Part 54

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Posted by Barbanne on December 25, 2002 at 21:41:42:



I was drooling.
Dribbling like some slobbering slut.
Beside me, Sarah, (we were up next) was open mouthed and our eyes swivelled back and forth and up and down as though all four eyeballs were connected together by some invisible string.
We were watching while Sibyl played out a story line she herself had devised and in which she was Ishtar, goddess of love and war. Being Ishtar involved her in wearing a filmy open meshed creation that enabled about ninety nine percent of her magnificent nudity to show through unabashed. A cord belted her waist and she held aloft a bloodied sword. At her feet lay the objects of our (me and Sarah's) erotic interest, two of the most gorgeously proportioned, gym toned males, I, for one, had ever laid eyes on.
They were sprawled across each other and playing dead, stabbed through the heart by Ishtar's sword. I had almost tripped over rushing forward when called upon to paint their wounds on those fantastic pecs. Now I stood open mouthed and gazing fixedly at them. At those perfect pecs, at their flat tummies and muscle corded legs and arms, at their starey eyed, pony tailed faces and mostly at their hugely impressive slack dongers which, even though entirely unaroused, nonetheless lay covering most of their thighs.
Sarah too was looking where I was looking.
"You know why they're called dongers," I whispered out of the side of my mouth without moving my eyeballs.
"Why?" giggled Sarah.
"How would you like to be donged smack between the eyes by that?"
Sarah giggled some more and then we went back to our worshipful staring.
"What do you think Sarah, thirty centimetres?
Sarah made a strangly sound.
Sibyl had thought up this set, it had to do with her being interested in wicca and also in her being something of a feminist activist. When told they had to be dead nudes, our resident studs Larry and Rom pooh poohed and in a moment of rare (certainly for him) pique, Alex had hired these dudes from a model agency that hired out bodies for anything and everything.
Sarah and I were impressed!
When the set was over the two guys "revived" and got up, their amazing equipment still incredibly big and I found my mouth sort of puckering as I had filthy fantasies about it and one of those gargantuan cocks!
"Hi girls," they finger waved at us.
I looked at Sarah.
She was looking at me.
"How were we girls," said the other guy.
They were holding hands!!!
They vanished toward the showers and one guy grabbed the other guy's butt with his groping fingers.
"Damn!" I said.
"Shit," said Sarah.
I sighed. "Come on pal lets go and do it."

It was my return to modelling but only as a fully dressed participant. Sarah was going to be the dead one and Sarah got to be nude too. It was a classic girl on the mortuary table set and in it Sarah was a secretary who found out what she shouldn't have and her boss, Sibyl, strangled her with a man's neck tie and left her in her flat for the cops to find, hoping to frame some guy for it. We did a couple of establishing shots before Sibyl left for the day.
After that, Sarah, in an old tee shirt and some el cheapo Target underwear was lying on my mortuary table. I was wearing a white lab coat and I was the mortician come pathologist. I snapped on plastic gloves, the thin sensitive type surgeons use to carry out operations. I took Sarah's shoulder and rolled her to one side. Holding her there I used scissors to cut through her tee shirt from waist band to neck and snipped the strap of her bra. The shirt collapsed from a tightly fitting garment to a rumple of loose cloth and the bra popped away from her breasts. I eased her back onto the stainless steel table and stripped the ruined tee shirt off, pulling it down first one arm and then the other. I placed it aside for later forensic study. I pulled her bra off and put it with the tee shirt. Taking up my scissors again I snipped through both side straps of her g-string and pulled it down and under her bum and off.
I straightened her out.
She was nude on my table. Nude and dead!
Not quite nude.
I removed her watch, her toe ring, her ear rings and her thin neck chain. Now she was really nude. Pushing my glasses up onto the bridge of my nose I started my examination.
Watson had come in with Sarah and while we watched Sibyl killing the two hired in dudes he had been up talking to Alex, but now, I noticed, he had come down and was watching us film with an odd mixture of wistfulness, desire and love on his face. Sarah gave him a shy little smile, barely a twitch of her lips and a tiny finger tip wave. I bent over her.
"OK Sarah, with me dead is dead so no more grinning at your boyfriend and no movement of your own whatsoever. If I want you moved I'll do it right?"
"Right master."
"Don't cheek me girl."
"Wouldn't think of it oh great kahuna."
I beckoned Dave in and stooping over Sarah I lifted her eyelid.
Eye fixed and staring and rolled back.
I checked the other...........the same.
I had a wooden ice cream paddle and used this as a tongue depressor while I opened her mouth and peered in moving my gloved finger around.
I looked at her purplish bruised neck. (I had spent almost half an hour making it look "strangled") I carefully palpated her soft flesh. I placed the fingers of my right hand on either cheek and turned her head from side to side. Her skin looked lots better and her zits were just pink marks now. I stroked my fingertips down over her chest and let them linger for an instant over her nipples, crawling erect with undisguised pleasure as they were. I snuck a quick look at Watson and saw that he was sitting forward with a look of fascinated arousal on his face.
"Like this Watson?" I thought, "like watching what I'm doing to your little girlfriend?"
My hands drifted over Sarah's tummy and then I placed them on the inside of each thigh and ever so gently spread her legs apart and came down very close with my specs sliding forward on my nose. Sarah was still shaving and she still had rather a raw looking rash around her pubis. I touched her labia making sure that Dave's camera caught it all but that it was hidden from Watson. My gloved hands moved on down her legs until I reached her feet. I massaged these and separated each toe and played around with her for a time. She had lovely slim ankles and long slender feet.
I placed one hand around her upper thigh and with the other gripped her buttock and rolled her partly onto one side so that she faced toward where Watson sat, her face peacefully composed in shut eye and her small breasts drooping to her left as I made a big production of doing something to her rear end. Dave came in over my shoulder and then moved around to get the front shots. I laid Sarah back on her shoulder blades and let my gloved fingers disappear into her cleft. I resisted the urge to slip my fingers into her vagina but my rotating wrist must have looked awfully suspicious to an observer.
Finally I was finished my examination of the corpse and took a white sheet and flicked it out and over Sarah and settled it on her turning the top down to her nipples so that her face and sholders and the upper swell of her breasts was exposed. After a last look under her eyelids I pulled the sheet up to cover her.
"Got everything Dave?" I asked. He nodded and I said to the sheet, "Thanks Sarah, really good darling."
She sat up, wrapping the sheet around her and then hopped off of the table and headed for the change rooms.
Alex had come in for the last fifteen minutes or so and he came over to me and quietly spoke in my ear.
"You know you are a terrible tease Miss Barbanne?"
"Don't tell me that little performance wasn't some sort of erotic by-play by the two of you aimed at making that poor boy miserable."
"Actually it was mostly me, but it was for his benefit."
"Don't kid yourself darling, sweet little Sarah may not have moved but she was as much part of that prick tease as you were."
"Oh!" I hadn't really noticed that, but Alex is very observant and if he said it was so, then it was so.
"Well, good then," I said.
"It will be a good set," said Alex and if he says that then that is so as well.

