Part 48

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I was seated at the front desk looking through the papers and trying to think up new ideas for Playdead type sets. My fingers combed through my hair which now resembled a messy mop. I had tried doing something with it but it just sort of flopped wherever it wanted to go. I wondered idly why I'd ever thought shaving my head was a good idea.
Then I saw the ad and a light clicked on and then others gleamed in the dark beyond. I picked up the phone and rang the number. Did we have any experience? I sort of fudged that. How much did we want? I quoted something ridiculous. Could we do it in time? Sure. Where we reliable? I smoozed them and then was told I had the job.
I rang around and got Sherilee, Kathy, Nadine, Corinne, Jordan and Roxie to agree to come. Dave couldn't make it but that was OK as I'd be doing most of the camera work and Alex would direct. I got Rom to agree to come too and it was fixed.
We set off the next day Corinne, Roxie, Jordan, and Alex and me in my big old wagon and Sherilee, Kathy, Nadine and Rom in Sherilee's Corolla.
I had fixed up for us to do gardening maintenance for the boy scouts at the site known as Camp Lake in preparation for their summer arrival the following weekend. I figured how hard could it be? Some mowing and tidying and stuff and we could stay there while doing it and I reckoned that meant we could use our spare time to shoot a set based on those sort of old Friday the Thirteenth type films where the babes get offed by some wierdo.
Great eh!
I had gotten a set of keys from the guy who gave me the job and we motored down the forty odd kilometres to where the camp site was. It wasn't really a lake, more a backwater of the dam and the site fronted this and had huts and kitchens and stuff. We figured to get most of our grub from the little town five k's away.
The lawns were mostly weeds and pretty overgrown and the beds were badly in need of cleaning out. I found a ride on mower in the shed and after Alex had gotten that going for me I roared off spraying grass in all directions. Dirty old shorts and a tee shirt were the garb of choice although Roxie had decided to garden in a bikini and Jordan and Corrine wore bra tops and shorts. Sherilee covered up in overalls and was probably the only one of us sensibly dressed.
I had given Alex the list of chores we were supposed to do and he got the others weeding and raking and clearing away fallen wood and stacking it. I raced around revving and roaring like a sort of mower mounted Michael Schumacher only with tits.
A day and a half and the place looked super.
It was time to do pictures.
My story was simple.
Years back, way away in the sixties a babe dies in unexplained circumstances at Camp Lake. A mystery that creates a myth. Years later six babes arrive for a weekend and the killing starts again.
I was going to be that first babe and Alex would film my stuff and then I would take over the camera and do the rest.
I had found a sixties type dress in a second hand store, a Courrages skimpy mini dress, bright yellow vinyl with a white hoop pattern and holes cut out in the hoops so that flesh showed through. Pretty sexy mums back in those days I thought. I had also found a pair of green vinyl boots that sort of went and had gotten a polyester wig so that I could sport big hair as was the fashion back then. I wore this around looking more like a ho than a camper and then came my scene where I went down to the little jetty poking into the lake and stripped off my gear (my undies were pink nylon and I hoped they were authentic enough) and folded and stashed it.
Naked yet again I went into the water and sploshed about a bit and then stood there with my titties floating and my bare shoulders and arms and big hair showing and then......
I disappeared under the water.
I popped up shrieking.
I disappeared again.
My bare white arm shot up above the water and my fingers clenched and unclenched and then it sank down below the cold surface.
Last shot.
My nude body lay floating in the shallow ripples at the water's edge. My face and breasts were squished into the mud and ooze and my bum broke the surface and rocked back and forth. Smears of slime streaked my naked flesh. My heels broke water behind me.
In the distance voices, calling.

It was now today.
Showered and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and with my wig rinsed and hung out to dry I had the camera and Alex was marshalling the troops and Rom was waiting to provide an arm or a hand or a shadow as required.
