Part 47

Posted by Barbanne on November 28, 2002 at 21:34:06:



Silence except for grunty little ugh, ugh, ugh, noises and then.............
The execution was over!
My lifeless body sagged limply against its bonds. Hog tied, wrist lashed to wrist, ankle lashed to ankle and wrists and ankles tightly bound together behind my back.
Two bullet holes to the back of the head.
Small calibre, neat craters, leaking blood.
Earlier I had been led into the room and then made to strip naked at gun point before being hog tied and laid face down on the carpet, my breasts crushed against the prickly surface.
A call girl, I had stupidly crossed the mob and this was the price.
My stubbly head, hair regrowing, looking like a buzz cut now, had two bullet holes in it. I was doing blood for Alex as promised and so twin trickles of crimson gore snaked from my nostrils and gaping lips. My legs and arms, restrained by the bonds, splayed out and my body lay, lump like, subsided onto the carpet. I was still shaving my mons and it prickled where it pressed onto the floor.
My executioners, Sibyl and Sherilee, looking fabulous in black biker leathers, stood over my pathetically crumpled corpse sneering down dismissively. My wide, staring eyes gazed sightlessly at the floor only millimetres from my nose.
I looked like a trussed and slaughtered pig.
(Well, maybe not a pig!)
Sibyl kicked at my ribs.
"They never learn do they Sherry?"
They walked away.
The "Execution" was only the first in a series of shooting deaths I had offered to play out and now had coming to me.

"Gunfight at the (not so) OK Corral" was next.
Nude except for black boots to just below the knees and a black hat and a gun belt and gun. Same for Sibyl and Corinne only they had white hats.
Standing facing them down in the hot high noon streets of Killherville Kansas.
Twitchy fingers.
Hands hovering, fingers curling.
Sun beating down.
Shooters clear leather and then Bang! Bang! Blam! Blam! Kapoweeeeeeee!!!!!
I looked down.
My gun fell to the ground dropped by nerveless fingers going icy cold.
Three little bullet craters stitched across my chest from just left of this nipple to just right of that nipple, leaking viscous blood.
I looked up.
Blood oozed into a bubble in my left nostril and then dripped onto the dirt..............PLOP!
Blood spilled from between my clenched teeth and ran down my chin and onto my neck.
My chest wounds bled faster.
My eyes rolled up.
I landed flat on my back in the dusty dirty street, arms out, legs apart, looking like Leonardo's drawing of everyman. (or was it Michaelango?)
Two against one ain't fair......I really have to practice my fast draws more, heaps more.
Contemplating that I died, my toes curled up inside my boots and my body went limp.
Sibyl and Corinne walked over. Clinkity clinkity clink, clink, clink. They looked down. Sibyl tipped her hat back with a flip of her thumb.
"Black Barb sure looks peaceable."
Corinne squatted beside my dusty corpse. My hat had flown off in the fight. My hair was now about one and a half centimetres long and stuck out from my head like a porcupine's quills. I had heaps of eye makeup and mascara on and ruby lips and blood leaks from all over. My eyes were shut, my long, gooped, lashes lying on my freckled cheeks. Corinne pulled my boots off and then undid my gun belt and cast it aside.
"Y'all ready," she said to Sibyl.
Sibyl slipped her hands in under my armpits and Corinne put hers under my knees. They lifted me up and carried me off. Blood dripped on the street. Drip..........,drip..........,drippity, drip. My ass sagged downwards and Dave's camera was at worm's eye level photographing upward, featuring my well rounded, ballooning buttocks and squashed up pudenda.
The girls, my killers, carried me off for the reward.
Naked, dead, showing some blood and bullet holes, I just went along for the ride.

I was cleaning the shower recess. Naked, I always clean it naked so I can splosh water around to my hearts content.
The thought just came to me.
I flopped out past the glass screen door, lying on my back buck ass nude and tits up and called out to Alex, "Hey Alex, come here a moment."
He came into the bathroom.
"Oh yes, what have we here?"
"I'm passed out cold from the cleaner fumes, what you going to do?"
"Call triple 0?"
"How about drag me into the bedroom and fuck me..................hard!"
"Would that be the best therapy?"
"Well maybe you need mouth to mouth and that chest pounding stuff?"

Back in the studio and I was playing a porno star who did photo shoots and live performances where I did sex with various creatures, not all of them two legged.
I had been a naughty girl and had pissed off my madam by doing freelance work and cutting her out of the loop.
Nadine was that madam, a small dynamic bundle of sexiness and toughness. In her short, glittery, scarlet party dress she looked like an angry pocket dynamo. I had just finished doing something disgusting, naked and down on all fours with a big dildo and a rather vicious German Shepherd. Jas, in shorts and halter was behind the camera.
"Barbanne," snapped Nadine, "this time I've had it with you!"
"What, what boss," all whiney and stuff.
"The Winston bloke, big spender one of my best customers only now half of what he spends goes to you with nothing for me."
"Only the once boss, only the once. He wanted it and I was going to tell you."
"Really boss, really." Very whiney now.
"Its not as if this is the first time."
"But boss......................"
"Don't give me that shit Barbanne, I told you I've had it this time, really had it!"
She whipped out a small silvered shooter with a lethal nine mill slug.
"Oh no......................," I squawked
The bullet hole appeared just above the bridge of my nose, leaking blood. I gooped a dribble of blood out of my mouth and slid to the floor dead.
"Get the bitch out of here," Nadine commanded Jas.
"Sure chief," said Jas and she grabbed my wrists and carted me away, heels dragging on the floor and more blood now oozing from my nose.

