Part 46

Posted by Barbanne on November 27, 2002 at 22:26:48:



Suzy had been doing my hair for a while.
"You want me to what Barb?" she said.
"I want you to do what I just asked," I said.
"No way, never, oh Barb you can't be serious."
"Well I am. Here, look its just not that hard," I leaned over and grabbed her scissors off of the bench and hacked a handful of my hair away. The other ladies under driers and stuff stared at me as though I were mad.
"Ah Barb, what have you done?" shrieked Suzy.
"Started you off, now you fix it up professional like."
"Oh no, oh no," Mumbling and complaining Suzy cut my hair off leaving only a ragged stubble and then using her clippers shaved that down to a number one. I was as bald as a billiard ball.
"Thanks Suzy, that's great. Now I'll go and see Lisa and by the way I'll need a wig to go home."
Suzy was weeping.
I lay naked in the depilatory room while Lisa shaved off my pubes and then using her waxing technique stripped every other hair from my body. I stood and looked in the mirror. I was a totally bald babe.
Dressed again I donned my blonde wig and walked home to Playdead.
"Hey Barb, your hair's blonde," said Alex. He peered closer, "and it's straight now, what happened to your curly perm?"
"That's not all," I said, "it's also removeable," and I whipped off the wig.
"Oh my god Barb, what have you gone and done."
I hoicked up my skirt and pushed down my panties and revealed my shaven pussy.
"Alex," I said, "meet the hairless lady!"
"But, but why, why Barb??"
"Are you ill?"
"Nope," I said, "its something I've wanted to do for a long time."
He just looked at me so I told him about this strange urge I had had for a long time to shave all of my hair off and get oiled up and how watching that old film about androids made from bits who were like nude hairless girls had brought all of it back and how I just knew that naked and hairless I would be the perfect vulnerable female icon and I had to do this and he had to help me and well, that was that!
He listened and he stood there and he shook his head and finally he said, "Barbanne you are one wierd shiela!!"
I sat out front with my blonde wig on and when Frankie and Roxie came in they said, "Hey Barb what have you done to your hair?"
"Blonde, you know what they say about blondes, they have more fun."
"Hey it's cool but.....," Roxie leaned over and fingered my wig, "hey its a wig!"
I pulled it off.
"So what do you think?"
"Nude nut, coool, way coooool," said Roxie.
"Why Barb? You had such lovely long hair, why?" said Frankie.
"It's a long story."
"You're not sick, please say that you're not sick," said Frankie.
"Only a bit wierd Frankie, anyway," I jammed my wig back on, "how's that boyfriend of yours, Chas?"
"Still a bloody creep," said Roxie.
"We're OK," Frankie glared at Roxie.
"He's bad news," said Roxie.
"Please don't fall out over him girls," I said, "I like you both way too much to have you fighting."
"He's a shit and Frankie won't admit it."
"He was a bit intense Frankie. I'm afraid we aren't sure how we might use him again."
"That's OK," said Frankie, "anyway he and I are our own business."
"Ain't that the truth," I grinned.

I made it into bed first that night and lay under the covers naked and nervous. Alex came in from the bathroom and climbed in. I turned to him and said, "Well?"
"Well what Barb?"
"Are you angry with me?"
"Should I be?"
I took his hand and placed it on my smooth mons and separating his middle finger from the others I guided it inside my slit. "Does that offend you?"
"Does it excite you?"
"What am I supposed to say?"
"I should think that having a totally naked and shaven girl's body in bed with you and knowing you can do what you like with her would be a turn on?"
"Maybe it is."
"OK, teasing time over, turn the lights on again and use me."
"You're a funny girl Barbanne."
"Aren't you lucky that I am?"
"I'm not sure."
Then I told him about my fantasy. To be oiled up while naked and hairless and then played with by my lover, anointed queen of corpses. I also told him I'd fixed up for the photo session to take place tomorrow before my hair started growing back. He was quiet but I could tell he was a bit excited. I kissed him and holding his hands led them downward letting them explore my body, my naked hairless body.

