Part 58

Posted by Barbanne on February 12, 2003 at 21:01:22:



Great word, just oozes meaning, conjuring up images of twisting, tightening, constricting pressure. Flesh pinched together and airways closed off, blood vessels popping from the strain, life giving air denied to the brain and lungs and blood supply. Slow decline of life and then the ever increasing need for air until the body fights frenziedly for survival and then the swift spiral into unconsciousness and death!
Definitely my favourite fantasy demise and one that I was about to play out with enthusiasm.
Back at Playdead, feeling in control for the first time ever, I had worked like mad to re-establish myself with the others and had bent over backwards to please and to prove myself worthy of their trust. I had actively sought to be both mentor and organiser to the other girls and for Alex I had kept up a steady stream of plot ideas and studio work. (to say nothing of my feverish in bed performances) I had taken on the front desk duties with a will and had insisted that I return to active modelling work as well.
All of the girls were still with Playdead and one extra girl had joined us in my absence. Sandi was a thin, sharp featured blonde with a refreshingly casual and pragmatic approach to being shot, stabbed and/or strangled.
Today Sarah, in cahoots with Larry, was my killer and Sandi was my co-victim.
As I got ready with Sandi I had the opportunity for my first good chat with her. We talked about this and that and as we told each other personal stuff she revealed to me that she had a heart murmur.
"Is that bad Sandi?"
"Oh well, who knows, I always imagine that one day I'll be having the fuck of a lifetime and phit! I'll just go out like that."
"Erk, sounds like a great way to go but maybe you should do something about it."
"Maybe one day I will Barb but in the meantime I don't think its that big of a deal."
"Well don't go out on me today or any other day please."
"I'll try not to Barb."
She laughed and I sort of looked like yike.
I dressed in a short and very tarty, cheap, black, vinyl "leather look" skirt and a red ruffled blouse and "fuck me" heels and slabbed on the makeup, especially around the eyes. I dragged a comb through my hair which was back to shoulder length and permed and tied it back in a ponytail using a pink scrunchie. Sandi dressed much the same but she was in a green nylon mini dress and white wedge heeled slides and had also done herself up like the (other) office bike.
We were two office chicks, one of whom, me, was standing in the way of Sarah's progress to the executive washroom and she had decided to remove that obstacle. Sandi was going to be the poor sucker who has to be gotten rid of along the way. Larry was Sarah's professional hit man whom she had bribed with money and sex to do the deed.
The Playdead studio was done up to look like an office and the old ablution area was doubling as the office washroom. (non executive)
I rocked up carrying a tattily tawdry and vulgar clutch bag and went into the washroom to freshen up.For some reason known only to me this involved putting my hand bag on the wash basin and slipping out of my short and flashy skirt and my ruffled shirt and then dressed only in a flimsy black bra and pantie thong and teetering on high heels I opened the hanging closet to get out my work place suit.
Only thing was...................
........Larry was inside the closet with an old pair of my panty hose cutched in his hot hands.
Whuuuuuuuuuuup, he whipped it around my neck and tuuuuuuuuuuuggg, he pulled it very tight. VERY TIGHT!
Immediate constriction of the neck.
My panty hose were wrapped around my neck just above the thyroid cartiledge and were totally closing out my airways, pulled so tight by Larry that they bit deeply into my flesh leaving external bruising and a deep circumferential groove around my throat. My hands clawed at the ligature, my long nails leaving scratchy abrasions in the skin of my own throat. Damage to the internal structure of my throat was severe, my hyoid bone broke, my oesophagus and trachea were scrunched into nothingness and my lungs flapped like an overworked bellows doing nothing but recirculating stale and toxic air. My brain suffered catastrophic oxygen deprivation and crashed. My thyroid and cricoid cartiledges were wrecked beyond repair with severe localised bruising and my cracked hyoid floated free. This was primitive stuff, going for the vulnerable throat, eyeball to eyeball contact between killer and victim.
The panty hose could not be pulled any tighter.
Complete and total obstruction of my body's respiratory function cutting off all air supply to my lungs. Asphyxia, comes from a Greek word meaning without pulse and that was it for poor Barbanne. Lungs stopped, heart stopped, brain switched off, death! Massive interference with the mechanics of breathing, cyanotic blueness of the skin, congestion of the face and burst blood capilliaries in the heart, lungs and eyeballs where they showed up as petechiae. Eyeballs bulging, muscles twitching involuntarily as death occurs. Vomiting and voiding of bladder and bowels, which thankfully we skipped. My hands clawed in cadaveric spasms. The process of post mortem lividity began.
