Part 63

Posted by Barbanne on February 27, 2003 at 21:37:53:



I am not a great one for looking at pornography but I totally love and I mean LOVE, being pornographic. I mean by utterly demeaning myself I demean those who look at me and then I hate them as much as I hate myself and so that's good.
Sick eh?
That's not the worst of it.
I want and need to be humiliated and hurt and I mean physically hurt, made to suffer pain and shame and embarrassment and real deep agonising discomfort even injury.
Guess I'm one of those masochists eh?
So when I got asked to play the victim's part at "Girls, Girls, Girls." in a gun fight shoot out photo scenario I leapt at it knowing it was what I needed to fulfill my ever aching lusts. When I found that the other actress/model Muriel was a well known sadist I realised my dreams had come true, my desires had been met and answered.
We were to play two babes fighting over one man. Fighting with guns.
The set was a big old barn with a yard outside and a horse was involved.
My costume consisted of brief bra and panties and short denim cutoffs with a little denim sleeveless vest and ankle boots and a hat and a gun belt and gun. Muriel, who was a head taller than me and about seven kilos heavier wore very brief denim cutoffs and a sleeveless tank top and tooled leather cowboy boots and had a hat and a gun and undies of course.
We had been arguing and now we faced off in the barn with lights blazing and the camera running and one of the guys pointed out a grandfather clock to us and called out the following.
"On the stroke of ten slap leather Senoritas!"
We both watched the old clock.
Crouched down, hands hovering over holstered guns.
The second hand swept up toward the hour.
Closer and closer.
And then it was there, we waited breathless for the chime.
Muriel's gun flicked into her hand while mine was still coming out of its leather sheath.
The slug ripped into my abdomen and my finger tightened on my trigger and jerked it in a reflexive spasm.
My bullet tore into the floor in front and to the right of me just as a painful contraction burnt through my body and my gun slipped from my fingers and clattered away to my right and I staggered backward, lifted onto my heels by the force of the little lead projectile hitting me and my left hand clawed at my tummy where a stick on round, cratered and ridged bullet hole had appeared and my hat fell off and backward down behind me and I rocked unsteadily on my boots and then staggered sideways still clutching my tummy wound and then my knees buckled and I tottered drunkenly back to the right and teetered on my toes.
Muriel stood there, smoking gun in hand, watching my body fail.
My legs folded at the knees and then gave way completely and I stumbled and then dropped to my knees and fell forward bent into a foetal crouch holding my burning tummy, moaning and hurting from the red hot spikes of pain lancing my insides.
Muriel blew smoke from her gun barrel before holstering it and then walked over, heels tattooing the floor, to where I lay groaning in pain. Using the tooled toe of her cowboy boot she hooked it under my shoulder and flipped me onto my back. Pain ripped through me and I moaned piteously and used both hands to grip my fiery tum.
I looked up at her from eyes wracked with pain peering out from behind fluttering lashes.
"You. Shot. Me." It came out as three words.
"I sure did bitch!" She laughed.
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, it hurts."
"I sure as hell hope it hurts Barbanne darling. I want it to hurt."
"Why, why, why ?"
"Why? you stupid slut, it was a gunfight you dill, guns go boom someone gets hurt."
"It hurts, oh my god it hurts..........aaaaaaaaaaaagghhhh."
"Listen slut, you wanted my man you bought yourself a fight, you lost."
"Aaaaagghh, Ooooooooh, ah, oooooooooh," I moaned, rolling from side to side holding my tummy and moaning.
Muriel leaned against the wall of the barn and watched me where I lay.
I rocked back and forth from side to side, my left hand clawed at the bullet hole, sliding up and down along the smooth flesh of my tummy and my right hand beat feebly against the floor. My legs scrabbled back and forth almost as though I were riding an imaginary bicycle and my heels scraped along the floor, up toward me, back down as though trying to straighten out, up again, down again, up down.
"Not nice eh Barbanne?" Muriel was using a file to smooth her finger nails and watching me idly, "eh bitch? not so nice?"
My hips rocked and pumped almost parodying my having sex and my legs rose and fell but much less than before and my fingers clawed at my tummy and my eyes were unfocussed and my mouth gaped and dribbled.
"Well bitch I told you I'd take you down if you went after him and you did and so I did."
"Oooooooooooh," I moaned softly and writhed around on my back.
"Well cunt I'm about finished my nails and I'm sort of sick of you."
"You shot me," I whispered.
"I sure as heck did and don't tell me you weren't going to shoot me if you hadn't been so pathetically slow on the draw."
"You shot me, you really shot me............aahhhoooowwer," another spasm of pain rocked me.
"Yeah slut, I shot you and guess what," Muriel pushed herself away from the wall and pulled her gun from its holster, "I'm a-gunna shoot you again."
"Oh please no, help me, help me."
I held up my hands half in supplication and half in a totally futile effort to ward her off.
