively over her mons and down into her groin and peaking it over her little stuck up nipples. Already before we even saw her she looked sexy!!!
Dave shot heaps of pictures of the draped form on the slab.
I was reading from a mock up newspaper we had printed.
SOOPER DOOPER FILM STAR DIES IN MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES! The headline screamed and beside it there was a Head and shoulders pic of Loreen. It was a Murdoch paper so it was printed straight onto a toilet roll.
I bent over her.
My hair went in all directions and the light of lunacy sparkled in my eyes. My best crazy look anyway. I pulled down the sheet to reveal her down to just below her breasts.
"So Miss big shot fillum star," I said, "how's it being dead?"
I cackled with looney laughter.
I touched her face running my hand down her nose and over her lips dragging the lower one down and letting it bop back up.
"Is this the face that launched a thousand rats in OUT OF THE CELLAR."
I kissed her mouth and whispered, "Hey girlfriend I'm going to enjoy this."
My kiss became a pash and Loreen was puffing slightly.
I pulled the sheet off altogether revealing her nudity and tossed it aside.
"Are these the breasts the snake bit in CLEOPATRA TAKES A DIVE?"
I bent down close giggling.
"Must be my turn."
I nipped and nibbled her right breast with my bared teeth and then covered her little conical nipple with my mouth and sucked noisily. Loreen was definitely panting but trying to hide it.
I came up for air.
"Is this the tummy got stabbed a hundred times in GLADIATRIX IN THE ARENA?"
I stabbed my own tongue against her soft rounded tum and then slid it, wet and dribbly down to where her pubic bush crinkled in tight curls.
"And this ah," I looked dementedly at the camera, "this must be the pussy that starred in PORNO NIGHTS."
Wild giggling and I used my fingers to spread her thighs.
"Ba-arb," Loreen hissed, "what are you doing?"
"Quiet corpse, dead babes don't yak." (giggling)
Her vagina was bracketed between her labial lips and inside the little hood curled over the glistening nubbiness of her clitoris. I could see the lovely little thing in there and wondered about inviting Dave's camera inside with me.
Nope, Alex would KILL me!
I moved down to the knees.
"And these legs are the ones that danced in MILLION DOLLAR HOOKER?"
I kissed my way down her legs and fondled her feet.
"Tee hee hee, Now what will a poor little mortuary lady like me do with such a big celebrity as you?"
"Baaa...arb," Loreen's whisper started low and then rose and fell again.
"Hmmmnnnnn," I started unbuttoning my gown.
And that was it.
I mean I didn't want to get involved in anything too, you know, with Loreen on her first go and anyway I could feel Alex behind me watching me and just waiting for me to move from soft core fantasy to hard porn. Nope, discretion was definitely the better part of valour today.
I looked at my darling.
"Where do you want me to go now Mister Director?"
"Erm you could take down your top and sort of look excited."
"Sort of touch yourself."
Afterwards I helped Loreen off of the slab and gave her a gown.
"You were fantastic Loreen!" said Dave.
Yeah she was alright Dave but I was the doer in this. I looked at Dave. Ah hah, so my mate has won a heart. Yep that's definitely love on Dave's face or is it lust? Either way its a score for my pal.
As we had done so many times before we opted to shoot a second photoset while we had everything set up.
This time Loreen was a kidnapped victim whose vicious captor had failed to get the expected reward and so had decided to get rid of his unwanted burden. He (it would have been a he) strung her up by the neck from the ceiling in the basement where he had held her confined.
For this we dressed Loreen in a loose cotton gown like a sort of nightie and our sequenced shots would show me racing towards the basement while Loreen struggled against being hung. Her hands gripped the rope just above the noose as she tried to hold her body weight against dragging down and thus choking her. Her fingers scrabbled madly at the rope trying to undo the knot or loosen the noose. Her gown slipped off of her shoulders and slid down around her waist.
I rushed along.
She struggled.
I hurried.
She weakened.
I cursed traffic hold ups.
She was now only making very futile gestures.
I was nearly there.
Her tired arms fell to her sides and her gown slipped down and off, puddling under her kicking feet.
I was there.
Loreen could fight it no longer.
I burst into the room.
Too late, Loreen's dead body swung slowly back and forth, to and fro hanging from her horribly twisted neck. Her tongue protruded and her eyeballs bugged and her face was suffused with bad blackening blood from the neck up.
(I spent a half hour making her up and we both agreed she looked yuck!)
I raced over and quickly got her down but too late. Her nude "hung" corpse collapsed into my arms and I lowered it to the floor, limp, bonelessly so and horridly strangled to death.
Last scene I wept copiously across the dead body and my tears saturated the corpse's breasts.
Dave looked upset, but when Loreen sat up, got her tongue back inside her cheeks and her ghastly black and blue face grinned at him, he cheered up rapidly.

That night I felt a crazy heat of randy arousal, such as came over me at times and dressed only in a tee shirt I used my hands to pull it off of my chest and up around my head with my arms entangled in it until, my head and arms thoroughly trapped inside the balled tee shirt, I fell back onto the bed naked from the neck down and insisted that Alex take me that way. I had done this before and he went along with it although intellectually he thought it demeaning but his hormones kicked in and through a gap in my tee shirt blind fold I could see a well known and well loved cock that had grown to giant redwood proportions from the lust that defies logic.
I loved being taken this way.
It turned sex into an act of rape where the victim (me) became the aggressor and the rapist (Alex) became the unwitting innocent. Sort of the fall guy.
Told you I was a nutter.
Mad sexy woman that's me.
Already I was thinking through my next project for Playdead.
Now that Loreen was successfully launched as a model I had plans to have her play the killer and Sherilee popped into my head as her victim. Yes, I had been neglecting Sherilee a bit, and so she would be Loreen's vic in what I planned as a particularly gruesome murder.
I rolled away from Alex and as his strong arms encircled my naked body I started running scenarios through my evil little brain.