I was dead!
Dead as day old meat.
Sarah joined Larry and together they lowered my corpse to the floor. Sarah quickly stripped off my shoes bra and panties and, taking an arm each, she and Larry dragged my naked and quite dead body out to the office and dumped it behind the desk.
Knock knock.
It was Sandi.
Sarah sat behind the desk and Larry sat in a chair.
I lay on my back, nude and stiffening and foreground in shot but out of sight of Sandi when Sarah called her in.
"Yes Sandi," she said.
I lay giving occasional involuntary muscle twitches and cadaveric spasms and my blood no longer driven by my heart pooled into the bum and heels and shoulders in lividity spots. Rigor mortis stiffening slowly commenced as the protein in my muscles coagulated.
Of course all of these dreadful things hadn't really happened to me but only by understanding my "play" death could I act out my part with total conviction and this was what I very much wanted to do. My tits I had let bobble side to side as I was dragged along by Larry and Sarah and now that I lay in my dead starfish pose, arms out from my sides and legs stretched apart I was back doing what I loved best, playing dead! My hair had all grown back and I had been to a beauty salon where one of the girls had waxed me here and there and shaved my armpits and legs and so forth and had trimmed and combed my pubics into a neat little pelt that arrowed down pointing the way to my slit. There my nude body lay. Dave was shooting this and Alex was directing and I had asked for this scene to be shot with the wide angle lens with the extensive depth of field allowing my corpse to be seen in great detail in the foreground and the action beyond to be seen in equally sharp detail separated into foreground and background by the edge of the desk.
I lay spread out, my wet, woman's vagina open and glistening slightly with the moisture that was leaking slowly from deep within it. I was warm and tingly, my flesh crawly and sensitive and my nipples prickling with arousal as my tummy burned with desire and doing what I fantasised most about and loved best, being naked and dead while around me live people acted out scenes from life's drama.
"Oh Sarah," said Sandi, "have you seen Barbanne?"
Sarah shot her eyes to where my head and shoulders emerged from behind the desk, my eyeballs rolled back and my tongue poking from my mouth just overlapping my lower lip.
"Isn't she in her office?"
"I can't find her," Sandi smiled uncertainly at Larry who twitched his fingers.
"I'm sure she's around somewhere, probably flat out if I know her," at this Sarah couldn't suppress a giggle as I was most certainly "flat out."
"Oh," Sandi sighed in frustration.
"Is it important?"
"Yes it is, it's about that merger."
"I'm sure she'll turn up," another giggle.
Sandi looked at Sarah, a look of weird wondering on her face as she pondered why her superior was being so frivolous about what Sandi considered a very important matter.
"I'll just get the forms then," she said moving toward the desk.
"No, I wouldn't do that."
"Hmmmm, why not we have to close this deal."
Sarah grimaced and half rose but it was too late. As Sandi bent forward over the desk she looked down on my cooling and stiffening corpse, protein coagulating, rigor mortis advancing and post mortem lividity spreading across my buttocks and shoulder blades and calves and heels.
"AAAAAGGHH!!!, Barbanne!!!!!...............and she's........naked!!!!!!!.......AND she's DEAD!!!!!"
"She certainly is you stupid fool and because you had to be so damned nosey so are you."
Larry had whipped the panty hose around Sandi's neck and now her body did the same dance of death that mine had. Her organs went through the same shutting down routine that mine had but Sandi struggled even harder than I had and from my position on the floor as I listened to her scene being played out I hoped that Sandi wasn't over doing it as I didn't want her actually dropping dead on us. But Sandi didn't, she just struggled and twisted and writhed and wriggled mightily and her shimmery summer mini rode around sexily on her vibrant young body until finally Larry's strangling band of fabric had its way and Sandi jerked and moaned softly and with saliva dripping from her gaping mouth she slumped lifelessly to the carpet, her eyeballs wide open and staring fixedly at the floor only millimetres away.
Larry and Sarah quickly stripped Sandi naked and her body was dumped over mine and our two corpses lay there growing cold and stiff together and awaiting disposal.
Larry and Sarah were equal to that task and first Sandi and then me were carried out. Our arms sticking up, hands limped at the wrists, legs dangling and asses sagging downwards to be dumped in the boot of Sarah's car for our one way trips to the lake.
