Part 59

Posted by Barbanne on February 13, 2003 at 21:07:49:



The island trip was underway.
I had made enquiries and had managed to book enough accommodation for all of us for three days and the lady who took my booking had said that we'd likely have the whole place to ourselves at this time of year.
That left me with a week to fill in before we went. I was working furiously on ideas for the island stuff and although busy with that and general office work still felt the need to be producing something. That's when I hit on the idea of red faces. A photo set I would call Red Faces and which would involve a number of small vignettes in which the victim dies in a very, very, embarrassing way. I needed someone to do that victim and given the awful deaths I had devised I reckoned the only one I could use was me!
I talked it over with Alex and he thought it was kind of whacky but he went for it and he agreed that I'd be best doing the set myself. He offered to lend a hand where required. I then called in Dave and we set it up for the Thursday.
My first set was, I told you it was embarrassing, strangled while sitting on the toilet!
Da da!
I mean just how humiliating is that!
You might wonder what prompts me to think of these weird things and then what motivates me to want to do them. If you have followed my scribbles for a while you'll know that I suffer from bouts of self hatred and loathing that need some form of outlet and that in this respect I have been quite self destructive from time to time. Well, by submitting to total humiliation on film I had found a way to exorcise these demons by a non harmful means.
So there we were.
I was sitting on the pan with a tube top on and my shorts down around my ankles and my panties stretched to breaking point around my knees. Piddling and humming to myself and gazing into nowhere.
Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddle, you could hear the sound of it splashing against the porcelain and into the water.
Alex struck. Or at least his hands struck, whipping a pair of panty hose around my neck and then throttling with all his might.
"Arkk....Urkkk.....Yekkkk.....Yekkkkk....Urrrrkkkkk.......," I went and writhed around my feet kicking against the restraint of my scrunched shorts and my bum writhing on the plastic seat and my hands grasping at the stocking and my eyes skittering widely and wildly. My tongue was errrkkkking out and my tummy was heaving. I was thrashing crazily, being throttled to oblivion and wondering what had happened to my quiet contemplative pee. My legs were lashing out and my heels drummed against the tiles. My hands clawed at the band of death around my throat, my shorts were being kicked off over my ankles, my panties were stretched to breaking point and my bum bounced on the seat. He didn't relent and then I fell off of the toilet and landed wooof! on my side and writhed frantically on the floor screwing the toilet mat into a crumpled ball and my eyes were wide open and staring at him, no expression readable in my saucered eyeballs. My fisted hands pounded on his chest but he was too strong, too much in control. I lashed out threshing frenziedly, my legs scissoring, my heels driving against the slippery tiles, my hands beating ever more feebly. My tongue was poking out as far as it would go and the camera moved in for a close up of my face and then my eyes and they gazed crazily into the lens and then I let the lights go out and my eyeballs lost their focus and went flat and dulled and it was all over for me. My panties were scrunched into a little string around my knees and my rumpled shorts covered my feet. My tube top was rolled up and my neck was constricted by the band of panty hose and was black and blue with bruising. My tongue hung out like an unrolled banner and my eyeballs had rolled back under my lowered lashes and my lips were blue and spittle drooled from the side of my mouth. A jug of lime juice splashed under me pooled as though I had wet myself in my last extremis.
Dead and utterly humiliated!
How embarrassing.
Next my corpse was dumped by my killer.
Most of this set consisted of my ass poking out of a garbage bin, my legs hanging down bare and my scrappy panties around my knees and my shorts around my ankles and my (rather overly) wide bum pointing at the camera my pussy clearly visible nestling between my thighs.
Even more humiliating.
What a way to be found. What a way to present to the finder.
Oh red faced embarrassment!
Masturbating, self gratification, this could prove extremely embarrassing.
My middle finger right hand is my favourite friend in this pastime and it was that that I was using as I engaged in my solitary pursuit. I lay nude, except for a pair of brief floral patterned panties, on my back on the big bed. The front of my panties were rolled down making way for my palm to position itself over my mound and to allow easy access to the folds of swollen, wet, tingling flesh below for my best friend middle finger. I stroked and rubbed and rolled my fingertip against my aroused clitoris and waves of pleasure washed over me. Heat pervaded my tummy and slashed into my pussy. My eyes were slitted and glittering and my mouth hung open, tongue wandering wetly across my lips as my finger worked busily in my cunt and my hips writhed from side to side and my buttocks pumped slowly against the bedclothes. I was fast approaching climax and every scrap of my concentration was centred in my pleasure. A hand appeared in frame holding a pistol and the pistol went BANG!
A cratered bullet hole appeared like magic in my forehead and my left arm thumped onto the sheets as my body flopped back suddenly limp and lifeless. My guilty hand stayed inside the front of my panties, my middle finger deeply embedded inside my tumid cunt. My tongue unrolled onto my cheek and blood dribbled out over my teeth and slid down my chin. My eyelids drifted closed and I lay, all but naked, and caught in death in the act of playing with myself.
Talk about red faced.
If a corpse can go red with humiliation that is.
"I don't know how you talked me into this," said a baffled and slightly angry Alex.
"Shut up darling and act," I mumbled.
For this little sketch in the Red Faces set Alex and I were engaged in sex, (pretend) nothing unusual about that, me on my back, him on top, missionary position quite normal except that he was strangling me with his clenched hands greatly increasing my pleasure and being urged on and on by a slightly breathless me.
Then he came and I came and I died.
He didn't realise his girlfriend was dead until his body calmed down after the peaks of passion subsided and then he found that he was stuck firmly and unmovingly inside my pussy, its wall muscles constricted and locking his old feller fixedly within me. My legs were wrapped around his lower back, feet hooked together and when he clambered off of the bed he took me with him. Slowly and awkwardly he made his way to the phone with me lying against his chest, the two of us clamped together at the groin and him embraced by my scissored legs. My slack dead face lolled across his shoulder and my frizzy hair tumbled down his back. My arms swung lifelessly as he moved. He reached the phone and dialled emergency.
"What service? Police, ambulance or fire?" inquired a bored voice.
"Ambulance," he managed in a strangled tone.
"Ambulance, what is the nature of your emergency?" asked the next voice.
"Erm, I was having sex with, erm, this girl and, er, well we're sort of stuck."
Quiet sniggering.
"I'll send someone immediately. What is your location?"
Alex mumbled directions and then said, "Erm can you send someone discreet?"
"All of our officers are discreet sir."
"Erm good."
"Anything else sir?"
Well you see.................the girl...................she's sort of dead."
Silence, followed by hysterical giggling.
"I can see as how that could be a problem sir."
Talk about embarrassing.
I submitted myself to being crucified and drowned in the same toilet bowl that I had started the set by dying on and that wrapped up the red faces set. Bit of a giggle all round really, although Alex was half outraged and more than half amused by my antics. Anyway by the time that was edited and posted it was going to be time for our island sojourn and that I was really looking forward to.