Part 62

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Loreen tells you she isn't attractive and maybe she would struggle to win Miss World, but all her odd bits put together makes an OK babe. And when she smiles its like a gazillion dollar smile. And she's the world's sweetest girl. We're terrific mates and I just love her like anything. I mean I wouldn't put moves on her or anything, although come to think of it I wouldn't mind, but no, we're just great friends.
I spent time talking to her about how, now that we were here on the island, would she like to go in front of the camera and become one of the players, one of the killers, maybe one of the victims, but she said she was really happy being the gofer and make up lady and maybe some day she'd feel comfortable about getting more involved.
That was OK. I didn't want to push her, not after what had happened.
Watson had arrived on the boat and Sarah was wandering around dreamy eyed but then who am I to criticise, after all I was getting around like a mooning cow hanging on everything Alex did and just so painfully in love.
Watson pitched in and helped and we started filming our epic.
The idea was that these smugglers were working this scam and people (the girls) kept blundering across them and so the steely eyed smugglers were having to assassinate heaps of people.
Hey guess who the smuggler queen was?
Wearing shorts and a tee shirt over my weensy teensy bikini and fitted out with sneakers and a sailor type cap and shades I was the main villainess. Larry was my evil sidekick and Alex was making occasional appearances as the law and everyone else was a potential vic.
We were shooting a scene where me and Larry were pashing up before getting ready to do murder and he and I were wrapped together in a lip lock and Larry was trying to get his tongue down my throat and his hand was inside my shorts, his grubby fingers by-passing my panties and groping at my slit.
Alex, tell the creep to behave, I thought.
To Larry I said, "Larry you always were an obnoxious git but if you touch my cunt I'll knee your balls into your mouth."
"Hey c'mon Barb, everyone knows your hot and put out for anyone why not me?"
"I don't know where you got that fantasy mate but forget it. I have the perfect boyfriend, why would I want the dregs."
"Geez you're a vicious bitch and anyway I know the truth, you've even fucked most of the girls."
"I'll fuck anyone I like and you aren't that."
"Fuck you Barb," and with that he pinched my nipple really painfully and tried to choke me with his tongue.
"In your dreams Larry," I said and breaking free I sang out to Dave, "You got enough of that?"
"Hey?" he said and I saw that he was really involved with Loreen.
"I said have you got enough of me and Larry?"
"Oh sure, I was just letting you guys enjoy yourself."
"Fuckwit!" I spat and stomped off and Alex looked from me to Larry and then at Dave and Loreen and back to me.
I calmed down and we shot the morning's scene.
Sherilee was a babe who had blundered onto us smugglers in the carrying out of our business and she said, "Hey what are you guys up to?" and I said, "Get her Larry she's going to blow the whistle on us," (great dialogue eh?) and Larry grabbed Sherilee and slugged her with his cosh (us smugglers carry all that stuff all the time) and Sherilee went down cold.
I stripped off her sun frock and got rid of her panties and bra and all and together we carried her slumped body down to the rocks at the water's edge and then we used a mooring chain to truss her up and left her where the tide would take care of her. The waves rolled in and Dave got pics of Sherilee at first unconscious and then awake and shrieking and then getting more and more covered by the tide. Actually we didn't wait all day for it to slowly come in but got Sherilee to immerse herself deeper and deeper until finally she appeared to be floating just under the water and firmly trussed up.
The final shots showed Sherilee chained up, the tide retreated and her nude body lying soggy and drowned quite dead. Loreen gave her some sea weed and sand decorations to make her look authentic.
The smugglers had claimed their first victim.
Sherilee took off for the cabins and the showers complaining about sand in her crevices.
Sibyl was an up market babe in designer threads and shades who came looking for the smugglers to buy coke direct fom the importers. Her mistake, she bought a bundle of cash and the two slimeballs, me and Larry, decided to take the lot and keep the product. I held her while Larry stuck his shiv into her carotid and poor Sibyl bled out and after I had stripped her naked we carried her down to the end of the little pier and deep sixed her. Last shot Sibyl's beautiful bare ass floating away drifting and swirling in the currents.
Sarah and Sandi were two innocent beach babes.
Looking cute in their bikinis they caught me and Larry unloading a cargo of class a substances.
"Oooh are you guys smuggling that stuff," simpered Sandi.
"Oooooh bad guys," giggled Sarah.
Phhhhhttt!!!!! Phhhhhtttt!!!!!
