Part 64

Posted by Barbanne on March 05, 2003 at 21:14:31:



Back at Playdead, my "Girls, Girls, Girls." stint over, I was determined to keep Alex ignorant of what I had done and so happy that he'd forget the whole thing.
After all that little indulgence in the gratification of my most intense and hidden hedonistic desires was not something I thought he'd necessarily understand.
Kikki, the "Girls, Girls, Girls." porn queen was due at Playdead to return the favour I had done them.
I had written a heap of short death fantasy plays which I planned to film on the one day and had found a part for Kikki in most of them.
Kikki was a funny and quite appealing girl, totally lacking in talent and with breasts that I just couldn't believe. Cantilevered wonders of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loreen and me were there and Dave and three of the other girls, Roxie, Sandi and Sarah had come in to do this stuff.
When Kikki arrived I introduced her all around and I could see from the really open eyed gapes and dropped jaws that she, or should I say her chest, had the same effect on everyone.
This job is such fun.
In the first set I was an illegal immigrant cleaner in a large office block. Being constantly worried about my status I was determined at all times to do a good job and not give any reason for trouble.
So when I came into an office and along with full bins and dirty coffee cups and old take away containers I discovered Sandi, clad only in a g-string and a bullet hole sitting in her chair at her desk and slumped forward over it, her arms limp and her face toward the door, eyes slitted and mouth gaping pinkly wide, I got very worried.
To my little immigrant mind this was truly messy.
I didn't know about the serial killer of office girls who was operating in the building I only knew this could result in my being found out and sent home to noweheresville back in the steamy jungles.
"Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh," I clucked, "very much rubbish girl filling up chair."
I got hold of Sandi under her arms and pulled her out of her chair and flopped her on the floor.
I cleaned the room spotlessly.
When it was finished I gazed around proudly at my handiwork and then saw the near nude body on the floor.
"Eeee, missy got to go. Very, very untidy."
I got Sandi under the arms again and she slumped against me. I dragged her out into the corridor and down to the rubbish store where the baled paper and other trash awaited collection. I laid Sandi out on the floor with the rest of the waste leavings. Sandi gazed upward from beneath lowered eyelids, only the whites showing and her mouth hung open and her tits pushed upward and she just sort of lay flooped.
I moved into the next office.
Not clean, lots of stuff lying around and Kikki in tiny panties slumped across her desk, her blonde hair highlit by the banker's lamp glowing on her deak. She too wore a bullet crater in her forehead, but in contrast to poor Sandi, Kikki's boobs spilled across the desk like an inflated air bag.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk," I clucked and began cleaning the room. When I had done and bagged everything I hauled Kikki out of the chair and down to join Sandi. She was heavy! I don't know how much of her weight was breast meat but sheesh she weighed a tonne. I flopped her over Sandi and her tits flowed across Sandi totally smothering her and as I left them I hoped the girls would work it out so that poor Sandi didn't end up smothered as well as "shot."
I moved into the next office and there, in a thong and a head shot, was Sarah.
I cleaned up and then struggled down the corridor with Sarah slumped behind me, her body sagging from the shoulders and her heels dragging along the vinyl flooring. After I had deposited her there were three corpses cooling in the waste collection room.
Roxie was in the next office, slumped over her desk and staring at me from shocked eyeballs as I came in. She too was nude except for bikini pants and she too had been popped in the brain.
I went about my task carefully cleaning the room until it was spotless and then I lugged Roxie's nakedness down to where the others awaited.
"Goodness me," I muttered, "what will building owner think if I leave these very sloppy dead girls around."
I opened the chute to the office incinerator and one after another the girls nose dived inside, their little feet the last thing to disappear as I dumped them away.
"I 'ope that tomorrow these offices not so untidy," I mumbled as I locked up the floor.
In the shadows the serial killer chuckled.
"Don't bet on it Chiquita!"
The next picture set had as its theme the barber shop massacre.
Only this was set in the ladies hairdresser's.
I entered playing a cop called out by a worried neighbour.
Inside the shop Kikki lay draped in a chair. Sarah occupied the one beside her. Sandi was sprawled on the floor. Roxie whose uniform marked her as the hairdresser herself, was crumpled against the wall. Somehow all of these ladies, both customers and employee had managed to get their clothes disarrayed and stripped so that bare legs, bare tummies and bare breasts were the order of the day. Sandi had even managed to bare her pussy.
They had all been machine gunned to death.
Their wounds were displayed surrealistically by having little black paper dots stuck onto them, running across their flesh like stitching. As many as twenty dots per girl.
They had managed looks ranging from surprise (Sarah) to agony (Sandi) and dumb stupidity (Roxie). Kikki let her huge bust do her acting.
Loreen and I had set it up with a lot of giggling and the victims had giggled their way into their doom. Like the office set it was all done in our studio warehouse using whatever we had to make it look convincing.
I came in and went around doing my scene of the crime bit. This bore no relationship to reality and mostly consisted of my fondling and groping the other girls and turning their poor dead faces to achieve the best camera angles. I thoroughly enjoyed this and got a stifled moan or two from my subjects. I even took the liberty of having a suck on Kikki's left one and she giggled so bad we had to stop for a while.
Then we did one where in a world of the future where the population is all female and they are all nude all of the time, (fantasy world eh boys?) Sandi was a rebellious type who entered the forbidden temple of the ancients and found the helmet of the gateway to erotic nirvana and put it on and listened to the taboo tapes of the old world. (Britney Spears) This was such a horrible but exciting and illicit and provocatively arousing shock that it was all too much for poor little Sandi and when a nude Kikki bravely entered the temple after a half an hour, she found Sandi slumped against the wall, the helmet her only garb and a look of sublime happiness on her (very) dead face. Kikki removed the helmet being awfully careful not to hear anything and then carried Sandi's nude and quite limp, but extremely happy corpse out to the waiting throng. (me and Sarah and Roxie and Loreen's arm) Of course us throng were all nude too and if you think that's thrilling try being in a room with a few naked girls all wandering around aimlessly waiting for something to happen, scratching themselves here and scratching themselves "there" and, depending on what was for lunch, farting or whatever. Some of the girls always went for a gown when not actually posing but most of us just hung around in the buff waiting.
The last thing we did that day was based on this thing I saw where one of those "love" hotels they have in Japan has a boxing room where the huge bed is set up like a boxing ring complete with ropes and all. So we set up this bed like a ring and put red filters on all the flash lights and Sandi and Kikki played girl to girl lovers who had taken the room for the night to have fun. This was right up Kikki's street, the sort of porny stuff she made a living from. The girls kissed and cuddled some (Sandi as I told you once was up for anything) and then they got nude and donned boxing gloves and had a pretend fight over three rounds that culminated in Sandi knocking Kikki out cold and then going to work on her limped out unconscious body.
I'd have to check with Alex about this one and he would not necessarily be happy.
But struth it was SEXY!!!!

