Part 60

Posted by Barbanne on February 21, 2003 at 21:37:18:



"Bikini Babe Beach Bloodbath."
Like it?
We were on the island staying at the Sunlover Resort and we had it all to ourselves. Not a whole lot of sun today either but we hoped for that to change as the weatherman reckoned the clouds should roll off around midday.
Sherilee, Sibyl, Jas, Roxie, Sarah, Sara, Alexis, Sandi and me were the bikini babes. Alex was along as the head honcho, Larry was there to fill in as needed and Dave and Loreen were doing the camera work and make up.
Us bikini babes had changed into our bikinis and were waiting for that sun to appear. I had gone for an itsy bitsy red number which was basically a thong and some nipple patches held together with straps. The other girls had everything from string to classic to see through and it was fascinating to look at so many different near naked bodies.
Alexis looked like a mature wonder woman, Sibyl just looked like wonder woman, Jas's plentiful breasts took the eye away from anything else and Sarah and Sandi looked like the skinny twins, Sherilee and Sara looked just plain sexy, Roxie looked like every bloke's favourite cute beach girl and I looked like, well, me.
The clouds thinned and cleared leaving sort of weak but bright sunlight and we all gathered by the water's edge and frolicked around laughing and giggling and splashy splashing each other and generally going on like a party of bikini clad brainless babes. Larry, in his black combat sniper's gear rose wraith like from the sand dunes and walked down to where the giggly girls were at play completely unaware of the danger. He clicked his AK47 (or whatever) onto automatic fire and walking closer stabbed his finger at the trigger.
Sibyl took slugs in the chest and went down heavily.
The rest of us screamed or screeched and ran around like headless chooks.
Sarah was bowled over by a slug and Sandi crashed down shot through the tits. Roxie and Alexis took slugs in the back as they ran away and I copped a chest full of lead and flopped down at the water's edge laid out on my back in my starfish pose.
The gun kept chattering away and Sherilee went down and out followed by Jas and Sara.
The massacre was over and we girls lay in an untidy circular sort of heap some lying across others, some, like me, on their own and sprawled out and all quite dead. Loreen gave everyone cratered bullet holes and she decided that we had all taken it through the breasts although she favoured me with a forehead bullet hole as well as one in my left tit. After fixing all nine of us with holes she gave us some blood streaks and ooze and stood back to see if she thought we all looked suitably slaughtered.
Larry walked among us with his gun set to single shot and if he noticed as little as a twitch or two he shot the unfortunate babe yet again. Finally we were all perfectly still and unmoving in a tableux of Le Mort.
Larry stooped and bent over the corpse garden gripping a jaw here and grasping hair there, turning a blank face toward him and studying the lifeless eyes or kicking a butt or toeing a sagging bust or turning a head or whatever to satisfy himself that all nine dames were quite dead. I lay starfished out on my back and the wavelet ripples lifted and swirled my hair and the little splish splosh of the ocean's edge swirled around my head and shoulders, even reaching my ass and spread groin on occasion.
The camera of Dave's roamed around all over the raft of "dead" femininity.
Alex declared it great.
Dave looked pleased and Loreen grinned.
Now for our second Island set.
"They're all (gulp) dead!" it was called and this time Larry in swim trunks walked down to stroll around the beach and started to find something nasty going on.
The first nasty he found was me, stark bollocky naked (as were all the girls in this set) and lying sprawled face down over a fallen palm tree, my brains bashed in with a coconut and blood drizzling out of my nose and mouth. He grabbed hold of a bunch of hair and dragged my head up and peered into my glazed eyes and dead face, tongue gripped between my clenched teeth and then let me drop.
"Hmmmmnn," he muttered.
He walked on.
Roxie lay naked and equally dead on her back a little way away her mouth stuffed full of sand. (This was difficult to do and she had a cut down plastic bag full of sand in her mouth but even so she could only hold it for a few seconds at a time before having to come up for air- looked good on film though)
"Hmmmmm," said Larry.
Not far away lay Sandi strangled with a liana vine and nipples and pussy displayed.
Sibyl was face down and bare ass up in the water drowned and Sherilee had been smothered by being stuffed full of seaweed and was lying next door to her.
"Hmmm, hmmmm," Larry opined.
Sarah had been hung from a palm tree using the same liana vine that had done for Sandi and Sara was skewered through the throat with a sharp spiky leaf from a giant yucca plant. Jas, gloriously naked and sun dappled had been finished by being drowned with coconut milk, having it forced down her throat long, long after she had said, "'nuff," and she looked kind of cute with white milk dribbling thickly from her mouth and nose.
"Hmmmmm...mmmmmm," Larry muttered.
Alexis was floating in the water her feet bound to a coral outcrop and she had been drowned by the rising tide.
Once again nine ladies had been dispatched on the isle of death.
"Hmmm," said Larry, "something strange is going on."
Dave photographed it all in loving detail and Loreen gave us ghastly death make up and Alex thought it was terrific and Larry looked confused, unable to decide whether to report all these horrible murders or fuck the victims.