Cratered bullet holes appeared bloodlessly in the sweet things' foreheads and they starfished onto the sand spread out on their backsides. I collected their beach bags from where they had left them further up the beach and stripped the corpses and dumped their bikinis into their bags and trashed the lot in a nearby dumpster and then Larry and I carried first Sarah and then Sandi down and stashed them in the hold of the boat for later disposal.
We had found an old boat moored down from the resort and the resort owners had been happy for us to use it as a back drop. They were aware that we were doing photos during the days but didn't really know what we were up to.
Sara was a security guard.
She came down to inspect our boat.
Looking natty in a hired uniform with a neat gun and a sexy cap. I was all smiles and Larry was surly but distant. Sara asked did we have anything to declare. No of course not we replied. She insisted on a search, stupid vagina! When she pushed her way into the hold and the lifeless wide open stares of Sarah and Sandi met her eyes there was nothing for it but Larry had to cosh her too. I was stripping her ready to add her to our accumulation of nude corpses when she came to, slugged me, knocking me over, and ran for it. As she scampered across the deck Larry went for his gun but she dived gracefully into the water. This flashing naked body was too much for our neurotic dolphin (didn't tell you about him, did I?) and he grabbed her wrapping his fins around her and, knowing in his screwed up brain that she loved him, started having sex with her. Sara screamed with delight as a rather large dolphin dick entered her and he pulled her down for passion in the deep. he loved it but sadly for Sara she drowned whilst in the heights of ecstasy.
(This was hard to portray but with some dolphin shots that Dave had taken and a lot of close up acting from Sara and some digital manipulation when we got back to the studio it would work.)
Alexis was a wealthy boat owner.
She came down to check on her boat and stumbled on the smugglers loading a cargo of ecstasy tabs for delivery to a mainland supplier.
She foolishly gasped and said, "Sorry I didn't mean to pry."
"Not as sorry as we are that you saw this," said I, glancing at the stash of tablets bagged on the deck. I grabbed Alexis's hand and pulled her toward the boat.
"Let me go," she lashed out and as I staggered backward Larry rose from behind the wheel house and grasped a bunch of Alexis's hair.
"Naughty lady, mustn't spy and anyway you wouldn't tell anyone what you saw would you?"
"No, no, of course not. I have forgotten I saw you at all."
"Sure sure," soothed Larry, "we know you will stay silent."
"Yes, yes anything."
"Sure. Dead girls tell no tales," and with that he cupped her chin in his open palm and jerked viciously backward and to the side in one hard smooth movement.
Alexis's head lolled limply to the left on her snapped neck and Larry and I carted her down below and stashed her with Sarah and Sandi.
Roxie was another would be smuggler.
She came ashore after dark (filmed in daylight with a filter) and was walking up the beach with her smuggled loot in a battered sports bag when I slipped out from behind a palm tree and stood in front of her.
"This is our beach baby and we don't like competition."
"Fuck you."
"Bad language baby. Not nice."
"Just get out of my fuckin' way."
I tsk, tsked and Larry emerged from the shadows behind Roxie and hit her just under the shoulder blade with his shiv.
She died instantly, silently and bloodlessly. We carried her corpse down and dumped it with the others.
Jas was an off duty cop.
She was down by the water enjoying her day off when she witnessed the final stage of the disposal of Roxie. Intrigued by two shadowy figures apparently carrying a third who looked kind of dead what did she do?
Run for it?
Call for back up?
Go for help nearby?
The dumb broad challenged the two shadowy types when they re-emerged from the hold of the boat and identified herself and asked what in hell was going on.
Larry shot her through the left tit and we piled her in with the rest of the dead babes.
Jas's killing brought Alex on the scene.
He found the boat deserted and then he discovered the little stash of dead and stark naked ladies.
He settled down to wait.
The smugglers returned from up in the palm trees where they had been shagging, (in your dreams Larry) they were both nude. Alex called on us to surrender.
Larry went for his gun and Alex plugged him through the heart. Larry staggered around some and then collapsed onto the deck and twitched and writhed and then shuddered and died.
After Larry went down I backed away from Alex.
He kept coming, gun in hand.
"OK miss give it up you're nicked."
Naked I raised my hands and said, "You've got me sport."
Then my foot caught in a coiled rope and I went over backwards into the water.
I splashed furiously, lousy swimmer that I was.
A naked spalshing body was too much to resist for the neurotic dolphin and he pounced on his newest girlfriend.
"Oh geez, glurp............."
A monstrous dolphin cock plunged into me.
Then he dived.