Afterwards I sat and had coffee with Sarah.
Well, she had coffee and I had green tea. Good for me you know, plenty of anti oxidants.
We talked about our fantasies.
"So you've done modelling for Playdead Barb?"
"Oh heaps of times, I'm sure you've seen some of them on the web site."
"Not really. I must check it out."
"Do that Sarah you'll see I've died over and over."
"Hey how about we do something together, end up dead in each other's arms."
I laughed. "Don't think so Sarah, not right now anyway, I'm on a sort of sabbatical for psych reasons."
"Psych reasons?"
My shrink thinks my over active imagination and my over stimulation by fanatsies is causing me to have some problems with nightmares."
"There's more to it than that actually but anyway I have banished myself for the time being."
"That's a pity."
"Sure is. I love it you know, playing dead that is. I'm sort of wierd and have this aching desire to be a victim, a helpless, submissive victim. It's crazy I know and in this day and age when girls are fighting to be equal and to be allowed to get on top (giggle) here I am getting off on being a limp and helpless lump of flesh offering myself to someone stronger. This will strike you as really sick but when I am playing dead and lying "dead" at some guy's feet I am so, so, so turned on by being so utterly humiliated and debased. Now if that's not wierd what is?"
"Hey Barb that's exactly how I feel."
"Well I won't enquire but I'll be honest on this. As a kid I suffered some abuse and I often wonder if that got me started. I haven't told anyone but Candice this............."
"My shrink. I haven't told anyone but her but I am beginning to wonder if maybe I didn't actually like that abuse. If maybe I got off on being abused even then as a child and whether that isn't why I am so turned on by being humiliated and abused now."
"I never thought of that."
"I do. I mean when I pose I like to really limp out and I want to be nude and I spread my legs as wide as I can and by my posture I say to the world, "Here I am open and unprotected, violate me, in essence rape me!"
"Wow Barb that's me to a tee."
"Did you.............."
"Did I ever suffer abuse? heck no Barb. I have a terrific family and Watson well he's nice too. No I reckon its just the way you're born."
"Well maybe you're right."
"Actually, you've been honest with me Barb, I'll be honest with you."
"I'd like that."
"Well, erm, me and Watson, well we have had sex and all but, well it hasn't been that great."
"It takes practice Sarah."
Its just we fumble a lot and I really don't get going, not like I do in my head."
"Sarah, I've seen Watson watching you here. Girl, why don't you suggest some dead play games at home. Let him get some foreplay fiddling with you when he has you for himself and you'll like it too I guarantee and then when you get to the penetration part I reckon you'll find it takes care of itself."
"You reckon?"
"I reckon."
"Try it girlfriend you'll wonder why it took you so long to get around to it."
She giggled and blushed furiously.
"Watson, you there Watson?"
I mock punched her arm.
"Go get him Sarah."

We were a bit short of models at Playdead and were advertising a lot in the local press.
As I manned the desk one of these ads bore fruit.
A tall elegant woman with a super tan trotted in wearing a smart suit and I thought, "Oh oh a rep," but she said, "I've come about your ad. I'm Alexis by the way but you can call me Alex."
Interesting problem coming up, I thought, but I said, "Hi Alex I'm Barbanne."
I explained what we wanted and she said no problem with that and then I told her we always got some shots to see how she looked on camera and she agreed to that. I took some particulars and then she stripped down to the buff and I photographed her in a number of poses. Alexis I had noticed was, unlike our other girls, somewhere, by my guess, in her mid forties but stripped she had a work out body which, OK had wrinkles here and there, but was flat and lean and tanned everywhere and I mean everywhere!
After she had dressed again I took her upstairs.
"Alex," I said, "meet Alex."
They looked surprised and laughingly I explained.
My Alex took me aside.
"Barb, isn't she a little old?"
"She's sexy Alex and so what if she's mature. It will be a change."
"OK Barb, I should know enough to trust your instincts."
He turned to Alexis.
"When could you start?"
"Whenever you want me."
"Let me work up a script and how about Wednesday Alex?, not you Alex, you Alex."
"Wednesday's cool what time?"
"Get here about nine."
"See you then."