Part 55

Posted by Barbanne on December 26, 2002 at 21:31:22:



I had brought in Roxie to join Alexis in her first set.
Alexis, I'll have to call her that or you'll get confused with my Alex, was as I told you a more mature woman and she had a worked upon body, very tanned and very fit. Roxie if you remember was young and looked even younger and was drop dead cute. As their set called for a fist fight of heroic dimensions I reckoned Roxie would contrast with and yet compliment Alexis beautifully.
Alexis came in first and went straight into the change rooms. I followed her and found that she was stripping off as though she had done it many times before. I stood leaning against the door frame and watched her, filling her in on what was going to happen. She nodded and said "Uh huh," and "OK," where appropriate.
"Stripped a few times before have you Alex?" I asked.
"Yes Barb."
"Hmmm, I've worked in a few clubs myself."
"Strip joints?"
"Yeah, pole dancing, lap dancing that sort of thing. You ever do any pole dancing Alex?"
"Hey its a lot harder than it looks isn't it? I was never all that good but the girls that were, geez they were athletes, that pole dancing does awful things to your thighs, I used to have bruises on my bruises."
"I was alright Barb I try to keep in shape."
"Alexis you are in better shape than anyone I know. That's why I wrote this one to end as I did."
She laughed. A short quick laugh without a lot of mirth. Roxie stuck her head around the door and said, "Is this a public change room or is it for you guys only?"
"Come in Roxie. Roxie meet Alexis."
"Call me Alex."
"Hi Alex, hey that's the boss's name too."
"Look for the one with boobs Roxie," I said.
They shook hands and Roxie got changed and I walked out with Alexis. Naked she walked with the same ease as she had when fully clothed. Like me, Alexis was comfortable with her own nudity, it was a skill learnt the hard way by exposing yourself again and again to the harsh glare of public view.
Roxie came out, also nude. I discussed the set with Dave and then he set up his cameras and we were ready to rock and roll.
Alexis and Roxie were two naked babes. I left it to the customer's imagination to say how they got to be naked. Maybe it was a nude beach, maybe a nudist colony, maybe they had just showered, whatever. They were not happy with each other. As they walked they niggled at each other. Shoulder bumped shoulder, hip collided with hip.
The tension built.
Tempers flared and simmered and flared again.
.................and exploded!!!
Alexis grabbed Roxie's shoulder and spun her around and punched her hard in the tummy.
Roxie doubled over and Alexis hammered blows at her head.
Roxie went to her knees gasping and furious. She lashed out with her hand and grabbed Alexis's ankle and tipped her backwards. Unbalanced, Alexis flailed the air with her arms and Roxie spun sideways and lashed out with her foot catching Alexis at the back of the knee and bringing her down. Still winded Roxie leapt on Alexis and such was the fury of her attack, her fisted hands battering at Alexis, that the bigger girl covered up.
They grappled and rolled around on the floor.
Spitting, snarling, ripping at each other's hair and flailing away with their hands, claws out and trying to scratch. Eyes closed in self defense and hands swinging they struggled back and forth, first one seeking and finding an advantage and then the other. Both girls were panting hard and their breasts and tummies bore bright red scratches and welts (all courtesy of my make up pencils) and they were sobbing for breath and Roxie was leaking tears from eyes made clown like by smudged and runny mascara.
Slowly they fought their way back to their feet and whaled away at each other with round armed slaps. Alexis was bigger and stronger and she seemed to be getting the upper hand but Roxie was younger and she was determined. They reeled back from each other and Alexis stung Roxie with hard, stinging slaps.
Roxie staggered back and her punches became ever more feeble and Alexis went in for the kill.
Never count your chickens before they are hatched as your gran always told you and in her rush for a quick finish Alexis opened herself up wide and Roxie fisted her right hand and let go with a whistling uppercut that caught Alexis flush on the very point of her shapely chin and lifted her onto her heels and switched off her lights.
"Owwww," Roxie rubbed her sore knuckles.
Alexis rocked on her heels.
"Ouch that hurt," moaned Roxie but Alexis couldn't sympathise as she wasn't hearing anything. Her eyes had crossed over the bridge of her nose and rolled up and back and then........................
..........she landed flat on her back sprawled out and twitched once and then twice and then went completely limp and still.
Fight over.
Roxie rubbed her hand and licked her knuckles and blew on it and wrung it in pain.
Alexis lay stretched out and silent.
Roxie said, "Yay, I win," and then doubled over feeling the pain of the blow to her bread basket and rubbed her victorious and very sore hand energetically.
She gave it one last air shake and then grabbed Alexis under her armpits and hoisted her up and dragged her off, heels sliding across the floor.
Humiliation was what Alexis deserved and Roxie tipped her over our fence (remember from the western shootout?, the one Frankie dumped Roxie over) so that Alexis's bum stuck up in the air and her open mouthed face lay on the other side dribbling and her hands lay all bent at funny angles and her feet splayed in different directions.
Not a very dignified position.
Roxie was my winner.
The girls changed into bikinis. We keep heaps of different items of clothing as props here at Playdead and everything is washed after every use and then put away until required again. That's one of my housemaid chores doing the laundry. Roxie chose an emerald green spandex number distinguished by its very minuteness and Alexis opted for a more conventional russet coloured classic bikini.
The bikini babes did battle.
When we have someone here we try to film more than one set if we get the chance. Not everything makes it to the web site but it is good to have some back up material available just in case.