The six girls in a variety of bikinis and one piece suits were frolicking on my freshly mown lawns. Roxie had on the smallest two scraps of cloth I had ever seen called a garment.
We had decided to film in good light but using a filter we hoped to make it look like a moonlit night. Like all good teen slasher flicks the night was to be a fateful and fatal one. The filter trick has been used since the beginning of old movies as a way to depict night without losing the benefits of good lighting.
The girls were drinking and partying and discussing boys in loud, inebriated and extremely crude terms.
"I'm goin' for a swim," shouted Roxie.
"Good for you babe," said Jordan, "I'd rather get wet inside than out."
"Ah spoilsport," laughed Roxie prancing off in that ridiculous bikini.
"Don't frighten them fishies girl," giggled Kathy.
Roxie trotted around the edge of the pine trees and skipped along that short jetty where my character had come to a bad end years before.
She put a toe in the water and said, "Yick, cold, maybe I'll get pissed instead like them other girls said."
She half turned and the dark shape reared up out of the water behind her and a scaley hand clamped itself over her mouth and the other hand gripped the back of her head. Rosie's eyes went saucered and then the hands twisted violently in opposite directions and KRAAAAAAAAAAAKK! poor Roxie's little neck snapped and she slumped backward, bonelessly limp and the shape dragged her into the water. As her hips crossed the end of the jetty her tiny bikini pants slipped down and her ass crack was revealed and then her legs kicked upward and she was gone.
"I gotta piss," said Nadine.
She staggered up somewhat the worse for drink and headed to the outside loos.
"We'll keep your booze cold girl along with Roxie's," Sherilee told her retreating back.
Nadine finger waved.
Nadine entered the brick and concrete dunnies and the camera watched from directly above as she hauled down her bikini pants and squatted on the pedestal. Loud trickling sounds hinted at relief. Finished, she tore off some paper and wiped herself and the noose snaked down and settled around her neck touching her shoulders and she said, "Hey," and reached up and then she said, "Eeeeeaarch," and the noose jerked tight and Nadine was propelled upward, pants around her ankles and hands and feet flapping. The shape dropped her and then stopped her and then lifted, dropped and stopped twice more. The third one did it, cracking her neck bones like brittle clay. Nadine slowly circled, hung dead on the end of the rope. The shape hauled hand over hand and Nadine's corpse, pathetically caught with her panties down, disappeared into the shadows amongst the rafters.
"I'm gonna join Nadine," said Kathy, crossing her legs, "ooow yeah, I gotta pee."
She stumbled drunkenly over to the dunnies.
She crossed painfully discomforted to an empty stall and piddled loudly.
"Oooooh yeah!!" she grunted in relieved satisfaction.
She wiped herself and pulled her swimsuit on again and called out, "Nadine, you there?"
She peered into each cubicle.
"Where is that girl?"
She walked toward the door, toward the camera.
A dark arm swung a hammer and it crashed into Kathy's forehead right between her eyes and at the bridge of her nose.
Massive damage.
Instant death.
Kathy's twitching, spasming body disappeared, dragged off around the corner. Heels bobbling and then gone.
"I am goin' to have to crash," said Corinne.
"Where are them other three?" asked Sherilee weaving slightly.
Jordan giggled.
"I'm gonna lie down before I fall down," said Corinne.
"If you see them others tell 'em there's still plenty of booze."
Corinne tottered off.
Sherilee and Jordan moved in on each other and grappled in a grunty twosome. Sherilee's tongue flickered out and and Jordan popped off Sherilee's bra and groped at her bared breasts.
Corinne entered the darkened hut, tugging her swimmers off and dropping them, flopped onto her bunk. She lay on her back starting to snore.
The shining steel blade, honed to razor sharp moved up under the bed, propelled by the darkened hand. In one continuous steady movement it slid between the bunk slats and through the thin mattress and into Corinne's back, just missing her spine and severing most of her major organs. The viciously bright point, dulled only slightly by a thick coating of Corinne's life blood emerged from between her breasts and rose five centimetres proud of her chest. She coughed and her face rolled toward the camera and her eyes stared in shock at the lens and lips opened and blood gushed forth and the light in her eyes went out forever.