Nude except for specs perched on my nose and big dangly ear rings and an indigenous shell necklace I stood at the lectern wagging my finger at the unseen audience. Behind me Kathy, Corinne, Frankie, Roxie and Rom and Larry sat naked at a table. The story said we were all at the International Nudists Conference and I was the guest speaker.
A coughing grunt.
A high powered rifle firing.
A slug propelled at super speed slammed into my chest on the up slope of my left breast and, spraying blood, I skidded backwards, half turning as I did. My body crashed into the table, the leading edge catching me just behind my thighs. Kathy and Frankie dived for cover, the others swayed out of the way. My body tipped over the table and Rom grabbed a water bottle out of the way seconds before it spilled. My legs splayed open and my body twisted at the waist and flopped bakward onto the table top scattering plastic glasses and papers. My arms reached out in supplication but I was already dead. My specs were lodged crookedly on my forehead and my hair, which had now grown back to extremely short, stuck outwards like some spikey punk fashion. Blood leaked from my bullet wound and pooled stickily under my chest spreading across the table. Blood filled my mouth. My eyes remained wide open in shocked surprise and had dulled to nothingness. Kathy peeked out from under the table. Larry looked at my freshly dead and twitching corpse in horror. Corrine and Roxie averted their eyes from the ghastly spectacle. Rom massaged my feet which lay limply spread at a hundred and eighty degrees to each other.
My killer, an assassin from the most feared terrorist organisation on earth, the Fundamentalist Christian Pleasure Poopers had long fled from the hall.
The camera scanned slowly and lovingly over my sprawled body.
I was being shot again and again.

This time I lay on the carpeted floor of the bedroom. My silk peignor was rucked around my waist. My legs were bare. A hint of black g-string glimpsed from between my buttocks. I was lying half side on, my dead eyes almost touching the surface of the carpet. My complexion was greyish greeny and hinted at death having happened several hours ago. Blackening lividity discoloured my fingertips and feet and would have been pronounced on my body where it rested on the floor.
A bullet hole puckered my temple and another had shattered my cheek. Blood oozed from both. My tongue crawled like an obscene grey slug out of the side of my mouth.
Shot dead again and surrounded by paramedics in the form of Sibyl, Nadine and Rom.
Wife murdered by husband, this photo set was of the found in situ corpse type.
I had bled magnificently for Alex in a variety of photo sets which would form parts of a series featuring myself and most of the other girls, gunned down in one way or another.

I sat at Alex's shoulder looking at my recent efforts.
I sighed.
"Hmmmmnnn," said Alex distractedly.
"All I am is a cunt, a dead cunt."
"Barb! Language. Anyway what is that supposed to mean?"
"It means that while ever I am modelling here I am only useful as a cunt that walks or in this case dies."
"Struth you talk some rubbish."
"Its what I feel."
"I thought you like doing this, enjoyed the modelling and the play dead pretense?"
"Yeah but?"
"Yeah but at times I think a woman only exists for men as some sort of sex deal................a cunt!"
"Depressed again Barb?"
"Guess so."
"Barb you're an important part of Playdead dot com and the fact that you model for us and pose in these sets is a wonderful bonus for me because just the work you do running the office and writing scripts would be enough without the rest. You are talented and hard working and without you we'd be struggling."
"That's sweet but us babes know that what we are is just a cunt on legs."
"God you're impossible."
"I am aren't I?"
"That impossible eh?"
"At times."
"Oh Alex, I am so screwed up. I think I am getting better and then I say stupid stuff like that and, I don't know, I'm just a drip."
"You're a nice sensible, quite loving girl who has had to contend with a lot and despite everything you have come out alright although with a few demons."
"Those bloody demons are driving me mad mate."
I sniffed.
"Oh Alex, if I didn't have you I don't know what I'd do. Go mad I know that. Kill myself, quite possibly. Oh darling I need you so badly."
I put my arms around him and hugged him hard.
"Barb," he slid an arm around my waist and tightened it, "these shooting pictures are good."
Nice change of topic Alex.
"Mmmmmm," I said.
"Don't know why you didn't want to do blood, you look very sexy bleeding here and there."
I punched his arm.
"Yeah, but that's because I refuse to look disfigured, just little holes carefully placed and leaking."
"This shot in the cheek and forehead looks real."
"Do you think? Just two neat little holes I reckon and anyway don't you love the way I'm going green, that was Sibyl's makeup that did that."
"You make a lovely corpse my darling."
"Oh Alex I'd do anything for you. Don't ever leave me will you?"
"Never my love," he squeezed me tightly.