This time Roxie never really got into the contest. I suspect that if it hadn't been scripted Alexis could have put Roxie away in no time flat, she was really quite strong and looked as though she had experience of physical contact sports.
As it was it was all Alexis.
She battered Roxie around the posing space and knocked her down on three separate occasions before spinning her and gripping her in a classic sleeper pose, one muscled arm under her chin and enclosing her throat and the other behind her neck, one hand locked into and gripping the other and the band formed by her arms cutting the flow of blood and life sustaining oxygen to Roxie's brain via her carotid artery.
Roxie went out in seconds her arms flopping limply into her lap and her head slumping sideways, mouth open and spittle drooling and eyes firmly shut and her breasts rising and falling quickly, carrying her brief green bra with them. Her legs kicked out spasmodically once or twice and Dave's camera climbed up inside her thighs to focus on the glossy green pussy nestled in her groin.
Alexis released the pressure as soon as Roxie went out. Keeping it applied would have killed her within minutes.
Together they sat on the floor, Alexis triumphant and Roxie stretched out against her peacefully asleep.
I looked at Dave and he smiled at me to say that he had it all and I said, "OK girls, that's good. Thanks for your help today. If you get dressed I'll get your money."
Alexis climbed off of the floor and Roxie rolled onto her face unmoving.
"Roxie?" I said.
"Oops," said Alexis, "I must have squeezed too hard."
"You mean she's really out? really and truly out?"
"Fraid so."
"Well shit, do something."
Alexis took Roxie's head in both hands and very gently cradled it before jerking it in one swift sudden movement."
Roxie flapped her hands and started quivering and groaned loud and long.
I was down beside her and I shook her shoulder and said, "Roxie, you alright."
"The bish knocked me out," she slurred.
Alex was there. Boy that man knows everything that happens in this place.
What's going on?" he said, "what's happening here?"
"Just a little accident," I said. "We were filming the fight scene and Roxie went unconscious."
"Get an ambulance."
"No," said Roxie, "I'm OK."
"She'll be alright it's just a temporary thing," said Alexis.
"No thanks to you," said Alex.
"Roxie'll be alright," I said, "I'll help her shower and change and then I'll run her down to the emergency ward and get her checked over."
"Yeah," said Roxie on her feet now but wobbling.
"Shouldn't she lie down," said Alex.
"Best she keeps moving," said Alexis.
Alex looked at her like daggers and said to me, "What do you think Barb?"
"I think I'm really sorry this happened but it was an accident and if Alexis doesn't think anything serious has been done I'll get Roxie fixed up and then have her looked at."
"Hmmmph," Alex didn't look too happy.
"Look let's stop talking about it and get the girl fixed up."
Alex shook his head and walked off.
With Alexis' help I half walked, half carried Roxie into the showers. She stood there woozily while I peeled off her bikini and ran the water hard and got her in under it. She started to revive and I turned down the hot and let it run cold.
That spluttered her back into the world.
Alexis was helping me and we had both gotten quite wet, for her it was no big deal as she was still wearing her swim suit but for me it meant soggy clothes until I dried out. We got Roxie out of the shower and Alexis held her while I towelled her vigorously. She was pretty much back to normal and while Alexis took a quick shower and dressed I helped Roxie into her street clothes. We piled into my wagon and went downtown to the emergency section and a young doctor saw her straight away. We told him she had had a fall and had briefly lost consciousness not wanting to fess up the truth. He hmmed and hahed and studied her eyes and tested her reflexes and because he was a spunk Roxie came real good and started to show interest and had her top unbuttoned and hanging open before he could stop her.
"Wanna check my heart doctor," she purred.
"Wanna check my.................?" she rotated her hand in front of her breasts.
"No, that won't be necessary Miss."
Then to me and Alexis he said, "She's had a slight loss of consciousness, not even a true concussion I don't think. She'll have a headache but that's all. Don't let her do anything too strenuous for a while."
I thanked the doctor and fixed up with the girl where they should send the balance of the account and then I drove Alexis home and took Roxie back to her new flat. I rang her flatmate who said she'd be home soon and so I waited until she came home and then made my way back to Playdead.
Alex was waiting and I was in the shit.
"What happened today Barbanne?"
I had tried to sneak in but he caught me as I was sneaking into the studio bedroom.
"Uhm, an accident, just an accident."
"Barb a girl was knocked out...........for real."
"Uhm it was a mistake."
"A mistake?"
"Well, the set called for Alexis to sleeper Roxie and for her to go unconscious but somehow she did. Go unconscious I mean, really and truly out cold."
"I know that Barb..........WHY?"
"I don't know. Alexis is quite strong and I think she has maybe wrestled professionally at some time and well, she just overdid it."
"Is Roxie alright?"
"The doctor says so."
"Where is she now?"
"I took her home, she's resting. He says it wasn't even a concussion just a loss of consciousness."
"I won't have it Barb."
"I know, I know, I'm sorry it happened."
"It must never happen again."
"I'll do my best."
"Barb you know I'm fond of you?"
"I should hope so I'm crazy in love with you."
"Hmmmph, yes well, despite that I don't always know whether I can trust you fully. I remember when you experimented with knocking yourself out cold."
"That didn't happen here Alex. It was just an awful accident."
"Oh well, be more careful in future."
"I will."
"Just be sure you do."
"I will, I will."
"Yes Barb?"
"Still love me?"
"Oh yes, lord forgive me but I do."
I moved in for a pash.
(Kissing...tongue wrestling....etc)