The next day the photo session happened.
I had set the studio up so that the walls were draped a neutral light grey. The stainless steel bench, portraying an autopsy table, was centred in the space and the lighting was all overhead, bright enough to illuminate the table and its contents but restricted in its spread so that this and this only stood out from its surrounds.
On the table I lay stretched out on my back arms by my sides quite hairless and without any makeup at all. I was covered head to toe by a white sheet. Under its draped folds you could pick out the hills of my breasts and the curves of my tummy and thighs and my feet where they splayed apart.
Enter Alex dressed in a white coat.
He removed the sheet folding it neatly and placing it aside. He leaned over my body and ran his hand over my bald skull. He lifted my eyelids one after another and looked at my "dead" and sightless eyeballs. He touched my nose and then used the fingers of both hands to prise my mouth open and slid his index finger inside my wetly waiting cavity. He cupped my breast mounds in his hand and thumbed my rubbery nipples. He slid his hand down my rib cage and over my tummy and then used his thumbs to spread my labia. His hands continued down over my thighs and knees and down my lower legs and then he stroked and caressed my out turned feet.
He stood looking at me lying peacefully there.
I was on fire. Inside my belly was a turmoil.
Alex took a bottle of scented body oil and tipped some onto his cupped palm. He smeared the oil over my tummy and breasts. He continued using handfuls of the sweetly scented slippery liquid to coat my legs and arms and shoulders and hips and feet and head until he had roughly bathed me all over in oil. It dripped onto the stainless steel surface of the table.
Then using both hands he rubbed it into my body, lifting and turning me as necessary until he had smoothed me all over with rose scented oil. He coated my head with it until it gleamed like a polished bowling ball. When I was totally covered in oil, he took another cupped handful and spreading my thighs rubbed it into my pussy using his lovely soft gentle hands to introduce it into my every crease and fold and as his hands caressed the oil around and onto my clitoris I silently and motionlessly orgasmed and my love emissions mingled with the anointments.
Alex may be a sort of straight guy and he grumbles at me when I want to stray into semi porno stuff and all that but let me tell you that he is also a fantastically sensuous and aware man and while the camera watched on he played my naked and oiled up baldy body like a maestro plays an old violin and as his hands roamed across my fevered flesh I started boiling inside with a rush of orgiastic arousal that every girl should be allowed to feel. I didn't know I could come so many times one on top of the other but my wet emissions flooded from my vaginal passage and I was awfully hard pressed to do playing dead well. I went to that warm soft coccoon where I was dead in my head and just turned my body over to Alex, but I'm sure he must have known. I was a mess of fast flowing love juices.
When he finished with handling and fondling me and took a break I peeked over at Sherilee who was doing the photography for this and winked at her. Both Alex and I had agonised over who to use for the photography considering the very intimate nature of what we were going to do and I suggested Sherilee. Ever since that business with her brother I had shared a unique intimacy with Sherilee and I trusted her with something this personal. She readily agreed with it when I put it to her and although she had very little experience with the camera I spent time with her and set up the lighting and aperture and shutter speeds and showed her how to frame shots for maximum filling effect and story boarded lots of the action to show how it would look best. I stressed the absolute importance of focussing correctly and having everything in sharp clear detail.
Sherilee took it all in with enthusiasm and as it turned out she did an excellent job as the finished photos showed.
When I winked at Sherilee she grinned back at me wrinkling her nose.
Apart from my winking eyes I was still lying on the table in character as a naked hairless corpse.
""How's it going?" I called out.
"Great Barb. I've done everything you said and I hope its working."
I smiled.
"Bloody good thing I have my hands so full with all this camera stuff or I'd be tempted to want to join you two," she said, "its so damned sexy the way Alex is playing this."
"He's a sweetie isn't he?" I laughed, "but forget it girlfriend he's mine."
"It's not him who is pushing my buttons Barb."
I smiled a little tentatively.
When Alex came back Sherilee and he chatted and I sort of dozed a bit.
"Barb I'm going to take the camera and Sherilee is going to play the mortician's assistant. OK with you?"
"Oh yeah," I said and thought you sly minx Sherilee, "yeah that's alright with me."
Alex did a quick shot where he walked out and then Sherilee, also wearing a white coat, walked in.
I relaxed back into death.
She ran her hands over my breasts and stooping low whispered, "Got you now Barb."
Sherilee did some heavy petting of my oily flesh which I thought I shouldn't enjoy but loved anyway and then she did a couple of horny poses touching her own breasts while touching mine and letting her fingers slip inside her panties while caressing my shaved mons. Then she bent down and started tonguing my clit, muff diving, having herself a tongue sandwich, dining at the Y.
I didn't know what to do so did nothing just lay there and let it happen. (and enjoyed it!!!!!) As she slurped up my love juice Alex seemed to finally realise what was going on and he said, "Sherilee, careful what you're doing there, this isn't porn you know!"
"Alex, you enjoyed your acting stint now let me enjoy mine."
This was too much for me and I was wrecked and the giggles came on and I was stuck with them.
I eventually calmed down enough to let them photograph some wind up shots and then took my baldy body off to the showers to scrub that oil off. When we got together to watch the run through it was apparent that Sherilee had done brilliantly, both as a novice photographer and also as a muff muncher!

That night as I lay on the bed naked and massaging Alex's naked body, I said, "Darling if only you had used me for sex today. It would have been alright with Sherry and it would have been perfect."
"Barb its too intimate, too personal."
"That's why making it part of the set would be perfect, absolutely perfect!"
"I'm not ready for that Barb, maybe I never will be."
"I could do it with Larry or Rom."
"No you couldn't................, not ever."
His tone made it obvious we weren't going to go there again.
"Ok with you then, why not?"
"Don't be a pest sweetheart its going to take a lot of thinking about."
"Hmmmmph," I said sulkily.
"We could rehearse though," he said.
I laughed and then started to giggle and he started tickling me and I started shrieking and then.........................we rehearsed.