I think I told you before that when there were models available it was Playdead's policy to do as many sets as we could comfortably fit in, so cutting costs and building up stock sets. There was time for more once "Strangled" had been finished and so we did "Orgasm of Death," one of my new scripts. I was completely nude and lying on my back on the bed with my vibrator of choice in my fist and Sarah and Sandi were either side of me also pretty much naked (just a pair of brief panties each) and as I used my vibrator, (an Acuvibe, runs on high and higher and I had set it onto higher sort of wishing there was a highest) to get myself off, they assisted by pulling on the free ends of satin ribbons looped around my neck helping me to achieve a super breathless sex experience, an erotic asphyxia to die for!
I was writhing and twisting and getting my "satisfaction" as Mick Jagger used to say, the vibrator was really and truly actually turned on (normally we do this with it used just as a prop) and Sarah and Sandi were singing along with the radio. Golden oldies were playing and this one was the old Beach Boys favourite "Good Vibrations."
"I'm picking up good vibrations................"
And I certainly was!!!
Sarah and Sandi were right into it singing along and leaning back on their ribbons and jigging in time with the music.
Wrapped completely in the melody.
I was coming, my Acuvibe thrumming along and my blood engorged clitoris swelling into seventh heaven.
I felt my orgasm rushing toward me like a runaway train.
The girls sang and rocked and tugged.
I was breathless, it was fantastic! Fantabulous!
I was totally breathless, totally, totally, totally breathless, TOTALLY BREATHLESS!!!!!!
The girls were singing.The vibrator hummed along too.
The song finished.
"Hey wasn't that great!!!"
"Terrific. Don't you reckon Barb?.......Barb?.............Barb?................BARB!!!!!!!"
They both looked down guiltily at where my nude body lay spraddled across the bed, arms dropped by my sides, tongue pushing past teeth, eyes wide and rolled back out of sight and legs veed apart and the vibrator, deeply embedded in my cunt and still waggling vigorously away on its lonesome.
Her master's voice.
"Barbanne!! Is that device actually switched on?"
It was and I had just had the greatest do it yourself, self drive, climactic orgo-spasm ever, ever, ever!!
How does that man know? He knows me far too well.
After that Sarah and Sandi drowned me in the bath and I got to lie just underwater and all shimmery and dead while Dave used a polarising filter to capture my soggy waterlogged corpse.
Ah but I LOVE playing dead.
It was great to be back!

"Yes Alex darling."
"No matter what you never change do you?"
"What do you mean darling."
"You know I want this place to be a professional outfit making good quality fantasy stuff for the adult market."
"Of course darling."
"And yet you use a vibrator for your own pleasure during the filming of a set."
"Just aiming for realism darling and anyway its no ordinary vibrator its an Acuvibe, although maybe I think my Hitachi Magic Wand is sometimes better, after all its double ended for that face to face fun moment.
It was later the same day and Alex and I were alone together wrapping up the day's stuff.
"Barb, you are a deeply sensual and very wonderful woman and since you came back to us I have noticed real improvement in your mental and emotional condition even though you haven't told me where you went or what happened, but my love can't you see that sometimes your rampant sexuality kind of gets in the way of my feelings for you."
"Oh Alex don't worry."
"But I do."
"Well you shouldn't. What I do is mostly just the honest expression of my own sexual life and everything finally comes back to our relationship. Are you unhappy with me from the point of view of my being your sex partner?"
"Lord no. Its just, I don't know, maybe I feel a little jealous if you are doing something that gives you pleasure and its not with me."
"Well thats silly."
"I guess it is but I love you so much it makes me say and do silly things."
"Nope, you are an old conservative with proper ideas about how things should be and you are stuck with a mad wild woman. Just go with the flow my darling."
"You're probably right."
"This little frisson, this electricity between us, thats what makes us strong Alex."
"Probably true."
"Anyway, I've been thinking and I've gotten an idea."
"Like what?"
"Like how about we do a photo shoot on location?"
"We have done, worked outside I mean."
"Yeah but I mean gather up the girls and Dave and me and you and go out somewhere for like a week and shoot a mini epic."
"Hmmm, I'll have to work out costs and returns."
"I sort of have and I reckon we'd have to shoot one longish set to be serialised over say six weeks and maybe three other short things."
"Well show me what you have in mind and by the way where are we going?"
"You know the island?"
Of course he did it was out in the bay and very popular with day trippers.
"Well, there's a sort of failed resort on the other side where we can get cheap accommodation and that side is almost deserted and there's sand hills and beaches galore."
"OK, tell me."