"Dolphin, dolphin, hey mate........gloog.......halp......glurp............dolphinnnnnnnnnnnn.....bloop.......oh geez, yeah, oh fishy!!! fuck me yeah!!!!.. glug, glug, glug..............."
He took his sweetheart down into the ocean.
My fucked and soggy, water logged corpse surfaced and floated.
Sloosh, sloosh, sloosh..........................

So much for the smugglers.
It would do as our main thing and would be good to run for a few weeks on Playdead.
We decided to shoot another quickie about a team of squabbling pirate babes.
Cut off jeans, open shirts, boots if you had them and a heap of prop swords.
The pirates came struggling ashore after their ship had sunk and staggered up the sand of the beach and then started fighting.
The arguments had broken out as to who was responsible for the ship sinking and who had taken too long in the bathroom and who was colouring their hair and who had borrowed who's best dress and not ironed it before returning it and who had used who's makeup and not put the lid back on, stuff like that, important stuff.
Soon all nine pirate ladies were slashing and thrusting at each other and shirts were dropping and cut offs were being slashed open and then the killing started.
"Urkkkkk," Roxie went down spit skewered.
"Yukkkk," Sherilee got stuck.
"Aaaaagh," Sandi went down.
"Eeeeeeekkk," Sarah chewed sand.
"Ikk," I was run through the tummy and crumpled down and out, dead as a maggot.
"Eeeeeaahhheeeerrrr," Sara rolled her eyes and hung suspended on a sword before diving face down.
"Oooooooohh," Jas slid downward.
Sibyl and Alexis still stood and they combined to drag seven limp and helpless corpses over and dumped them in an untidy pile at the water's edge. I had lost both shirt and pants in the fight and was squished naked in between Sandi and Sarah, face down with my nose against Sandi's soft thigh and Sarah's open mouth sort of drooling on my bum. The smell of perfume, over taxed by perspiration, and sweaty skin and pussy sex and hair shampoo had its usual effect on me and I was in love with being a pretend corpse in amongst my friends' pretend corpses.
I felt the ever reliable slashes of heat in my lower tummy and the warm wetness sliding down my love canal.
Sibyl and Alexis were now battling for supremacy and finally Alexis won with a cruel thrust and Sibyl toppled onto the pile her sword falling to the sand as she collapsed on top of Roxie and Sara.
Triumphant Alexis mounted the heaped corpses of her former ship mates and waved her sword aloft. Her feet were planted on Sibyl and Sara and her weight was squashing me gainst Sandi who was grunting a bit.
So, Alexis and the dead pirates.

We retired to the resort for showers and a clean up.
Our time on the island was almost over.
We filmed a real quickie where Sandi and Roxie were fighting naked in the water and that ended badly for Sandi who got pushed under and held down until she was drowned as dead as dead, saturated like a wettex full of water and then Sarah towed Sandi's soggy body around in the shallows hauling her by her hair.
We spent our last night at the resort and after a noisy dinner where most of the girls guzzled too much wine and Larry got thoroughly pissed, I pulled Alex away and we got naked and went skinny dipping and then I gave him an underwater blow job that he'll never forget. We made love in the wet sand and then snuck back to our bed but the girls next door were dead to the world and snoring loudly and so when we made slow, hip grinding love we had no fear of whiney complaints from the neighbours.
We arrived back at Playdead at lunch time the following day.
The girls and Larry and Watson and Dave went off home and Alex, Loreen and I reviewed our island picture set results. They were brilliant I reckoned.
I was opening the mail that had accumulated while we were away and there in amongst bills and requests was a letter from our cross town opposition, "Girls, Girls, Girls." also known as "Anything you want." They ran a site that was really pure porn and they were sort of chasing a lot of the same clients we had. They wanted to do a "shot down dead" request for one of their best customers and were proposing a swap with us. They had this model, Kikki and she was a super pneumatic blonde with a huge following and they were suggesting that if I would go and do their set with a babe called Muriel, they'd lend us Kikki to adorn one of ours with her "dead" hooters.
Alex wasn't sure but I said yeah lets do it.
Kikki was such a draw card that even if all she did was lie on her back with her eyes closed and her bare tits up,(and as it turned out that was what she did do) then we'd have a real money spinner and what did it matter what I did for them.
Alex was not happy.
Mostly because he considered "Girls, Girls, Girls." a real porno oufit.
And they were.
I pressed him however and finally he agreed.
I love Alex and really, really care for him but at times there is stuff he doesn't have to know.
But I'll tell you.
Just keep reading.