Later that night after everything had been tied up for the day and Loreen had gone to bed in my old room I was together with Alex in the bed we shared and he was lying on his back with his eyes closed and a happily satisfied look on his face as I stroked his forehead and combed my fingers through his hair and gently carressed his lips and throat and bare chest.
"You know," he said, his eyes still closed, "life's a funny thing Barb."
"Mmmm, hmmmmnn," I said more interested in touching him than in philosophy at this point.
"Well take you and me,"
"Yep, what's wrong with us, not enough sex?"
I stroked his tummy and tickled his manhood.
"No, that's not it at all," he took my hand and returned it to his forehead, "that's not the problem."
"Well?" Intrigued now.
"Well, I'm a sort of conventional, conservative guy who wants to run a professional adult fantasy site and I really love you and I think you love me too..................."
"Oh Alex, without your love I'd be nothing. A broken shell, probably rotting in my grave by now."
"So you do love me?"
"And god help me I love you too. So there I am a sort of square dude madly in love with and loved by a woman who is constantly pushing the boundaries."
"Darling," I said, "where are we going here? What are you hinting at?"
"Well professional as I want Playdead to be there you go at every opportunity pushing the envelope."
"What have I done now?" I said wearily (feigned) while my tummy butterflied with apprehension.
"The set with Kikki and Sandi. I know Kikki is a porn actress and I appreciate that Sandi will do anything you ask her to, but Barb that set was porn, pure and simple."
"I thought it was within the bounds."
"Well, I could maybe cut some of the er.............some of the er stronger action."
"And then there is that set you did at "Girls, Girls, Girls."
"You know about that?"
"Of course I know about that. The guys over there couldn't ring me fast enough to tell me what a hot number I had and what would I take to sell you to them"
"Oooooow, what did you say?"
"I told them you were my girl and to get lost."
"Ah my hero."
"You ratbag. Anyway its like I say, life's funny."
"Sure is."
I mean here's two people couldn't be farther apart in their approach and yet we love each other so much it frightens me."
"Frightens you love?"
"Barb I'm terrified I'll lose you. And yet I know I can't and won't change you, but my love you sure do scare me at times."
"Don't be frightened Alex. I'll love you forever or I'll be dead. There's no alternative. Get used to it mate you're stuck with me."
We folded into one and kissed and I held him as tight as tight as I possibly could.