"Sorry Barbanne, you live like a bitch, you die like a bitch."
"Please, please, please no."
"Its over for you slut bitch."
"No, oh please god no. Help me Muriel."
"No way Barbanne."
"Oh please god no."
I barely whispered that and my hands were still raised in a final pleading appeal.
Muriel slapped them away and lined her pistol up on my midriff.
"Oh noooooooooooooooo................................"
A second red hot slug slammed into me and my body bucked and twisted and writhed furiously and then slowed to a twitching ripple.
"Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.......................," I sighed my last and my tummy now wore a second bullet crater and my chest heaved and my legs quivered and my heels thrummed and my eyelids drifted down closing my eyes and my mouth gaped and my hands clenched and unclenched and then fisted and relaxed, my fingers curling into a death claw. My hips pumped up and down, up and down and then nothing. My body relaxed into limp submission and my head rolled side to side a few times very weakly and then rolled to the left and stayed there as I lost all muscle tone and my corpse slackened and loosened and it was over for me.
Muriel prodded my tits with her tooled toe.
"You dead Bitch?"
No answer, I was.
"Yep," she said, "poor Barbanne she's dead meat that gal."
She stooped down and grabbing my shoulder eased me up and slipped one side of my vest off over my right arm and then rolled me to the other side and pulled it away from my left arm and off altogether and tossed it to one side. She moved down my body gently fingering the bullet wounds she had put in my tummy and then unbuckled my gun belt and untied the leg string and pulled the belt out from under my bum and threw it over to where my gun lay. She squatted on her heels looking at me and then unbuttoned the waist of my cutoffs and unzipped them and grasping the frayed hems in both hands pulled them in one smooth movement over my hips and down until they were crumpled around my calves. She pulled my ankle boots off and tossed them onto my vest and then pulled my cutoffs off and added them to the pile. She returned to the top of my body and taking a good grip on a bunch of my hair she hauled my head up (my scalp tingled and the tugging hurt enormously and I was in seventh heaven of masochism) until my limp body was sitting up at the waist and then she flopped it forward and unhooked my bra and slipped it down off my arms and off altogether letting my breasts sag free. She dropped me onto my back again and using one hand dragged my panties away from my hips and let them roll into a little ball as she pulled them down over my thighs and legs and then off altogether. All of my clothes were in a pile.
I lay on my back nude and playing dead.
Shot down dead!
Guts ruined by the bullets and totally bled out and utterly dead and helpless.
I was loving it, delighted to be placed in this position. I wanted to be humiliated. I ached to be debased and thoroughly shamed and I craved hurting. I wanted very badly for Muriel to cause me pain, I wanted it, wanted it, wanted it!
Muriel took my nipples between thumb and forefinger of each hand and pulled them up and out into little stretched cones of flesh. It hurt like mad and I absolutely loved it. I had to fight myself to lie here playing dead, pretending to be shot down and a mere husk of flesh, a dead woman. I would have loved to writhe against Muriel's touch, scream out, urge her to hurt me more and more, but I knew my part and I wanted, oh how I wanted, to be her dead plaything. I had a torment of desire within my every fibre to be completely slack and limp. I filled my head with the thought that I was dead, not pretending but really dead and unable to move anything, not even an eyelash. I lay perfectly still and utterly limp knowing that my soft, young female flesh would respond with utter sexuality whenever Muriel moved me as long as I kept any conscious exercise of my own muscles from occuring.
Muriel tugged hard on my nipples distorting my breasts and inflicting sharp and delicious pain and then she knelt beside me and looked down at my body.
"Barbanne you slattern trollop, you wanton whore. What a sad pity it was that you couldn't keep your cunt inside your panties but had to drop them whenever a man, any man even looked at you. You may have fucked like the sluttish bitch that you are with any and every big cock that you could find but taking my man, that was a mistake you harlot, a mistake that has proved fatal for you babe!"
(Oh I lust to be abused and told that I am utterly despicable. I ache for the deep humiliation which human rubbish like me completely deserves)
She slid her index and middle finger into my cunt as roughly as anything and that hurt too. I revelled in it. She started rubbing to the right of my clit and then quickly moved her fingers to the left and then settled over my clit rubbing it relentlessly until it was hard!
Very hard, very erect and my whole cunt was leaking lubricant. The direct contact with my hard nubby little clit was extremely intense and almost unbearably painful and yet amazingly arousing. Her fingers had been dipped in baby oil but even this didn't lessen the torture, gorgeous, gorgeous torture.
"And this Barbanne," she said, "is the bit that has brought you down girl. Your over heated love canal, your over worked box, your naughty little cunt lady. This is what got you shot down dead as a dog!"
I was in a heaven of climactic arousal and leaking wildly.
The horse stood outside ready saddled.
Grabbing a bunch of my long permed hair in one fist she jerked me half upright. The twinges throughout my roots were excruciating and I thought, "You deserve this Barb, you deserve to be hurt and hurt and hurt again and again."