Jordan was down on Sherilee, her face buried in the other girl's groin and her cheeks bellowsing as she worked enthusiastically at her task. She came up for air.
"Hey, it's quiet here."
"Where's the others."
"Who cares, do that again, come on."
"I oughta look."
"Forget it."
A scaley hand grabbed Sherilee's hair and dragged her backward and up into a sitting position.
The knife plunged into her back.
A grunt and lung blood flecked her lips.
"Jordan.........................," her hand reached out in clawed supplication.
The knife drove home again.
Jordan screamed and screamed again as Sherilee's corpse tipped and toppled toward her.
Jordan screamed again and then the knife plunged into her throat, emerging from the back of her neck.
Her eyes widened and rolled up.
Blood gooped.She fell quietly backward and died in a thrashing twitching heap.
* * *

Lined up shoulder to shoulder.
Nadine, very nude and very dead.
Corinne, very nude and very dead.
Sherilee, also very nude and very dead.
Jordan, Kathy and Roxie, all very nude and very dead.
The shape, now revealed as Rom, stood over their corpses in the harsh light of the dormitory building.
He was naked.
He looked at their twelve aligned, splayed feet.
He liked feet.
He leaned forward, kissed Roxie's small delicate feet. Stroked Sherilee's bigger stronger feet, fingered Corinne's little toes and played with the girls' "dead" appendages with the enthusiasm of a dedicated foot man.
Rom liked girls' feet, in fact Rom loved them. He looked over to where I was standing behind the camera and grinned an evil grin. I grinned back. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to rub his cock along the girls' feet, maybe come all over them. I swivelled my eyes to where Alex was studying his script notes for the bit about foot fucking and almost imperceptibly shook my head and grinned.
I wrapped up the "Camp Lake Killer."
After a light tea I dragged Alex down to the lake and we found a canoe and paddled out to a small island a hundred metres from camp. I directed him to the other side of this tiny knoll in the middle of the broad expanse of water and as I jumped out of the canoe and my feet slushed in mire I had a brilliant idea and by the time Alex had secured the boat (he's so thorough with everything the dear boy!) I was naked, my clothes torn off in a frenzy and I slipped up behind him and pressed my tits against him and said, "Want some really dirty sex?"
While he was still saying, "What?" I had his shirt off and his shorts undone and before he hardly knew what was happening he had shed his clobber and we were rolling in the mud like two pigs on heat.
Fucking in the slime, that was fun!
Then we splooshed in the lake until we were clean and then lay on the grass naked and happy and staring at the emerging stars.
I showed off my puny astronomical knowledge and then we cuddled and kissed some and then a lot and I slid down and sucked him into readiness and that led to a second round of sex.
We paddled back and headed for the sack, the others were already there, and I took Alex to bed but I hope his expectations weren't too great because the whole thing of the last three days got me and I was snoring noisily within seconds.
We tidied up and drove back the next day and I told the guy his camp was ready and he said that as soon as someone had been up and checked we'd be getting our money.
That was cool.
I helped Alex download and edit the pics and Alex was peering at them and said, "Has that Rom got something with feet?"
"Hmmmmm," I said innocently.
"You'd think he wanted to have sex with the girls' feet."
"Oh I don't think so................"
I giggled and ran my fingers through my still growing hair, I'd have a short pageboy soon.
"Alex," I said.
"Yes Miss Barbanne."
"Did I tell you I loved you."
"Not for ten minutes or so Ma'am."
I giggled again and melted into his arms and we kissed, a long, lingering kiss with lots of tongue gymnastics and huge amounts of generated heat in the areas of the nipples and pubis.
I broke and sighed, happy as it was possible for me to be.