The resort had a really good kitchen and dinner that night was not only fun but extremely yummy.
There was a young couple and four older people on a fishing break and then there was us. That was the sum total of the guests in residence at the time. Our big table contributed a heap of giggling and stuff and the other guests seemed permanently amused by this bunch of chuckly chicks.
The early stuff had been downloaded to the new lap top Alex had bought with him and everything done so far looked as though it was going to be great. Editing etc would be done back at Playdead. I had skimmed through tomorrow's stuff, a story about smugglers and stuff and thought it looked interesting but for now I only wanted to go to bed with my man.
Alex and I had a room in a hut or cabana and next door was Loreen and Alexis. The others were spread around the resort two to a room and everyone agreed these accommodations were first class.
The bed was huge and the decor was palm tree modern and a ceiling fan lazily stirred the air.
Alex and I lay on top of the sheets both nude and kissing and stroking and letting our passions slowly ignite.
"You know, you've got great legs Barb."
"Get real."
"No, look at them," I tilted my head and tried to. They looked the same as always, "smooth, silky and very shapely."
"No I mean it. Nice legs."
"In my dreams."
"Dammit girl if I say you have nice legs you have nice legs."
"Hmmmmmm," I wasn't convinced.
"And if I start down here at the toes and kiss my way up here up past you shins and stopping to nibble the knees and then on and here where your thighs swell and here where it is soft and smooth and oh what is this?"
I was watching him breathless and enjoying the touch of his lips on my skin and feeling his scratchy beard on my thighs and my nipples were tightening and tingly and my tummy slashed heat back and forth and my pussy was stirring in response.
"Why here's a little oyster of flesh hiding in here between your legs and I'll just bet there's a pearl inside."
His tongue flickered around my innermost thighs and then quivered at my labia tasting my femaleness, tasting me.
My arousal ramped up remarkably.
His fingers pressed my pussy lips aside and his tongue found its way inside me.
"Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh.....," was all I could say.
His tongue found my clit and the "Uh-Uh's" became continuous sliding into a low moaning sigh.
"Mmmmm, my Barb tastes, mmmm salty."
"Uh Uh Ooooooooooooooooooohhh."
"Like this do you?"
"DO I???"
"Mmmmm maybe that's enough."
"Touch my breasts."
He did.
"My nipples, my nipples, ooooooooooh."
"Kiss my breasts and fuck me."
"Oh demands now."
"Don't muck about darling this is beyond discussion."
"OK, fuck you eh?"
He did.
I think I made my usual bird twitting and pig squealing grunting noises.
"Will you two give it a break in there," sang out Loreen's voice, "some of us want to sleep sometime tonight."
"Yeah," mumbled Alexis.
Alex and I, lying together in post coital ennui giggled.
"Want to go again?" he whispered.
"Mmmmmm yes indeed, but maybe quietly."
"Let's go."
"Oh for Pete's sake," Loreen muttered.
You know its just dawned on me that you don't know Loreen. She's a super friend from my waitressing days and she and I have a bond that I have with no-one else and one day she's going to join me as a full blown Playdead model but maybe I'll get her to tell you.