She gripped my right arm up just under the shoulder with one hand and used the other to grasp my thigh high between my legs and her hand slipped in the wetness that oozed from my slit and saturated my pubic hair.
"My we are the slippery little corpse aren't we?" she muttered and then she used her strength to swing me out and up until I lay draped over her shoulder, her right arm between my legs and holding me in place while my ongoing excitement pumped ever more whitish fluid out of my cunt and onto her arm.
She carried me, arms dangling, fingers beating a small tattoo on her back and hair swinging, pussy squashed between my thighs and fully visible and leaking down under my buttocks, out to where the horse stood patiently. She lowered me to the ground so that my feet were twisted together and just resting on the dirt and my whole dead weight was taken by her hands under my armpits and then she hoicked and hoisted me up and onto the saddle so that my ass pointed skywards and my head and arms and legs hung helplessly down on either side of the broad horsey smelling horse and my cunt and anus were displayed fully and shamelessly wetly for all to see.
"Now down into main street for all to see what happens to the town slut when she messes with my man," said Muriel and taking the reins she clicked her tongue and the horse moved off as she led it along with its nude female cargo of death.
The sun warmed my naked back and my bare ass and my tummy sweated where it came into contact with the leather saddle. My breasts scrunched against the side of the saddle and my legs dangled helplessly and my arms swung back and forth with my fingers beating a tiny tattoo against the horse's belly. My hair hung straight down stirring in the breeze and swaying to and fro, wet and stringy from my perspiration. My little brown puckered asshole pointed skywards and my pussy was swollen and pink and highly excited and very visible between the curves of my thighs. I absolutely totally loved being shot down dead and draped across the horse and paraded in front of everyone and my body responded to my excitement. My hot pussy was so aroused that it leaked continuously and dripped onto the inside of my spread thighs. I could smell the strong smell of horsey and that thrilled me some too and I wondered idly if having a naked girl lying draped across his back excited the horse too and then I wondered as I had on many occasions before what it would be like to be entered and fucked by the huge member of an animal as big as a horse.
Enough of that.
I thought dead again and allowed my body to completely limp out and appear as convincingly corpse like as was possible. I wished fervently that there were an audience of hundreds to see my abject humiliation and shame and I wondered how it would be to be displayed dead like this in front of a whole town full of people. Men and women, especially women. That made me even hornier and my hot cunt dripped love oils and I adored the rapturous feel of the warm sun on my naked deadness.
The horse stopped beside the barn which for this part of the film was meant to be the town centre and Muriel clicked for him to stand still while she got me down. She swung up using one stirrup and gripped one of my sweat sheened shoulders and dismounted pulling me with her. My breasts squished almost under my chin as I slid back across the saddle, my own sweaty wetness lunbricating my passage and then my feet hit the ground and, determined to play dead to the end, I made no attempt to break my fall but just let myself crumple into a heap between the horse's back and front feet. I lay there with my legs twisted together and my arms outflung and my torso half turned to the right and my face in the dirt.
Muriel leaned in and got me under the shaved armpits and dragged me out and then dragged me across to the barn wall, the heels of my bare feet scoring twin furrows in the dust. She dumped me roughly against the barn wall and because I was playing dead so faithfully and wouldn't do anything to protect my limp self, my head banged loudly against the weather boards and I saw a brief flash of stellar brightness.
I lay where I fell.
My head and shoulders rested against the wall, my head was tilted forward and down and my bust squeezed under my chin. My upper abdomen rippled in ridges and my tummy bulged in a little pot. My arms and legs were widely spread and my leaking cunt was fully revealed.
Muriel stood looking down at me.
"Well, fellers here she is," she said.
The town gathered around.
"Here's Barbanne ladies and gents, slut, whore and piece of trash, filth you could say."
She looked around at her audience and they stared fascinated at my corpse.
"This trashy tart, this town slut has messed with any and every man she could talk into it and has opened her legs for them all. Well when she decided to throw herself at my man she went too far and that's why I called her out and shot her down like the dog bitch she is."
I was totally enraptured. Oh the amazing humiliation, the abasement and mortification and total shame!!!!! Lying naked and "dead" and on display and unprotected and helpless and impotent and defenceless. I was trash and this was what I deserved!!
"Give me a hand here Buck," said Muriel and with Buck's help she carried my body over to where two planks had been laid over two water barrels to form a rude table and spread me out on it on my back so that my head hung down at one end and my arms hung out either side and my legs trailed at the other end. This spread and opened up my cunt and the camera explored that wet and pink and crepe like flesh channel as Muriel spread my labia wide and invited the lens in.
Eventually she turned to the crowd.
"Well guys," said Muriel, "on account of Miss Barbanne has internal plumbing she may not have been able to write her name in the snow when she peed but she sure as hell can still have sex even though she's well and truly dead. So who wants to be first?"
A stampede of feet.
"Hey, hey guys lets queue here on the left, everyone will get a turn."