Part 53

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Struth, those of you who have been following my narrative might think, "The Hunk and the Lost White Tribe," I've found the wrong story page.
No you haven't. In our search for ever more wide ranging story lines we had decided to have one where the wild white man runs into the even wilder white women. Would have called it after a rather well known vine swinger but we better watch out for copyright transgressions.
Rom, in a costume sewn together out of a split chamois cloth, was my hunky guy and my lost white tribesters were Sherilee, Sibyl, Jas, Roxie, Sara and Sarah. In other words all of my present models. Costumes for the girls comprised a tiny g-string, a sort of eye patch over their pudendae. Apart from that they wore anklets, necklaces, bracelets and armlets, anything that established that they were gals living in a primitive tribal group. I was still sitting out from modelling although I'd have liked to join in and be one of these jungle babes. I sat with my script notes and minimal story boarding while Dave set up the camera. Alex and Watson were upstairs hacking relentlessly. The girls were lined up and facing the other way and chatting together. This was Sara's first go with us and she, I noticed, had a really long trunk from hips to neck and a nice figure, quite youthful, although her stretch marks betrayed her motherhood. Her blonde hair got some help from the bottle and was long and crimped into a perm same as I used to have. My hair was getting down toward my shoulders again and as soon as it did I was going to get my curls put back.
I looked at six bottoms, twelve buttocks and thought how wonderfully different something so universal could be. We had smooth, toned perfection, Sibyl, and dimples, Roxie, and sort of a saggy duck's bum, Jas, and spotty with a pimple or two, Sarah, and some cellulite, Sherilee and hippy, bulgey, Sara. S'pose I should be glad my own rather oversized bum wasn't being displayed.
Anyway it was time for action.
The hunk was surrounded by the lost white tribeys.
They came at him from every angle. He fought them off with swift blows, twisting and turning and kicking and feinting and punching and ducking. The six babes attacked relentlessly. As soon as one was driven off another attacked from a different angle. The hunk spun around trying to meet each new attack as soon as it was mounted.
He had to lessen the odds.
Jas and Roxie rushed him.
Mistake to wear your hair too long girls. The hunk grabbed each girl by the hair, his fingers gripping their locks and then using his mighty strength he banged their heads together like BANG!
Crossed eyes, floppy lips, quivering tits and they went down together flooomph!
Sherilee stared open mouthed at her fallen companions and the hunk slugged her like KAPOW! Down she went for the full count.
The remaining three still kept attacking, skipping and darting around and over the senseless bodies lying on the ground.
Sara went for a leg scissors to try to bring the hunk down. She got it alright but couldn't move his trunk like leg and as she grunted and strained, going red faced with effort, the hunk swung his free foot in a gentle arc that collected Sara's chin and that was it. Curtains for Sara.
Sibyl went for a full nelson but the hunk anticipated her and slipped the attempted hold and his fist cracked into her temple and Sibyl joined her comatose friends. Sarah had worked her KO out with me with that attention to detail that the true devotee of being a Playdead girl craves and she came rushing in at the hunk, swinging wildly, and he kicked her hard in the tummy and she doubled up like OOF!! and he slugged her with a vicious uppercut and she straightened up and rose several centimetres in the air and then went down and.......................,out like a light.
So there was the hunk with six gorgeous females, practically naked and knocked silly, and lying sprawled at his feet.
"Ah," thought the hunk, "all those bare feet."
Rom, the hunk, started piling up his trophy babes.
All of the girls had been coached in being totally slack when laid out and their floppy limpness did them credit. Rom dragged Sibyl over and dumped her on her back. Jas followed, her head rolling backward in open mouthed senselessness, her hair trailing and her big squishy breasts drooping. Jas was laid over Sibyl. Sara followed and depite being a newcomer she managed the look of someone quite unconscious as good as any I have seen. Sara joined Rom's pile. Roxie, mouth gaping wide and top teeth protruding was next and being young and slim and very supple she was the queen of "bodies." Sherilee always manages to look the part and when her flesh flopped on top of the other girls it did so as thought moulding itself to their contours. Last one was Sarah and of course as one who had carefully choregraphed her KO she played her "out" scene with the enthusiastic bonelessness of one as much in love with submissiveness as I am myself.
When the hunk had stacked the females from the Lost White Tribe into a meekly acquiescent tangle of surrendered sleeping flesh, he sat looking at them and deciding how he would both take his revenge and pleasure himself at one and the same time.
As he did so he stroked their splayed feet, carressing and cuddling them, tweaking their toes and tickling their soles.
Bit of a problem here as several girls, Sarah and Roxie particularly giggled uncontollable when tickled and Sarah shrieked that she was going to pee herself if Rom didn't stop immediately.
I got them settled again and Rom stroked and played with breasts and buttocks and I muttered to Dave that this was where we should show him having sex with at least one of them but he shook his head as we both glanced up at the office above. No way Alex would ever agree to my going hard core porn on these sets. I wondered idly if I were allowed to depict a real sexual act of congress which girl would do it for me.
I reckoned I'd approach Sarah although I suspected Sibyl could be a dark horse.
Hell, for all I knew every one of them might be hot to trot.
Anyway I didn't feel free to move my models into anything raunchy, so after some fairly innocuous fondling we wrapped it up. The girls untangled themselves and headed off to get changed back into their street clothes. Sarah came over to me and I could smell her perspiration. She had been using an anti bacterial soap and had found some herbal pills and was maybe not quite so wound up now that she had an outlet at Playdead and so when she stood almost touching me I could sense the heady perfume of a body exuding sexuality and had to try and ignore that and concentrate on her words alone.
"Barb, when we do a set like that I reckon we could go for something a bit more intimate than Rom just roaming his hands over us. I'd have to talk to Watson but I reckon he wouldn't mind if I did some stuff that was, penetrating," she grinned hugely.
"Sorry Sarah," I said, "I'm afraid that Alex has standards and he doesn't want us doing what he considers, probably rightly, to be pornography."
"Hmmm," she said, "come up before has it?"
"Yep, you're looking at the porno actress herself and let me tell you dear I'm not making any progress."
"We might work on him together."
"We might."
She looked at me sort of wistfully and with a look that I had never seen on my own face but knew it had been there. We were a lot alike.
"Off you go and get changed."
She turned.
"Oh and Sarah..............."
"Yes Barb."
"I've got a set for you that you are going to love."
"What, what? tell me, come on, what?"
"Get changed and we'll talk."