Part 56

Posted by Barbanne on January 01, 2003 at 21:53:19:



Rom, in faux Armani evening wear and a flashy Rolex watch (also not genuine) slipped into the darkened bedroom.
It was a warm evening and on the bed Alexis lay, nude and partly covered by a thin sheet, sleeping restlessly.
Rom moved to the Van Gogh (print) and carefully lifted it down and put it to one side. He spun the combination lock back and then forth and back again. The door opened and he lifted the black velvet pad full of diamonds out. Using a loupe he scanned them quickly and slipped them into his pocket.
The light snapped on.
"What the hell are you doing?"
Alexis, sleepily rubbed her eyes and looked angrily at him.
He covered the metre or so to her bed in an instant snatching up the phone handset as he did. Before she knew what was happening Alexis had the cord wrapped around her throat and pulled tight.
Her hands scrabbled and her body bucked.
"Ntthh, ntthh, ntthh."
The cord bit deep, her face flushed and empurpled.
Rom's hands strained, sinews stood out and the pressure was relentless.
Alexis's tummy rippled and her hands flailed and scratched, her legs kicked out in a frenzy and her bum twisted and thrust. Her pudenda pumped up and down but all to no avail, the telephone cord won. She spasmed violently, shuddered down her whole length and then quivered and died, flopping back onto the twisted sheet in the rictus of death. Her eyes gazed fixed and unfocussed, her tongue protruded an enormous way out of her lips and her face blackened.
A little knock at the door.
Rom crossed to stand behind it as it opened.
In came Sarah's red hair in a maid's unform with a tea tray.
"Miss?" she enquired.
Rom struck.
The tray flew away.
Sarah scrabbled at the hands that encircled her throat, crushing, choking and then snapping..............SNAPPPPPP!!!
Sarah's body almost unaware it was dead slumped in Rom's grasp.
He stripped her on the floor and dragged her nude corpse over to the bed where he lay it over Alexis.
He took their hands and slid their fingers inside each other's slits.
Like some gross parody of lesbian lovers the two corpses embraced.
The diamond thief set had been suggested by one of our customers. We often get suggestions and a lot are rather disgusting but there are also some that are rather good. Having finished the diamond thief set and fixed up Rom and Sarah and Alexis's money I was going through other ideas for future sets. I had one that I was rather keen to do as an outside set which involved some of the girls being dressed as lifesavers with one of them as a swimmer who gets herself in trouble. I knew a deserted beach south of town where on a weekday we would be able to shoot the whole thing with almost nil chance of being disturbed. I had some red baywatch type swimsuits for the life savers and had in my mind to use Roxie in that teensy green bikini for my drowning girl. She would troop down into the water and get herself in trouble and by the time her feebly waving arms caught the attention of the guards she would be going down for the third and last time. They would swim out and drag her back from the ocean floor and tow her back to shore and then carry her on their shoulders the way they do up on to the sand and then do resuscitation and maybe have to strip off her bikini and then, well I hadn't decided whether poor little Roxie would live or die, whatever though she would finish up nude and limped out on the beach and surrounded by big strong girls.
Yeah that sounded good.
My other scenario involved one girl, Maybe Sibyl or maybe Alexis, killing another, probably Jas or perhaps even Sarah and then the killer would steal the dead girl's identity and use it to become her and do evil things in her name. More dead girls I guessed.
Sarah stuck her head in the door and said, "I'm off Barb."
"Terrific, see you next time."
"Hey Sarah, how's it going with Watson?"
"Oh great Barb. And my zits are nearly gone and I don't have a BO problem and I just feel heaps better about myself."
"Bye Barb," said Alexis.
"Thanks Alex. By the way how are you settling in?"
"Loving it Barb. It's just super fun."
"Good, OK, see you girls."
"You know despite not being the oldest by a long shot you are becoming quite the mother superior."
I looked up to see Alex.
"I mean it Barb. The girls look up to you. They rely on you."
Sweat prickled my skin.
The panic hit me like a wave of ice.
I tried not to show it.
"Oh I don't think so."
"No Barb, you should be proud. The girls all like you and Dave tells me working with you is as good as it gets and you know I rely on you for both most of our story lines and their realisation.
No, no, no. The panic froze me. No, don't say that please Alex. Don't let people rely on me. I can't do that. I can't be held responsible. I just want to be one of the models. I don't want to be the one they rely on. Nobody can rely on me. Nobody please.
"I want to talk to you about our becoming equal partners Barb. In all ways."
The panic froze my brain.
I thought I was going to be sick. I thought I might faint. My tummy knotted into a tiny ball.
"We'll talk about it."

"Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, aaaaaaaaahh......................."
His big, hard manhood rammed into me as I bucked my hips wildly and then it all exploded in a starburst of orgasmic delirium.
I shuddered as I came down from the peak.
"Oh Alex, Oh how I love that man."
We lay together naked and entwined and I felt as much as heard his breathing slipping into the regular susurrations of sleep. I felt his emissions still inside me and imagined the little sperm tadpoles swimming bravely up and up and then I saw the blighted moonscape that was my womb. The desolate barren ruin of my infertility.
Tears sprang unbidden into my eyes and I thought of how Alex deserved better. He needed more and he needed what I could never give. He was too good a man to have his life ruined by someone like me. I had no right to do that. Oh, it was alright now but as time passed and he came to know my shortcomings love would fade and then be replaced by indifference and then dislike and finally hatred. I couldn't stand that. I couldn't watch it happen. I loved him far too much for that.
I thought of freedom.
I could never have freedom. What was I thinking freedom? His freedom, I could give him that. Free him from me!
I could escape. Run away. Escape from any need to be responsible.
Who was I kidding?
I was running away again. Running like the moral and emotional coward I was.
I thought of the buses.
I could hear the hiss of air brakes and the door shushing open and I could feel the rumble and throb of the big diesel motor and the noise the tyres made as they ran along the asphalt roads.
Roads to where?
Roads to nowhere.
Roads to escape for a coward.
I disentangled myself and slipped out of the bed and collected my clothes and went down to pack my bag. My pitiful bag. I had brought nothing to Playdead and I would take almost nothing with me. I had to go, to get away, to run, to flee, to escape from having to make a commitment.
It was time for me to go.
Rely on me?
"Hah," I thought, "no-one can rely on me. I am nothing. I am shit. I am trash."
I stopped at the door and looked back.
"Goodbye darling," I whispered through a mist of tears.
Run. Run. Run................................,Hide. Hide. Hide..........................